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Been a little busy...

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Re: Been a little busy...

Post  jessie on Tue 21 Apr 2009, 2:54 pm

good for you venus ...dont worry about the media they always add yards to a story ..and they will be on to something else soon ....you carry on with your life and specially now with the new hair do!...go for it ...jessie


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Re: Been a little busy...

Post  Venus on Mon 20 Apr 2009, 11:55 am

Elaine I have a new hairdo! Very Happy And I love it....

The lady came at 10.30am as promised and asked what I wanted her to do. I asked her to do whatever she wanted as i'd never had a hairdresser do anything for a long time. She made the decision to give me a short bob-style and I just nodded, didn't care, as long as it tidied it up.

We chatted as she was doing it and after so long she asked if it was short enough (I hadn't seen it up to this point) and when I looked, I though 'oh no!' because it was wavy, short, and I was disappointed. She got the hairdryer and straighteners out, worked on it a bit more...then told me to look. I was a little scared but when I looked in the mirror I almost fell over in shock lol...it was beautiful! I loved it! And its really boosted me today Very Happy I've gotta get a picture later today but not sure how to post pics here so will email you with it and show the difference. Am stunned, seriously

Just before she left, she asked me to call her again when I needed it trimmed and she'd keep cutting it free of charge Shocked I can't do that, its not fair. The only reason I said yes today was because she was insistent I didn't pay. But i'm really pleased and it hasn't half given me some confidence to step outside now Very Happy xx


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Re: Been a little busy...

Post  Admin on Mon 20 Apr 2009, 11:07 am

Thank you for sharing with everyone what has been happening in your life.
I am sorry to read that with all the publicity it has given you a set back, but good to read the lady is going to come and give you a hairdo for free I hope this will lift your spirit. Sorry I have no advice how to deal with the media I will pray that someone will come along and be of help.
You have made progress from where you were 18 years ago, hang on in there hun keep on track.
Love Elaine flower

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Been a little busy...

Post  Venus on Mon 20 Apr 2009, 8:39 am

A few weeks ago, my son entered me into a competition with the local newspaper. The competition was about how proud we were of people in our life.

In recent weeks, I've started going outside after spending 18 years trapped inside my own negative thoughts. But after finding a course on the computer to help me, i've been able to get out into the street and so far down the road.

The local paper called me and asked if they could do a 'small article' and I said yes. To me, small article is a little piece on a page saying how I was learning to conquer agoraphobia etc.

That 'small article' was picked up by the national press. The bigger newspapers printed my story...but by now, it had been spun to bigger stories such as 'google maps helped' and 'cured' me. There was many different versions being printed. They also said it had been 20 years and I wanted to renew my wedding vows in a church blah blah. A lot of what they printed was totally made up. For starters, i've posted many times in the past how i'm terrified of churches! Secondly, my youngest son is 19 so if i'd been housebound for 20 years, how did I manage to have him?! And google maps aren't even in my area...see what I mean?

Anyhow, by now my story was getting circulated all over and eventually hit the WORLD PRESS! So the emails and calls came flooding in from people all over the world wanting to sell my story. They wanted me for radio, tv, books, movies, documentaries, magazines and every other media outlet you can think of. I was absolutely terrified!!

And not a soul offered to help me deal with all this press intrusion :( I'd been dumped into the world news and nobody helped me to get them off my back.

Just like 18 years ago when this first started. Dumped. Left to deal with my panic disorder myself. I don't matter. I'm not special. I'm not worthy of being helped.

Last week I was so frightened and I couldn't do anything nor could I escape the press. Everyone who called, I told them lies....said I was under contract and to leave me alone. I did a couple interviews for BBC tv but that was before I knew it had gone worldwide. I'm also appearing in the German newspapers today or tomorrow after one of the newspapers sold my story to them.

And I haven't received a single penny from anyone. They all want my story but none have paid me. So I'm telling them all to get lost when it starts again today.

In the meantime, I was feeling so low and depressed, frightened of all this and angry that i'd not had any help to deal with it. I decided I want to try picking myself up by having my hair done. I called around for a mobile hairdresser and eventually found one in the next town (who was home - the rest went to answer machine) I called and asked if she did south shields and she said she would if she knew where it was. She asked what I wanted done and I explained that I hadn't had my hair done for 18 years as i'd been housebound that long. She hesitated, then said '18 years? South shields? Housebound?....are you the girl in the news?' I told her yes lol. She told me how she'd been reading up about me and was impressed with my progress etc. Then said 'I can come tomorrow morning and do something for you...and there's no charge' Shocked

I was really touched by this, found it hard not to start crying lol. I expressed my gratitude and she replied 'its my pleasure....and it's a privaledge to speak to you, even more of a privaledge to do your hair.'

So out of all this press coverage, i'm getting my hair done free lol.

Sorry I haven't been around but am sure you guys understand how stressful its been for me and my family. I was doing fine till last week but now i'm so paranoid as every time I step out of my door, people are gawking and pointing...bus drivers are almost crashing their buses trying to get a look. Cars are beeping, people are staring...so it's not paranoia but really happening.

And this all started because the papers printed rubbish!

I just hope it all wears off soon otherwise i'm not gonna be able to come out from under my bed never mind the house Embarassed


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Re: Been a little busy...

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