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Post  Admin on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 11:08 pm

IDF Chief Dismisses Jewish Teaching on Killing Enemies
By Ahuva Balofsky February 18, 2016 , 12:30 pm
“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made He man.” 
Genesis 9:6 (The Israel Bible™)
Israel Defense Force (IDF) Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot appeared to reject Talmudic teachings on defense while answering questions during a high school recruitment visit in central Israel Wednesday morning, several Israeli media outlets reported. When asked a difficult question by a student, he dismissed the Rabbinic dictum “when someone comes to kill you – kill him first” as a “slogan” and implied it was imprudent advice.

The Bat Yam visit was intended to prepare the students for their upcoming army service, mandatory for all Israelis at 18. During a question and answer session, Israel National News reported, Eizenkot defended the IDF’s controversial open-fire orders, which severely restrict a soldier’s options when faced with a terrorist.

“The phenomenon of terror has accompanied Israeli society throughout the years, and there also were knifings years ago. It could be in Tel Aviv, in Otniel or Ariel. We see mutual influence between what happens in the Middle East with the Islamic State (ISIS) and what happens for us here [in Israel].

“The IDF doesn’t need to get swept up in clichéd statements like ‘Kill or be killed’ or ‘Whoever comes at you with scissors needs to be killed’,” he added.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/207-LIBI%20fight%20terror%20banner%202.jpg

Support the IDF's Fight Against Terror
Israel has come under sharp fire for what some in Europe and elsewhere have called “extrajudicial killings” of Palestinian terrorists in the field. However, the IDF’s actual policy on the matter is incredibly reserved. As of August, soldiers in Judea and Samaria have only been permitted to fire into the air, not even shooting the lower extremities of a terrorist, and the IDF has allegedly instructed all its soldiers to avoid killing terrorists whenever possible. These orders have significantly increased the risk to soldiers in apprehending terrorists and certainly run counter to Rabbinic wisdom and even Torah law.

Eizenkot explained to his audience, “I don’t want to see a soldier empty a magazine [to shoot] a young girl with scissors,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

“These days, you can find a knife in any kitchen and household. The aim of terrorism is to sow fear and horror amongst the public. Terrorism succeeds when it prevents citizens of living their normal routine.”

Eizenkot’s well-meaning concern for Israel’s image abroad has nonetheless raised the ire of at least one MK. Betzalel Smotrich of the Jewish Home party, which advocates for greater Torah influence on life and decision-making in Israel, responded to Eizenkot’s remarks Wednesday evening by asking Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to call the Chief of Staff to a meeting.

“This is a flagrant and contemptuous statement. The Jewish principles and values are the foundation on which the State of Israel was built and upon which the IDF relies. The disregard for the sanctity of Israel and the values that accompanied our people for thousands of years is neither appropriate nor compatible with the values of the IDF and of the behavior expected of a senior officer,” wrote Smotrich. He also demanded that Eizenkot retract his statement.

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61722/idf-chief-dismisses-jewish-teaching-on-killing-enemies-idf/#Oc217x3WXM7dYru2.99

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Post  Admin on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 11:00 pm

CUFI and Christian TV Network Team Up to Launch Israel News Show
“For I will proclaim the name of the LORD; ascribe ye greatness unto our God.” (Deuteronomy 32:3)
By JNS February 19, 2016 , 7:00 am
“For I will proclaim the name of the LORD; ascribe ye greatness unto our God.” 
Deuteronomy 32:3 (The Israel Bible™)
Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which calls itself the largest American pro-Israel organization with 2.7 million members, is teaming up with the Christian satellite network Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to launch a weekly news show highlighting the rising threats facing Israel and the United States.
Hosted by journalist and Mideast expert Erick Stakelbeck, “The Watchman” will be news-magazine style show that will highlight the “rising security threats facing America, Israel, and the rest of the world,” CUFI said.
The show will include interviews and analysis with a wide range of American and Israeli experts and leaders, as well as segments focusing on work done by pro-Israel organizations and Christian supporters of Israel.
“Now more than ever, it is imperative that Christians stand up and ensure our nation stands with Israel. CUFI was created precisely for such a time as this, and we’re excited that ‘The Watchman’ will ensure we’re bringing our pro-Israel message to households across the country,” Pastor John Hagee, founder and chairman of CUFI, said in a statement.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61719/cufi-christian-tv-network-team-up-launch-israel-news-show-biblical-zionism/#zROhOQgu2mxs7lPY.99

Paris Bans BDS, Joining UK, US States in Fight Against Boycott of Israel
“And they shall be joined unto thee, and keep the charge of the tent of meeting, whatsoever the service of the Tent may be; but a common man shall not draw nigh unto you.” (Numbers 18:4)
Israel Hayom

The United Kingdom plans to step up its fight against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, British Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock said Tuesday during a visit to Israel.

The British government is currently pursuing a new bill that would prevent public bodies, universities, and student unions from boycotting Israeli products.

Hancock is leading a visiting delegation of British lawmakers. The new bill aims to prevent any public body from imposing a boycott on a World Trade Organization member, which Israel has been since 1995. The regulation will essentially outlaw boycotting Israeli products—a threat often made against goods produced in Judea and Samaria—and allow the British government to take legal action against organizations that impose such boycotts.

Hancock met Tuesday with Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who heads the Israeli government’s public diplomacy efforts against the BDS movement.

Also on Tuesday, the Paris Municipality approved a bill barring city departments and city-affiliated organizations from hosting events or fostering ties with the BDS movement or any other group urging divestment from Israel or boycotting Israeli products.

“The Paris Municipality condemns the boycott of Israel, opposes any initiative to isolate Israel, and clearly states its commitment to promoting a nonviolent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through strengthening its ties with Israeli and Palestinian cities,” the French capital’s administration said in a statement quoted by the Walla news website.

The bill was sponsored by the French Republican Party. In a statement issued after the vote, the party said BDS efforts are “divisive and hateful,” and “have no place in Paris.”

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61713/uk-paris-step-up-fight-against-bds-movement-jerusalem/#avMfOBwIiw0J81MJ.99

Trump: I’d be “Neutral” in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
“And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it.” 
Deuteronomy 20:10 (The Israel Bible™)
In an effort to protect his credentials should he be elected president, Republican candidate Donald Trump told an audience at a town hall meeting in South Carolina Wednesday he would like to remain “neutral” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, The Times of Israel reported.

Trump appeared in Charleston for the MSNBC-hosted event, where one meeting participant asked him what steps he would take to broker a deal between the two sides in the conflict. Trump responded that he would give it “one hell of a shot”, saying it would be “probably the toughest agreement of any kind to make.”

Host Joe Scarborough pressed Trump on the matter, asking which side was more to blame for the most recent failure to reach a compromise. Trump refused to take sides.

“You know, I don’t want to get into it, because … If I win, I don’t want to be in a position where I’m saying to you and the other side now says, ‘We don’t want Trump involved,’” Trump explained.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/273-TJIT%20banner.jpg

There's Jews in Texas: a collection of poems. Buy Now.
“Let me be sort of a neutral guy,” he continued. “A lot of people have gone down in flames trying to make that deal. So I don’t want to say whose fault is it. I don’t think it helps.”

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61731/trump-id-be-neutral-in-israeli-palestinian-conflict-middle-east/#R3HDyDeO7Lic7W6A.99

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Post  Admin on Thu 18 Feb 2016, 10:50 pm

Report: Israel Attacked Syrian Army Locations
“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” (Isaiah 17:1)
Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 18, 2016 , 8:52 am
“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” 
Isaiah 17:1 (The Israel Bible™)
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that three Israeli rockets struck Syrian military outposts near the Damascus on Wednesday night.The attack allegedly took place on the road leading to the city of Daraa, though there were no reports detailing the damage or casualties.
Reuters reported that a source in the military of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied the report, claiming that there were no Israeli armed strikes inside Syria on Wednesday. The Hezbollah TV station Al-Manar has also denied that report.
Israeli government has not responded to the report, as is their usual policy. If the report is true, it will be the second time Israel has struck inside Syria since Russia deployed forces there.
Last month, Syrian opposition forces claimed the IAF struck Hezbollah truck convoys carrying SCUD missiles on the Syrian border with Lebanon. At the time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a rare admission that Israel “is active from time to time in Syria”.
In December, the IAF allegedly struck in Damascus, killing Hezbollah terrorist Samar Kuntar.
With Russia’s advanced S-400 anti-aircraft system deployed in Syria, it may be that Israel is operating there with Russia’s consent.

 As Fierce Presidential Campaign Continues, Rubio, Cruz Duke it Out Over Israel
By Abra Forman February 18, 2016 , 10:30 am
“And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” 
Genesis 12:3 (The Israel Bible™)
After Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz spoke about his intentions to establish greater military cooperation with Israel on Tuesday, rival Senator Marco Rubio released a memo accusing Cruz of lying about his support of the Jewish State.
In his speech, made from the USS Yorktown in South Carolina at a campaign event, Cruz called for a rebuilding of the US military and increased partnership with Israel on military defense programs for intercepting short, medium and long-range missiles. The most well-known Israeli missile defense system is the Iron Dome, an incredibly successful military technology which has been snatched up by militaries worldwide.
The Jewish Insider reported that Cruz also called for greater cooperation with the Jordanian and Egyptian militaries, in addition to the IDF, and for collaboration between the four nations to fight the war on terror.

Excavation Reveals Jerusalem Has Been Prime Real Estate for 7,000 Years
“Our feet are standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem; Jerusalem, that art builded as a city that is compact together.” (Psalms 122:2-3)
By JNI Media February 18, 2016 , 7:30 am
“Our feet are standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem; Jerusalem, that art builded as a city that is compact together.” 
Psalms 122:2-3 (The Israel Bible™)
Excavation director Ronit Lupo of the Israel Antiquities Authority next to the remains of the ancient house. (Photo: JNi Media/Assaf Peretz/Israel Antiquities Authority)
New archaeological discoveries attest to the existence of a well-established settlement in the Jerusalem area as far back as the fifth millennium BCE. Finds uncovered in archaeological excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority, initiated by Moriah – the Jerusalem Development Company, during work on a new road in the Shua’fat neighborhood in northern Jerusalem, revealed the remains of an ancient settlement from the Chalcolithic period, approximately 7,000 years ago.
During the Chalcolithic period, Man started using tools made of copper (chalcos in Greek) for the first time, hence the name given to the period. According to Dr. Omri Barzilai, Head of the IAA’s Prehistory Branch, “the Chalcolithic period is known in the Negev, the coastal plain, the Galilee and the Golan, but is almost completely absent in the Judean Hills and Jerusalem. Although in recent years we have discovered a few traces of Chalcolithic settlements, such as those at Abu Gosh, Motza Junction, and the Holyland compound in Jerusalem, they have been extremely sparse. Now, for the first time, we have discovered significant remains from 7,000 years ago.”

In Historical Shift, New Egyptian Textbooks to Include Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
“He shall not fail nor be crushed, till he have set the right in the earth; and the isles shall wait for his teaching.” (Isaiah 42:4)
By JNS February 18, 2016 , 11:30 am
“He shall not fail nor be crushed, till he have set the right in the earth; and the isles shall wait for his teaching.” 
Isaiah 42:4 (The Israel Bible™))
A history textbook to be used in Egyptian schools will discuss the country’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel for the first time, Israel’s Army Radio reported.
The 1978 Camp David Accords and the ensuing peace treaty will take up a chapter in the book. The chapter, according to the report, is written in a simple and factual manner with phrases such as a description that Egypt and Israel are “ending the state of war,” with “each side respecting the sovereignty and independence of the other side.”
This addition is part of a larger educational change in Egypt with regard to school textbooks under current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. About 1,300 textbooks for different grades have been revised, in some cases clearly to make a political point. For instance, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s role in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, during which he served as commander of the Egyptian air force, has been downplayed compared to how it was treated in textbooks while Mubarak was president. Some content added to books while the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was Egypt’s president has also been removed.

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Post  Admin on Thu 18 Feb 2016, 4:23 pm

How a 300-Year-Old Vision Predicted a Global Economic Crisis That Could Bring Messiah
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 17, 2016 , 11:00 am
“And the hundred talents of silver were for casting the sockets of the sanctuary, and the sockets of the veil: a hundred sockets for the hundred talents, a talent for a socket. And of the thousand seven hundred seventy and five shekels he made hooks for the pillars, and overlaid their capitals, and made fillets for them.” 
Exodus 38:27-28 (The Israel Bible™)
Many prophecies indicate that we are in the final days before the coming of the Messiah, and the only question that remains to be answered is precisely when he will arrive. A clue given by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, a renowned Jewish scholar and leader known as the “Alter Rebbe”, had a vision almost 300 years ago that seems to indicate precisely when the world’s resources will run out, forcing the Messiah to come. The date is sooner than you might expect.
The Alter Rebbe lived in the 18th century and he founded the Chabad branch of Judaism, which flourishes to this day. His teachings are still studied in depth and his book, the Tanya, is widely read by Jews around the world. Chabad is exceptional in that it emphasizes the concept of Messiah in a manner generally eschewed by other branches of Judaism.
A famous story is told of how the Alter Rebbe was reading from the Torah in front of the congregation. He reached the verse of Exodus 38:28, which mentions the sum of 1,775 talents of silver. When he read the first letter ‘hey’ which precedes the word “Ha-Eleph” (the thousand), he read it incorrectly four times in a row, despite being corrected each time. The letter ‘hey’ in Hebrew numerology equals five, so by reading it incorrectly, the Alter Rebbe was actually saying 5,775, instead of 1,775 as it is written in the Torah. He then walked away, much to the amazement of the congregation, and someone else had to finish the reading.

PA and France Team Up Against Israel to Push for “International Peace Conference”
“For the extortion is at an end, spoiling ceaseth, they that trampled down are consumed out of the land.” (Isaiah 16:4)
France formally presented Israel with its foreign plan to restart talks for a two-state solution on Tuesday. The plan calls for an international peace conference, hosted in Paris this summer, at which multiple nations would facilitate talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority – talks which Israel has firmly said it would only undertake face-to-face with the PA.
French Ambassador Patrick Maisonnaive met with Foreign Ministry political director Alon Ushpiz in Jerusalem to inform Israeli government of France’s plans to kickstart stalled negotiations.
In a statement following the meeting, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said, “Israel supports direct negotiations with the Palestinians but opposes any attempt to predetermine the outcome of negotiations.”
The PA has enthusiastically taken up France’s idea, first proposed several weeks ago, to form an international framework similar to that which negotiated the recent Iranian nuclear deal. France’s then-Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced the plan, which he described as “an international conference bringing together the parties and their main partners, American, European, Arab, notably to preserve and make happen the solution of two states.”
However, Fabius added a thinly veiled threat aimed directly at Israel, saying that if a solution could not be reached, France would “take responsibility and recognize the Palestinian state.”

Netanyahu: French Peace Initiative Is “Doomed To Fail”
“Because, even because they have led My people astray, saying: Peace, and there is no peace; and when it buildeth up a slight wall, behold, they daub it with whited plaster.” (Ezekiel 13:10)
Prime Minister Netanyahu strongly criticized the French initiative to impose a final agreement on Israel and the Palestinian Authority while in Berlin for a Government-to-Government meeting between Israel and Germany. France would formally recognize a Palestinian state if negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority were to fail.
“The French initiative, as it has been published, is questionable,” said Netanyahu. “It says, ‘we will hold an international conference, but if you do not succeed, we are already predetermining the result and we will recognize a Palestinian state.’”
The initiative, introduced by former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in January, was presented to Israel at the Foreign Ministry earlier today by French Ambassador Patrick Maisonnave.
Prime Minister Netanyahu argued that France was completely overlooking the consequences of its new initiative.
“It does not matter if this state could become another Islamic dictatorship, one of many others in the Middle East. It does not matter if it will not genuinely commit to ending the conflict and recognizing the state of the Jews. It does not matter if there will not be security arrangements preventing the capturing of territory that Israel would evacuate by ISIS, Hamas, or both,” said Netanyahu.

Incredible Act of Generosity by a “Guardian Angel” Saves Distressed IDF Soldier
“Happy is he that considereth the poor; the LORD will deliver him in the day of evil.” (Psalms 41:2)
Danino posted on her Facebook page that she was riding her usual train route back to base when “I hear a young woman soldier like me talking on her phone. She lives on a basic army salary and is the only daughter of a single mother. She was begging the electricity company not to disconnect her mother at the end of the month.” Danino recounted that the soldier was crying as she attempted to explain to the company that her mother had not received her National Insurance check, her only means of income.
After no more than a few minutes, Danino said a man, later identified as Isaac Ophir, “comes out of nowhere, ‘grabs’ her phone and pays the bill with his credit card. The bill was not small, 1,950 shekels ($500)” but he paid without a moment’s hesitation.
Following this inspirational deed, Danino told the Hebrew news site nrg that she walked up to Ophir and told him, “I cannot remain apathetic towards a person like you. I think people need to see and know that there are good people in this world, and learn from you about giving with love.” So she took a photo of him and shared the story on Facebook.

Hezbollah Leader Irked by Growing Sunni Arab Ties with Israel
“The thoughts of the righteous are right; but the counsels of the wicked are deceit.” (Proverbs 12:5)
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah appeared upset with reports that Sunni Arab leaders are increasingly viewing Israel as an ally in the fight against Iran.
In a speech broadcasted on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television in honor of “Martyrs Leader Day” Nasrallah said that Israel was “taking advantage” of Sunni Arab states’ confrontation with Iran to forge “relations and alliances with the Sunni Arab states.” He also said that Israel viewed the Islamic State as a “lesser” threat than Iran and Hezbollah.
“Do you accept a friend occupying Sunni land in Palestine? Can you become friends with an entity that has committed the most horrible massacres against the Sunni community?” he said.

Hezbollah Leader Threatens to Blow Up Israeli Chemical Facility and Kill Thousands 
“And in Thy mercy cut off mine enemies, and destroy all them that harass my soul; for I am Thy servant.” 
Psalms 143:12 (The Israel Bible™)
Hezbollah could defeat Israel in a conflict by bombing an Israeli chemical facility in Haifa, killing thousands, said leader of the Lebanon-based terror group Hassan Nasrallah.
Though Hezbollah is not actively seeking war with Israel, he said, if necessary, the group could easily devastate the country by using its arsenal of rockets to blow up ammonia tanks at a chemical facility on Israel’s coast. According to Nasrallah, the number of casualties would be comparable to the number caused by a nuclear attack.
Nasrallah apparently got the idea from an Israeli official who had made a statement saying that a strike on the facility would cause “tens of thousands” of fatalities, the Times of Israel reported. The terrorist mastermind quoted the official in his threat, adding that Israel “feared” such an attack.
“This would be exactly as a nuclear bomb, and we can say that Lebanon today has a nuclear bomb, seeing as any rocket that might hit these tanks is capable of creating a nuclear bomb effect,” he said in a speech broadcast on a Lebanese news site.

Israel Furious Over US Labeling of Goods From Judea and Samaria
“Now the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah sat each on his throne, arrayed in their robes, in a threshing-floor, at the entrance of the gate of Samaria; and all the prophets prophesied before them.” (1 Kings 22:10)
A quiet decision last month by the United States to reissue a 1995 order requiring goods made in the West Bank and Gaza Strip be labelled as such and not marked “made in Israel” has begun generating a firestorm as legal groups argue it represents a policy shift for the American government, Israel National News reported. Late Tuesday, Israeli officials reacted with outrage after hearing from the International Legal Forum (ILF) , which posited that the order was not merely reissued, but newly applied.
As the group pointed out, the 1995 directives were drawn up in response to the Oslo Accords, and applied only to Palestinian-made goods, insisting they be labelled accordingly and not as Israeli. Until January, products made by Israeli Jews and manufactured in Judea and Samaria could be labelled “made in Israel”. As of January 24, a ten percent fine will be levied on such products.

The Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women
By Raymond Ibrahim
In word and deed, in Islamic and non-Islamic nations, Muslim men appear to think that non-Muslim women—impure “infidels”—exist solely to gratify their sexual urges.
First, consider the beliefs and actions of those committed to waging jihad for the cause of Allah, such as the Islamic State:
In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old [non-Muslim] girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her — it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted. He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her. When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion. “I kept telling him it hurts — please stop,” said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands. “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to” Allah.
Yet such behavior is not limited to fanatical jihadis, who have “nothing whatsoever to do with Islam,” as most fools and liars will assure us; rather it permeates the totality of Islamic culture.

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Post  Admin on Thu 18 Feb 2016, 1:41 am

German-Israeli Relationship ‘Gives Hope to All Mankind,’ Netanyahu Says

Israel: Arab States Seeking Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

WATCH: Amazing New Israeli Phone App Changes How We Communicate!

WATCH: ‘Russia Today’ Anchor Quits Job Over Media Bias, Visits Israel 

Deputy Foreign Minister: No Foreign Country Will Determine Israel’s Borders

France Presents ‘Mystifying’ Peace Initiative to Israel 

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Post  Admin on Thu 18 Feb 2016, 12:39 am

Benjamin Netanyahu welcomes third grandchild
Noa Roth, prime minister’s 36-year-old daughter from his first marriage, gives birth to a baby girlBY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF February 17, 2016, 5:19 pm 4
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday announced the birth of his third grandchild, after his daughter Noa had a baby girl.

“Sara and I are happy that my love Noa had a girl, a sister to Shmuel and David and niece to Yair and Avner,” he wrote in Facebook post in Hebrew that garnered tens of thousands of likes and over a thousand comments.

“Mother and the daughter are doing well, and we are delighted at our growing family,” he added.

Noa Roth, 36, is the only child of Netanyahu and his first wife, Dr. Miriam Weizmann. Noa was born in 1978, shortly before her parents split.
Noa, now religious, is married to businessman Daniel Roth, and lives in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea She’arim in Jerusalem.

In 2009, Noa gave birth to Netanyahu’s first grandchild; she had a second son in 2011.

Yair and Avner are the children of Netanyahu’s third and current wife, born Sara Ben-Arzi, whom he married in 1991.

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Post  Admin on Tue 16 Feb 2016, 11:45 pm

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” 
Genesis 12:3 (The Israel Bible™)

Rally calling for boycott of Israeli products. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Israel Hayom

New British government directives are aiming to prevent public bodies, universities, and student unions from boycotting Israeli products, The Independent reported Sunday. According to The Sunday Times, the move “follows mounting concern among Jewish leaders about anti-Semitism.”

British media quoted U.K. Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock as saying such boycotts are divisive, potentially damaging to the U.K.’s relationship with Israel, and risk fueling anti-Semitism.

The new bill, already described as a “controversial crackdown,” seeks to prevent any public body from imposing a boycott on a World Trade Organization member, which Israel has been since 1995.

The regulation will essentially outlaw boycotting Israeli products—a threat often made against goods produced in Judea and Samaria—and allow the British government to take legal action against organizations that impose such boycotts.

Under the plan, all publicly funded institutions would be barred from excluding goods produced by their idea of “unethical companies,” such as companies involved in arms trading, fossil fuels, tobacco products, or companies based in Judea and Samaria.

Any public bodies that continue to pursue boycotts would face severe penalties, The Independent reported. Critics of the initiative said it constituted a “gross attack on democratic freedoms.”

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61506/uk-latest-nation-boycott-bds-judea-and-samaria/#Z3l7OTHZRjIBCRJF.99

Obama to Reluctantly Sign Anti-BDS Bill Recognizing Judea and Samaria
By Ahuva Balofsky February 15, 2016 , 9:30 am
“And Elijah came near unto all the people, and said: ‘How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.’ And the people answered him not a word.” (1 Kings 18:21)
A trade bill which passed a senate vote Thursday is set to be signed into law by US President Barack Obama, despite his objections to its pro-Israel portions. The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 came before Congress last summer as part of a package designed to strengthen rule enforcement and address currency manipulation.
The bill, however, contains a provision which would extend agreements with Israel into “Israeli-controlled territories”, a move lauded by pro-Israel lobby AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) but criticised by the White House, which said it “contravenes longstanding U.S. policy towards Israel and the occupied territories, including with regard to Israeli settlement activity.”

Fierce Battle Erupts Over Next Supreme Court Judge Following Death of Justice Scalia
News of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday almost immediately sparked a massive debate in the political arena over the weighty question of whether or not President Barack Obama should attempt to fill the opening on the bench during his remaining time in office.
The death of the 79-year-old judge, who died in his sleep during a visit to Texas, was announced on Saturday by a family friend. The famously conservative justice was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1986 by then-president Ronald Reagan and served for nearly 30 years, during which he made a name for himself as a defender of the powers of the executive branch.
Having a hand in the makeup of the Supreme Court was an issue in the current race for the president even before Scalia’s death. The advanced ages of several current justices on the bench made it likely that one or more vacancies would be filled by the next president.

Sources: IDF Preparing for Action on Hamas Tunnels Across Gaza Border
“For I will defend this city to save it, for Mine own sake, and for My servant David’s sake.”
(Isaiah 37:35)
Senior officers in the IDF southern command have been expressing their concerns in recent internal forums regarding the security situation around the Gaza border, arguing that it is as tense as it has been since the 2014 war, Walla reported Thursday. Except that today, unlike the days before the last war, an Israeli military initiative across the border is possible.
“The different units must prepare for the possibility that the political echelon would lose its patience or that the tunnels threat in Gaza would leave no more political room for restraint, and [the cabinet] would attempt to take care of the tunnels on the Palestinian side,” one senior officer said. He called on the units in the area to remain on high alert for the possibility of a go order, and to that end the IDF has been practicing reaching gathering areas, including dealing with scenarios of rocket barrages targeting IDF bases.

Rabbi: Cruz Backer Bickle’s Heart is in the Right Place, But His Interpretations of Messianic Prophecies Are Not
“Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is a time of trouble unto Jacob, but out of it shall he be saved.” 
Jeremiah 30:7 (The Israel Bible™)
On January 21, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz picked up a controversial endorsement from Mike Bickle, Director of the International House of Prayer, an organization that partners “with Messianic Jews for the salvation of the Jewish people.”
Rabbi Tovia Singer, who emphasized that he has spent his “entire life opposing evangelicals who try to convert Jews,” told Breaking Israel News that Mike Bickle is not an anti-Semite, but he doesn’t properly understand the verses he quotes when he speaks about Jews, Israel and the End of Days.

Netanyahu to Arab States: Admit You Have Ties to Israel
“He revealeth the deep and secret things; He knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with Him.” 
Daniel 2:22 (The Israel Bible™)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Peace Conference in Washington DC. September 02, 2010. (Photo: Moshe Milner/GPO/FLASH90)
On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for Arab nations with covert ties to Israel to acknowledge their relationships with the Jewish state.
Speaking to a group of Jewish leaders from the US, Netanyahu said that most moderate Arab countries – he declined to name any specifically – see Israel as an ally and not an enemy. They share common foes: Iran and ISIS, he said.
“Major Arab countries are changing their view of Israel,” he said. “They don’t see Israel anymore as their enemy, but they see Israel as their ally, especially in the battle against militant Islam with its two fountainheads.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61432/netanyahu-releases-mysterious-statement-encouraging-arab-states-publicize-israeli-ties-middle-east/#o0AIbPo4wT7OEuXY.99

Christians Who Demonize Israel – Part II
By Dr. Denis MacEoin
Jesus, it would seem, was not a Jewish teacher but a Palestinian Arab who never set foot in Herod’s Temple because it did not exist, and there were never any Jews in the Holy Land.
It is commonly repeated by Palestinians that there were never any Jews in the Holy Land before the 19th century and that the first and second Jewish Temples never stood in Jerusalem. Not only do these claims fly in the face of over a century of archaeological work and the records of Greek, Roman and other historians in antiquity, they flatly contradict and annul the texts of both the Old and New Testaments. By their own rejection of Jewish rights in Israel, Christians unwittingly repudiate their own rights and history.
Christians in St Thomas Church did not once criticize or deplore the Palestinian glorification of violence, this delight at the murders of children, this dancing in the streets when innocent throats are cut.
Is it the Christian thing to demand that hospitals and doctors across the globe should refuse to use Israeli medicines or surgical devices or advanced medical equipment? Would Christians who work with bodies like Christian Aid call on countries damaged by natural and man-made calamities to ban Israeli aid teams?
Abandoning Israel will not soothe the hearts of the Palestinian people or make the Christians less vulnerable — as we are now seeing from the throat-slittings and mass displacements throughout the Middle East, done not by Jews but by Muslim fanatics.
(See also Part I: Christians Who Demonize Israel: Kairos)

Christian Financial Advisers Gather to Share Biblical Investing Wisdom
By Tuly Weisz February 16, 2016 , 10:30 am
“So Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine was sore upon them; and the land became Pharaoh’s.” 
Genesis 47:20 (The Israel Bible™)
This week, some 950 Christian financial professionals will be gathering in Florida for a unique conference to discuss the investment wisdom contained in the Bible. Kingdom Advisors, a nonprofit organization, is hosting the annual conference, which offers participants the opportunity “to connect with like-minded peers, receive world-class training and equipping, earn extensive continuing education credit, and be equipped for next steps in your faith/work integration journey.”
Among the notable speakers scheduled to appear this year is Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. “They are financial professionals who integrate their Biblical beliefs with their professional practices,” Lapin told Breaking Israel News, adding, “What could be more consistent with the Jewish approach?  Judaism teaches that the very first question we are destined to be asked from the Throne of Judgement is, ‘Did you conduct your business affairs with integrity?’  I feel privileged to be helping Kingdom Advisors conference attendees align their careers with their callings.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61486/christian-financial-advisors-gather-to-share-biblical-investing-wisdom-biblical-zionism/#2rl1ZrImJF57F6HX.99

American UN Ambassador: UN Attempts to Delegitimize Israel
By Jonathan Benedek February 16, 2016 , 12:30 pm
“He that hideth hatred is of lying lips; and he that uttereth a slander is a fool.” 
Proverbs 10:18 (The Israel Bible™))
US Ambassador Samantha Power vigorously criticized the UN’s bias against Israel in her speech at the Israel Middle East Model UN Conference at the American International School in Even Yehuda.
“The UN can seem ineffective at best or a part of the problem at worst,” Ambassador Power told the students.
Ambassador Power elaborated upon the UN’s bias against Israel as a paradigmatic example of the UN falling short of its mandate.
“As you all know, the UN charter guarantees the equal rights of nations large and small,” noted Power.
“Yet, we have seen member states seek to use the UN Security Council, the General Assembly, and even the most arcane UN committees in ways that cross the line from legitimate criticisms of Israel’s policies to attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel itself,” continued Power.
The US Ambassador to the UN also pointed out that rogue regimes like North Korea do not receive anywhere near the amount of criticism received by Israel.

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Editor of the Wall Street Journal: “ISIS is Like Donald Trump”
WSJ Editor: “ISIS is Like Donald Trump” - Both are Perceived as Winners
By Abra Forman February 11, 2016 , 11:30 am
“Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the thickets of the Jordan against the strong habitation; for I will suddenly make him run away from it, and whoso is chosen, him will I appoint over it; for who is like Me? and who will appoint Me a time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before Me?” (Jeremiah 49:19)
Wall Street Journal editorial page editor and former editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post Bret Stephens said in an interview that Donald Trump is like the Islamic State in that they are both “perceived” as “winners”.
Like Donald Trump, continued the political expert, ISIS “draws adherents and makes converts and gains strength” despite advocating a distasteful message.
“[Trump] went in front of the Republican Jewish Coalition and said, ‘You’re all fantastic negotiators.’ Exactly! ‘We’re terrible basketball players, but we’re great negotiators,’” Stephens told the Jerusalem Post, referring to a moment in Trump’s campaign in which the candidate stereotyped Jews in front of an influential Jewish audience. “When you’re too stupid to realize that you’re engaging in anti-Semitic tripe, then you’re really far gone.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61115/wall-street-journal-editor-isis-is-like-donald-trump-jerusalem/#Apv1imJj6ytjCRVO.99

MK Livni: Israel Must Treat International Media as a “Hostile Arena”
By JNI Media February 11, 2016 , 2:30 pm
“Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor.” (Leviticus 19:16)
Co-founder of the Zionist Union and member of the Opposition, Tzipi Livni, speaks after the presentation of the new government, at the Knesset, on May 14, 2015. (Photo: Isaac Harari/Knesset Spokesperson)
The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee’s Subcommittee on Legal Warfare on Tuesday discussed foreign media coverage of the current wave of Arab terror in Israel. Subcommittee Chairperson MK Tzipi Livni (Zionist Camp) convened the session after CBS News had run the contentious headline “Three Palestinians killed as violence grinds on,” following last week’s murder of border policewoman Hadar Cohen near the Damascus Gate.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61153/mk-livni-israel-must-treat-international-media-as-a-hostile-arena-jerusalem/#iyVhZcPTmaMEgGtx.99

Could Jennifer Lopez be Jewish?
By Ashley Perry
While the idea that Jennifer Lopez might be Jewish, or to put it more accurately, have Jewish ancestry, may be news to many, including the singer herself, this possibility is not as unlikely as it seems.
There is great excitement in Israel with the news that Jennifer Lopez might come to Israel as the Latina diva has reportedly been penciled in to play a concert this summer in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park. If J. Lo does play Tel Aviv, it would represent the first time she will perform in the Jewish State, but what if it is not so much as a visit as a ‘homecoming’.
While the idea that Jennifer Lopez might be Jewish, or to put it more accurately, have Jewish ancestry, may be news to many, including the singer herself, this possibility is not as unlikely as it seems.
Jennifer Lopez was born in New York, to Puerto Rican parents named Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. The first thing that strikes anyone familiar with Sephardic history is that both Rodriguez and Lopez are two of the most well known names for the descendants of forcibly-converted Spanish and Portuguese Jews.
Read more at http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/could-jennifer-lopez-be-jewish/#z1t9fQgeQJcXQQ8K.99

On Mt. Zion, a Donkey to Redeem Israel is Blessed in Rare Biblical
Ritual [PHOTOS]
There are many Torah commandments (mitzvot) that even the most observant Jew living outside of Israel will never see or perform. Some of these mitzvot are making a comeback and having a most unanticipated effect.
Last Saturday night, a baby donkey was brought to the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion to be redeemed. What many consider an obscure agricultural ritual turned into a joyous celebration that ended with passionate cries for the coming of the Messiah.
Petter Chamor (redeeming a firstborn donkey) is mentioned three times in the Torah (Exodus 13:13; Exodus 34:20; Numbers 18:15). Redeeming the firstborn donkey is necessary since, when it is born, it is considered Hekdesh, or sanctified, and belonging to God via his emissary, the kohen, or high priest. The owner of the donkey’s mother has the right to use the donkey after he redeems it by giving a sheep to the priest in its place.
The story begins with a man from Bnei Berak who owned a jenny – a female donkey – which gave birth to a foal. He approached Rabbi Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb, which is located in Jerusalem’s Old City.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61162/on-mt-zion-a-donkey-to-redeem-israel-is-blessed-in-rare-biblical-ritual-photos-jewish-world/#jHdEtLDpHlJa19by.99

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Donald Trump Donates Over $100,000 to Israeli Emergency Rescue Service
Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has pledged to donate over $100,000 to Israeli emergency rescue service United Hatzalah, The Algemeiner has learned.

The gift, which will go towards the purchase of four ambucycles, costing $26,000 each, was inspired by his friend, billionaire Stewart Rahr.

Last month, Rahr arranged the donation of 50 ambucycles for the group through his own contribution and that of his friends.

“I just love the energy level of United Hatzalah,” Rahr said at a dedication ceremony in Jerusalem overlooking the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount. “I just love everyone sitting here who are part of this Mitzvah today. This is the type of organization I relate to, starting from the bottom just like I started.”

Rahr, a well known New York personality who calls himself “The King of Fun,” has known Trump for several years, The Media Line recently reported. Trump told the publication how Rahr once attended a charity dinner where the real estate tycoon was being honored and “just stood up and gave a million dollars.”

“That’s the way he is,” he said.

United Hatzalah is Israel’s first and largest all-volunteer emergency rapid response service. It has a fleet of over 250 ambucycles and uses cutting edge patented GPS based dispatch technology.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. His daughter, who converted to Judaism, is married to real estate scion Jared Kushner.

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Netanyahu Announces Plans forConstruction of Huge Security Fence to “Protect Ourselves Against Beasts”
By Abra Forman February 10, 2016 , 1:30 pm
“For he said unto Judah: ‘Let us build these cities, and make about them walls, and towers, gates, and bars; the land is yet before us, because we have sought the LORD our God; we have sought Him, and He hath given us rest on every side.’ So they built and prospered.” (2 Chronicles 14:6)
Israel must surround itself with a security fence on all of its borders in order to keep out the “beasts” in the neighborhood, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday. He announced the plans for constructing this barrier while touring a new security fence near Eilat which is being built along Israel’s border with Jordan.
“We are preparing a multi-year project to encircle Israel with a security fence, to defend ourselves in the Middle East as it is now, and as it is expected to be,” he said. “At the end, in the State of Israel, as I see it, there will be a fence that spans it all.”
“They will say to me, ‘This is what you want, to protect the mansion?’ And the answer is yes. ‘What, we will encircle the whole country with fences and barriers?’ The answer is yes,” Netanyahu asserted.
“In the neighborhood in which we live, we need to protect ourselves against beasts.”
Plans are also being drawn up to fill in gaps in the security fence in Judea and Samaria, Netanyahu added, though the details have yet to be worked out. While a large fence is planned for the highly-populated settlement blocs of Ma’ale Adumim, Ariel, and Gush Etzion, as of now, only a small section has been built.
Netanyahu tours the fence under construction every few months to monitor its progress. In recent years, Israel has built a barrier stretching for 242 kilometers (88 miles) along the Egyptian border. The barrier includes the fence, whose height is five meters, or about 16 feet, and a thin, sensitive strip used by IDF trackers to identify footprints. Another length of fence, stretching for 103 kilometers (64 miles), has gone up in the northern Golan Heights, and 500 kilometers (310 miles), of fence have been erected in Judea and Samaria.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61020/netanyhau-must-surround-israel-fence-keep-beasts/#226GWvWfjJqga5AM.99

Israel Set to Become one of India’s Top Three Arms Suppliers
“And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse; and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)
In yet another sign of the burgeoning relationship between the two countries, a package of bilateral military deals being hammered out will position Israel as one of India’s top three weapons suppliers, The Jewish Press reported Tuesday. The total value of the package would be $3 billion.
Three of the deals are ready to face a final vote by India’s Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), scheduled to take place before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes his first official visit to Israel later this year. A source with the Indian Defense Ministry said, “It should be cleared by the CCS within a month or so.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60969/israel-set-to-become-one-of-indias-top-three-arms-suppliers-jerusalem/#cw1r3HQT40ctVhYq.99

The Next White House and Israel
By Jim Fletcher
We can predict fairly easily what the Democrat will do, if one is elected. It will be at least four more years of Obama’s anti-Semitic agenda. But what of the Republicans?
Many of us are “issues” voters. In fact, who isn’t? Leftists like to tag conservatives as “issues voters,” then they do the same thing by voting for immoral candidates who support abortion, etc.
But what kind of relationship will Israel have with the next president?
That’s one of my issues.
We can predict fairly easily what the Democrat will do, if one is elected. It will be at least four more years of Obama’s anti-Semitic agenda. The only Democrat currently running that has a chance of winning is Hillary Clinton, and the sleazy Clinton has a decades-long history of befriending the Palestinians. Part of her email scandal involves her exchanges with aids and advisors that show a clear hatred of the Jewish state. Just get a load of her exchanges about Israel with Sid Blumenthal.
Read more at http://www.raptureready.com/rap15.html#x0rd0kqaygKAYd6F.99

Torah Codes, Rabbinic Scholar Reveal Divine Message Hidden in Zika Virus
“The Rock, His work is perfect; for all His ways are justice; a God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is He.” (Deuteronomy 32:4)
Aedes aegypti mosquito, one of the transmitters of the Zika virus. (Wikimedia Commons)
Is it possible to look into the Zika virus and see God’s Hand at work? Rabbinic scholar and popular lecturer Rabbi Mendel Kessin thinks so, but cautions, “Only God knows why He does what He does, so you can never speak with certainty.” 
There are two theories about possible spiritual messages hidden in the Zika virus. Before presenting them, it’s important to understand a few basic facts about the virus.
The Zika virus, carried by mosquitoes, has been active in Brazil for the past year. Babies born to women infected with the virus are at high risk for microcephaly, a serious birth defect. Babies born with microcephaly have misshapen or missing foreheads. Although there is a range of severity, the severest forms are accompanied by mental retardation and profound motor dysfunction.
Symptoms of microcephaly (the Zika virus) in babies. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Earlier this month, the World Health Organization declared the recent uptick in cases of microcephaly in Brazil (estimates range from 2,500-4,000 cases) to be a public health emergency. In December of 2015, The Guardian reported that Cláudio Maierovitch, an official at Brazil’s Ministry of Health, began advising women in Brazil to postpone getting pregnant indefinitely.
In his recent blog post Zika Virus: Is it Judgment?, Bob O’Dell, co-founder of Root-Source, made the case that the Zika virus “is part of God’s judgment.” He suggested that the spiritual message hidden in the Zika virus is God’s punishment for sexual immorality.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61096/is-zika-divine-retribution-for-brazils-actions-against-israel-jewish-world/#HKXE74oZyZBWXXRh.99

EU Attempts to Heal Schism With Israel Over Product Labeling
“When a man’s ways please the LORD, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”
(Proverbs 16:7)
Israel is discreetly holding talks with the European Union (EU) in an effort to resolve a diplomatic crisis following the EU’s recent decision to remove “Made in Israel” labels from products originating beyond Israel’s 1967 lines.
The EU and Israel are jointly working on ways to restore relations so that negotiations can resume in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing Israel Radio.
A delegation led by Helga Schmid—the EU’s deputy secretary general for the External Action Service and a senior adviser to EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini—last week secretly met with Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold, representatives of the Israeli National Security Council, and other officials in Israel, according to Haaretz.
“We told them that the decisions of the EU’s council of foreign ministers and the decision on the labeling of products [beyond the 1967 lines] were unilateral and in fact adopted the Palestinian narrative. That’s no way to conduct a respectful dialogue,” an unnamed Jerusalem official was quoted as saying.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61102/eu-israel-reportedly-secret-talks-resolve-labeling-spat/#uA10pGITz2uT4fov.99

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Modern Sanhedrin and Ancient Jewish Sage Agree: UN, Ban Ki-Moon Cannot Deny the Jewish People’s God-Given Right to the Land
Sanhedrin’s Condemnation of UN Attempts to Deny Jewish Claim to Israel Predicted by Medieval Jewish Sage 900 Years Ago  By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 10, 2016 , 11:30 am
“And because He loved thy fathers, and chose their seed after them, and brought thee out with His presence, with His great power, out of Egypt, to drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou, to bring thee in,to give thee their land for an inheritance, as it is this day; know this day, and lay it to thy heart, that the LORD, He is God in heaven above and upon the earth beneath; there is none else.” (Deuteronomy 4:37-39)
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was angered by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s comments in his address to the Security council two weeks ago, when Ban said it was “human nature to react to occupation”. Netanyahu accused him of “stoking terror”, giving tacit justification for Palestinian violence. There are those who feel that Secretary Ban was guilty of much more than that.

In response to Ban’s comments, the Nascent Sanhedrin recently issued a proclamation calling for the State of Israel to leave the UN. The dispute is not over a point of international law, or even a point in the Middle East peace negotiations. Rather, the Sanhedrin reasons that it is fighting for the essential identity of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People. They feel that the UN and Ban Ki-Moon are rejecting the validity of the Biblical covenant, and perhaps of the Bible itself. In the words of the Sanhedrin:
“Ban Ki-moon stands at the head of the organization called the UN, and the State of Israel continues to spurn its international rights and obligations concerning the Land of Israel as legally recognized in Article 80 of the UN Charter, which adopted all of the mandates of the League of Nations. To wit: The Land of Israel is solely the designated land of the Nation of Israel, and as such the Jewish state is therefore required to represent the interests of the Jewish People.
“Israel’s silence on this important matter is tantamount to an admission that the Land does not belong to the Jews (God forbid), and instead renders the country as one occupied by foreigners, with all that this implies.
“The State of Israel must immediately leave the UN, and sue it for damages, holding it accountable for its actions.
“The UN, in its current form, must be shut down, as it only serves to fuel anti-Semitism. It must be re-established in a new incarnation, as an international organization dedicated to peace in accordance with the Torah of Israel, and based in Jerusalem.”
The Sanhedrin’s claim, that Ban accuses Israel of wresting the land away from the previous occupants – the alleged Palestinian nation – was actually anticipated by Judaism. It was predicted 900 years ago almost verbatim by one of the most prominent Jewish sages in history: a rabbi known as Rashi.
Rashi is an acronym for Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, who was a French wine merchant who lived 900 years ago. A prolific scholar with commentaries on almost every piece of Jewish literature, including the Bible and the Talmud (the oral tradition), his commentaries present the basic meaning of the text in a concise and lucid fashion,and are therefore an essential part of Jewish study to this day.
Rashi’s commentary on the first verse of the Bible has always been considered enigmatic by scholars. While the Bible begins with the story of creation, and the verse, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…”, Rashi, who normally adheres to the simplest reading, sidestepped the central issue in an uncharacteristic manner, questioning why the Torah begins with the story of creation at all.
He answers his own question in a seemingly incongruous statement having nothing to do with the story of creation. He explains that the Torah first established that the world was created by God so that the non-Jews would not be able to claim that the Jews stole the land.
“If the other nations say, ‘Israel is a thief, since they conquered the land belonging to the seven nations that dwelt there previously’, the Jews can answer by saying, ‘the entire world was created by God and is His, and he can give it to whoever he sees fit.’”
Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf, a noted Jewish speaker and award-winning author, spoke to Breaking Israel News about how this Rashi commentary applies to the current situation in the Middle East and to Ban in particular. Rabbi Apisdorf points out that Rashi, in almost prophetic fashion, predicted with unwavering conviction that the Jews would return to Israel. It was unimaginable that the Jews would actually have the opportunity to remind the world of their right to the land.
“It is amazing how closely Rashi’s description from 900 years ago fits the present political reality, but in a way it is not surprising. What Rashi is really saying is that we are at the heart of creation, and where we go, as long as our voice is united,  the world will follow,” Rabbi Apisdorf told Breaking Israel News.
He explained, “When we accepted the Oslo Accords, we turned our backs on the claim that the land is ours, and only ours, by virtue of God’s covenant with Abraham. If the Jews don’t stand by that claim, why should anyone else?”
Rabbi Apisdorf’s solution was simple, and in a way, more shocking than that of the Sanhedrin.
“We don’t need to leave the UN. We need to reject the Oslo Accords, stand up at the UN, and make our claim in a loud, clear, and united voice. The purpose of this is first and foremost for the Nation of Israel, but it will impact the entire world.”
Given the turmoil and confusion the world finds itself in today, perhaps this is indeed the solution.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61016/modern-sanhedrin-ancient-jewish-sage-agree-un-ban-ki-moon-cannot-deny-jewish-peoples-god-given-right-land-jewish-world/#1EVhe8Cu0xw603cD.99

Jerusalem Mayor Slams Plan to Divide the Holy City
“Our feet are standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem; Jerusalem, that art builded as a city that is compact together.” (Psalms 122:2-3)
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat strongly criticized Israeli Opposition Chairman Isaac Herzog’s plan to concede sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem as presented at the 13th annual Jerusalem Conference.

“The plan will divide, split and fragment Jerusalem,” said Barkat on Tuesday, February 9. “It will build more and more fences and walls in the heart of the city and cut into its flesh. It is a game of hide and seek, pretending that the problem will go away if we don’t look at it.”
Barkat continued to express his strong objections to Herzog’s plan. “The idea that we should withdraw from parts of Jerusalem is a dangerous, slippery slope,” he told the audience. “It starts with giving up our sovereignty over villages in eastern Jerusalem, continues with concessions in the Old City, and ends with giving up sovereignty over the Western Wall.”
“Whoever thinks Jerusalem can be divided is delusional,” Barkat added. “Daily life, employment, and trade in the city traverses both its west and its east. Jerusalemites from all parts of the city work and live together in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/61009/jerusalem-mayor-slams-plan-divide-holy-city/#VrveBk1AeusHtMdQ.99

Bernie Sanders Cites Arab American Institute
as Mideast Adviser
By JNS February 9, 2016 , 10:00 am
“For a child is born unto us, a son is given unto us; and the government is upon his shoulder.” (Isaiah 9:5)
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/bernie-sanders-1.jpg
February 2015, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) delivers an address on how to spur the American economy during an event hosted by the Brookings Institution. (Photo: JNS)
Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) cited the liberal Jewish lobby group J Street and the Arab American Institute as Middle East foreign policy advisers.
“We’ve talked to people like Jim Zogby, talked to the people on J Street to get a broad perspective of the Middle East,” Sanders said Sunday on the NBC program “Meet the Press.”
J Street and the Arab American Institute, which is headed by James Zogby, have frequently criticized Israel and mainstream pro-Israel groups such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for their stances on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
While J Street says it has a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” mission, it has been accused of collaborating with anti-Israel groups, such as through event co-sponsorships on college campuses.
Sanders has come under fire from his Democratic opponent, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, for his lack of foreign policy experience.
Sanders also recently sparked a controversy by calling for the normalization of U.S. relations with Iran, a position that Clinton has opposed and that the Obama administration, despite brokering last summer’s nuclear deal with Iran, has not adopted.

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60899/bernie-sanders-cites-j-street-arab-american-institute-mideast-advisers-jerusalem/#XpW6i8b62YybF7jZ.99

Israel’s Transportation Minister:
We Must Deport Families of Terrorists
“And I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against Me; I will bring them forth out of the land where they sojourn, but they shall not enter into the land of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 20:38)
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz spoke at the 13th annual Jerusalem Conference on Monday about the implementation of harsher deterrence measures against the violence and terrorism which has swept across Israel since September, 2015 and that has claimed the lives of dozens of civilians.
While Katz said that the policy of the demolition of the homes of terrorists’ families is a step in the right direction, he added that the policy is not enough on its own and that new legal measures should be taken that are unimpeded by the Israeli legal system.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60904/israels-transportation-minister-we-must-deport-families-terrorists-middle-east/#XmwxP6URtR0XJ14v.99

A (much) Better Year
By Caroline Glick
On Wednesday, President Barack Obama visited a mosque in Maryland. The mosque Obama chose to visit demonstrated once again that his views of radical Islam are deeply problematic.
On Wednesday the US media interrupted its saturation coverage of the presidential primaries to report on President Barack Obama’s visit to a mosque in Maryland. The visit was Obama’s first public one to a mosque in the US since entering the White House seven years ago. The mosque Obama chose to visit demonstrated once again that his views of radical Islam are deeply problematic.
Obama visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore, a mosque with longstanding ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. During Operation Protective Edge, the leaders of the mosque accused Israel of genocide and demanded that the administration end US support for the Jewish state.
According to The Daily Caller, the mosque’s former imam Mohammad Adam el-Sheikh was active in the Islamic American Relief Agency, a charity deemed a terror group in 2004 after the US Treasury Department determined it had transferred funds to Osama bin Laden, Hamas, al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

Read more at http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Column-One-A-much-better-year-443950#E5PSt9JYbQsCoAgD.99

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If the West is Unsympathetic to Arab Cause, Arabs Will Hijack More Planes, Cut off Oil Supply, says PA Official
By Abra Forman February 8, 2016 , 2:30 pm
“They also that seek after my life lay snares for me; and they that seek my hurt speak crafty devices, and utter deceits all the day.” (Psalm 38:13)
Senior Palestinian official and former peace negotiator Nabil Shaath said in an recent interview that if the Western world does not pay attention to the Arab cause, it risks more plane hijackings and global economic crises emanating from the Middle East.
In the interview, translated and released by MEMRI, Shaath slammed efforts to make peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and had special criticism for the American role in peace negotiations, saying, “Anything is better than American control of the negotiations. Anything. The US has never been a reliable honest broker. Never.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60839/fatah-official-do-we-need-another-911-to-make-world-care-about-arab-cause-middle-east/#thgqIlZo053USG5L.99

Obama to Israel as Netanyahu Hesitates Over Aid Package: Next Prez Won't Give You a Better Deal
By Ahuva Balofsky February 8, 2016 , 12:30 pm
“For it was not an enemy that taunted me, then I could have borne it; neither was it mine adversary that did magnify himself against me, then I would have hid myself from him. But it was thou, a man mine equal, my companion, and my familiar friend.” (Psalms 55:13-14)
An unnamed US official urged Israel Sunday to accept a military aid offer which falls short of Israeli expectations, claiming the country would get no better offer from the next administration. According to Haaretz, the official said, “Israel will certainly not find a president more committed to Israel’s security than is President [Barack] Obama.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60838/obama-to-israel-as-netanyahu-hesitates-over-aid-package-next-prez-wont-give-you-a-better-deal-jerusalem/#PgAUg0QDqk1ZD4vX.99

The Islamic Rape and Murder of Christian Boys
By Raymond Ibrahim
The NYT’s Express Tribune does not want readers to connect the dots and realize that “rich and drunk” Muslims regularly rape and kill Christian “infidels” in Pakistan.
A group of Muslim men recently went into a Christian district in Pakistan, abducted a 7-year-old boy, and took turns gang raping him before finally strangling him to death with a rope.   Locals found the child’s body dumped in a field the next day:
[T]he body was sent for post-mortem examination which revealed that the 7-year-old was killed after being brutally raped….  Speaking to The Express Tribune, a local said, “The suspects belonged to rich families and were drunk when they kidnapped the child and took him to their dera where they raped him.
Read more at http://www.raymondibrahim.com/2016/02/04/the-islamic-rape-and-murder-of-christian-boys/#eIPXeq2qEUlQ1Ds6.99

Was the Massive Collapse of Hamas Tunnels Prophesied in Isaiah 2?
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 9, 2016 , 1:00 pm
“To go into the clefts of the rocks, and into the crevices of the crags, from before the terror of the LORD, and from the glory of His majesty, when he ariseth to shake mightily the earth.” (Isaiah 2:21)
IDF soldiers uncover a Hamas terror tunnel during Operation Protective Edge. (Photo: IDF)
Some called it poetic justice but others, including a renowned rabbi, saw the hand of God when two weeks ago, a terror tunnel, dug to infiltrate and attack Israel from Gaza, collapsed, killing seven Hamas militants. Two more tunnels followed within a week, killing at least three more terrorists. And again, on Monday morning, Safa News Agency announced another tunnel collapse in Gaza, killing yet another terrorist. Some hypothesize that the entire network is close to collapse.
The week of the tunnel collapses was rainy and many, including the Hamas spokesman, blamed the weather. However, the Middle Eastern winter has been relatively mild and such conditions should have been reasonably anticipated by the tunnels’ engineers. The weather was not extreme and certainly did not seem to justify the collapse of multiple tunnels built from reinforced concrete.  
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60922/wascollapse-gazan-tunnels-prophesied-isaiah-jewish-world/#LhbEDlZ67s4YWsTY.99

Arab MK, Angered by Ban, Escorted Out of Knesset After Calling Netayahu a Fascist
“And all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king; for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do justice.”
(1 Kings 3:28)
The Knesset Ethics Committee made a controversial decision on the evening of Monday, February 8 regarding the controversial meetings by three Arab MKs with the families of terrorists who had committed attacks on Israeli civilians during the recent wave of terrorism.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60885/israel-bans-three-arab-mks-from-knesset-sessions-after-they-visited-terrorists-families-jerusalem/#MfoTehFCDkqT4drf.99

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PA Quotes UN Head Ban Ki-Moon to Incite Terror Against Israel
By Ahuva Balofsky February 8, 2016 , 10:30 am
“He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that harpeth on a matter estrangeth a familiar friend.” (Proverbs 17:9
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has dug himself a hole from which he cannot seem to leave: despite his insistence that he does not condone terror, his words from last month are being used by Palestinian officials to justify the killing and maiming of Israelis
According to Israel National News, Rafat Alian, the Jerusalem spokesperson of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Fatah party, headed by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, quoted Ban directly when praising the murder of Israeli border policewoman Hadar Cohen last Wednesday.
Cohen, 19, was killed and a fellow officer critically wounded by three Arabs outside the Old City’s Damascus Gate while on duty. The two officers noticed and approached the suspicious-looking trio, who then pulled out weapons, shooting and stabbing the Israelis.
Alian said the “occupation” of the “Palestinian nation” demands a “natural response”, using the exact same words which landed Ban in hot water late last month, when he delivered a speech seeming to condone Palestinian terror, arguing, “It is human nature to react to occupation.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60817/palestinians-cite-un-secretary-general-ban-ki-moon-to-justify-terror-middle-east/#WtQIvSEAQxcP6REL.99

Netanyahu: MKs Consoling Families Of Terrorists Are Unfit To Serve In Knesset

“Thou therefore, O LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, arouse Thyself to punish all the nations; show no mercy to any iniquitous traitors.” (Psalms 59:6)
By Jonathan Benedek February 8, 2016 , 9:30 am
“Thou therefore, O LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, arouse Thyself to punish all the nations; show no mercy to any iniquitous traitors.” (Psalms 59:6)
Arab parliament member Hanin Zoabi seen in the Israeli parliament on June 03, 2013. (Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASh90)
Prime Minister Netanyahu called for both legal and legislative action this morning at the weekly cabinet meeting against the three Arab-Israeli members of Knesset who visited the family members of dead terrorists whose bodies remain in Israeli custody. The three Arab-Israeli MKs, Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas are members of the Balad party, which is one of several factions that forms the Joint List party in the Knesset
“I believe that many of Israel’s citizens feel that these MKs do not represent them,” Netanyahu contended.
“We are making significant efforts to integrate the Arab citizens of Israel and they are doing the exact opposite and are building up walls of hatred,” continued the prime minister.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60806/netanyahu-mks-consoling-families-terrorists-unfit-serve-knesset-jerusalem/#5skQOLLBFmSjQdxx.99

Hope is Not a Strategy
By Caroline Glick
The undeclared and unrewarded building freeze isn’t the only policy the Israeli government has implemented to the detriment of Israel’s national interest in the unfounded hope of satisfying hostile foreign governments.
Our government is playing games with itself. And losing.On Wednesday Chaim Levinson reported in Haaretz that for the first time in nearly two years, last week the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria approved new building plans for a small number of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.Levinson also reported that last month Jerusalem’s municipal planning and building commission gave final approval to plans to build nearly 900 housing units in the southern neighborhood of Gilo. Initial approval was granted back in 2012.But in the intervening three years, the commission refused to allow them to go forward.
Read more at http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Column-one-Hope-is-not-a-strategy-443190#1Je6xoGBehKb3TxE.99

Will Banning Muslim Migration Ruin the Anti-ISIS Coalition?
By Daniel Greenfield
The most common attack on proposals to end Muslim migration to the United States is that this policy would somehow interfere with the coalition to fight ISIS.
Lindsey Graham asked, “How do you go to any of these countries and build a coalition when your policy is simply because you’re a Muslim you can’t come to America?” “This policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS,” Jeb Bush objected.
The White House agreed, “We have an over-60-country coalition fighting with a substantial number of Muslim-majority fighters who are absolutely essential to succeeding in that effort.”
But there are two things wrong with this argument.
First, no Muslim country or faction is fighting ISIS because they like us. They’re not doing us any favors. They’re protecting themselves from the Islamic State.
The insistence of ISIS that it is the supreme authority over all Muslims has even led it into battles with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. No one fighting ISIS is doing it because of our immigration policy. Jeb Bush referenced the Kurds. The Kurds want their own homeland. Those who want to come to America don’t want to fight ISIS. Those who want to fight ISIS aren’t looking to move to Dearborn or Jersey City.
Read more at http://sultanknish.blogspot.co.il/2016/02/will-banning-muslim-migration-ruin-anti.html#kGxgS0DHxz5GHB48.99

French Folly
By Jim Fletcher
The same week pitiful images emerged of French President Hollande greeting the fiendish “President” Hassan Rouhani of Iran, France announced it would formally recognize a state of Palestine, should brokered negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians break down.
Israel wasted no time issuing a statement about that.
Read more at http://www.raptureready.com/rap15.html#9UvfCPOJYVeYdluX.99  

Germany’s Migrant Deportation Plan: “Political Charade”
By Soeren Kern
The German government has lost track of the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands of migrants who entered the country in 2015. Up to 50% of “asylum seekers” have gone into hiding; their whereabouts are unknown.
Tens of thousands of migrants destroyed their passports and other identity documents before arriving in Germany. It may take years for German authorities to determine the true identities of these people and their countries of origin.
Even if Germany sends these individuals back to the countries where they first entered the EU (usually Greece, Hungary or Italy), with a borderless Europe, migrants can easily make their way back to Germany.
Read more at http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7342/germany-migrant-deportation#pw7MDIzjxfGdIRB6.99

How Brazil Helped the Palestinians Steal the Temple Mount While Nobody Noticed
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 7, 2016 , 2:30 pm
“And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall profane the sanctuary, even the stronghold, and shall take away the continual burnt-offering, and they shall set up the detestable thing that causeth appalment. And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupt by blandishments; but the people that know their God shall show strength, and prevail.” (Daniel 11:31-32)
In what may be seen as merely diplomatic maneuvering surrounding the Israeli ambassador in Brazil, a major attack has been waged against the Jewish right to Jerusalem, and it seems that Israel has already lost the battle in Brasilia.
This most recent battle began last December when Brazil refused to accept Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of  Dani Dayan as the Israeli ambassador. Brazil’s decision was based on Dayan’s background as a “settler” leader in a regional Judea and Samaria council.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60753/how-brazil-helped-palestinians-rewrite-history-steal-temple-mount-while-nobody-noticed-jerusalem/#356rJ8idRT3t2c2x.99

Despite BDS's Best Efforts, Israel’s International Credit Rating is an A+

By JNI Media February 7, 2016 , 11:30 am
“A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh glad the life; and money answereth all things.” (Ecclesiastes 10:19)
S&P is considered one of the Big Three credit-rating agencies, which also include Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings. Moody’s rating for Israel sovereign debt is A1. Fitch’s credit rating for Israel is A.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60727/israels-international-credit-ratinga-says-standard-poor-jerusalem/#rTbLeK0JgkSL9M6p.99

When the Messenger Starts Shooting
By Jonathan Feldstein
US Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is sticking his head into a place which underscores the decades of darkness and anti-Israel bias from which the UN has yet to emerge
This week, the world was treated to one of God’s unusual creatures raising his head from the depth of darkness, and poking its nose into its environs that’s seen by many as foretelling of things to come. No, I don’t mean the unique American Groundhog Day ritual to see if spring will arrive soon or not. I am referring to US Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sticking his head into a place which underscores the decades of darkness and anti-Israel bias from which the UN has yet to emerge. It looks like winter will continue for some time.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60693/when-the-messenger-starts-shooting-opinion/#wmdPDBSMh2TKRDAx.99

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Netanyahu urged to accept American offer for military aid
American officials tell Netanyahu he won't get a better military aid package from Obama's successor.
By Ben Ariel
First Publish: 2/8/2016, 6:16 AM
Netanyahu and Obama in the White HouseReuters
Talks between Israel and the United States on a new military aid package have become stuck as the two sides try to strong-arm one another, Haaretz revealed on Sunday.

The current American aid package to Israel is set to expire in 2017, and in November it was reported that Israel made an initial request for its annual defense aid to increase to as much as $5 billion.

Israel wants $5 billion per year in military aid for 10 years, for a total of $50 billion, congressional aides said at the time.

But on Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting that if Israel's security needs would not be met, he would not sign a deal and would instead wait for the next president to take office in January 2017.

According to Haaretz, senior U.S. officials reacted angrily and warned that the budgetary situation would not improve, and that Israel would not get a better deal with the next president.

"Even as we grapple with a particularly challenging budget environment, this administration's commitment to Israel's security is such that we are prepared to sign an MOU [memorandum of understanding] with Israel that would constitute the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in U.S. history," one official told the newspaper.

"Israel is of course free to wait for the next administration to finalize a new MOU should it not be satisfied with such a pledge, but we would caution that the U.S. budgetary environment is unlikely to improve in the next 1-2 years and Israel will certainly not find a president more committed to Israel's security than is President Obama," the official warned.

The official further stressed that talks are "taking place in the context of a challenging budgetary environment in the United States that has necessitated difficult tradeoffs amongst competing priorities including not just foreign assistance and defense but also domestic spending."

According to the official Israel currently receives over 50 percent of the total foreign military aid the U.S provides around the globe.

"Despite these [budgetary] limitations, based on extensive consultations with Israel on its threat environment and in-depth discussions within the U.S. government regarding Israel's defense needs, we are confident that a new [memorandum] could meet Israel’s top security requirements and preserve its qualitative military edge," he said.

In 2013, during his visit to Israel, President Barack Obama indicated that Israel and the United States were opening talks on extending the American military aid to the Jewish state beyond the end of the current agreement.

Netanyahu later put the brakes on aid talks with Washington in the run-up to the Iran deal that was reached in July, signaling his displeasure with the negotiations. Subsequently, Israeli officials indicated that Netanyahu was ready to move beyond his rejection of the Iran deal and re-launch talks with Washington on the aid package.

Since that time, according to the Haaretz report, there have been three rounds of talks on the aid before Netanyahu’s comments on Sunday.

The officials who spoke to the newspaper stressed that Israel's security is a top priority for the Obama administration and to the extent that it can reach a new security memorandum of understandings it will further exemplify President Obama's commitment to Israel's security

"From the $20.5 billion in Foreign Military Financing to the additional $3 billion in missile defense funding the United States has provided under his leadership, no other U.S. Administration in history has done more for Israel's security," the White House said.

According to the report, last Thursday, an American delegation led by Yael Lempert, the Special Assistant to the president and Senior Director for the Levant, Israel and Egypt at the National Security Council in the White House, who arrived in Israel to hold a third round of negotiations on the matter.

Over the past three days, the American team held discussions with a team of counterparts from the national security staff in the Prime Minister's Office and from the Defense Ministry, the Israel Defense Forces and the Foreign Ministry. The main topic of discussion in the talks was the size of the aid that the United States would provide Israel and the conditions on its use.

A senior Israeli official who participated in the cabinet meeting but asked not to be identified due to the sensitivity of the subject said the contacts with the American administration are continuing but "nothing has yet been finalized and it will take more time."

Another senior official who also participated in the cabinet meeting added that, despite the three rounds of negotiations, Obama's intervention will be necessary to achieve a breakthrough. "It's not a subject for staff, but rather for decisions by leaders," he said.

Next month, notes Haaretz, the contacts between Israel and the United States on the security memorandum of understanding are expected to be stepped up a notch. Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon is expected to visit Washington at the beginning of March to meet with his American counterpart, Ashton Carter. About two weeks later, Netanyahu will come to Washington to attend the conference of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. In all probability, he will also meet with Obama in an effort to achieve a breakthrough in the talks.

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Netanyahu said worried Obama may go against Israel as term expiresTop minister dismisses Army Radio report, which comes hours after similar claims by Channel 2 were denied by the State DepartmentBY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF February 7, 2016, 12:15 pm 61
ime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is worried that the Obama administration will use its final weeks in office to back UN Security Council decisions and other measures detrimental to Israel, Army Radio reported on Sunday.

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Netanyahu has therefore been trying to persuade his ministerial colleagues to approve a series of measures to boost the West Bank economy and show Israel’s commitment to improving the Palestinians’ lives, but has been stymied by opposition in the security cabinet by ministers including Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked and Ze’ev Elkin, the report said.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan of the prime minister’s Likud party told the radio station Sunday morning, however, that he did not believe the Obama administration would back or fail to veto UN resolutions supporting Palestinian statehood or similar measures to impose terms. “It’s inconceivable that President Obama has any such intention,” said Erdan, “given that he and his administration emphasize that the solution to the conflict requires direct negotiations and compromise between the two sides themselves.”

Erdan also said he would personally back measures to improve the quality of life for the Palestinians in the territories, and that he believed Netanyahu would be able to secure majority support in the security cabinet, of which he is a member, for such measures if and when needed.

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan arrives at the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem, January 3, 2016. (Alex Kolomoisky/POOL)
Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan arrives at the weekly government meeting in Jerusalem, January 3, 2016. (Alex Kolomoisky/POOL)

The Army Radio report, which gave no named sources, said Netanyahu’s concern about possible Obama administration decisions was focused on the period between November 2016, when a new president is chosen, and January 2017, when that president takes office. Given the history of difficult relations between the two countries’ leaderships, this period would constitute a brief window when the Obama administration could advance its agenda without domestic repercussions, the report said.

The Army Radio report followed hard on the heels of a similar claim on Saturday night, broadcast on Channel 2, to the effect that US Secretary of State John Kerry would visit Israel within weeks, that he would seek to restart peace talks, and that if he failed, the Obama administration might try to impose some kind of accord in the final months of the Obama presidency — after a new US president has been elected, and before Obama steps down.

The US State Department later Saturday evening flatly dismissed most of the TV claims. Responding on Twitter to the Times of Israel’s coverage of the Channel 2 report, State Department spokesman John Kirby said the secretary had “no plans… to travel soon to Israel. Also no plan by him to restart talks.”

“Need both sides to reduce violence,” Kirby added in the tweet.
Kirby did not address the claims about unilateral moves Obama might make or back in the final weeks of his presidency.

The Channel 2 report appeared to be based, at least in part, on its interview earlier Saturday with opposition leader Isaac Herzog.

Herzog said the Obama administration “hasn’t given up on the [Israeli-Palestinian] process,” and that he believed Kerry “may come here soon” to try again to move things forward. Herzog, leader of the Zionist Union party, met with Kerry in Rome on Tuesday.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby delivering the department's daily press briefing, January 19, 2016. (screen capture/US State Department website)
US State Department spokesman John Kirby. (screen capture/US State Department website)

Herzog said many world leaders were discussing the deadlocked process and considering ideas, of which some “could be to Israel’s detriment.” Israel could face “decisions from all directions,” he said, noting that last week’s threat by France to recognize a Palestinian state if it fails in its planned new attempt to restart peace talks and reach an accord “didn’t come out of nowhere.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) and Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog on February 3, 2016 (Courtesy)

If Israel didn’t take the initiative, Herzog said, “we’ll have an accord imposed upon us.” He noted that, in the final year of the Obama presidency, the president “can do what he wants.”

Herzog said he wasn’t sure the Americans had yet decided what they want to attempt. But “when you hear that world leaders want to take unilateral decisions,” he said, it underlined the imperative for Israel to “initiate moves that will boost its own security.”

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God Rains Down Divine Retribution Upon Detractors of Israel and Today's Top Stories
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 5, 2016 , 8:00 am
“And if in spite of these things ye will not be corrected unto Me, but will walk contrary unto Me; then will I also walk contrary unto you; and I will smite you, even I, seven times for your sins.” (Leviticus 26:23-24)
(Photo: GraphicStock)
Margot Wallström, Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, has earned a reputation for Israel-bashing. The first blatant anti-Israel offense came in 2014, when she became the first European Union foreign minister to recognize the state of Palestine.

After the horrifying terror attacks in Paris last November, she came out with a statement linking Islamic anger to the lack of a two-state solution. Even worse, after months of terror in which Palestinians were attacking Israelis in the streets on an almost daily basis,  she accused Israel in January of carrying out “extrajudicial executions”.

Israel reacted through diplomatic channels, but a more powerful force stepped in. Three days after Wallström accused Israel of executing Palestinians, it was revealed that she had jumped to the head of an eight-year waiting list for apartments owned by a labor union. Stockholm is suffering from a serious shortage of housing and this was viewed by the Swedish public as an egregious misuse of her position. Anti-corruption prosecutors are investigating the case now to determine if it constitutes bribery, which carries a potential two-year prison term.

This type of instant karma is the rule and not the exception when it comes to politicians that treat Israel badly. One of the clearest examples of divine slap-down came on January 21, 1998, when US President Bill Clinton gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a decidedly cold reception at the White House, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright refused to have lunch with Netanyahu. Things looked grim for Israel, but later that day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out, ultimately resulting in Clinton’s impeachment.

President George H.W. Bush signed the Oslo Accords on October 30, 1991, setting the stage for the disastrous “Land for Peace” process. The very next day, a hurricane dubbed “The Perfect Storm” hit the east coast of the United States, destroying Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Occasionally, divine intervention can take an ironic turn. As president, Jimmy Carter was not nearly as involved with Israel as he has been since leaving office. In his book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, he blames Israel’s “colonization of Palestinian land” as being “the primary obstacle to a comprehensive peace agreement”.

Carter was a proponent of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) since it seemed to produce results and bear pressure on Israel to negotiate. He has also met with many leaders of Hamas and during the 2014 war in Gaza, called for Israel to negotiate with Hamas.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/281-Store-JerusalemSkyNecklace-600WIDE.jpg

One year later, he was diagnosed with cancer and melanomas were found in his brain and liver. After only a few months of treatment, the doctors  pronounced him cancer-free. Pembrolizumab, a drug developed in Israel, was a key element in his treatment. His adherence to boycotting Israeli products and innovations obviously had its limits.

Carter’s miracle cure may not have been solely attributed to Israeli science. His sins against the Jewish people may have been forgiven in December 2009, when Carter published an open letter apologizing for any words or deeds that may have upset the Jewish community. In the letter, he said he was offering an Al Het, a prayer of repentance, said on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

Divine retribution is not restricted to non-Jews. Ariel Sharon had achieved almost legendary status in Israel. After a spectacular army career, he entered politics and, at the head of the Likud party, was elected prime minister in 2001. He endorsed the Roadmap for Peace and began plans to remove the Jewish population of Gush Katif from the Gaza Strip. The dismantling of the Jewish settlements was scheduled for August 15th, 2005, the day after Tisha b’Av, the anniversary of both Jewish Temples being destroyed.

In July, one month before the IDF dismantled Gush Katif and evicted almost 9,000 Jews from their homes, Rabbi Yosef Dayan, a member of the nascent Sanhedrin who can trace his lineage back to King David, led a group of ten rabbis in performing an obscure, ancient Kabbalistic ceremony, the Pulsa diNura, on Sharon. The Pulsa diNura invokes the angels of destruction to block heavenly forgiveness of the subject’s sins, causing all the curses named in the Bible to befall him and resulting in his death.  

Sharon’s health deteriorated, and by January, he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, entering a vegetative state from which he never recovered. Rabbi Dayan also led rabbis in the Pulsa diNura against Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin a few months before he was assassinated. Rabin was shot and killed in 1995 by Yigal Amir, an extremist who  opposed Rabin’s peace initiative and particularly the signing of the Oslo Accords.

Rabbi Dayan told Breaking Israel News that none of these events were simple coincidence, but divine justice. “Today, there isn’t prophecy. God presents circumstances for us to try to understand him, to express our belief in him,” he explained. “These aren’t things that happen by chance or coincidence. This is not just true for politics, but it is also true for politics. Politicians are, after all, simple servants of God, no less or more than the rest of us.”

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60589/god-rains-down-divine-retribution-upon-detractors-israel-jewish-world/#BltV0WTFyB8EibUc.99

Netanyahu Files Complaint Against Arab MK’s Who Met With Terrorist’s Families
“In the end it bites like a serpent and stings like an adder.” (Proverbs 23:22)
Three Knesset Members (MK’s) from the Arab party Balad met with families of 11 terrorists on Tuesday. Haneen Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas referred to the terrorists, killed while attacking Israelis, as shaheed (martyrs).
On Wednesday, the families met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in his Ramallah office, just a few hours after a terror attack killed 19 year old Corporal Hadar Cohen and injured another soldier.
The Balad faction explained that “the MKs met with the families who asked to release their sons’ bodies for burial. The request has been forwarded to the Public Security Minister and he is dealing with it.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, filed a joint complaint to the Knesset Ethics Committee on Thursday, saying the actions constituted incitement and “encouragement to murder.”
Netanyahu was unequivocally harsh when explaining his motives for filing the complaint.
“Members of Knesset who go to comfort the families of terrorists who murdered Israelis do not deserve to be in the Israeli Knesset. I have asked the Speaker of the Knesset to examine what steps can be taken against them,” Netanyahu said in a statement.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60654/netanyahu-files-complaint-against-arab-mks-who-met-with-terrorists-families-jerusalem/#2aiflcS1OmjGEJra.99

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Esau and Ishmael Unite Against Israel in Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy
By Rivkah Lambert Adler February 4, 2016 , 11:30 am
“For, lo, Thine enemies are in an uproar; and they that hate Thee have lifted up the head. They hold crafty converse against Thy people, and take counsel against Thy treasured ones. They have said: ‘Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.’ For they have consulted together with one consent; against Thee do they make a covenant; The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites.” (Psalms 83:4-7)
Pope Francis (L) meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on May 25, 2014. (Photo: Atta Jaber/Flash90)
We are living in a time when the fulfillment of ancient Jewish prophecy, uniting Arabs and the West against Israel, is headline news.
Signs that Western Europe is cooperating with Arab demands for a state in the midst of Israel are becoming commonplace.
When the UN General Assembly voted in 2012 on whether to recognize the non-existent State of Palestine, 138 countries voted in favor, including the Western European countries of Austria, France, Italy and Spain.
A year ago this month, the first Palestinian Embassy in Western Europe officially opened its doors in Stockholm, Sweden.
Last week, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced France’s intention to officially recognize a Palestinian state if negotiations between Israel and the PA fail. Couched as an attempt to force Israel to return to negotiations with Abbas, in fact, it gives Abbas every reason to avoid negotiations.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60545/esau-ishmael-unite-against-israel-fulfillment-ancient-prophecy-jewish-world/#tT7jEeQFMbYGPMgl.99

Entire Hamas Tunnel Network May Be Collapsing
“... And it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the horn, that the people shouted with a great shout, and the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.” (Joshua 6:20)
Heavy rains and Egyptian interference may be causing Hamas’s entire network of underground tunnels to collapse, a variety of news sources suggest. According to a report in The Jewish Press, two terrorists were killed Tuesday in a tunnel cave-in, one week after another eight lost their lives.
Hamas has built an extensive network of underground tunnels, used to store weapons, smuggle supplies and infiltrate Israel. During Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, Israel destroyed the tunnels known to lead under its borders, one of the main goals of the operation. Hamas officials, such as deputy chief Ismail Haniyeh, have claimed repeatedly that they have been rehabilitating the tunnel network
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60512/entire-hamas-tunnel-network-may-be-collapsing-terror-watch/#86ROAlk5uHVLl340.99

Jews, Christians, Arabs, and Druze Come Together in Prayer on the Israel-Syria Border
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 4, 2016 , 8:30 am
“For the mountains may depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall My covenant of peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath compassion on thee. “ (Isaiah 54:10)
On Monday, Eliyahu Mclean led approximately 100 people in a multi-faith prayer and “Great Abrahamic Pulse Meditation” for the welfare of the Syrian people, at the border in the Golan Heights overlooking Syria. At the gathering was a remarkable mix of Muslims, Druze, Christians, and Jews.
The Arabs participants, coming from the West Bank, required special permits from the government to attend, but many more who did not receive Israeli government permission, attended virtually, watching on their cell phones. Others, including a few Gazans, joined the synchronized prayer from around the world, which had one million people who signed in to the website and via Facebook as participants .
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60537/jews-christians-arabs-druze-come-together-prayer-israel-syria-border-inspiration/#2gGPshBsdTLBoo0j.99

CBS Reveals Disgusting Anti-Israel Media Bias With Latest Headline
By JNI Media February 4, 2016 , 12:00 pm
“Wherefore at that time certain Chaldeans came near, and brought accusation against the Jews.” (Daniel 3:8)
(Photo: CBS News Screenshot / JNi Media)
The CBS News story, filed from Jerusalem, describing a bloody event in which three Arabs pulled out knives, pipe bombs and sub-machine guns and critically injured two Israeli policewomen, one of whom later died, was given the headline: “3 Palestinians Killed as daily violence grinds on”
The editors at CBS have since shamed into changing the headline into the begrudging, “Palestinians kill Israeli officer, wound another before being killed”.
There wasn’t even a mention in the headline of the fact that the three Palestinian  “victims” spread untold terrorism in a central Jerusalem street with many civilians, Jews and Arabs, walking to and fro.
Support the IDF's Fight Against Terror
The story itself does acknowledge that, according to the version of Israel’s police, allegedly, those three young Palestinians were carrying automatic weapons, explosive devices and knives, and were shot dead after one of them opened fire and wounded the two officers.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60553/cbs-reveals-disgusting-anti-israel-media-bias-with-latest-headline-jerusalem/#pt2jcTXzPuHYvRS5.99

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Shocking Study Shows ThatNon-Palestinian Muslims Don't CareAbout the Temple Mount
“ ... in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month Ziv, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.” (1 Kings 6:1)
By Abra Forman February 2, 2016 , 10:30 am
“And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month Ziv, which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.” (1 Kings 6:1)
A startling new study published by the University of Jordan reveals that, contrary to the popular Palestinian narrative, not only do most Muslims outside of Israel not care about the al-Aqsa Mosque, located on the Temple Mount, but many have never even heard of it.
The survey, which was conducted among 6,000 Jordanian students, consisted of one question: What is al-Aqsa Mosque? The shocking answer: 60 percent of those surveyed had no idea.
The al-Aqsa mosque sits on the Temple Mount, a recent flashpoint for Arab violence, and “al-Aqsa” has been a rallying anti-Zionist cry for hordes of Palestinians who have violated the holy site’s sanctity by rioting, looting, and harassing and attacking non-Muslim visitors there.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60384/startling-study-shows-non-palestinian-muslims-dont-care-about-temple-mount-middle-east/#h14bFYket4hhwm88.99

Doomsday Clock Set at Three Minutes to Midnight, But What Does the Bible Say?
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 2, 2016 , 9:30 am
“Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, from before the terror of the LORD, and from the glory of His majesty. The lofty looks of man shall be brought low, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the LORD alone shall be exalted in that day.” (Isaiah 2:10-11)
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced last Tuesday that their official doomsday clock stands at three minutes to midnight. The clock, updated every year, is a universally recognized indicator of the world’s vulnerability to catastrophe. It has stood at 11:57 pm since January 2015, when it was pushed two minutes closer to the apocalypse.
The Bulletin was founded in 1945  by a group of researchers, some of whom had participated in the Manhattan Project producing the first nuclear bomb. Cognizant of the destructive power of the weapons they helped create, the scientists set up the Bulletin as a means of reminding the public about the consequences of using them. In 1947, the Doomsday Clock was created to graphically illustrate the global threats of nuclear weapons and climate change.
The clock has only been pushed this close to midnight three times before. It was first advanced to 11:57 in 1949 after the Russians tested a nuclear weapon, beginning the arms race, and again in 1984 at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. It advanced to its most extreme point, 11:58, in 1953, when the US and the Soviets both tested thermonuclear devices, sparking concerns of an actual confrontation.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60354/doomsday-clock-set-three-minutes-midnight-but-what-does-bible-say-jewish-world/#0uLKOt3mso6demG3.99

Depraved Academia: Connecticut College Silences Pro-Israel Professor While Kent State Tolerates Islamist Faculty
By Noah Beck
To understand just how depraved today’s college campuses are, compare the treatment of two professors – one defending a Western, pro-American democracy (Israel) and the other suspected of supporting this century’s most gruesome Islamist terror organization, the Islamic State (“ISIS”).
Julio Pino, an associate history professor at Kent State University, is currently under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security for potential ties to ISIS.
Pino’s jihadist leanings include possible threats against the U.S. government and virulently anti-Israel rants. In 2002, he praised a teenage Palestinian suicide bomber who had killed two people in Jerusalem, saying that the teen had “died a martyr’s death in occupied Jerusalem, Palestine.”
In a 2014 open letter to “academic friends of Israel,” Pino published an unhinged and anti-Semitic invective: “I hold you directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians over the past month…[w]hile The Chosen drain the blood of innocents without apologies you hide behind the mask of academic objectivity, nobility of research and the reward of teaching to foreign youth – in a segregated university, of course.” Pino closed the letter with: “Jihad until victory!”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60317/depraved-academia-connecticut-college-silences-pro-israel-professor-while-kent-state-tolerates-islamist-faculty-opinion/#qlo6qJuWWYzwSUVB.99

Taking the Fight Back to Islamic State
By Jonathan Spyer February 2, 2016 , 8:00 am
The Australian, 23/1
In northern Syria, a new military alliance is making headway against IS
Kobani is a good place to start.  This once anonymous Kurdish town on the Syrian-Turkish border was the subject last year of the predatory intentions of the Islamic State.  The  jihadis wanted to remove the logistical irritation of a Kurdish enclave poking into their domain.  Abu Omar al-Shishani, most feared of the IS commanders, declared that he would ‘drink tea in Ayn al-Islam’ (the name that IS gave the town).  He came close to achieving his objective.  By  October of last year, the near surrounded Kurdish forces were preparing for a last stand.  The Kurdish fighters of the YPG were determined but out-gunned.
Then something changed.  The intervention of US power, partnering with the lightly armed but determined Kurds, turned the tide and proved the formula for success against IS.  2000 jihadi fighters died inside the ruins of Kobani, under the relentless US air attacks and the determined assaults of the YPG.  In January, they abandoned the attack. Kobani had survived  – and a formula for success against IS was established.
This formula – application of western air power in partnership with carefully selected and directed local ground partners – is now being applied across a broad front stretching from Jarabulus all the way to deep inside Iraq.
Read more at http://jonathanspyer.com/2016/01/29/taking-the-fight-back-to-islamic-state/#J10uYx3vEJaTe0Th.99

Obama Picks Mosque With Radical Islamic Ties for First US Visit
“When the righteous are increased, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people sigh.” (Proverbs 29:2)
In his first official visit to a US mosque on Wednesday, President Barack Obama is set to appear at an institution whose leaders have a record of support for radical Islamic causes, reports The Investigative Project on Terrorism. The Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB), Obama’s mosque of choice, has a history of imams and scholars who have endorsed jihad, suicide bombings, and terror financing.
Among the causes which past leaders have championed publically are the Chechen jihad and Palestinian terror attacks, including suicide bombings. ISB’s former imam was active in a charity which was later revealed to be involved in financing terror organizations such as Hamas, the Taliban, and Osama bin Laden’s radical Islamic network.
The Obama administration’s selection of ISB as the site of the president’s visit despite its radical ties should come as a surprise to few. Obama has been notoriously sympathetic to Muslim and Islamic causes, courting Muslim Brotherhood officials in Egypt during 2012’s Arab Spring while ignoring secular democracy advocacy groups. Indeed, many Coptic Christians and secular activists viewed Obama’s role as helping the Muslim Brotherhood ascend to power.
The brief tenure of openly pro-Hamas Mohammed Morsi as Egyptian president was endorsed by the Obama administration. Morsi has publically called for jihad against Israel, and the chairman of his political party called Egypt “a strategic treasury for our brothers in Palestine” against the “Zionist enemy.”
Obama’s administration praised Morsi’s rise to power, calling him a peacemaker even as widespread protests against Morsi led to riots and Morsi passed laws ensuring himself the unchecked power to run the country without a constitution.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60460/mosque-with-jihadist-ties-receive-obama-presidents-first-us-visit-jerusalem/#KUjFOYTjfQEScQSY.99

Mystical Rabbi Informed From Heaven That Redemption Has Begun
By Rivkah Lambert Adler February 3, 2016 , 10:30 am
“Wait on the LORD; be strong, and let thy heart take courage; yea, wait thou for the LORD.” (Psalms 27:14)
An Israeli Kabbalist (mystical rabbi) has claimed that he was informed from Heaven that the process of redemption has already begun. A recent video, released by Bible Codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, includes Bible Codes that appear to verify his statement.
Glazerson opens the video with a translation of a powerful quote by contemporary Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Cohen. Cohen is popularly known as The Chalban (The Milkman) because he works during the day in an Israeli dairy, making cheese.
According to news reports in the Hebrew press, Cohen delivered a message in order to awaken the Jewish people to the imminent nature of the redemption. He said: “They told me from heaven that the process of salvation started today. You now have the opportunity to board the train of redemption. We don’t know how long it will take, but dear brothers, you have to know that the process of redemption started, and because of it, the troubles do not stop.”
In explaining the reference to troubles that “do not stop,” Glazerson connected redemption to birth. He said, “Before a birth, the labor pains are very, very often come one after the other. These are the troubles that we are going, unfortunately, through now in Israel.”
As the video continues, Glazerson shows a table in which he found the Hebrew words that mean “redemption started”. Interestingly, Glazerson said this is the only place this Bible Code appears. Even more interestingly, the place he found it is the Book of Genesis, chapter 49. This is the exact place where Jacob calls his sons together in order to prepare them for what they need to know about the End of Days.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60453/mystical-rabbi-informed-from-heaven-that-redemption-begun-jewish-world/#cUU2SBGSFxo4ccHD.99

Shooting, Stabbing Attack in Old City Leaves Two Border Policewomen Injured, One Critically
By Abra Forman February 3, 2016 , 3:30 pm
“Bless, LORD, his substance, and accept the work of his hands; smite through the loins of them that rise up against him, and of them that hate him, that they rise not again.” (Deuteronomy 33:11)
Three Palestinian terrorists carried out a stabbing and shooting terror attack near the Old City’s Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon. Two female Border Police officers were wounded by gunfire, one of them critically.
According to police reports, the terrorists arrived at the gate armed with a rifle, knives and explosive device and immediately aroused the suspicions of a Border Police unit nearby. Officers approached and requested IDs. As one of the terrorists gave the officers his papers, a second pulled out the rifle and began shooting.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60483/two-female-border-police-officers-seriously-injured-in-shooting-stabbing-attack-in-jerusalems-old-city-jerusalem/#m2ot1wW0KFjp2eoY.99

The IDF’s Misplaced Trust in the PA
By Caroline Glick
If the PA forces Amjad Sakari served had been serious about preventing their members from carrying out terrorist attacks, they could have easily prevented him from driving to an IDF checkpoint between Ramallah and Beit El Sunday morning, opening fire and wounding three soldiers – one critically.
Amjad Sakari made no effort to hide his feelings and intentions towards Israel. The soldier in the Palestinian security forces filled his Facebook page with paeans to Saddam Hussein. Last weekend he published two posts indicating his imminent plan to carry out a terrorist attack.
Read more at http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Our-World-The-IDFs-misplaced-trust-in-the-PA-443567#BjEqVrWSrck45V50.99

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Exposure of US spying on Israeli drones served a pressing Russian interest
FEB 01, 2016by ADMINin ISRAEL

The latest batch of “top secret” documents to be leaked to the web magazineThe Intercept by fugitive former NSA advisor Edward Snowden, showing that the US had spied on Israeli air force operations for more than 18 years, is as interesting for its timing as its revelations.

For three years, the magazine has published Snowdon leaks almost exclusively. This time, on Tuesday, Jan. 26, it released files exposing a joint operation by US and British intelligence agencies codenamed Anarchist. For almost two decades, Israeli air force operations, mainly by drones, were monitored and their transmission feeds intercepted from the British intelligence base in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, as well as the NSA base in Menwith Hill, north of Manchester, England,

The magazine story included some exaggerations, including a statement that “US and British spies had a virtual seat in the cockpit” of Israel’s drones. It was also suggested that Israel’s drones were armed with missiles, which is hardly a secret.
At some point, Israel acted to protect its drone fleet’s “downlinks” to headquarters, so that many of the feeds grabbed by the Troodos analysts were found to be encrypted or scrambled, showing up like the black-and-white snow on a TV screen.
On Friday, Jan. 29, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu called US Vice President Joe Biden and demanded an explanation of what Israel considers its senior ally’s perfidy.

Biden used  US collaboration with Britain to point a finger at the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) – an organization similar to Israel’s Military Intelligence Unit 8200.

It is no secret that Britain serves the American NSA as a willing and productive “subcontractor,” with no interest of its own, military or otherwise, in the contents of the videos Israeli drones or other feeds relayed to the “pit” in IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv. London. The Brits were simply performing the bidding of “big sister” for very good reasons:

As a senior member of the “Five Eyes” grouping of intelligence organizations along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the UK obediently carries out whatever intelligence mission it is entrusted by the US.

In return, London receives priceless American intelligence data on domestic and external threats to Britain, as well as generous funding for MI5, MI6 and the GCHQ and technologies. The Americans share exclusive confidential data with the UK and they cooperate in many fields of intelligence.
Israel’s indignation over hostile spying by America and Britain on its air force operations, which has in fact been known for years, detracted attention from the equally important question of why this Snowdon bombshell was dropped now.

After quitting the NSA and fleeing the US, Snowdon won political asylum in Russia. He lives in Moscow. It may be assumed that the files he lifted from the NSA were either handed over to the Kremlin and Russian intelligence, or at least, their release was subject to their control.

So how did the Snowdon files on Anchor serve Moscow’s agenda?

Two pressing interests stand out:

1. The Russian military effort in Syria currently focuses strongly on dislodging the rebel forces concentrated in a southern strip adjoining the Israeli border. Until now, the Israeli air force felt free to block its enemies’ intrusions into that strip and counted on its superior avionics and electronic warfare measures to outwit Russian interference.

The disclosure of Operational Anchor at this time was intended to show  Israel that its much vaunted technological superiority is a myth and highly vulnerable to US and British espionage.
It was therefore meant to be understood as Moscow’s Keep Out of Syria warning to the Israel air force.

2.  Another implied warning was directed to Riyadh, three days before the conference on a political solution for ending the Syrian war opened in Geneva on January 29, under the joint US-Russian aegis.

This conference depends for much of its success on Saudi-backed opposition rebel groups playing ball. But those groups have been encouraged by Riyadh to play hard to get.

Moscow used the Snowdon files to advise the Saudis not to fall into the error of counting on the Israeli Air Force being free to operate in Syria in support of their goals, just as they were wrong to expect Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear program.
Israel was certainly not taken aback by the “exposure” of Operation Anchor, since its military and defense organizations have always been on alert for America to use its best technology and limitless funds to stay on their tail.

Although Israel’s failure to spot these alien intercepts in real time is certainly a matter of concern, an objective, factual


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With his term as secretary-general coming to an end, Ban Ki-moon wrote an op-ed in the New York Times in which he attacks Israel, a clear indication that he has decided to focus solely on the Israeli-Palestinian problem – ignoring hundreds of other, worse, conflicts around the world. His obsession with Israel suggests he has lost any inhibitions in hiding his deep bias against, and hatred for, the Jewish State. 

As United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s term comes to an end, it appears he has decided to ruin the last shreds of the UN’s supposed impartiality and wage an open battle against Israel.

In an opinion piece published Sunday by The New York Times, Ban deflected Israeli criticism of his attacks on its policies, which he had called “unsustainable,” and stood by comments he made last week, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said encouraged Palestinian terrorism against Israel.

In the piece titled, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel,” Ban reiterated many of his earlier comments at the Security Council (UNSC) Tuesday, calling Israeli construction in Judea and Samaria and in Jerusalem “an affront to the Palestinian people,” adding that “it is human nature to resist occupation,” meaning the legitimate, legal and historic Israeli presence in these areas is “occupation.”

He also called for a freeze of construction in Judea and Samaria, home to 400,000 Israelis.

“Criticism of the United Nations — or attacks against me — comes with the territory,” he wrote, yet claiming that his “heartfelt concerns” about what he termed as “short-sighted or morally damaging policies” emanate from many sources, including Israel’s closest friends.

“It [Israel] cannot be sustainable to keep lashing out at every well-intentioned critic,” Ban wrote.

Ban claimed that he would always stand up for Israel’s right to exist, but added: “the time has come for Israelis, Palestinians and the international community to read the writing on the wall: The status quo is untenable. Keeping another people under indefinite occupation undermines the security and the future of both Israelis and Palestinians.”

Ban’s harsh piece was ostensibly sparked by Israel’s recent approval of 150 new homes in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria.

In the opinion piece, Ban also pointed out that last month Israel declared 370 acres in the West Bank, “state land,” which he said “typically leads to exclusive settler use.”

He made no mention that a future Palestinian state would be for exclusive Palestinian use.

The UN under Ban’s leadership has become an exceedingly anti-Israel body, with a morbid focus on the Jewish State, while ignoring other crucial global issues.

Ban does not appear to have written a similar piece about any other conflict on any other country during his tenure as UN secretary general.

danny danon
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon. (World Likud)

Just last week, Israeli envoy to the UN Danny Danon cited the UNSC for its lack of response to Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis.

During the last four months, during which Israel has suffered from a wave of almost daily Palestinian terror attacks, the UNSC has adopted twelve resolutions against terrorism and condemned terrorist attacks in France, the Sinai, Lebanon, Mali, Tunisia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Somalia, and Sudan.

Yet, “not once were the lives of Israelis murdered by terrorists recognized by this Council. No condemnation, no expression of solidarity, not even a statement of concern. The facts don’t lie. The Security Council has been hypocritical when it comes to Israel,” Danon charged.

Responding to the op-ed, Danon said the Ban was again expressing support and justifying Palestinian terrorism.

“There is no excuse for the murder of women at their homes in front of their children,” Danon stated, relating to the Palestinian murder of Dafna Meir in front of her children at the entrance to her home.

“The Palestinian incitement machine continues to generate terrorism, while the UN secretary general’s words generate legitimacy for terrorism, Danon charged.

Danon again underlined Ban’s choice to ignore the reality in Israel, and instead of lending it support in its war on terrorism, he chooses to support the knife-wielding Palestinians.

“The UN’s function is to fight terrorism, not encourage it,” said Danon.

By: AP and United with Israel Staff

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Post  Admin on Mon 01 Feb 2016, 11:19 pm

US to Begin Enforcing Labeling of West Bank Products
Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity than he that is perverse in his lips and a fool at the same time.” (Proverbs 19:1)
View of Ma’ale Adumim, an Israeli community in Judea and Samaria, on May 26, 2014. (Photo: Serge Attal/Flash90)
After months of heated debate over the European Union (EU) labeling products made in Judea and Samaria, the US is now quietly doing the same, but without the fuss or discussion.
The US Customs Department released a statement last Saturday reminding importers of a regulation from 1995 that goods produced in the West Bank must be labeled as such, and not labeled “Made in Israel”.
“Goods produced in the West Bank or Gaza Strip shall be marked as originating from ‘West Bank,’ ‘Gaza,’ ‘Gaza Strip,’ ‘West Bank/Gaza,’ ‘West Bank/Gaza Strip,’ ‘West Bank and Gaza,’ or ‘West Bank and Gaza Strip’. It is not acceptable to mark the aforementioned goods with the words ‘Israel,’ ‘Made in Israel,’ ‘Occupied Territories-Israel,’ or any variation thereof. Goods that are erroneously marked as products of Israel will be subject to an enforcement action carried out by US Customs and Border Protection,” the memo read.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60140/us-to-begin-enforcing-labeling-of-west-bank-products-judea-and-samaria/#61VWifTmLhjs7hyC.99

Israel Ranked as World's Eighth Most Powerful Country in New Study
Israel ranks high among the world’s most powerful countries, according to a new study measuring “a nation’s worth beyond hard metrics”. The 2016 Best Countries report, which looked at countries’ rankings in nine areas, identified Israel as the eighth most powerful nation of 60 examined.
According to US News, which published the results, “The 2016 Best Countries report and rankings are based on how global perceptions define countries in terms of a number of qualitative characteristics, impressions that have the potential to drive trade, travel and investment and directly affect national economies.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60110/new-study-ranking-best-countries-measures-israel-at-8th-in-power-inspiration/#xPvd4j2ubHPIWrKj.99

Blood Money By Sarah N. Stern
Now that the money has already been released, Kerry casually acknowledges an inevitability that we, who have been in opposition of the Iranian nuclear deal, have been arguing all along.
Last Thursday, at the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “I think that some of it (the money from the Iranian nuclear deal), will end up in the hands of the IRGC or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists”, adding, “You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented. But I can tell you this, right now, we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time.”
Read more at http://emetonline.org/blood-money/#sAtuCuBjltGh3JOz.99

Ancient Biblical Scholars’ Incredible Teachings Come to Life With Modern Invention of Lab-Grown Meat
While the astonishing high-tech process of creating laboratory-grown meat may solve the problems of vegetarians and animal rights activists forever, the new phenomenon might be problematic for a group of people whose dietary needs have never been exactly simple: the Jews.
Stem cell research has now advanced to the point where meat protein is being cultured in labs with the goal of developing commercially-viable methods of mass production. This new technology will bring enormous advantages for the environment and may help solve world hunger. It appeals to animal rights activists, who can eat lab-grown protein with a clear conscience.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60268/modern-technology-through-biblical-eyes-lab-grown-meat-kosher-jewish-world/#e8qY08B4wHQXGUxx.99

Ramallah Closed to Non-Citizens, IDF on Guard After Shooting Attack
In an effort to restore a little peace of mind to the city of Beit El, located in Samaria, the IDF on Monday closed the entrance to the Arab city of Ramallah to all non-citizens.
The ban was also announced by an officer of the Palestinian Military Liasion. “All those whose permanent addresses are not within the Ramallah-El-Bireh governorate will be denied entry until further notice,” he told news agency Ma’an. This closure includes all foreigners as well, said a military spokeswoman to Times of Israel.
The tightened security comes following a shooting attack on Sunday at the checkpoint near Beit El, which left three IDF soldiers wounded, two of them in serious condition. The shooter, named as Amjad Sakari, 35, drove up to the checkpoint, exited the vehicle and opened fire with a handgun. Sakari was immediately killed at the scene following the attack.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60299/ramallah-closed-non-citizens-idf-guard-after-shooting-attack-judea-and-samaria/#tTpOZRmYOji1DTbv.99

“Green Line” is Fiction. “Red Line” is Real. By Earl Cox
While I’ve never heard U. S. President George W. Bush described as a prophet, his 2002 declaration of Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" may lead some to believe that he did have a crystal ball at least for that one brief moment.
In that address Bush declared three countries as being evil. In fact, he called them the “Axis of Evil.” Here we are fourteen years later and Bush’s words are appearing as the proverbial “handwriting on the wall.” The three countries he named have not been quiescent but rather are thriving hot beds of terrorist activities and networks.
What were the three countries he named? They were Iraq, Iran and North Korea. This “Axis of Evil” is collectively and individually a destabilizing force in the world today and a serious threat to the safety and well-being of the people of Israel and other peace-loving people living in the Middle East
Read more at http://www.jpost.com/Blogs/Israel-Uncensored/Green-Line-is-Fiction-Red-Line-is-Real-443284#qtro53e1cCiBMcwz.99

Glenn Beck Instructs Staff to Prepare for End-of-Days Move to Jerusalem
Glenn Beck, the popular TV and radio personality, announced on his television show “The Blaze” last Thursday that his studio’s next location may be Jerusalem. He said that, due to a conviction that the end-of-days is imminent, his show would need to find a place outside the United States from which to broadcast when its current location, Texas, inevitably became inhospitable.
He related how he had recently instructed his staff, “We have to pick up our pace on finding another place to broadcast.” Beck told them, “I need to know if I can get to Jerusalem, where they won’t shut this down and we can be able to broadcast into the United States. This could end quickly.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60289/glenn-beck-instructs-staff-to-prepare-for-end-of-days-move-to-jerusalem-jerusalem/#GxwTs0JScH1EBb1v.99

Netanyahu: If Hamas Attacks From Tunnels, Israel Will Act “With More Force Than Operation Protective Edge”
Addressing critics who have accused Netanyahu of not doing enough to thwart Hamas’s network of terror tunnels, which the terrorist organization has used in the past to attack and abduct Israeli soldiers and infiltrate Israeli communities, Netanyahu promised, “We are working methodically and calmly against all threats, including threats from Hamas, both with defensive and offensive measures.”
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60276/netanyahu-if-hamas-attacks-from-tunnels-israel-will-act-with-more-force-than-operation-protective-edge-idf/#1FWmllpwkWaOTy9r.99

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Obama to Pay First Official Visit to US Mosque
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 30, 2016 , 11:15 pm
“As for Ishmael, I have heard you; behold, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and multiply him greatly. He shall father twelve princes, and I will make him into a great nation.” (Genesis 17:20)
(Photo: Pete Souza/ White House Official Photo).jpg

The White House announced on Saturday that US President Barack Obama will make his first official visit to a mosque on Wednesday. The visit is intended to promote religious tolerance and combat the anti-Islamic rhetoric that links the religion to terrorism. The president will visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore, one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest Muslim centers. The visit was confirmed by an announcement on their website.

White House spokesman Keith Maley said in an e-mail on Saturday that the president is making the visit “to celebrate the contributions Muslim Americans make to our nation and reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life.”

“The President believes that one of our nation’s greatest strengths is our rich diversity and the very idea that Americans of different faiths and backgrounds can thrive together – that we’re all part of the same American family. As the President has said, Muslim Americans are our friends, and neighbors; our co-workers, and sports heroes – and our men and women in uniform defending our country.”
President Obama has visited mosques outside of the United States when abroad on official visits. He toured the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta in 2010.
The Islamic Society of Baltimore has been the victim of threats in recent months, including one telephone bomb threat. The Washington Post reported it was the mosque of the family of Adnan Sayed, who was convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee in 1999. The trial was the subject of the podcast Serial in 2014, which brought international attention to Syed’s trial.

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60152/obama-to-pay-first-official-visit-to-us-mosque-jerusalem/#vcubU9KRkZh6HdrW.99

Israel and the Russian Challenge
By Caroline Glick January 24, 2016 , 7:00 am
Israeli Air Force commanders are reportedly deeply worried about Russia’s military presence in Syria.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin deployed his forces to Syria last year, he claimed that the deployment would be brief. Russian forces were placed in Syria, Putin said, to protect Assad and would leave once he was able to defend himself.

Last week, when the terms of the deployment agreement concluded between Russia and Syria were made public, we discovered that those early claims were false. Under the terms of the deal, Russia can maintain permanent bases in Syria.

Israel’s Air Force is no match for Russia’s. The S-400 anti-aircraft system Russia is deploying to Syria covers half of Israeli territory. Russia’s deployment means that Israel has lost its regional air superiority.
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x2501.png

To be sure, Putin’s decision to set up permanent bases in Syria is not directed against Israel. He is interested in defending Russian interests in areas like oil and Syria where Israel is not an actor. This is the reason that Russia and Israel have been able to reach tactical agreements over Syria.

Among other things, the sides agreed to deconflict their aircraft flying over Syria.

But Israel’s ability to reach tactical understandings with Russia doesn’t mean Israel can trust that Russia’s operations in the area will not harm its national security in significant ways.

For instance, the reports that Russia is transferring arms to Hezbollah are deeply worrying. For the past five years, according to reports in foreign media, the Air Force has repeatedly bombed shipments of Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

Israel is not in a position to contemplate bombing Russian military shipments to Lebanon. It is also not in a position to challenge a Russian decision to allow Hezbollah to use advanced weapons like Yakhont anti-ship missiles against naval ships either from Lebanon or Syria.

And there is no reason to believe that Russia won’t do so.

Russia has been acting in alliance with Hezbollah, Assad and Iran since the 1980s. Putin’s reported willingness to cooperate with Israel in various areas does not mean that Russia is no longer Iran’s partner in supplying Hezbollah and facilitating its operations.

The government and military have no options for dealing with Russia’s sudden emergence as a major power in our backyard. And there is nothing new in Israel’s helplessness.

We’ve never had an option for reining in Moscow.

But until Barack Obama came into office, Israel never had to worry about Russia.

For 65 years, the US forced Russia to curb its activities in the Middle East.

Until Barack Obama entered the White House, every US president from Franklin Roosevelt on believed it was a US economic and strategic interest of the first order to curb Russian power in the Middle East. The chief reason the US began its strategic alliance with Israel after the 1967 Six Day War was because by defeating Russian clients Egypt and Syria, Israel proved its value to the US’s Cold War strategy.

In the succeeding decades, Israel and the US had a division of labor. It was Israel’s job to defeat or deter Russian – or Soviet – clients in the Arab world. It was the US’s job to deter Russia – or the Soviet Union.

Now, in the final year of the Obama presidency, all that is gone. Obama is content to see Russia exert power and influence that none of his predecessors would have countenanced. And so, for the first time, Israel finds itself standing alone against Russia, with no clear means of protecting its vital national security interests.

Obama’s refusal to take any steps to curb Russia’s deployment and ambitions in the region is not surprising.

It not that he doesn’t understand that Russia’s rise means America’s fall. He undoubtedly has been warned of the implications of Russia’s return to region by the relevant government agencies and the military.

But none of that matters to him. The only thing that Obama cares about is his legacy. Obama cannot take action against Russia without discrediting his entire Middle East policy, and so destroying his own legacy.

OBAMA’S POLICY in the region is based on the assumption that the US is responsible for instability and war in the Middle East. As a consequence, Obama’s regional policy is one that requires the US to abandon those who benefited from US protection and partnership – first and foremost Israel and Saudi Arabia, and appeasing those who most oppose the US and its allies – first and foremost Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

With Iran’s capture of the US naval craft and its illegal detention of 10 US naval personnel last week, Iran demonstrated, once again, that it has not been appeased by Obama’s nuclear and financial concessions.

Iran continues to view the US as its primary enemy and it continues to view itself as at war against America.

It is beyond dispute that Iran committed a war crime in photographing the US military personnel in humiliating ways and forcing one sailor to film an apology to Iran. The language of the Geneva Conventions is cut and dry on the subject.

But rather than take action against Iran, by among other things, delaying the revocation of economic sanctions against Iran, the Obama administration defended Iran’s act of war against the US.

In a press briefing, State Department spokesman John Kirby argued that Iran did not commit a war crime when it detained and photographed the US sailors in humiliating ways because Iran is not at war with the US.

This is an idiotic statement meant to hide an indefensible position. Obviously, if Kirby is right and Iran is not at war with the US, then the act of detaining and photographing the sailors moves from a mere war crime, to an act of international piracy and hostage taking.

In other words, in detaining US sailors and photographing them, Iran either committed a war crime and an act of war, or it committed an even larger crime – and initiated a war with the US.

But Obama cannot acknowledge that this is the case, because if he does, he will be unable to defend his larger policy – which is equally indefensible.

Iran began broadcasting photographs of the sailors kneeing before their Iranian captors and a video apology in which a sailor issued a groveling apology and thanked Iran for its kindness and hospitality the day before Secretary of State John Kerry stood before the cameras in Vienna and announced that the US and its partners would remove economic sanctions against Iran as soon as the IAEA announced that Iran was abiding by the nuclear deal.

The IAEA then duly announced that Iran was in compliance and it could receive its $150 billion in frozen funds.

Iran crowed that the American sailors cried and otherwise acted like cowards when they were apprehended just hours before Obama went before the cameras and congratulated himself for his brilliantly smart diplomacy that has prevented war. Obama similarly chastised unnamed critics for criticizing his decision to bow and scrape before Iran as it committed acts of war against America.

Obama was undoubtedly relishing the moment as he declared diplomatic victory over his political opponents, but even if he was unhappy about Iran’s behavior he couldn’t have done anything about it.

Obama brags that he was able to reach a nuclear deal where all his predecessors failed. But this hides the main distinction between him and those who came before him.

None of Obama’s predecessors concluded a nuclear deal with Iran because unlike Obama, none of his predecessors were willing to abandon US interests – including the interest of preventing the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism from acquiring nuclear weapons – in order to get a deal. Obama cannot attack Iran’s aggression on the high seas without calling into question the wisdom of his nuclear diplomacy.

He cannot take action against Russia without calling into question his belief that US power in the Middle East is the chief cause of all the region’s problems.

Israel’s military and political leaders are right to be concerned about the implications of Russia’s return to Syria. And it is far from clear that there is a way to credibly minimize the dangers. But, since we’re not going anywhere, we will have to make the best of a bad situation.

Whatever we do, we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that unless the next US president rejects Obama’s entire Middle East policy and shepherds the military and financial resources to abandon it, on Russia, Iran and beyond, Israel will have to fend for itself for the foreseeable future.

Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post
Read more at http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Our-World-Israel-and-the-Russian-challenge-441960#VE2ChCEJ86DPYPOf.99

At Least Three Wounded in Shooting Terror Attack North of Jerusalem [PHOTOS]
By Abra Forman January 31, 2016 , 12:00 pm
“He will cover thee with His pinions, and under His wings shalt thou take refuge; His truth is a shield and a buckler.” (Psalm 91:4)
Three Israelis were wounded in a shooting terror attack near Beit El on January 31, 2016. (Photo: @IsraelNewsFirst Twitter Feed)
At least three Israelis were wounded in a shooting attack outside of Beit El, north of Jerusalem, on Sunday morning, by an attacker who was identified as a police officer for the Palestinian Authority.

The three victims are listed in serious, moderate, and light condition, and all three have been evacuated to the hospital after receiving emergency treatment at the scene of the attack from Magen David Adom (MDA).

Early reports state that the terrorist drove up in a car, exited the vehicle and opened fire.  The assailant was shot and killed at the scene by IDF forces.

An MDA emergency paramedic on the scene reported that all three victims, men in their twenties, were conscious when the medical team arrived. The three were taken to Jerusalem hospitals. One victim was reported to be in serious condition, with a gunshot wound to the upper body; a second in moderate to serious condition, with a gunshot wound to a limb; and a third in light condition, also with a gunshot wound in a limb.

The shooting took place at a military checkpoint between Beit El, a Jewish community  located in the Binyamin Region of Samaria, and Ramallah, the de facto capital of the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli security forces confirmed that the gunman was a Palestinian Authority police officer and the driver of Ramallah’s chief prosecutor. He was identified as Amjad Sakri Abu Amar, 34.

Sakri indicated his intentions in a Facebook post shared a few hours prior to the attack in which he wrote, “May allah have mercy on our martyrs, heal our wounds and break the chains of our imprisonment. Our ancestors who were martyred before us we will join you, inshallah.”

A day previous to the attack, an American-Israeli teenager was stabbed and lightly injured by two Palestinian youths close to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. The two assailants turned themselves in to Israeli police.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/60206/at-least-three-wounded-in-shooting-terror-attack-north-of-jerusalem-terror-watch/#O5fh5JASv7lKVQ9A.99

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach exploded on the Oxford Union in this epic speech
“Hamas is a genocidal organization that proudly touts its charter calling on the annihilation of Jews utterly unconnected to any conflict. It seeks the murder of all Jews, including those sitting in the Oxford Union chamber. It aids and abets honor killings of Palestinian women, shoots gay Palestinians in the head on false chargers of collaboration, machine-guns all Palestinian protesters who dare to defy its rule, violently punishes any form of criticism, engages in daily forms of deadly incitement against Jews, celebrates when Westerners, including in Britain, are blown up by bombs, ended any vestige of democratic rule once it was elected, and builds its military installations under hospitals and nurseries so that the infirm and the vulnerable can serve as human shields to its cowardly terrorists. Israel has tried since its creation to make peace with Arab states and has endangered its security with repeated territorial concessions that were met with nothing but terror attacks. Arabs in Israel live with greater freedoms and human rights than any Muslim country on earth. There is no excuse for terror. Jews even under the horrors of Hitler didn’t turn to blowing up German children. The justifications for terrorism that were being offered were an affront and an abomination to Islam which, just like Judaism, abides by the commandment not to murder.”
Published: January 28, 2016

Controversial Warning To American Jews: Time to Move to Israel
By Rivkah Lambert Adler January 28, 2016 , 10:30 am
“And I will be found of you, saith the LORD, and I will turn your captivity, and gather you from all the nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you, saith the LORD; and I will bring you back unto the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.” (Jeremiah 29:14)
Pro-Palestinian protesters from the US Pales­tin­ian Com­mu­nity Net­work in Chicago. (Photo: ADL Blog)
Lori Palatnik, a leader in the American Jewish community, has just released a video in which she calls for American Jews to move to Israel, in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy about the ingathering of the exiles.  At the End of Days, Palatnik teaches, “Ultimately, the Jews are all going to move to Israel.”
(Photo: Video Screenshot) 
Lori Palatnik (Photo: Video Screenshot)
Palatnik is a Jewish educator, author and speaker. In March 2015, Hadassah, the prestigious Jewish women’s organization, named her among the “Most Outstanding Jewish American Women of Our Time.”
The 3-minute video, first published on January 23, 2016, opens with a reference to 9/11 and “the scary prophets that talked about what happens at the End of Days.” In an interview with Breaking Israel News, Palatnik confirmed that she was referring to the Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah. More specifically, she spoke about the events of September 11, 2001 as a clear fulfillment of prophecy.

Rouhani: "Zionist Lobby" is to Blame for Poor US-Iran Relations
“And there was a strife between the herdmen of Abram’s cattle and the herdmen of Lot’s cattle. And the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelt then in the land.” (Genesis 13:7)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: TouTube Screenshot)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has figured out who is at fault for his country’s troubled relationship with the US, and it is Israel. Speaking on Wednesday, Haaretz reported, Rouhani claimed that the US was influenced by the anti-Iran “Zionist lobby”, which was “very influential” in America.
Rouhani added that improving the US-Iran relationship is in America’s best interests, as without Iran, the US will never succeed in its efforts to stabilize the region.
Rouhani is in Europe, his first official visit to the continent. His itinerary includes Italy and France, where he is looking to improve the Islamic Republic’s image following last year’s nuclear accords and the recent lifting of sanctions.
During his remarks, he took a swipe at Saudi Arabia, Iran’s rival power in the Middle East. He ridiculed Saudi Arabia’s military efforts to suppress rebel Houthi forces in Yemen, saying they were a failure and source of frustration.

Obama: I Cannot Imagine a Greater Expression of Christianity Than to Say, “I, Too, Am a Jew”
By Abra Forman January 28, 2016 , 12:30 pm
“Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war should rise up against me, even then will I be confident.” (Psalm 27:3)
President Barack Obama addresses the Israeli Embassy at an International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony on January 27, 2016. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)
US President Barack Obama attended a ceremony at Washington’s Israeli Embassy on Wednesday night to celebrate the lives of four people honored by the State of Israel as Righteous Among the Nations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The ceremony, which recognized the actions of individuals who saved Jews during the Holocaust, was the first of its kind to be held in the US, and the first therefore to be attended by a sitting US president.
In his remarks at the event, Obama stressed the close relationship between Israel and the US despite recent disharmony between the nations over the Iranian nuclear deal, which was strongly opposed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Obama’s rhetoric attempted to express his respect for the Jewish people, both as a nation and as Christianity’s spiritual forebearers.
“We are all Jews,” he said, echoing the famous statement of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, an American officer who refused to betray the Jewish soldiers in his command when a Nazi officer demanded to know which of the over 1,000 American troops held in a German POW camp were Jews. Edmonds, whose actions saved over 200 Jewish lives, was one of those honored at Wednesday’s ceremony.
Obama added that the heroic words of the officer were an “instructive lesson” for Christians, saying, “I cannot imagine a greater expression of Christianity than to say, ‘I, too, am a Jew.’”

Israel and IDF Using New Cyber Technology to Fight Social Media Incitement Online
“For I will defend this city to save it, for Mine own sake, and for My servant David’s sake.” (Isaiah 37:35)
Israel is banking on cyber intelligence to fight a new enemy dubbed as the “lone terrorist” that parallels organized terror organizations’ war against Israel.
“The most dangerous country in the Middle East is the State of Facebook,” former IDF Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin told this week’s annual Cybertech conference, which focused on the Boycott Israel and BDS—acronym for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions—campaigns against Israel.
The term “lone terrorist” sounds innocent, but hundreds of Palestinian Authority and Israeli Arabs, exposed to social media incitement, have acted on their own to kill and wound dozens of Israelis in the past two years.
Initially dismissed as a minimal threat, it has become one of the most difficult enemies to defeat, because each terrorist acts individually, usually without a rap sheet and without the support, financial and otherwise, of a terror cell.
Cyber technology can help spot them, said Gilad Erdan, who heads both the Public Security and the Strategic Affairs ministries. Erdan told the conference that Israel has established a National Cyber Bureau, headed by Dr. Eviatar Matani.

Palestinians: Is Abbas Losing Control? By Khaled Abu ToamehAbbas has been facing increasing criticism in the past weeks from senior Fatah officials in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It seems that they have tired of his autocratic-style rule
If Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas loses control of his Fatah faction, who gets to comfort him? Could it be his erstwhile rivals in Hamas?
Abbas seems firm in his refusal to pave the way for the emergence of a new leadership in the West Bank. A split within Fatah in the West Bank seems the inevitable result. Gaza’s Fatah leaders are furious with Abbas. The deepening divisions among Fatah could drive Fatah cadres in the Gaza Strip into the open arms of Hamas.
“The talk about Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is nothing but a smokescreen to conceal the growing discontent with President Abbas’s autocratic rule.” — Palestinian official.
Fatah is Israel’s purported “peace partner” — the faction spearheading efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state. Decision-makers in the U.S. and Europe might wish to keep abreast of the solvency of Abbas’s Fatah faction when they consider the wisdom of the two-state solution.
If Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas loses control of his Fatah faction, who gets to comfort him? Could it be his erstwhile rivals in Hamas?

Turkey: Death to Free Speech By Burak Bekdil
A criminal indictment was filed against Sedat Ergin, editor-in-chief of the country’s most influential newspaper, Hurriyet. Prosecutors demanded up to five years in prison for Ergin, for allegedly insulting President Erdogan. The indictment claims that Hurriyet insulted the president by paraphrasing what the president had said.
“[T]his is a ‘democracy’ with a growingly diminishing freedom of speech. It is ‘democracy’ where the ‘voice of the nation,’ which practically is the voice of the political majority and its glorified leader, intimidates and silences dissenting voices.” — Mustafa Akyol, columnist, Hurriyet.
According to a report by the Turkish Journalists Association, 500 journalists were fired in Turkey in 2015, while 70 others were subjected to physical violence. Thirty journalists remain in prison, mostly on terrorism charges. Needless to say, the unfortunate journalists invariably are known to be critical of Erdogan.
Europe, cherishing its “transactional” relations with Turkey, prefers to look the other way and whistle. All the EU could say about the prosecution of academics was that it is “extremely worrying.” Brussels cannot see that Turkish affairs passed the threshold of “extremely worrying” a long time ago.
Defending his quest for an executive presidential system Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cited Hitler’s Germany as an effective form of government. Yes, he said, you can have the presidential system in a unitary state as in Hitler’s Germany. His office later claimed that the president’s “Hitler’s Germany” metaphor had been “distorted” by the media. Erdogan’s words on Hitler’s Germany may or may not have been distorted, but the way he rules Turkey reminds one powerfully of how Hitler ruled the Third Reich.

The Arab War Against the Resurrection of the Dead
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 29, 2016 , 8:30 am
“Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when He fighteth in the day of battle. And His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleft in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, so that there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.” (Zechariah 14:4-5)
A view of desecrated Jewish tomb stones that were burned and destroyed on the Mount of Olives cemetery in East Jerusalem on June 23, 2015. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
While Israel battles a horrific wave of Arab terror that has literally caused blood to flow in the streets, a lesser-known side of their jihad is going unseen: the Arab war against Jewish graves. Though less brutal than murder, Arab desecration of Jewish graves is a part of the same war that will not only establish whose land it is, but will also determine the nature of the coming Messiah.
One of the main targets for Arab vandalism is the  Mount of Olives and the thousands of Jewish gravesites located there. Gravestones are destroyed and mourners are attacked on a daily basis, requiring special security details to accompany Jews who visit the site.
The Mount of Olives has messianic and religious significance in addition to being an ancient burial site. It is referred to in the book of Zechariah, when he prophesied that the mountain will play an essential part in the Messiah, splitting in two (14:4), with one half shifting south.
The Mount of Olives, adjacent to the Temple Mount, was an integral part of the Temple service. It was where the Para Adumah (red heifer), the major component needed for ritually purity, was burned. Any attack on the Jewish claim to the Temple Mount as part of their religious heritage would necessarily include an attack on the Mount of Olives.
As a site of Biblical significance, and because of its proximity to the Temple Mount, it has been used as a Jewish cemetery for over 3,000 years, and contains over 150,000 gravesites, including the tombs traditionally identified with the Biblical figures Zechariah, Absalom, Haggai, and Malachi.

In Rare UN Victory for Israel, Israeli NGO ZAKA Receives Coveted Official Status
By Tsivya Fox January 29, 2016 , 9:30 am
“I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and be thou a blessing.” (Genesis 12:2)
Israel Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon together with Mati Goldstein head of the ZAKA International Unit and Zvi Gluck Director of Operations ZAKA Rescue and Recovery USA (Photo: ZAKA)
Following four years of struggle, this week Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volunteer organization, ZAKA, was unanimously granted international consultative and observer status by the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
This upgrade in status will allow ZAKA to actively participate in official UN meetings and conferences concerning how best to deal with mass casualty and emergency events worldwide, areas in which the organization is expert. ZAKA will also join in the development of international protocols for disaster relief.

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Downpour Sinks Another Terror Tunnel, Buries Gaza Diggers Alive
Israel welcomed the rain to feed its parched earth; but Gaza's watery sands buried tunnel diggers alive.
By: Hana Levi Julian
Published: January 27th, 2016
Civil workers evacuate people from a flooded area in southern Gaza.
Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
While Israelis were welcoming the rain to feed the parched earth — even though it caused power outages and shut down operations throughout the country — Gaza’s water-logged sands became a muddy mass grave for cold, wet Hamas terror tunnel diggers.
Jews pray three times a day for rain to assure the Creator’s promise to give “rain for your land at the proper time, the early rain and the late rain.” Otherwise, God warns He “will close the heavens so that there will be no rain and the earth will not yield its produce…” (Deuteronomy 11:13-21)
It’s more than enough reason to pray, and pray they do. In return, Heaven sent a three-day howler this week that showered down everything with gale-force winds, from snow to sleet to hail to rain, from Metullah and the Golan Heights straight down south to the Negev, and Gaza.
Officials at Israel’s Water Authority were pleased to see that the water level in Lake Kinneret (Israel’s primary source of drinking water) rose three centimeters. Elsewhere around Israel green things began popping up as well.

But there was a holy disaster down south where the water-logged sands of Gaza sank under the weight of the downpour. A second terror tunnel being built in the area of Jabalya collapsed on the hapless diggers who were being forced to continue their labors despite the bad weather.
Numerous local sources confided in tweets on social media that the worsening weather had also caused flooding in nearly all the homes and caravans in the area.
Eight are reported dead so far, three others were dragged out, badly injured. Contact with the Hamas diggers was lost Tuesday night, according to Palestinian Authority media. Their bodies were dragged out from the mud and brought to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Walla! News reported.
But the official Gaza government is trying to keep the news of the deaths under wraps. Not even one new announcement of an al-Qassam “wedding” appears on the Hamas military wing’s Iz a-Din al-Qassam website — unlike the death of its lone digger on Saturday. On Sunday, Hamas proudly posted a notice about the death of Mohammed Ashour al-Naj’ar, 31, on the homepage of its military website. “Al Qassam Brigades wed Mukahid Mohammed al-Najjar, who ascended after the collapse of the tunnel for the resistance,” the group announced.
After Tuesday’s cave-in a spokesperson for the Gaza Ministry of Health entirely denied the deaths, saying no bodies were brought to the hospital after the collapse.

Likewise, a security source linked to Hamas told foreign journalists the eight diggers were still missing, according to a report published Wednesday in Lebanon’s Daily Star. “The resistance tunnel collapsed last night due to the weather and flooding,” the source said. “There were 11 resistance men inside. Three of them escaped in the first hour after the accident, but the security operation… continues to search for the eight others.”

It’s important for Hamas to keep its “fighters” building those tunnels. Iran has sent tens of millions of dollars to help rebuild its underground terror tunnel network. This way Hamas and its ally, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad can wage another proxy war against Israel on behalf of Tehran.


An Arab terrorist stabbed an Israeli man at a gas station outside the capital late Wednesday night. The victim was moderately wounded, and the assailant was caught.
A man in his 30s was stabbed at around 11 pm Wednesday night at a gas station in Givat Ze’ev, five kilometers northwest of Jerusalem.
The terrorist was caught and arrested.

The victim was treated by Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics on the spot and then evacuated to Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem in serious condition, but fully conscious. Shortly thereafter, his situation was described as moderate.

According to paramedic Dudi Gur, the victim suffered a number of stab wounds.

“When we arrived at the scene we saw a 36-year-old man lying on the ground at a gas station fully conscious, but who had sustained a number of stab wounds to his upper body,” Gur said. “We immediately put him in the ambulance and performed emergency treatment while we evacuated him to the hospital. We also provided first aid to stop the bleeding. His situation was moderate-to-serious.”

Several hours earlier, a stabbing attack was thwarted at the Qalandiya checkpoint, between Jerusalem and Ramallah, when a Palestinian terrorist was caught by security.

On Monday, Palestinian terrorists stabbed 24-year-old Shlomit Krigman to death and wounded another woman in Beit Horon in the Binyamin region.

A total of 29 victims have died and close to 300 wounded – at least 25 seriously – since the beginning of the current wave of Palestinian terror, which began mid-September.

By: Alexander J. Apfel/TPS and United with Israel Staff
Do You Support Israel?
Want to do something important for Israel? Make a donation to United with Israel, and help to educate and inspire millions around the world to support Israel too!

Now more than ever, Israel needs your help to fight the battle of public opinion. Israel's enemies are using social media to incite brutal terror against innocent civilians. We need your help to fight back! Every day, we teach the truth about Israel to millions of people around the world.

In addition, United with Israel contributes to vital causes like building bomb shelters to protect Israeli citizens. Donations from true friends of Israel like you make this possible, so please show your support today!

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Jewish Aliens, and the Divine Plan
Jews in Space, Jewish Aliens, and the Divine Plan
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz January 26, 2016 , 9:30 am
“They fought from heaven, the stars in their courses fought against Sisera. The brook Kishon swept them away, that ancient brook, the brook Kishon. O my soul, tread them down with strength.Then did the horsehoofs stamp by reason of the prancings, the prancings of their mighty ones. ‘Curse ye Meroz’, said the angel of the LORD, ‘Curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof, because they came not to the help of the LORD, to the help of the LORD against the mighty.’” (Judges 5:20-23)
space sun star nature fire
Many would be surprised to discover that Israel has a space program. One possible reason for the low-key nature of the program could be the difficulties space travel poses for Jews.

For example, the International Space Station orbits the earth once every 92 minutes, meaning an observant Jew would be frantically immersed in prayer once every half hour. The Sabbath, which would occur once every 10 hours, would only last an hour and a half, making it difficult indeed to gulp down three kosher rehydrated meals, read the Torah portion, and still take a nap in the ten-minute long Shabbat afternoon.

Yom Kippur, every 22 days, would allow us to repent for smaller batches of sin, but lead us to the technical question of how to blow a shofar while wearing a spacesuit, and would it be kosher if blown in the silent vacuum of outer-space?

Earth-bound Torah scholars are remarkably adept at solving these problems, but the real questions are not about the technical aspects of space travel. The possible existence of extraterrestrials and their place in God’s creation was the subject of intense philosophical and religious discussion way before it was technically possible to meet them on their own turf.

Exotheology is a word that sends the etymological geek-meter spinning, and very few can claim to have even a passing knowledge of this esoteric field. Dr. David Weintraub, professor of astronomy at Vanderbilt University and the author of Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal With It?, is uniquely qualified to answer questions on the subject. His book presents a staggering array of opinions, ranging from Aristotle’s premise that extraterrestrials cannot possibly exist, to the more recent Enrico Fermi, who, over 600 years later, came to the same conclusion.

Dr Weintraub reassured Breaking Israel News that Judaism is spiritually prepared for little green men.

“Judaism accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life. At this level, Judaism is similar to most, but not all other major religions. A few other religions clearly demand and embrace the idea that extraterrestrial life exists.  Except for a few extreme kabbalistic interpretations of a few passages in the Talmud, Judaism does not go that far,” he said.

The professor states that Jewish theology may actually require a belief in extraterrestrials since “there are no limits on the power of the creator. Thus, for Jews to say that no life beyond the Earth could possibly exist would be unacceptable, as such an idea would appear to place shackles on God’s creative power…the universe belongs to God (or is God) and God can do what God wishes to do with the universe.”

There is even a reference, albeit vague, to extraterrestrials in the Bible. The book of Judges 5:20-23 mentions the ambiguous ‘Meroz’, whose inhabitants have free will, and can choose whether or not to heed the call of God.

In any case, Professor Weintraub feels that contact with extraterrestrials will not affect Judaism or other earthly religions in any significant manner.

“Maimonides never considered man that important in the larger universe, though all other medieval and most present-day Jewish thinkers have argued that God is primarily concerned with the affairs of humankind,” he said, referring to a renowned twelfth-century Jewish thinker.

This leads us to the uniquely Jewish scenario: If nine Jewish astronauts find themselves on a new planet just as one or more suns set, can they turn to the crowd of awestruck aliens surrounding them to complete the required quorum for the afternoon prayer? Weintraub feels it would not be proper to begin handing out prayer books. Even if the crowd of newly discovered aliens proves to have free will and are devout, worshipping the one true God, they will not be Jewish.

“Elsewhere in the universe, God might choose to guide others along a different path into a worshipful relationship with God, and if that relationship has a different label, mazel tov. So yes, the God of Judaism is universal, but no, Judaism is not. Judaism is for humans on Earth,” he said decisively.

Of course, in the infinite universe of conjecture, no one can say definitively that it would be impossible to discover a distant planet on which the inhabitants, tiny and more than a little green, eat only the local animals that have cloven hooves (albeit on all six legs) and chew their blue cud.

Enjoy this article? Get BIN updates directly to your inbox.

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/59816/jews-space-jewish-aliens-divine-plan-jewish-world/#RUM1mvfx4m0xuRJE.99

Paris Terrorists Give Chilling Message From Beyond the Grave in New ISIS Video
in New ISIS Video
By Abra Forman January 25, 2016 , 11:00 am
“The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow; to cast down the poor and needy, to slay such as are upright in the way.” (Psalms 37:14)
Paris attackers appear to give a posthumous message in ISIS’s latest video. (Screenshot)
The Islamic State has released a disturbing new propaganda video showing what appears to be footage of the ISIS terrorists who carried out the deadly November Paris attacks. The footage was apparently filmed prior to the massacre which killed 130, and features the nine terrorists when they were still in Syria and Iraq, “training” by executing and beheading enemies of ISIS.
The chilling 17-minute video states that ISIS plans to attack Britain and other European targets with “Paris-style attacks”.
The video, entitled “Kill Them Where You Find Them”, was released on Sunday by ISIS’s Al-Hayat Media Center, and features the characteristic high production values the world has come to expect from a terror group which has learned to use social media to its great advantage.

Hatred of Israel Has Become a Religion
By Earl Cox
The terror which Israelis confront on a daily basis will soon be mirrored on American streets. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Those who shout “Death to Israel and Death to America” mean exactly what they say.
In his celebrated, but tardy, prime time television announcement, President Obama told the world that America is on the right side of history. Wrong, Mr. President. We are living in the wake of terror in America and fearful of more to come. The population is now living in a state of concern when going to a shopping mall, convention center or sports arena – any place where there is a large public gathering. Welcome to the world in which Israelis have been living for decades. The terror which Israelis confront on a daily basis will soon be mirrored on American streets. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Those who shout “Death to Israel and Death to America” mean exactly what they say.
This being the case we have to ask why, in the name of G-d, is America admitting a large group of people who are known to harbor anti-Semitic and anti-American attitudes and who vehemently oppose our Judeo-Christian values? When refugees or immigrants are admitted to a country, they are expected to assimilate into the culture of that country and not try to change it from within which is the Islamic agenda. Let it be clear, America embraces Judeo-Christian values. We embrace the G-d of Israel who is the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and we recognize and uphold Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Obama Ignores Israel and Jews
By Sarah N. Stern
mir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini , Nosratollah Khosravi and Matthew Trevithick, one American — former FBI agent Robert Levinson — was left behind. It is not without irony that the one left behind is Jewish, as this is emblematic of President Barack Obama’s utter disregard for the Jewish state and its legitimate concerns for survival during the nuclear negotiations with Iran.
Last Sunday, the day after “Implementation Day,” the much anticipated day when world powers lifted economic sanctions on Iran, Obama said, “This is a good day, because once again, we’re seeing what is possible with strong American diplomacy. … I am happy to mark a milestone on several fronts. … Several Americans, unjustly detained by Iran, are finally coming home. In some cases, these Americans have faced years of continued detention. I have met with some of their families. I have seen their anguish, how they ache for their sons, their husbands. I gave these families my word, I made a vow, that we would do everything in our power to win the release their loved ones, and we have been tireless.”
Read more at http://emetonline.org/obama-ignores-israel-and-jews/#dcHLPI821Wb2DKul.99

Israel Behind the Lens: Photographer
Tami Ellison Conveys her Israel Story [PHOTOS]
“I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Do not withhold; bring My sons from far, and My daughters from the ends of the earth.” (Isaiah 43:6)
Israel Behind the Lens is a special series highlighting some of Israel’s top photographers. Below, photographer Tami Ellison shares her most memorable photos captured in Israel in 2015 and the story behind them.

A tapestry of stories and history, wherever you are…discovery.

From the green hills of the Galilee with vineyards growing along the shores of the Kinnere
sea of Galilee - Kinneret tami ellison
To the sandswept Judean Hills
judean Hills tami ellison
to the towering skyscrapers in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan
Ramat Gan tami ellison
Across the shell-filled sandy shoreline in Caesarea where the sky and sea meet on the blue horizon
Caesarea tami ellison
Here in Jerusalem rough hewn stones reflect a melange of golden hues
jerusalem Stone tami ellison
While the stones of Western Wall hold the dreams and wishes of generations past and present their hope-filled messages carried on high to the upper stones
Kotel - Upper Stones tami ellison
Beneath the city walls in Ir David, the city of David, a passageway, a water channel, history unearthed
Ir David Tunnel tami ellison
This is home – a wonderous place filled with juxtapositions and endless possibilities…young and old, black and white, religious and secular, Jews and Arabs together and at the end of the day we all just want to be living here in peace.
damascus gate tami ellison
Passover Kotel Plaza tami ellison
Sunset tami elliso
Seeing Israel from behind the lens is how Tami Rishona Ellison discovered photography.  As a scientist, Ellison had already developed a keen eye for detail and it was during a month long visit in 2012 that she used her pocket Nikon CoolPIX 3X camera to freeze-frame moments reflecting Israel’s vibrancy, textures, colors and light.
“After returning to the States, I found that a single image couldn’t convey the richness of my experiences.” What emerged was a story, a juxtaposition of multiple images thematically linked by her patent-pending photage process which creates a 3D like visual illusion in 2D space. Described as contemporary surrealism, these dynamic visual illusions create an emergent visual and visceral experience – a description aptly applied to Israel.
The confluence of people, places and spaces in unusual juxtapositions is a recurring theme in her work and life. Shortly before making Aliyah in the summer of 2014 she gave a gallery talk and made reference to a passage attributed to the wind from Perek Shira. Months later, she was commissioned to create an exhibit for Jerusalem’s Bloomfield Science Museum; the theme the wind. She has also exhbited her photography and photage works at Hebrew University, Mount Scopus campus library and at the Neve Eshkol Regional Center. Conflu3nce is also the name of her health technology company which integrates the photage process as part of a brain games strategy and brain training system for people with a wide range of cognitive issues.
“I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine my passions in science, math and art,” and which began quite simply while exploring Israel from behind the lens. To see more images from Tami, or to purchase, visit her website. Selected works are also available through Israel Framed. To contact Tami, email: or call +972-050 228 3877.

Palestinians: Western Media’s Ignorance and Bias
By Khaled Abu Toameh
Foreign journalists based in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have for years refused to report on the financial corruption and human rights violations that are rife under the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas regimes. Palestinian “suffering” and the “evil” of the Israeli “occupation” are the only admissible topics.
Another Ramallah-based colleague shared that a few years ago he received a request from a cub correspondent to help arrange an interview with Yasser Arafat. Except at that point, Arafat had been dead for several years. Fresh out of journalism school and unknowledgeable about the Middle East, the journalist was apparently considered by his editors a fine candidate for covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Western reporters would do well to remember that journalism in this region is not about being pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. Rather, it is about being “pro” the truth, even when the truth runs straight up against what they would prefer to believe

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