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Hillary Clinton Corrupt Money

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Hillary Clinton Corrupt Money

Post  Admin on Fri 22 Dec 2017, 3:39 pm

Report: Hillary accused of corrupt money scheme in new federal complaint
December 20, 2017
Report: Hillary accused of corrupt money scheme in new federal complaint
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Just when you didn’t think Hillary Clinton’s political schemes could get any worse, she strikes again.

The Federal Election Commission received a complaint on Monday that Hillary Clinton’s campaign circumvented donation limits through a corrupt money scheme, Fox News reports.

The Committee to Defend the President, a pro-Trump political action committee, filed the complaint alleging that a Clinton fundraising committee laundered money illegally to Clinton’s war chest.

Clinton accused of corrupt money scheme
According to the complaint filed on Monday, the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) — a joint fundraising committee between Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, and more than 30 state Democratic parties — transferred money to state parties that was then illicitly laundered through the Democratic National Committee (DNC) back to Clinton’s campaign to bypass campaign contribution limits.

The DNC ended up allegedly transferring about $84 million illegally to Clinton’s coffers, including donations from wealthy contributors like Calvin Klein and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

The Committee to Defend the President lodged its complaint after an independent analysis of FEC records that showed suspicious money transfers.

“What we have found, people need to see,” Ted Harvey, chairman of the CDP told Fox News. “I think it’s important that the American public has an understanding of how corrupt this campaign system was and that they were doing anything they could to secure the nomination in her favor.”

Violated campaign contribution rules
Fox News published a passage of the complaint which read:

Based on publicly available FEC records, repeatedly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, HVF would purportedly transfer funds to its constituent political committees, which included between 34 and 40 state parties. On the very same day each of these transfers supposedly occurred, or occasionally the very next day, every single one of those state parties purportedly contributed all of those funds to the DNC.

FEC campaign contribution rules state that an individual cannot contribute more than $2,700 to a presidential candidate. The transfers violated those rules, as well as a Supreme Court ruling, said CDP counsel Dan Backer.

“It’s not entirely clear if they transferred the money to the state parties to begin with, and if they never had control of the money, it’s not a contribution. It’s an earmark. If the money is in control of the candidate, then it is a contribution to them,” Backer said.

FEC records allegedly showed the HVF distributing money to numerous state parties – which was then sent to the DNC in less than a day. Another passage of the complaint reads:

It appears virtually every single disbursement from HVF to a state party resulted in an immediate transfer of the same amount of funds from the state party to the DNC. Over 99% of funds transferred through HVF to state parties wound up at the DNC.

Substantiated by DNC
Former DNC chairman Donna Brazile accused the DNC of corrupt practices in her book, Hacks. In the book, Brazile substantiated the complaint.

“The money would be deposited in the states first, and transferred to the DNC shortly after that,” Brazile worte. “Money in the battleground states usually stayed in that state, but all the other states funneled that money directly to the DNC, which quickly transferred the money to [Clinton campaign headquarters in] Brooklyn.”

In her position, Brazile would know better than most the inside workings of the DNC and the Clinton campaign. It seems the Clinton campaign was be more corrupt than previously thought — if that’s even possible.

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