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The Most Important Video to Watch Today – God is a Zionist!!

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The Most Important Video to Watch Today – God is a Zionist!!

Post  Admin on Fri 25 Dec 2015, 10:14 pm

The Most Important Video to Watch Today – God is a Zionist!!!
Judaism is a unique religion in that there is a tie to a specific land - the land of Israel. It is not mentioned in passing or interpreted reference, but explicitly and repeatedly. It is in many ways the essence of the promise of God. 
The initial promise of the land is to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Genesis. The promised return from Egypt to Israel is throughout the other four books of the Pentateuch. The return from diaspora is the promise described by the prophets.
God is a Zionist (Joan Osborne)
GOD is a ZIONIST. God DWELLT in ZION. God gave ZION to the JEWS, through His promise in Genesis for Abraham and Isaac. Israel BELONGS to the Jewish people and WILL FOREVER.

GOD IS A ZIONIST. And ALL who hate Israel HATE the God of Abraham. They WILL all gang together in these last days.
They may EVEN ENJOY an appearance of victory for a short time. But no more than 7 years...

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