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'CHAIN MIGRATION' Check out 1 min video

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'CHAIN MIGRATION' Check out 1 min video

Post  Admin on Fri 15 Dec 2017, 11:30 am

Watch powerful 30-second video airing tonight
Published: 10 hours ago. Updated: 12/14/2017 at 9:51 PM
author-imageLEO HOHMANN About | Email | Archive
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Chain migration spins its subtle web like a foaming glass of beer.
The foaming head looks inviting at first, until it spills over the top of the glass and makes a big mess.
Chain migration is “a potentially never ending chain, all possible from just one amnesty for one person,” says a new TV ad being aired by the immigration watchdog organization NumbersUSA.
Chain migration adds nearly 250,000 migrants to the U.S. population every year.
“Are your senators pushing for another amnesty?” the ad asks viewers.
Watch the 30-second ad below:
The messy potential of allowing immigrants to pick future immigrants who come to America recently spilled out onto the streets of New York City.
A Bangladeshi Muslim named Akayed Ullah, who came to the U.S. in 2011 as a 20-year-old migrant invited by his uncle, who had migrated earlier, detonated a pipe bomb in the Ports Authority bus terminal, injuring three. If his bomb had not malfunctioned, terrorism experts say it could have killed dozens and injured 100 or more commuters during peak rush hour Monday morning.
President Trump said after the attack he wants to put a stop to both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery, which brought in Sayfullo Saipov, another Muslim from Uzbekistan who used a rented truck to plow into a New York City bike path, killing eight and wounding 12 others on Halloween.
The  30-second ad developed by NumbersUSA will begin airing on CNN Thursday evening.
NumbersUSA launched the six-figure ad campaign to educate Americans on how chain migration works.
The ad uses a simple chalk-board approach to create a powerful visual.
The visual shows how categories within the immigration system “allow new immigrants to start what can become an extended network of remotely related family members without taking into account the economic, national security or environmental impact on our country,” the nonprofit organization says.
Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, told WND he hopes the video becomes as popular as his “gumball” presentation first created in the 1990s and has since been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube and other social media.
“Chain migration means you can bring in your brothers and sisters, well you may say that’s OK, you can visualize that, but that’s like a small family reunion,” he said. “Chain migration is so much more than that, and our graphic shows how it just spreads like a spider web in all directions, if that image can stick in people’s minds, it’s worth the effort.”
Numbers USA is also linking from the ad on its YouTube channel to a page on its website that asks “Do your senators support giving chain migration to yet another amnesty group?” and includes phone numbers to their offices.
According to polling done by Numbers USA, when told there’s a bill in Congress that would limit immigration to the spouse and minor children of an immigrant, but not their extended family, the results consistently show about 65 percent in favor of such a bill, 20 percent against and the remainder undecided.
“So Americans don’t want chain migration by about three to one, but in politics it’s not about what people are for or against but how urgent it is, so we hope to plant a seed in these Americans’ minds that ‘this thing I don’t like, it’s a pretty big deal,'” Beck said.
Beck said NumbersUSA “didn’t just make stuff up, with artists filling things in willy nilly” when creating a graphic to go along with its video ad.
It was following a logical chain of average family sizes and ages for immigrants in each birth period.
It used United Nations stats on the average family size and birth rates in various regions of the world from where the U.S. welcomes its immigrants.
For instance, for a person in their 20s living in Africa or Asia the average number of siblings is about 2.5. But for their parents, you need to go back to the 1970s and they had 3.9 siblings on average.
“You get the first person, the new immigrant and the spouse and minor children, and the second round is everyone that could come from that and by the end of the second round that’s almost 100 people and by the third round it was potentially hundreds of people eligible to come to the U.S., all as a result of that one initial immigrant.
MORE http://www.wnd.com/2017/12/border-watchdog-targets-cnn-with-new-chain-migration-ad/

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