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Post  Admin on Thu 04 Aug 2016, 10:47 pm

I dreamed I was in heaven where an angel kept
God's book. He was writing so intently I just had 
to take a look. It was not, at first, his writing 
that made me stop and think; but, the fluid in 
the bottle that was marked eternal ink.
This ink was most amazing, dark black upon his blotter; but, 
as it touched the parchment it became 
as clear as water. The angel kept on writing; 
but, as quickly as a wink, the words were 
disappearing with that strange eternal ink.
The angel took no notice, but kept writing 
on and on. He turned each page and filled it till 
all its space was gone. I thought he wrote to 
no avail, his efforts seemed in vain. He wrote a thousand pages that he'd never read again.
And as I watched and wondered that this awesome sight was mine, I actually saw a word stay black 
as it dried upon the line. The angel wrote and I
thought I saw a look of satisfaction. At last he 
had some print to show for all his earnest action.
A line or two dried dark and stayed as black as black can be but strangely 
the next paragraph became invisible to see. 
The book was getting fuller, the 
angel's records true; but, most of it was blank.
I knew there was some reason, but as hard as 
I could think, I couldn't grasp the significance
of that eternal ink. The mystery burned 
within me. I finally dared to ask the angel to 
explain to me his amazing task.
And what I heard was frightful as the angel 
turned his head. He looked directly at me, and 
this is what he said. I know you stand and wonder 
at what my writing's worth; God has told
me to record the lives of all those on earth.
The book that I am filling is an accurate account
of every word and action and to what they do 
amount. Since you have been watching I must 
tell you what is true; the details of my journal
are the strict accounts of YOU.
The Lord asked me to watch you as each day you worked and played. 
I saw you as you went to church, I saw you as you prayed.
I was told to document your life through all the week.
I wrote when you were proud and bold, I wrote when you were meek.
I recorded all your attitudes whether they were good 
or bad. I was sorry that I had to write the things that made God sad. 
So now I'll tell the wonder
of this eternal ink. The reason for its mystery
should make you stop and think.
This ink, that God created to help me keep 
my journal, will only keep a record of things that 
are eternal. So much of life is wasted
on things that matter not. This ink saves 
erasing, smudging, and ugly blot.

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