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British Election

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Re: British Election

Post  Admin on Wed 14 Jun 2017, 12:53 pm

Theresa May rolls out new unemployment benefits, but only for Tory MPs who lost their seats
JUNE 13TH, 2017  James Wright JAMES WRIGHT UK
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Theresa May rolls out new unemployment benefits, but only for Tory MPs who lost their seatsUK
Theresa May plans to roll out new unemployment benefits, but only for Conservative MPs who lost their seats. At a meeting with the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers, the sitting Prime Minister promised to give financial support to Conservative candidates out of a job.

One MP leaving the meeting said:

She was very concerned about people who have lost their seats. The party is going to help them, some of them are in dire financial situations. She did say sorry, several times. She apologised for colleagues losing their seats, for making the call about the early election
On 8 June, May’s MPs faced a battering, including her top team. Home Secretary Amber Rudd managed to hang on by a handful of votes. But many other ministers weren’t so lucky. Nine of May’s government ministers lost their seats to a resurgent Labour.

Austerity for everyone, except us

The Conservatives have spent seven years presiding over austerity for the most vulnerable people in society. The change in the benefit system to Universal Credit represented a huge cut in unemployment allowance, among other benefits, for millions. The Tories have also ruthlessly slashed disabled people’s unemployment benefits.

But May is now rushing to financially “help” Conservative colleagues who are out of a job. Twitter responded accordingly to the double standard:

Surely this is peak Tory - suddenly giving a shit about the unemployed because it's literally one of them. https://twitter.com/jessicaelgot/status/874302940680511490
6:20 PM - 12 Jun 2017
  6,337 6,337 Retweets   9,103 9,103 likes
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There were 30,000 excess deaths in 2015 alone as a result of Conservative cuts, according to an Oxford University report. A disabled activist challenged May’s new Justice Minister, Dominic Raab, during the campaign. Raab said supporting disabled people was a “childish wish list”, unless you’ve got a “strong economy”. But apparently, supporting newly unemployed Conservative MPs is fine.

Counter-productive cuts

Then, Raab wheeled out the well-rehearsed Conservative justification for the cruelty:

The raw truth is that the money’s got to come from somewhere.
The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is a test that the government uses to determine whether a disabled person is ‘fit for work’. Contrary to Raab’s response, the WCA has actually cost the government far more to administer than it has saved in reduced numbers of benefit claimants. In short, it actually costs the taxpayer money to put people through such trauma. Yet disabled people still had their unemployment benefits cut. Meanwhile, Conservative MPs are set to be financially supported after losing their seats.

In reality, investing in disabled and sick people is not even a cost to the taxpayer. Welfare spending is not consumption, but an investment that powers the economy. As renowned economist Ha-Joon Chang lays out in The Guardian:

Increased spending on disability benefits and care for older people helps carers to have more time and less stress, making them more productive workers.
So welfare spending of this kind increases productivity and can empower disabled people to contribute to their communities. Still, May and the Conservatives have cut their support relentlessly.

But when Conservative MPs lose their jobs and need a helping hand, the money’s there. Such double standards were likely a big player in losing the Conservatives their majority.

Get Involved!

– Read more from The Canary on the general election.

– Join The Canary, and help us hold the mainstream media to account.

– Sign the petition of no confidence in a Conservative/ DUP coalition.

– Make your thoughts on the deal known. Contact your MP and be vocal on social media

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Re: British Election

Post  Admin on Wed 14 Jun 2017, 12:50 pm

Sinn Fein MPs confirm they WILL NOT take Commons seats amid fears party 'will topple May'
SINN FEIN has sent its seven MPs to Westminster for its induction to Westminster amid fears the party could thwart the proposed Tory alliance with the DUP.
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Wed, Jun 14, 2017 | UPDATED: 00:15, Wed, Jun 14, 2017
'We are STRONG enough to cope with Brexit!' says Merkel ally

The Irish Republican party confirmed their MPs were attending the House of Commons induction day for newcomers, register for allowances and sign up for office space.

Sinn Fein historically opposes Westminster’s jurisdiction in Northern Ireland and its oath to the Queen, so its MPs have abstained from sitting in parliament.

The Tories' failure to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons has given the DUP's 10 MPs a potentially crucial role in keeping Mrs May's administration afloat.

Gerry Adams and Theresa MayGETTY•REUTERS
Sinn Fein could make to controversial decision to send MPs to Westminster after the DUP agreement
May set for Macron talks after Brexit DELAYED as negotiators fail
Theresa May under pressure from Remoaners to pursue cross-party Brexit
It is really for Sinn Fein to decide where they want those powers to lie
Arlene Foster, DUP leader
Mr Corbyn is preparing his own Queen’s Speech which could be read should Mrs May’s version be voted down.

The backing of seven Sinn Fein MPs for Labour would effectively reduce the Tory majority to just four, which might bring the Government to the brink of collapse, the Sun revealed.

The seven members today confirmed they will not take their seats in the House of Commons amid the intense speculation.

The party, which traditionally takes its Westminster offices but does not sit in the Houses of Parliament, said its MPs will continue to boycott the Commons. 

Sinn Fein said in a statement: “They have elected us to represent them but not to take our seats.

“We will come over to Westminster to argue with other parties and to fight for our rights and to fight for the rights of Irish citizens." 

If Theresa May fails in her bid to get the Queen’s speech through Parliament it is possible that Mr Corbyn could have the chance to form a minority Labour Government himself.

Although Gerry Adams previously said that Sinn Fein had been granted seven MPs “on the basis of us not taking our seats”.

Mr Adams added that Jeremy Corbyn is a “politician of principle” who will “understand the Sinn Fein position”.

It follows claims by the Sinn Fein president that a referendum on Irish unity is inevitable.

Hundreds descend on Parliament to protest Theresa May's DUP deal
Mon, June 12, 2017
Crushed by an election gamble that backfired and triggered calls for her resignation, Theresa May stood by her vow to form Britain's next government and lead the country out of the European Union

Protesters march against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP GETTY IMAGES
1 of 9
Protesters march against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP
Protesters demonstrate against British Prime Minister Theresa May
Protesters march against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP
Protesters with anti-Conservative Party and anti-Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 
Anti-Conservative Party and anti-Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
Labour supporters hold placards at an anti-Conservative Party and anti-Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 
A protester holds a placard as she attends a demonstration against the Conservative party alliance with the DUP
Jeremy CorbynGETTY
The Labour leader has written a Queens speech in the hope he might be able to take power
Mr Adams said: “One thing we can say for certainty, there is going to be a referendum on Irish unity.

“I can’t say when it’s going to be, but there is going to be such a referendum.”

Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, warned Sinn Fein that the prospect of direct rule should scare Irish Republicans because the DUP now have greater influence on the UK Government.
Arlene FosterGETTY
The DUP leader claims the Union comes first but her demands from May are unknown
She said: “If others decide that they are not coming back into the devolved administration here in Northern Ireland then those issues will have to be dealt with at Westminster.

“It is really for Sinn Fein to decide where they want those powers to lie.”

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Re: British Election

Post  Admin on Thu 08 Jun 2017, 9:49 pm

Will Brits Vote For A Hard Left Antisemite This Week?
image: http://prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/ukvotejune072017.jpg
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On June 8, British voters will head to the polls. Recent numbers show the gap closing between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. When Prime Minister May called for a snap election last month - three years early - most assumed she would win easily and increase her parliamentary majority. But Corbyn - who was given odds of 200-1 when he ran for his party's leadership in 2015 - is doing surprisingly well again.

He also happens to lead a party that has been soft on antisemitism, and Corbyn himself has been accused of anti-Jewish bigotry. When facing such criticism, the Labour leader has offered the defense that he is anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish. But Corbyn's words and deeds demonstrate that he often uses his virulent anti-Zionism as a cover for his soft antisemitism.

Consider a speech Corbyn gave last year where he said that Jews are "no more responsible" for the actions of Israel than Muslims are for the actions of the Islamic State terrorist group. Moreover, Corbyn's "affinity" for terrorist groups (avowed to the destruction of the nation state of the Jewish people) is also well documented.

In 2009 Corbyn said: "it will be my pleasure and my honor to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking. I also invited friends from Hamas to come and speak as well." In light of these events, a key former adviser to Corbyn, Harry Fletcher, wrote: "I'd suggest to him [Jeremy] about how he might build bridges with the Jewish community and none of it ever happened."

Corbyn himself has said that he is not an antisemite but rather opposed to Zionism. Generally speaking, it is easy to say you hate Israel but you don't hate Jews. Even if this were true - and I am not sure that it is - the company that Corbyn keeps suggests that at best he gives a free pass to bigotry, racism and antisemitism within the ranks of his own party, and at worst, he espouses those same views.

Indeed, Corbyn has been known to share speaking platforms and lead rallies with some of the most infamous Jew-haters. He has attended meetings hosted by Paul Eisen -a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier who wrote a blog titled "My Life as a Holocaust Denier."

Corbyn has also been associated with Sheikh Raed Salah - who was convicted for incitement to violence and racism and has been known to perpetuate traditional blood libels about Jews and said that Jews were warned not to go to the Twin Towers on 9/11 - calling him a "very honored citizen" whose "voice must be heard." Corbyn was also a paid contributor for Press TV, which is part of Iran's tightly controlled media apparatus whose production is directly overseen by Iran's antisemitic Supreme Leader.

One of the biggest criticisms of what has been referred to as the "Corbynization" of British politics has been the mainstreaming of traditional antisemitism. The country's Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has also chimed into the conversation, calling the Labour party's antisemitic problem "severe."

Consider, the bigotry of Gerald Kaufman (now deceased), for example - a Labour veteran and close political associate of Corbyn - who touted conspiracies about Jews and Jewish money throughout his political career. When speaking at a pro-Palestinian event Kaufman said: "Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party - as in the general election in May - support from the Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the Conservatives." While Corbyn condemned these remarks, he refused to yield to widespread demands for disciplinary action against Kaufman.

Let's be clear: I do not believe that Corbyn's rise in the polls is because he hates Jews and their nation state, but rather despite his bigotry. His opponent, Theresa May, called for elections and then refused to debate her opponents. She is running a lackluster campaign somewhat reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's last year.

Corbyn for his part, like President Trump, is a populist. Though they represent polar opposites on the political spectrum, they have much in common including their penchant to shoot from the hip, and their unpredictability. Many British voters are unaware of his antisemitic associations.

Others know but don't care. The hard left in Britain, especially among union activists and academics, include many knee jerk opponents of the nation state of the Jewish people and many supporters of academic and cultural boycotts of Israel. Many such supporters favor trade and engagement with such massive human rights offenders as Iran, Cuba, China, Russia, Belarus and Venezuela.
image: http://prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg

Indeed, it is antisemitic to single out only the nation state of the Jewish people - the Middle East's only democracy and a nation with one of the world's best records of human rights, the rule of law and concern for enemy civilians -- for boycotts.

Corbyn himself has called for boycotts of Israel. He has advocated for an arms embargo citing Israel's supposed "breach" of the human rights clause of the EU-Israel trade agreement. Corbyn also supports academic boycotts in some instances, and when Israel's national soccer team was travelling to Cardiff, Wales, for a qualifying game for the European Championship, Corbyn led calls for a boycott only of the soccer team representing the nation state of the Jewish people. (Ironically, Israel only plays in this league as it was expelled from the Asian Football Confederation due to the Arab League's boycott.)

Moreover, Corbyn has been a vocal supporter of the so-called Palestinian right of return stating that the Palestinians' "right to return home" is "the key" to the solution. This would soon make Arabs the majority within Israel and Jews the ethnic minority, rendering the two-state solution completely obsolete.

Whether antisemitism is the root of the Labour party's problem or the consequence is not important. Likewise, the distinct role Jeremy Corbyn has played in getting the Labour party to this point is not particularly relevant.

The fact is that he has not stemmed the tide of bigotry and anti-Jewish hate within the ranks of his party, but has played a big part in perpetuating it. British voters now have the opportunity to choose where they will go as a nation. Will they opt to move away from stability, rationality and tolerance-- and toward simple mindedness, xenophobia and intolerance? I don't know, but I hope they choose wisely.
Bernie Sanders has already made his choice. He is campaigning for Corbin despite his record on antisemitism. Sanders will have to explain why a Jew is helping to elect a bigot with the views Corbin holds about the Jewish people and their nation state.
Originally published at Gatestone Institute - reposted with permission.
Read more at http://prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1285#CsMOHKLOfIipa5ZD.99

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British Election

Post  Admin on Thu 08 Jun 2017, 7:04 pm

Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say UK will definitely leave the EU if he is prime minister
'Look there's a clear vote in the referendum a year ago. But there is now the negotiations which have already begun'
Rob Merrick Deputy Political Editor @Rob_Merrick Tuesday 9 May 2017 14:47 BST243 comments
The Labour leader had earlier described Brexit as ‘settled’ Reuters
Jeremy Corbyn has refused six times to say Britain will definitely leave the EU if he is prime minister – despite declaring the issue “settled”.

Quizzed by the BBC, the Labour leader declined to say Brexit would be completed “come hell or high water, whatever the deal on the table”.

“Look there's a clear vote in the referendum a year ago. But there is now the negotiations which have already begun,” Mr Corbyn replied.
Jeremy Corbyn says 'Brexit issue is settled'
After the question was asked a second time, after setting out his determination to protect tariff-free trade, he said: “We will go into the negotiations with the determination to achieve what I've just outlined.”

Asked, a third time, if he would take the UK out of the EU “whatever is on the table”, Mr Corbyn said only: “We win the election, we'll get the good deal with Europe.”

When asked if there was “a chink of a possibility” that Brexit could be aborted if Labour was in power, he instead attacked Theresa May’s tactic of being “abusive to people across the Channel”.

“We are negotiating a trade arrangement with Europe and protection of the things that we've gained from the European Union,” Mr Corbyn then replied, when asked to “address that point specifically”.

The confusion follows Labour, last month, dangling the possibility of delaying Brexit if the exit deal negotiated with EU leaders is rejected by MPs.

However, embarrassingly for Corbyn, his evasion came just hours after he declared the question of EU withdrawal to be “settled” at his election campaign launch.

“This election isn't about Brexit itself. That issue has been settled. The question now is what sort of Brexit do we want – and what sort of country do we want Britain to be after Brexit?” he told a Manchester rally.

Brexit Secretary David Davis seized on the interview, saying: “The chaotic incoherence of Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit means that the 27 other EU countries would make mincemeat of him in the negotiations.

“This morning he said he was settled on leaving the EU – this afternoon he can’t say whether he will do it.”

Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesman, said: “Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is refusing to give people the final say no matter how bad the Brexit deal on offer.”
In the interview with the BBC, Mr Corbyn said he had set out his priorities in a letter sent to “President-elect Macron last night congratulating him on his election.”

They would be “to have good relations with Europe of course, secondly to make sure there is a trade access, a tariff free trade access, to European markets”.

Mr Corbyn added: “Thirdly, that we will of course protect the rights of EU nationals living in Britain which we will do straight away.

“And that we will also ensure that the regulations that we got from the European Union such as Working Time Directive and employment conditions will be defended and maintained. It has to be put very clearly.”

Last month, Keir Starmer, Labour’s Brexit spokesman, said the party – unlike Theresa May – was willing to “go back to the negotiating table” if the first exit deal was rejected by Parliament. That could mean the UK staying in the UK past the March 2019 exit date, while the negotiations continue, Sir Keir suggested.

However, it may not be possible to delay Brexit beyond the two-year timetable set out in the Article 50 withdrawal process without the agreement of other EU leaders and the European Parliament


Other nations Norway and Switzerland are doing well outside EU being IN give us less say in what happens in our Country besides the money it cost us. Do people realise how many are needing bailing out and how it would get worse, it will affect Britain. Bottom line Other countries have said they will leave if we do,that should tell us something. 

Labour member who introduced Jeremy Corbyn on stage quits after offensive tweets emerge
The tweets, sent when she was 14, referred to black and Jewish people

Some interesting facts to consider in case you've forgotten what the last Labour government bought upon the UK!
Firstly Up to 50 thousand 'excess' deaths were recorded at hospitals during the last Labour Government. (Research by Sir Brian Jarman of Imperial College).
Also hundreds of stealth taxes, paid by the working class people under the Labour government!
To note between 1997 to 2010 gas prices rose and electricity prices rose 69%. Why would the public ever trust Labour on energy prices?
The devastating impact of Labour's raid on pensions tax grab has cost workers £118bn no since 1997 (Office for Budget Responsibility).
5) Labour spent £148.7 million on a National Measurements Office which forces traders to measure their goods in kilograms rather than pounds.
-The Royal Mail is now sold because of EU Postal Directive 2008/6/EC, brought in by the last Labour government.
Council Tax doubled under Labour - 105% increase in England, 146% Wales. (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy: 26/03/09).
In 2012/13 Labour councils employed nearly 23,000 people on zero-hour contracts.
£660 million has been cut from NHS over the last three years according to the Welsh TUC.
When Labour came to power in 1997, spending on NHS managers was less than £190m. By 2010 this had increased by 450% to over £1bn per year.
Labour wasted £11bn of taxpayers money on a failed IT project which was eventually scrapped by the NHS in 2013.
Labour lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments - £50 billion worth of loans which are costing £300 billion in repayments.
It was the Labour Party who awarded the DWP Medical Services Contract to ATOS on the 15th March 2005.
Labour started the privatisation of the NHS. They brought in the 2006 NHS Act that introduced competition into the NHS.
Labour introduced competition into the NHS: Competition Act 1998, Enterprise Act 2002 & Public Sector Procurement Regulations 2006.
In 2006 Gordon Brown cut the flood defence budget by £14 million.
Youth unemployment rose by more than 40% during Labour's 13 years in office.
Total stock of social housing fell under Labour - 421,000 homes were lost from the social housing stock between 1997 and 2010.
British manufacturing grew by 28% between 1980 and 1997. Then, under Labour, it shrank by 6%: falling from 20% of GDP to just 11%.
Labour left a deficit of £156 billion, PFI liability of £301 billion, EU Rebate loss £9.3 billion, Sold the Gold loss £6 billion.
The last Labour government spent so much money on Labour cronies that it had a 5% structural deficit at the height of the boom.
The use of food banks went up tenfold under Labour. From 3,000 users in 2005/06 to over 40,000 by 2009/10. (The Trussell Trust/C4 FactCheck).
When Labour's Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in 2007, UK public debt was 44.1% of GDP. When he left in 2010, it was 148.1%.
Only 6,330 council houses were completed from 1998 to 2010 under Labour, compared with 17,710 in 1990 alone - Thatcher's final year as PM.
Tony Blair gave away a chunk of the UK's EU rebate estimated now to have cost the UK £9.3 billion between 2007-2013.
In 2010 Gordon Brown branded Rochdale voter Gillian Duffy "a bigoted woman" for daring to voice her concern about uncontrolled immigration.
Labour are now complaining about gambling. But they were the ones who wanted to build Super Casinos in some of the poorest areas in Britain.
Labour closed more mines in 5 years than Thatcher did in 11 years.. 211 mines closed under Wilson 1965-70.. 154 under Thatcher 1979-90.
Labour zero hour contracts increased by 74% between 2004 - 2009.
Since Labour liberalised the law in 2000 to allow postal voting on demand, the number of postal voting fraud in Labour areas has soared.
Labour wants to charge patients, lord Warner said people should pay a £10-a-month fee to use NHS/£20 for every night they stay in hospital.
Labour were responsible for the rise in payday lenders. Now they are campaigning against them?
Labour presided over the slowest growth in 50 years and produced the fastest decline in British manufacturing since manufacturing began!
Labour MPs to remember: Denis MacShane (jailed), David Chaytor (jailed), Eric Illsley (jailed), Elliot Morley (jailed), Jim Devine (jailed) Blair invaded Iraq and Brown invaded the Treasury, both actions crippled us!!
Corbyn doesn't appear to respect the peoples decision on Brexit!
Think Corbyn is your white knight? He's far from it!

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Re: British Election

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