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BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement

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Re: BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement

Post  Admin on Sun 28 Jan 2018, 6:16 pm

Report: Alleged Bill Clinton lover died in 1986 fire – sister blames Clintons
January 27, 2018
Report: Alleged Bill Clinton lover died in 1986 fire – sister blames Clintons
Eric Austin / CCL
The sister of alleged Bill Clinton mistress Judi Gibbs still believes the Clintons are responsible for the fire that killed Judi and her older partner, Bill Puterbaugh, in 1986 in an effort to hide the affair and possible photographic evidence, according to an exclusive report in the Daily Mail. 

While Judi Gibbs’ sister, Martha Gibbs, says she doesn’t have proof that the Clintons were behind the fire that led to the death of her sister, she did tell the Daily Mail in 2016 she’s “convinced” that the potential revelation of the affair between Gibbs and Bill Clinton led to Gibbs’ and Puterbaugh’s fiery death.
“Convinced, but No Proof”
Martha told the Daily Mail, “I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof. And what would happen if I had proof – you can’t touch those people.”

Gibbs was 32 and her partner, Bill Peterbaugh, was 57 when they were found dead in their isolated home outside Fordyce, Arkansas on January 3, 1986. They were found in the master bedroom — autopsies revealed they died from smoke inhalation. Bill was found near the window and Gibbs was still holding the phone in her hand.

Randy Puterbaugh, Bill’s son, also thinks it’s “possible” Bill Clinton was involved in the circumstances surrounding his father’s death. Randy lamented:

There are so many pieces of the puzzle. I believe it is a possibility that Bill Clinton was involved in their deaths. I know I wish I had hired my own private investigator but I didn’t, so I guess I will never know.

Gibbs had called the fire department at 2:26 a.m. saying, “Bill Puterbaugh’s house is on fire, hurry, you all, hurry!”
Fire Chief Roy Wayne Moseley was puzzled on why the couple was not able to escape the house on time. Moseley, now 80, who has been the fire chief since 1960, gave his best-educated guess:

The only reason I can think why they didn’t is they were overrun with smoke so quick and so fast. It was a real tragedy. As far as residential fires go, that was the worst we’ve had.

Randy told the Daily Mail that one particular piece of evidence left behind after the fire convinced him that it was set deliberately. “In the sewing room, my friend found a cassette recorder, lying face down with a tape still in there.” The tape was a recording of a Culture Club album. Randy says:

I know that wasn’t theirs. My father listened to the classics – Sinatra, Streisand, that sort of thing. He would never have heard of Boy George. Judi might have heard of him, but she certainly didn’t listen to him.

It was like the cassette recorder had just been thrown in there. It’s another thing that’s suspicious.

Political Game
Judi Gibbs, who was a runner-up Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1979,  met Bill Clinton while he was the Attorney General of Arkansas, sister Martha says. Her older lover, Bill Puterbaugh, was part of the political scene and was familiar with how it worked.

“He liked to rub shoulders with politicians and the big people in Little Rock,” Peterbaugh’s son Randy explained. “He knew that people did other people favors, especially politicians, that’s just the way it used to be.”

“And Judi didn’t object. He played the favor game to be part of the crowd and she was a hot commodity.”

Clinton and Gibbs allegedly began an extra-marital affair with the knowledge and blessing of Bill Puterbaugh, says Martha. She says Clinton would either have Gibbs fly out from a tiny airport into Little Rock, Arkansas where he would take her to a hotel or have a car pick her up.

“Bill Puterbaugh knew she was seeing Bill Clinton, and he was okay with that,” Martha explained. “Judi told me what she was doing with Bill Clinton a few times.” She added:

I told her just keep away from him. I liked Bill Puterbaugh and I wanted her to stay with him. She was living with him and he was looking after her.

She didn’t give me any great detail, just that they would go to a hotel. I would always say stay away from him.

While we may never know for certain if Bill Clinton did have an affair with Judi Gibbs, given Bill Clinton’s known propensity for women it wouldn’t be surprising.
Possible Photo?
The trouble reportedly began when Gibbs discovered that her brother-in-law, Dale Bliss, was molesting a young boy and informed the police. Moreover, Bliss reportedly had a secret window in his home where he would take pictures of prostitutes sleeping with powerful men, which led to the speculation that a photo could have been taken of Bill Clinton with Judi Gibbs.

Bliss’s house was raided and everything was collected as evidence, never to be seen again despite Freedom of Information Act requests by Randy. He claimed, “All I know is that state police raided that house and confiscated everything – and I mean everything.”

While Bliss might have had motive against Gibbs after that, neither Randy or Martha think Bliss was behind the fire. “He had nothing to do with it,” Martha said.

Where there’s smoke…
Conspiracy theorists have been eager to link the Clintons to the ‘mysterious’ deaths of multiple associates since the 1990s — but so far, it’s just rumors.

But whether the rumors have any truth to them or not, the fact that so many people are willing to believe, or even entertain them, is a troubling testament to the Clintons’ characters.

The Clintons have spent decades trying to debunk one scandal after another — including accusations of rape, bribes, pay-to-play, multiple extra-marital affairs, loss of documents, etc. But the real problem is that the Clintons simply reek of corruption — which lends validity to any accusation made about them — no matter how thin.

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Re: BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement

Post  Admin on Sat 27 Jan 2018, 1:50 pm

Presidential candidate overruled her campaign manager
Published: 10 hours ago
author-imageART MOORE About | Email | Archive
Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Amid the “#MeToo” movement exposing serial sexual abuse by men in power, Hillary Clinton has dodged questions about her husband Bill Clinton’s decades of documented and alleged abuse.

Some of her husband’s accusers also have charged that she aided and abetted his abuse by threatening his victims.

Now, the New York Times is citing four sources who say Clinton retained a campaign adviser during the 2008 presidential campaign after learning he was accused of sexually harassing a young staffer, overruling her campaign manager.

Burns Strider was Clinton’s faith adviser when he was accused of inappropriately rubbing the shoulders of the woman, kissing her on the forehead and sending her suggestive emails.

Patti Solis Doyle, Clinton’s campaign manager at the time, wanted to fire Strider, who provided Clinton with Bible readings each morning via email during the campaign.

Clinton, instead, kept him in his faith adviser position, requiring only that he get counseling and lose a few weeks of pay.

Her staff, meanwhile, reassigned Strider’s alleged victim and made her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

“Hillary the Other Woman” pulls no punches in exposing the way “media magic” has made Clinton scandals disappear. Get it now at the WND Superstore

In a November interview with the Washington Post, Clinton deflected questions about her husband’s sex scandals, insisting sexual harassment can be found “everywhere.”

Strider did not respond to the New York Times’ request for comment. Clinton responded through a statement by the law firm that represented her 2008 campaign, Utrecht, Kleinfeld, Fiori, Partners.

The statement simply claimed the campaign’s policies were followed in the Strider case.

“To ensure a safe working environment, the campaign had a process to address complaints of misconduct or harassment,” the statement said. “When matters arose, they were reviewed in accordance with these policies, and appropriate action was taken. This complaint was no exception.”

Writing in The Atlantic, Megan Garber observed that the “contours” of the Strider matter were “extremely familiar,” with the man accused of sexual harassment remaining in place while the woman who made the accusations was forced to move.

Burns Strider
Burns Strider

She also commented on Clinton’s response to the Times’ story, noting Clinton used her law firm to deliver a response several steps removed from her “with the clinical language of corporate callousness.”

“So while it was Clinton, the manager, the Times report goes, who made the decision to keep Strider on her team, Clinton, the manager, is notably absent from today’s explanation of things,” Garber wrote. “She has outsourced her own decision-making, it seems, to discussions of process and policies — the same anonymous structures that so many other managers have relied on for legal, and moral, insulation.”

Me too
The “#MeToo” movement that began last fall with sexual assault allegations against Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein has brought more scrutiny to the allegations against Bill Clinton, who has been accused of sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment by women dating to the 1970s. The most serious accusation was brought by Juanita Broaddrick, who alleges that in 1978, Clinton raped her when he was Arkansas attorney general.

Bill Clinton, after repeatedly lying about his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, was forced to admit it after evidence, the infamous blue dress, was presented.

He has been accused by Paula Jones of exposing himself to her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1991, which resulted in an out-of-court lawsuit settlement. Kathleen Willey accused him of groping her in 1993 in the Oval Office, where she was a volunteer aide.
The allegations returned to the spotlight during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign when Republican candidate Donald Trump held a press conference featuring Broaddrick, Jones and Willey.

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BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement

Post  Admin on Sat 23 Sep 2017, 12:58 am

BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement
September 21, 2017 Frank Spear

Bill Clinton’s history is no secret. He has been involved with his share of scandals, particularly during his presidency. One of his accusers made a public announcement that is bound to turn heads.

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to ask the world what she could use as another word for horrifying, sick, and awful. Juanita Broaddrick, one of the women that claimed Bill Clinton raped her over 30 years ago came forward with her answer. Broaddrick responded, “Well, since you asked, Here’s my definition of horrifying, sick, & awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton,” according to The Daily Caller.
Juanita Broaddrick @atensnut
Well, since you asked, Here's my definition of horrifying, sick & awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton
8:39 PM - Feb 17, 2017 · Arkansas, USA
3,123 3,123 Replies 15,525 15,525 Retweets 28,127 28,127 likes
Twitter Ads info and privacy
Chelsea’s original tweet read,”I need a thesaurus. What’s another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible.”

She intended to describe a story where an illegal immigrant was detained after her domestic abuser reported her to ICE at the protective order hearing. Chelsea got more than she bargained for when she tried to virtue signal after Broaddrick responded.

Broaddrick had come forward to announce that former president Bill Clinton raped her back during his 1978 gubernatorial campaign in Arkansas. As one could imagine, she still holds resentment from that day.

Her response to Chelsea came soon after, but Chelsea never responded. In fact, according to Broaddrick, Chelsea deleted her tweet.

The follow-up tweet read, “I see Chelsea clinton deleted her tweet I answered. I did screenshot of it for my tweet thinking that might happen.” Her tweet was just one of many listed on Chelsea’s post that went after the daughter of the former president and presidential candidate. Many others mentioned Benghazi, and criticisms of her mother, Hillary Clinton.

This is not the first time that Chelsea and Broaddrick have gone toe-to-toe on Twitter. In fact, in September of 2016, Broaddrick responded to Chelsea when she brushed off allegations of her father’s sexual behavior.

Broaddrick responded to Chelsea via a series of tweets, according to Washington Times. She led into a seemingly accurate rant.

“Chelsea you said you don’t remember a time in your life that your parents weren’t being attacked. There’s a very good reason for this — your parents are not good people,” Broaddrick tweeted.

She went on to say that Bill Clinton is likely still a sexual predator, and Hillary has always lied for him to cover up his horrible crimes. It was a personal blow, but one that many would argue rings a bell of truth.

Former President Bill Clinton’s sexual predator actions continue to haunt him even after all these years. Do Bill Clinton’s accusers deserve their day in court?

POLL: Should Bill Clinton Be Held Accountable or His Actions?

“I say again, ‘I was 35 when Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary tried to silence me. I am now 73. It never goes away,’” Broaddrick continued. “The truth is what has brought the attacks on your family and you are smart enough to know that by now.”

Broaddrick has only doubled down on her claims since she first came forward. There was some interaction between Bill and Broaddrick; there is no doubt about that. Maybe she is just trying to open Chelsea’s eyes to what has been hidden from her all this time.

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Re: BREAKING: Bill Clinton Sex Accuser Comes Forward With Horrifying Announcement

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