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ISIS calls for the assassination of Barron Trump

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ISIS calls for the assassination of Barron Trump

Post  Admin on Thu 23 Nov 2017, 12:31 am

ISIS calls for the assassination of Barron Trump
November 22, 2017

ISIS calls for the assassination of Barron Trump
JStone / Shutterstock.com
President Donald Trump isn’t the only one living in the White House whose life is being threatened by foreign adversaries.

ISIS is now reportedly calling for the assassination of Trump’s 11-year-old son, Barron.

Pro-ISIS individuals shared the name of Barron’s school, meaning that potential assassins now have access to that information.

ISIS Wants to Kill Barron Trump
Trump has received numerous death threats since entering the Oval Office. But now his family, too?

Using Telegram, a non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service, ISIS sympathizers have been sending messages since Tuesday calling for the death of Barron.

The messages included the name of the school he attends as well as a Google map that pinpoints its location.

The Washington Free Beacon reported research from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which noted:

Using the hashtag “handle the son of the mule of America,” the supporter, who uses the name “Dak Al-Munafiqeen,” Arabic for “striking the hypocrites,” wrote: “Barron Trump goes to this school in Washington.”

The post was followed by a photo of Barron Trump. To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post.
ISIS is Getting Desperate
This isn’t the first time that ISIS has issued threats toward prominent children. In October, ISIS warned that even 4-year-old Prince George “will not be left alone.”

Still, it is unlikely that ISIS or anyone else will ever come close enough to do harm to America’s First Family, thanks to the Secret Service.

Furthermore, the Islamic State appears to be losing its influence. This summer, after calls from Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Trump ended the funding, arming, and training of Syrian rebels and other rebel groups, which critics said helped create ISIS in the first place.

Additionally, they don’t seem to be executing many attacks on their own anymore. Soon after the deadliest shooting in U.S. history took place, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre, stating that shooter Stephen Paddock had converted to Islam six months prior to the mass shooting that wounded hundreds of concertgoers, but this claim has yet to be corroborated by authorities.

The call for an attack on Barron follows closely on the heels of ISIS assignation threats against Pope Francis. While such loathsome provocations show ISIS for what it is — an evil gang of cowardly murderers — they also highlight the group’s increasing impotence.

High profile threats are one thing, carrying them out against an armed and ready Secret Service is another. But at this point, with their caliphate crumbling around them, empty threats are all that ISIS has left.

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