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BREAKING: Obama Exposed in Criminal Investigation

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Re: BREAKING: Obama Exposed in Criminal Investigation

Post  Admin on Fri 29 Sep 2017, 7:38 pm

BREAKING: Massive Obama Investigation Launched
September 28, 2017 Luis Miguel
https://www.christiannewsalerts.com/obama-investigation/?As the left-leaning media continues to promote the false narrative of alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, new facts seem to prove something else entirely: Suspicious activities carried out by the Obama administration.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, senior Congressional leaders are now focusing their attention on the Obama White House’s unusually high rate of “unmasking” of incoming Trump officials; incidents of unmasking which many GOP lawmakers believe were politically motivated.

Congress is giving the unmasking issue renewed attention following the admission by former National Security Adviser Susan Rice that she ordered the names of several Trump associates to be unmasked in classified intelligence reports.

As Breitbart notes, Rice’s admission earlier this month comes after publicly saying in March that she knew “nothing” about the unmasking and related leaks. However, Rice changed her position when speaking before the House Intelligence Committee.

The former National Security Adviser told Capitol Hill lawmakers she unmasked Trump transition officials’ names to better understand why the crown prince of United Arab Emirates visited the US last year. An unnamed Middle Eastern official explained the Emirati prince was in the country to “build a relationship” with the Trump transition team.

The description of Rice’s motivation for ordering the unmasking stands in stark contrast to the hypothetical situation under which she previously said the unmasking of Americans would be justified.

“Is this some kook sitting in his living room communicating via the internet, offering to sell something he doesn’t have?” Rice asked. “Or is it a serious person or company or entity with the ability to provide that technology perhaps to an adversary? That would be an example of a case where knowing who the US person was, was necessary to assess the information.”

The above scenario is in line with the opinion of intelligence community officials, who agree that unmasking should be used rarely. A former White House National Security council member told the Free Beacon: “You could not ask out of mere curiosity, nor obviously for political reasons. There needed to be a clear, direct national security justification.”

Yet the Obama White House’s frequent unmasking seems to run counter to the conventional wisdom. As Christian News Alerts noted, former UN Ambassador Samantha Power unmasked 260 names in her last days with the Obama administration.

Congressional leaders are now focusing their attention on the Obama White House’s unusually high rate of “unmasking” of incoming Trump officials. Is it time for Congress to investigate?

Should Congress look into Obama's "unmasking" activity?

This amounts to nearly one unmasking a day. The same former National Security Council member questioned Power’s actions. “It is very hard to see how an ambassador to the United Nations would ever, one single time, have such a justification, much less have hundreds of occasions for this kind of invasion of Americans’ privacy. It looks like either politics, or prurient interest.”

The revival of interest in Obama-era unmasking comes shortly after a CNN report revealed that the US government under Obama wiretapped Donald Trump’s campaign. The revelation is a confirmation of long-time claims by Trump that he was wiretapped–claims the mainstream media repeatedly ridiculed.

Nevertheless, the unmasking and leaking of conversations held by Trump associates like former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is, in itself, seemingly evidence of surveillance. The Republican-led Congress is setting its sights on the practices of the Obama administration, which may place doubt on the ethics of the previous administration. This is a far cry from the false narrative of Trump-Russian collusion.

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BREAKING: Obama Exposed in Criminal Investigation

Post  Admin on Tue 26 Sep 2017, 10:55 am

BREAKING: Obama Exposed in Criminal Investigation
September 21, 2017
BREAKING: Obama Exposed in Criminal Investigation
Austen Hufford / CCL
While mainstream media outlets are concentrating on an alleged Russian collusion story that lacks substance, they’re overlooking the scandals of the previous administration. And there are many.

In yet another corruption scandal, the Obama administration has been exposed in a criminal probe involving misconduct and special favors within the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Rep Rob Bishop (R-Utah), who chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources, issued a statement earlier this week holding the Obama administration culpable for the misconduct within the BLM, particularly in the case of BLM supervisory agent Dan Love

The previous administration turned a blind eye to corruption and promoted a culture of mismanagement at the Department of the Interior. I applaud Interior for taking a strong stand and reasserting the basic principle that there are consequences for federal employees who blatantly disregard the law and steamroll elected officials and public trust. Love’s exit is welcome.
Looking for answers
Things began unraveling for the Obama administration last month when Bishop sought redacted information on a BLM ethics probe.

Key names on an Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General criminal investigation had been blacked out — including that of supervisory agent Dan Love — and the Utah Republican wanted details.

According to Deseret News in Utah, Love allegedly:

Used his position to secure preferential treatment for his family during the 2015 Burning Man event in Nevada, such as using federal law enforcement officers as personal escorts, using a BLM vehicle to transport his girlfriend, and allowing her to share overnight lodging with him.
Engaged in instances of threatened retaliatory behavior, including telling one woman she better do damage control, and “if you don’t side with me, grenades are going to go off, and you’ll get hit.”
Love also is accused of “destruction of federal records and defiance of congressional document requests.”

Deseret News reports that “Love has long been at the center of multiple complaints by rural Utah sheriff’s offices.”

In 2012, Love reportedly handed out moqui marbles to BLM staffers. The marbles were valuable natural formations that had been illegally removed from a national park. After seizing the marbles, BLM officers were cataloging them as evidence when Love instructed staffers to remove four of them.

Love is also known for his role as a lead officer in the failed 2014 attempt to collect on disputed BLM grazing land fees in the Cliven Bundy cattle roundup.

Investigative report released
Bishop’s letter to the Interior Department’s Inspector General, dated August 23rd, said:

I am writing to formally request that your office provide to the Committee an unredacted copy of the full report related to an investigation the Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted concerning serious misconduct by a senior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Law Enforcement Manager. The OIG’s summary of this investigation is titled, “Investigative Report of Misconduct by a Senior BLM Law Enforcement Manager.”
The Interior Department released the investigation report on August 24th, substantiating most of the allegations against Dan Love.

As of September 15th, BLM spokeswoman Megan Crandall confirmed to the Associated Press that Love “no longer works” for the BLM.

Big government is bad government
Obama’s mishandling of BLM isn’t surprising. In fact, as a big government apostle who made a point of growing federal power at the expense of states, localities and the people, it would be surprising if he attempted to rein in his federal bureaucrats. In any case, he clearly didn’t.

Ranchers, loggers and local sheriffs have long complained about the high-handedness of federal officials, but those complaints fell on deaf ears under the Obama administration. Now all that is at an end.

Trump’s populist revolution has always been about returning power to the people. His Department of Justice should make it clear that corrupt bureaucrats aren’t above the law. That includes former presidents.


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