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Post  Admin on Thu 17 Dec 2015, 9:38 pm

MERKEL U-TURN: Panicking Germany vows to REDUCE muslim refugee numbers as crime soars…1.5 million have invaded so far
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has backtracked on her refugee policy after admitting the country needs to REDUCE the number of arrivals before her country becomes “overwhelmed”.

In a drastic U-turn Mrs Merkel said the time had come to “dramatically decrease” the number of migrants coming to Germany amid criticism from her party over her handling of the crisis.
But the floundering leader gave no indication as to HOW her country plans to reduce the number of migrants.

Refugees are desperate to make it to Germany after the Chancellor proudly said all refugees were welcome in the country.

But it has led hundreds of thousands pouring into Germany, with numbers expected to reach 1.5million this year alone.
The German leader’s change of heart narrowly avoided a party rebellion, with rebels demanding she close the borders or impose a limit on the number of migrants allowed into the country.

But Mrs Merkel fiercely defended her controversial policy in a defiant speech to her Christian Democrat party conference yesterday, claiming accepting migrants had been a “humanitarian imperative” at the height of the refugee crisis.

Europe has struggled to handle the number of refugees arriving on its shores

Multiculturalism creates parallel societies. Multiculturalism is a lie

Angela Merkel

The last-minute agreement seems to have averted divisions, with the party backing a motion pledging to cut migration without placing a cap.
The deal on Monday came before the EU announces a new border

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Post  Admin on Tue 15 Dec 2015, 8:38 pm

Divine Universal Commandments of
7 Noahide Laws Connect All Men to God

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz December 14, 2015 , 1:00 pm
“It will happen in the end of days: The mountain of the Temple of God will be firmly established as the head of mountains, and it will be exalted above the hills, and all the nations will come streaming to it.” (Isaiah 2:2)
(Photo: Graphic Stock)
When Jews received the Torah at Mount Sinai, they accepted 613 Torah commandments (mitzvot). However, even before that, all of mankind accepted the Seven Noahide Laws, called the Mitzvot Bnei Noah in Hebrew.
Bnei Noah means the “Children of Noah”, though there is an opinion that these commandments were given in the time of Adam. Today, the Noahide movement is dedicated to observing these seven universal laws. It is growing and making a unique contribution to bringing redemption in many different ways.
Breaking Israel News spoke with a former Noahide who has now converted to Judaism and moved to Israel. Hillel Penrod, who changed his name from Adam when he converted, is an artist from a religious Christian family who grew up learning the Bible as a child in the American south. Hillel and his father went to a lecture given by world-renowned archaeologist Vendyl Jones, one of the founders of the modern Noahide movement. Jones spoke about the Ark of the Covenant, and it made an enormous impression on Hillel’s parents. They began taking classes with Jones in Texas, but being a typical teenager, Hillel was not interested in joining them. Finally, after much urging from his parents, and despite his fears that it was a cult, he agreed to attend one class.

Toddler Remains in Serious Condition Following Car Ramming
By Abra Forman December 15, 2015 , 10:30 am
“The LORD will protect him and preserve his life; He will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes. The LORD will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness.” (Psalm 41:2-3)
Wounded Israelis are evacuated at to emergency at Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, after they were wounded when a Palestinian driver rammed his car into a bus stop injuring about 13 people who were waiting there, on Herzl Boulevard at the entrance to the city, on December 14, 2015. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)
Wounded Israelis are evacuated at to emergency at Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, after they were wounded when a Palestinian driver rammed his car into a bus stop injuring about 13 people who were waiting there, on Herzl Boulevard at the entrance to the city, on December 14, 2015. (Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90)
Thousands of people worldwide are praying for the recovery of a one-and-a-half year old baby boy who remains in serious condition after being badly wounded in Monday’s car ramming attack in Jerusalem, in which 14 people were wounded. The child, named as Yotam Shmuel ben Yael, may lose his foot, said medical staff at the hospital where he is being treated.
Yotam’s leg was nearly severed in the ramming attack, which targeted passengers standing at a Jerusalem bus stop. Though most of the attack’s other victims were only lightly wounded, one other, a 65-year-old woman, remains in intensive care after undergoing surgery overnight.

Jews for Jesus Blast Vatican for Discouraging Attempts to Convert Jews
to Christianity

“Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth; For I am God, and there is no other.” (Isaiah 45:22)
The Messianic Jewish organization Jews for Jesus has loudly condemned a recent Vatican document which discourages Christians from attempting to convert or missionize Jews.
The new document, entitled “The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable”, was released on Thursday by the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews to mark the 50th anniversary of the Nostra Aetate. That declaration, issued in 1965 by Pope Paul VI, led the way to a formal Catholic-Jewish dialogue, easing a relationship which had been, to say the least, strained for several hundred years.
Thursday’s document discusses Christianity’s Jewish roots in depth, recognizing Judaism’s vital place in the history and development of Christianity. “Judaism is not to be considered simply as another religion; the Jews are instead our ‘elder brothers’ (Saint Pope John Paul II), our ‘fathers in faith’ (Benedict XVI),” the document reads.
It goes on to address the “awkward” topic of the “mission to the Jews”, pointing out that it is “a very delicate and sensitive matter for Jews because, in their eyes, it involves the very existence of the Jewish people.”

In Biblical Heartland, City of Ariel
Opens Much Needed First Emergency

Medical Center
“We waited for peace, but no good came; For a time of healing, but behold, terror!” (Jeremiah 8:15)
On Monday, the City of Ariel, located in Samaria 25 miles east of Tel Aviv, inaugurated its long awaited emergency care medical center. The city, founded in 1978, has 20,000 residents, 15,000 students who attend Ariel University of Samaria, and tens of thousands more living in the neighboring communities.
“Ariel is a modern, progressive city in the heartland of Biblical Israel,” noted Avi Zimmerman, Executive Director of the American Friends of Ariel, to Breaking Israel News. “We are thrilled to be opening this much needed medical center which will not only service the city but also the many small communities around Ariel.”

Rabbi Sets Out on Mission to Write Torah Scroll to Present to the Messiah Upon His Arrival
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz December 15, 2015 , 11:30 am
“Now it will come about that In the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains, And will be raised above the hills; And all the nations will stream to it. And many peoples will come and say, ‘Come, let us go up to the mountain of the lord, To the house of the God of Jacob; That He may teach us concerning His ways And that we may walk in His paths.’ For the Torah will go forth from Zion And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 2:2-3)
Rabbi Yosef Berger, one of the rabbis in charge of King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem’s Old City, has been dreaming of a project for over a year – one Torah scroll to unify all of Israel.
Recent global events have forced Rabbi Berger to move ahead quickly with his dream as he wants to be able to personally present this Torah as a gift to the Messiah. Many prominent rabbis and Kabbalists have told Rabbi Berger that may be very soon indeed.
The inspiration for the project came from the Book of Hosea (3:4-5), in which it is written:

Kerry’s True Disdain for Netanyahu Shines Through in Revealing Interview
By Abra Forman December 15, 2015 , 3:24 pm
“The princes of Zoan are mere fools; The advice of Pharaoh’s wisest advisers has become stupid.” (Isaiah 19:11)
Kerry Apartheid
John Kerry and Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: GPO)
A recent profile of Secretary of State John Kerry in The New Yorker reveals what the diplomat really thinks of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
The rift between the Obama and Netanyahu administrations is no secret. According to the article, “American officials speak of Netanyahu as myopic, entitled, untrustworthy, routinely disrespectful toward the President, and focused solely on short-term political tactics to keep his right-wing constituency in line.”
According to State Department aides, the “sources of Kerry’s exasperation with Netanyahu range from the injustice of settlement building in the West Bank to the way he employs Yitzhak Molcho, his lawyer and confidant, to stifle even the most inconsequential negotiation.”
In the eyes of Obama’s staff, “Netanyahu seems not to care if he insults the Administration.” The article cites several examples of Israeli officials’ “insulting” behavior, including the controversial speech against the Iran nuclear deal which Netanyahu gave to Congress without the White House’s permission.
Kerry brokered the deal, which Israelis viewed as a dangerously misguided concession that will increase the likelihood of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

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Post  Admin on Mon 14 Dec 2015, 8:36 pm

Answering John Kerry
By Caroline Glick
If Kerry’s options were real options, then Israel would have a clear and easy choice, just as he argues it has. But unfortunately, they aren’t real options. They are fantasies.
On Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech before the Brookings Institute’s Saban Forum.

Kerry focused on the Palestinian conflict with Israel and sought to draw a distinction between the two-state policy model, which he supports, and the one-state policy model, which he rejects.
To justify his rejection of a policy based on Israeli sovereignty over areas beyond the 1949 armistice lines, Kerry raised a series of questions about what a one-state policy would look like.
I answered all of his questions, as well as many others, in great detail in my book The Israeli Solution: A One- State Plan for Peace in the Middle East. I will do so again here, albeit with the requisite brevity.
But before discussing the specific questions Kerry raised with regard to the one-state model, it is important to discuss the nature of the policies Kerry described in his speech.

Kerry argued Israel should deny civil and property rights to Jews beyond the 1949 armistice lines, and ignore the building and planning laws of both Israel and the military government in Judea and Samaria in order to allow unrestricted Arab construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.
Such steps, he argued, will advance the cause of peace because they will pave the way for an Israeli withdrawal from the vast majority of these areas. Such a withdrawal in turn will bring about the desired two-state solution.
Since the two-state solution is supported by the whole world, Kerry argued that once Israel withdraws from the areas, it will gain the support of the world, peace with its Arab neighbors as well as the Palestinians, and become more prosperous and happy than it is today. It will also secure its democracy.
On the other hand, Kerry argued, if Israel respects the civil and property rights of Jews and continues to enforce the law toward Arabs as well as Jews, and if it eventually applies its laws to any or all of Judea and Samaria, Israel will enter a state of perpetual war with the Palestinians and the wider Arab world. Israel will cease to be a democracy. Israel will be impoverished.
Israel will be isolated internationally even more than it is today.
If Kerry’s options were real options, then Israel would have a clear and easy choice, just as he argues it has.
But unfortunately, they aren’t real options. They are fantasies.
Today Israel has three options. As Kerry advocates, it can withdraw from Judea and Samaria and partition Jerusalem. But if it does so, there is no reason to believe that the outcome will be a Palestinian state, let alone peace.
Rather, it is far more likely that an Israeli withdrawal will lead to the establishment of a second independent Palestinian enclave that the Palestinians and the international community will insist is still under occupation, just as the Palestinians and the international community insist that Gaza remains under Israeli occupation 10 years after Israel vacated the Gaza Strip entirely.
Without Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, Israel will become a strategic basket case in an increasingly chaotic region. It will invite aggression from the Palestinians and from the east that it will be hard pressed to defend against.
Just as Israel is condemned for every action it has taken to defend against Palestinian aggression from Gaza, so it will be condemned for the actions it will be forced to take to defend itself from Palestinian aggression in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and beyond.
In other words, the so-called “two-state solution” is a recipe for war and expanded international isolation for the Jewish state.
The second option for Israel is to maintain the status quo. Today, Israel shares governing power in Judea and Samaria with the PLO. Sometimes the PLO cooperates with Israeli security forces, and sometimes it cooperates with terrorist groups.
The PLO rejects Israel’s right to exist. It uses every available platform to undermine Israel’s legitimacy and wage economic and political war against the Jewish state.
The advantage of the status quo is that under it, Israel has security control over Judea and Samaria. Consequently, it is able to prevent Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem from becoming strategically indistinguishable from Gaza, where Hamas is now openly collaborating with Islamic State forces in Sinai.
Israel’s third option is to apply its laws over all or parts of Judea and Samaria. The first benefit of this option is that it maintains Israel’s ability to defend itself against security threats emanating from the Palestinians and from the east.
Caroline Glick Explains the Israeli Solution to the Peace Process
Beyond that, under Israeli law, the civil rights of Palestinians and Jews in Judea and Samaria will be vastly improved. Israel’s liberal legal code is superior to both the military code governing the Jews and the Palestinian Authority’s law of the jackboot which governs the Palestinians.
Whereas the status quo invites and engenders politicization of Israel’s military commanders who serve as the governing authorities of the areas, the third option would end the politicization of the IDF. Generals would take a backseat to elected leaders and government ministries. Police would be responsible for law enforcement. Rather than deploy regular and reserve units to dispel rioters, police, who are better trained for such events, would be judiciously deployed in areas where they are most needed. The IDF’s operations would be limited to counterterrorism.
None of Israel’s actual three options will necessarily enhance its international standing. This is the case because, as we have seen, Israel’s international standing has little to do with anything Israel does.
But then again, by exhibiting strength, and forcefully asserting its rights, Israel may find itself winning the respect of some foreign governments that currently view it is weak and open to blackmail.
This brings us to Kerry’s questions about a one-state model.
Kerry asked, “How does Israel possibly maintain its character as a Jewish and democratic state when from the river to the sea there would not even be a Jewish majority?” The answer is easily. Israel will retain its strong Jewish majority, and its commitment to democracy, after it applies its laws to Judea and Samaria.
Kerry asked, “Would millions of Palestinians be given the basic rights of Israeli citizens including the right to vote, or would they be relegated to a permanent underclass?” The answer is yes, they would be given the basic rights of Israeli citizens, including the right to vote, and no, they would not be relegated to a permanent underclass.
Kerry asked, “Would the Israelis and Palestinians living in such close quarters have segregated roads and transportation systems with different laws applying in the Palestinian enclaves?” The answer is, no.
Kerry asked, “Would anyone really believe they were being treated equally?” The answer is that, as we have seen repeatedly, no matter what Israel does, and no matter what the Palestinians do, people like Kerry will always claim that Israel is mistreating the Palestinians.
Kerry asked, “What would the international response be to that, my friends, or to a decision by Israel to unilaterally annex large portions of the West Bank?” The answer, again, is that the international response to such a move would be about the same as the international response to the continuation of the status quo or to an Israel withdrawal. To wit, the response will be hostile to Israel.
Kerry asked, “How could Israel ever have true peace with its neighbors, as the Arab Peace Initiative promises and as every Arab leader I have met with in the last year reinforces to me as recently as in the last month that they are prepared to do?” The answer is that Israel can have true peace with the Arab world when the Arab world accepts the legitimacy and permanence of the Jewish state.
Kerry asked, “How will [Arab states make peace]… if there is no chance for a two-state solution?” The answer is that they will make peace when they decide they want peace and they rid their societies of Jew hatred.
Kerry asked, “How will the Arab street in today’s world let… [the two-state solution] go by?” The answer is that the Arab street doesn’t believe in the “two-state solution.” The Arab street wants the dissolution of Israel.
Finally, Kerry asked, “And wouldn’t Israel risk being in perpetual conflict with millions of Palestinian living in the middle of a state?” The answer is that Israel is at risk of perpetual conflict with the Palestinians and the Arab world as a whole for as long as the Arabs hate Jews. The millions of Palestinians living within Israel’s borders constitute a far smaller strategic danger to Israel than the millions of Jew-hating Arabs, who have terrorist armies, perched on its international borders.
At the outset of his remarks, Kerry explained that as far as US Middle East policy is concerned, “Our goal, our strategy is to help ensure that the builders and the healers throughout the region have the chance that they need to accomplish their tasks.”
Sadly, this is neither a goal nor a strategy. It is the sort of platitude you’re likely to find inside a Chinese fortune cookie.
If Kerry is interested in an actual strategy, he can fork out 20 bucks and buy my book.
Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Pos

Islam – Combination of Politics, Religion and Hate
By Earl Cox
Obama shows undeniable bias in not naming a group associated with particular religious leanings that are near to his heart as radicals or terrorists.
Friday the 13th; an infamous day of horror for France with 129 innocent lives taken and hundreds more wounded with many in critical condition. The brutality and terror was egregious as can only be perpetrated by the foremost terror group ISIS although this savagery could conceivably have been perpetrated by any of the many terrorist groups operating openly and clandestinely around the globe.
Following the news release some were clueless and unwilling to speculate on who could have been the perpetrator of such viciousness. But to the rational, sober people of the world their fears were confirmed when ISIS was identified as the attackers; a self-proclaimed Islamist, and therefore Muslim, group. President Obama and his cohorts were (and are) reluctant to use the word “Islamic,” “Muslim,” or “extremist” in the same sentence instead using the terms “they” and “them.” President Obama said, “This is an attack not just on Paris…but this is an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share.” Universal values? This is where I draw a big red line.
While shocking, it’s not surprising that the president would say such a thing. Just last February President Obama said, “Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” This is absolutely not true and is a form of psychological denial. Islam is a combination of politics, religion and hate. It is well documented that America was established on Judeo-Christian values, ethics and morals which espouse honor, integrity, respect for human rights and the Biblical concept of “love thy neighbor.”

ISIS Forging Syrian Passports in Attempt to Infiltrate West
“Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be full of gravel.” (Proverbs 20:17)
A Syrian passport entry stamp. (Photo: Marnzjpm/ Wiki Commons)
With the Syrian refugee crisis raising concerns among Western officials of the possibility of ISIS capitalizing on the chaos to infiltrate the West, a new report reveals that the jihadist terror organization may have the ability to print legitimate Syrian passports.
According to an intelligence report obtained by ABC News, US officials are concerned that ISIS may have possession of a passport printing machine, issuing forged passports and documents to its operatives. Officials believe that jihadists may have already entered the US using the falsified documents.
Officials believe that the passport machine was seized when ISIS took control of the eastern Syrian city of Deir el-Zour last year. The local passport office was stocked with “dozens of blank passports” and a printing machine. Additional passports could also have been made in Raqqa, an ISIS controlled city.

US Angry But Impotent Over Second Iranian Missile Violation
“He shall seduce with flattery those who violate the covenant, but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” (Daniel 11:32)
The US is silently fuming over an Iranian test on November 21 of a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The test is the second of its kind to violate United Nations Security Council (UNSC)resolutions.
US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said on Tuesday, “The US is conducting a serious review of the reported incident.” She stated that if the reports are confirmed, the Obama administration would bring the issue to the UNSC and seek appropriate action.
A Western diplomatic source told Reuters said last week on condition of anonymity that the test of a Ghadr-110, a spin-off of the Shahab-3 missile, was held near Chabahar, a port city near Iran’s border with Pakistan. He said it was a liquid-fueled missile with a 1,900 km (1,180 mile) range and was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
In October, the US, Britain and France called on the UNSC’s Iran sanctions committee to take action over a similar Iranian ballistic missile test that they said violated UN sanctions. No action was taken in connection to that complaint, though the subject is scheduled for discussion this week. If the US takes unilateral action, it would be seen as a violation of their agreement with Iran.

Fierce Female Christian Warriors Take on ISIS
“Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.” (2 Samuel 10:12)
A female battalion of Kurdish soldiers. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Fifty Syriac Christian women in Syria’s Hasakeh region have left their homes, families, and jobs behind in order to join an all-female battalion formed to fight the growing menace of the Islamic State.
The battalion, known as the “Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers” – those two rivers being the Tigris and Euphrates – graduated its first recruits in August. So far, about fifty women have graduated from its training camp in the town of Al-Qahtaniyeh.
Syriac Christians, who pray in the ancient Aramaic language, follow the eastern Christian tradition. Both Orthodox and Catholic branches exist within the community, which makes up about 15 percent of Syria’s Christian population.
The Christian community in Syria constituted about five percent of the country’s total population before the conflict with ISIS began. Since then, the militant Islamic state has systematically driven thousands of Syrian Christians from their homeland and killed and enslaved thousands more.
The women in the new all-female battalion are eager to join the resistance against ISIS

Banning Muslim Immigration: Is Trump Right?
By David Rubin
Trump says a lot of things that upset a lot of people, but when it comes to the challenges posted by Muslim immigration to America, he is right on target.
Republican candidate Donald Trump is controversial. He says a lot of things that upset a lot of people. Recently, he has made a few statements that show his lack of experience on issues that concern Israel. Hopefully, he will find the humility to learn and evolve on those issues, but on the challenge of Muslim immigration to America, he is right on target.
The North American continent is now seeing the same trends of Muslim immigration and increasing Islamic terrorism that its European counterpart has been experiencing for years. The demographic threat isn’t as obvious as in Europe, where large and hostile Muslim populations in major cities along with growing Jihadist agitation have been increasingly serious challenges for some years now. The writing is on the wall for America, as well. As Muslim immigration continues and the Muslim birthrate remains high, the terrorist threats increase, as do the calls for Sharia, the oppressive Islamic legal system that bans non-Islamic religious expression, and allows wife beating, polygamy, and forms of child abuse.  Alongside the very high Muslim birthrate in the United States, the non-Muslim American birthrate remains very low, as delayed marriage, same-sex marriage, and a creeping anti-nuclear family culture takes root.

Judea, Samaria and Gaza:The Hanukka Connection 
By Michael Freund
As Jews around the world gather this week to celebrate Hanukka, it is worth taking a moment to consider an aspect of the holiday that is often overlooked.
Both in ancient and modern times, the miracles of Hanukka have been directly associated with Judea, Samaria and Gaza, those portions of the Land of Israel that the world is so keen to take away from us.
Now, in particular, when international pressure is mounting on the Jewish state to forgo these areas, it is all the more important that we appreciate the deep connection between the Festival of Lights and Israel’s heartland.
Consider the following: many critical chapters in the Maccabean wars, when God “delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, the many into the hands of the few,” took place in the territories that the world now accuses us of “occupying” and “colonizing.”
In 166 BCE, at Beit Horon, which is west of what is now Ramallah, Judah the Maccabee defeated the Seleucid governor Seron and routed his forces in a crushing defeat. This victory followed shortly after Judah and his men had vanquished Apollonius, the Seleucid commander, at Ma’aleh Levona near Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria.
In Beit Zecharia, in what is now Gush Etzion, Judah’s brother Elazar was killed when confronting elephants deployed by Antiochus against the Jewish rebels.
And it was in the hills around Beit El that many of the Hasmoneans found refuge from the Seleucid tyrant’s forces of oppression.

‘Women’s Studies’ is Betraying Women Under Sharia Law
By Dr. Phyllis Chesler
Last week, the National Women’s Studies Association membership voted to boycott Israel. The resolution reads, in part:
“As feminist scholars, activists, teachers, and public intellectuals . . . we cannot overlook injustice and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, perpetrated against
Palestinians and other Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, within Israel and in the Golan Heights, as well as the colonial displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Nakba.”
This vote is an utter betrayal of both reality and of women — especially women who live under Sharia law.
In 1970, I taught one of the first Women’s Studies courses in the country. What I had envisioned for the discipline has nothing to do with today’s anti-American, anti-Israel, post-colonial, faux-scholarly feminist academy.
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x2501.png
Today, Women’s Studies has been Stalinized and feminist professors are less concerned with the “occupation” of women’s bodies world-wide than they are with the alleged occupation of a country that has never existed: “Palestine.”
So I wasn’t surprised that the association held a plenary panel last year on that crucial feminist issue: “The Imperial Politics of Nation-States: US, Israel, and Palestine.” Panelists included former communist Angela Davis, the recipient of the Lenin Peace Prize; Rebecca Vilkomerson, the executive director of the infamous anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace; and Dr. Islah
Jad of Birzeit University, whose focus seems to be Palestinian women only.
They vowed to get the association to boycott Israel. Now they’ve succeeded.
But these “Feminists for Palestine” are in denial about Islam’s long and ugly history of imperialism, colonialism, gender and religious apartheid, anti-black racism, conversion via the sword, executions of apostates and slavery.
The association doesn’t condemn, for example, the atrocities being practiced by Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram and the Taliban against Muslim women, children and dissidents and against Christian,
Yazidi and Kurdish women whom ISIS has captured as sex slaves.

Arab-Israeli IDF Soldier with Elite Combat Training Joins ISIS
“Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.” (Psalm 41:9)
Screen capture from ISIS’s first Hebrew video. (Photo: Arabist / YouTube)
Security officials confirmed on Sunday that an Israeli army veteran from the elite Givati unit has defected from Israel to join the Islamic State in Syria.
The soldier, who is an Arab Muslim, was reported by the Israeli news source Walla as hailing from a village in northern Israel. The Times of Israel reported that the soldier, 25, joined the IDF after an argument with his father, who objected to his son serving, and that he has had very little contact with his family since.
The soldier, now an ISIS recruit, had served in the elite Givati infantry brigade of the IDF, a combat unit, whose operations are generally based in the Gaza area. He would have received months of intense military training, including weapons instruction, and first-hand knowledge of IDF tactics over his three years of service.
He was discharged from the army only last year, in January 2014. Though the timeline of his leaving Israel and joining ISIS is unknown, the Times of Israel reported that he first traveled from Israel to Turkey, and then crossed the border into Syria.

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Post  Admin on Sat 12 Dec 2015, 9:08 pm

Vatican to Catholics: Stop Missionizing Jews
By Lea Speyer December 11, 2015 , 11:00 am
“Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice?” (Proverbs 8:1)
In a landmark document, the Vatican announced on Thursday that Catholics should stop missionizing Jews and should work with Jews to combat anti-Semitism.

According to the document, which was released by the Vatican’s Commission for Religious Relations with Jews, God never annulled his covenant with the Jewish people and “the Church is therefore obliged to view evangelization to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views.”

For Persecuted Mideast Christians,
Obama Admin Tongue-Tied on Genocide
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)
While Christians in Iraq and Syria face the threat of extinction at the hands of the Islamic State terror group, the U.S. State Department remains silent on the prospect of publicly designating the atrocities against Christians and other Mideast religious minorities as “genocide.”
According to a recent investigative piece by journalist Michael Isikoff for Yahoo! News, the State Department is in the midst of internal discussions to officially recognize the Yazidi people as genocide victims. But a lingering question remains: Will other religious minorities be included in the Obama administration’s designation?
“Scholars and experts are in consensus regarding the term ‘genocide’ being applied to both Christians and Yazidis alike…We need to ensure that all groups being persecuted by Islamic extremism are being treated equally under Article 2 of the United Nations’ Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,” Mark Arabo, an American spokesman for the Middle East’s Chaldean Catholic community and a human rights activist, told JNS.org.

Where Do Israeli Interests Fit in the
Russia-Turkey-Syria Puzzle?
“... ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal”.’ ” (Ezekiel 38:2-3)
The Syrian civil war continues to fester and has now drawn in nearly every major world power, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Syria’s neighbor of Turkey, who all have different and often opposing interests.
The geopolitical situation recently escalated to new heights on Nov. 24, when a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet near the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey, which is a member of theNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), accused the Russian jet of repeatedly violating its airspace and is concerned with Russian attacks on Turkmen rebels—a Turkish ethnic group in Syria—who have been fighting the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, a government Russia and Iran both support.
While the Nov. 24 incident took place at the opposite end of Syria as far as the Israeli border is concerned, the conflict next door has naturally loomed large for the Jewish state, which has been increasingly concerned about Iran and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist group’s involvement on one hand, and the Islamic State terrorist organization’s role on the other. What do recent tensions between Russia and Turkey mean for Israel, and can the Jewish state benefit in any way from this conflict?
“As [Russian President Vladimir] Putin has now publicly pointed to yet another enemy for Russia, his list of allies continues to grow thin,” Anna Borshchevskaya, an expert on Russia’s Middle East policy for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy think tank, told JNS.org regarding the Turkey situation. “It would be in Putin’s interest to seek improvement of relations with countries that he has not yet named his enemies, and Israel is one such country.”

Israeli Bomb Shelters Can’t Hold a Candle to this Luxurious $17.5 Million Apocalypse Bunker
With political and religious upheaval slowly spreading across the four corners of the earth, doomsdayer’s and preppers are warning that the End of Days are here.
While some may call these types of folks crazy, today’s lunatic may turn out to be tomorrow’s prophet. It never hurts to be prepared and if you can, why not do so in luxury and style?
Luxury hotel or hardened bunker?
The 1951 civil defense law in Israel requires that all homes, residential buildings and industrial structures have bomb shelters. Israelis have become inured to this particular state of living and take it for granted. Levels of awareness only seem to jump up a few notches whenever there is a threat or an actual attack.
Most shelters do double-duty, serving a more mundane purpose when the rockets are at rest. Older shelters are uncomfortable living spaces and frequently used as utility rooms. Newer structures include safe rooms with windows that serve as home offices or even bedrooms. However, as the threat levels rise and the world’s superpowers vie for position in Syria, the thoughts of many Israelis turn more often to preparing for disaster. Being prepared is always wise, but some

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ISIS Manifesto Reveals Chilling Truth of European Sleeper Cells
By Ahuva Balofsky December 8, 2015 , 9:30 am
“And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great tumult from the LORD shall be among them; and they shall lay hold everyone on the hand of his neighbor, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of his neighbor.” (Zechariah 14:13)
Publications released by the Islamic State (ISIS) for its followers lay out a frightening plan for dispersal and dominance in Europe, reports The Investigative Project on Terrorism. According to the non-profit research group, a 99-page manifesto published by ISIS in January claims sleeper cells were established in Europe as early as 2012, right under the noses of security officials.
“They were quick to take the opportunity,” reads Black Flags From Rome, “of entering into the different countries of Europe (most probably as early as 2012). All this was happening under the nose of the European intelligence services whose job during this time (2012) was only to prevent European Muslims from entering Syria. (This shows how quick the Islamic groups were in planning ahead. Years before Europe even knew where its Muslim citizens were going – experienced Islamic fighters had already found safety in Europe.)”

Why is the White House Hosting an Arab Extremist?
In a move as outrageous as it is unprecedented, the leader of a radical Arab faction in the Knesset is making a firstof- its-kind, high-profile diplomatic visit to Washington this week.
Ignoring MK Ayman Odeh’s stellar record of extremism, the White House, State Department and a group of Reform rabbis will be rolling out the red carpet for him, as will civil rights leaders at the late Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Atlanta church. Of course, it is eminently possible that Odeh’s hosts are simply ignorant of his antics, and view his visit as a chance to nurture dialogue with Israeli Arabs. Perhaps that explains why philanthropist S. Daniel Abraham is reportedly organizing an event in Odeh’s honor.
But if that is the case, then they are sadly misinformed.
Cultivating a man such as Odeh, rather than seeking out the real moderates among Israel’s Arab population, is simply a tragic mistake.

Menorah Engraving Found on Temple Mount Answer to Centuries-Old Biblical Debate
By Lea Speyer December 10, 2015 , 10:30 am
“And you shall make a menorah of pure gold…And six branches coming out of its sides: three menorah branches from its one side and three menorah branches from its second side…” (Exodus 25:32-40)
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/archaeology-menorah-fragment1.jpg
This 1,000-year-old potshard found on the Temple Mount depicting a menorah may have ended centuries of debate on the original design of the Temple Menorah. (Photo: The Temple Mount Sifting Project)
ust in time for Hanukkah, a 1,000-year-old archaeological find may just have ended a centuries old debate on what the original design of the Menorah in the Holy Temples resembled.
Discovered by the Temple Mount Sifting Project, the 1,000-year-old potsherd originating from the Temple Mount bearing a symbol resembling a menorah is being hailed by archaeologists as a significant discovery.

Israel’s President Reveals Obama's Gloomy Outlook on Mideast Peace Talks
“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” (Jeremiah 29:11)
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and US President Barack Obama meet at the White House, December 9, 2015. (Photo: GPO)
Following a private meeting between Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and US President Barack Obama on Wednesday at the White House, the US leaders expressed his concern over the future of peace talks and the viability of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s leadership.
Rivlin stated that Obama “expressed his concern over the future to come as well as the future of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas,” which rumors have indicated he may be considering resigning or dissolving the PA due to lack of progress in peace talks.
“The president was very open, very sincere and very clear in his words to me,” Rivlin told the media. “The president expressed both his concern and his uncompromising commitment to Israel.”
In the midst of ongoing terror attacks against Israelis, Obama called on Abbas to condemn the violence as a sign of goodwill towards Israel.

ISIS Cell Busted in Nazareth
“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.” (Psalm 34:7)
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/israel-isis.jpg
As ISIS takes over more swaths of Syria each day, an Israeli official warned this week that an attack against Israel by ISIS is only a matter of time.
The unnamed senior defense official, speaking to the Hebrew language daily Yedioth Ahronoth, said that the jihadist group is increasing its global reach and ability to conduct attacks outside of Iraq and Syria, the boundaries of its declared caliphate.
The recent terror attacks in France and the US are a major indication of this shift in tactics by the Islamist group, the official explained.
However, what makes ISIS unlike most terror groups that attack Israel, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, is the lack of a central, organized structure. An Israeli response to an ISIS attack therefore become all the more difficult, the official said.

Lost Tribe of Menashe Celebrates Hanukkah in India [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
“I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries where you are scattered, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, and with wrath poured out.” (Ezekiel 20:34)
By Lea Speyer December 9, 2015 , 12:30 pm
“I will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries where you are scattered, with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, and with wrath poured out.” (Ezekiel 20:34)

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San Bernardino Terrorist "Obsessed with Israel"
By Lea Speyer December 7, 2015 , 12:30 pm
“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” (Proverbs 6:16-19)
Startling new details about Syed Farook, part of the husband and wife terrorist duo behind last week’s shooting attack in San Bernardino, California, have emerged, painting an even more disturbing picture of the possible motivations behind the attack.
Farook’s father, also named Syed Farook, revealed to the Italian newspaper La Stampa as quoted by Fox News that his son was an ideological follower of the ISIS terror group, wanted to take part in establishing an Islamic caliphate and was “obsessed” with Israel.
“My son said that he shared [ISIS leader Abu Bakr] Al-Baghdadi’s ideology and supported the creation of the Islamic State,” Farook stated. “He was also obsessed with Israel.”

Modern Day Hanukkah Miracles Turn Terrorist Darkness into Healing Lights
“Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.” (Psalm 139:12)
By Tsivya Fox December 7, 2015 , 11:30 am
“Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.” (Psalm 139:12)
It was the last night of Hanukkah in 2001. David Rubin, the founder and president of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, an organization seeking to ease the trauma of terrorism in children and rebuild the Biblical heartland of Israel, had finished basking in the lights of his fully lit menorah and contemplating the miracles that happened to the ancient Israelis nearly 2,200 years ago and its relevance today.
Little did he know that shortly after filling his home and heart with holiday light, his life would suddenly shift to a time of darkness through a brutal terrorist attack.
“Every year, as my family celebrates Hanukkah, the trauma of that terror attack gets re-lived a bit,” Rubin shared with Breaking Israel news. “But, we strive to focus on the miracles that we experienced, our gratefulness to God, and the healing work which has come out of this through the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund.”

Obama Blows Hot Air in Oval Office Speech
on War on Terror
By Ahuva Balofsky December 7, 2015 , 1:39 pm
“Fear thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed, for I am thy God; I strengthen thee, yea, I help thee; yea, I uphold thee with My victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)
In an effort to address “the significant concerns and very real and legitimate fears in the United States and around the world,” US President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office for only the third time in his presidency and the first time since 2010 on Sunday evening. He took the opportunity to acknowledge the growing threat of terrorism, but offered nothing of substance to the conversation.
Following the attack in San Bernardino, California, in which a Muslim couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, shot up a holiday party at the husband’s work, killing 14 and injuring another 21, Obama admitted, “This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people.” He also recognized the need to reexamine the visa program which allowed the Pakistani Malik to enter the country as Farook’s fiancee, in an effort to improve the screening process.
He denied, however, the possibility that the attack was part of a greater or organized plot. “So far, we have no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home,” he said. Obama did note, though, that Farook and Malik “had gone down the dark path of radicalization.” Malik had pledged her support and allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS) leader on Facebook.

Groundbreaking Petition Signed by
Leading Rabbis Calls for Increased Partnership Between Jews and Christians

“A Song of Ascents. Of David. Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on the beard, on the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes! It is like the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion! For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.” (Psalms 133:1-3)
A new groundbreaking petition signed by leading Orthodox rabbis calls for furthering the fraternal partnership between Jewish and Christian leaders.
The petition, titled “To Do the Will of Our Father in Heaven: Toward  Partnership between Jews and Christians,” is the brainchild of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, founder of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC).
The petition has already been  signed by over 25 prominent Orthodox rabbis in Israel, the United States and Europe with the intention of gathering together the entire Orthodox world in furthering Judeo-Christian relations.

The Mystery of the Lost Jubilee:
Part III – Roman Holiday
By Bob O'Dell & Gidon Ariel
Among all of Christianity, the Catholic Church has invested more energy and focus into the concept of Jubilee than anyone else.
In part two of our series, we discussed the significance of the year 1967 to the Jewish people and Israel; that being the reunification of Jerusalem and its establishment as the eternal capital of Israel. We then added 49 and 50 years to that date, suggesting that 2016 and 2017 are critical years to watch closely.

But what about non-Jews?
Among all of Christianity, the Catholic Church has invested more energy and focus into the concept of Jubilee than anyone else. And the next Catholic Jubilee year begins on December 8th this year! How did that decision come about?
The first Jubilee year in Christianity has been generally regarded to be the year 1300, when Pope Boniface VIII declared that year to be the one when the church would be offering full pardon and forgiveness of sins to those who travel to Rome and confess their sins. While the word jubilee never appeared in the papal declaration (it used the term celebration), before long this year began to be referred to in writings of that era as the Jubilee Year.
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x2501.png

While the pope’s intention was that the next such year be a full one hundred years later, Pope Clement VI declared that the next Jubilee would occur in 1350. That celebration was so popular that new Jubilee dates began to be declared by the church in various years as follows.
– 1390 (40 years after 1350)
– 1400 (50 years after 1350)
– 1423 (33 years after 1390 in commemoration of the life of Christ)
– 1450 (because that was 50 years after 1400)
– 1475 (Jubilees now began to be declared every 25 years!)
The 25 year pattern continued until 1900, when things began to get complicated again.
– 1900
– 1933 (33 years after 1900)
– 1950 (50 years after 1900)
– 1966 (33 years after 1933)
– 1983 (Extraordinary)
However, in 1983, Pope John Paul II declared a Jubilee outside of the normal pattern, an extraordinary Jubilee called the Holy Year of Redemption. Since then, Jubilee years can be declared by the pope in addition to any regular interval, such as the regular Jubilee that occurred on the year 2000.
In April of this year, Pope Francis declared that an extraordinary Jubilee would begin on December 8, 2015, which marks the start of the Catholic Church’s yearly calendar. This year is to be celebrated as the Year of Mercy. The most talked about provision of this Year of Mercy within Catholic circles is the ability for Catholic priests to directly forgive the sin of abortion, without having to refer the matter to a church bishop.
Pope Francis said it was no accident that he decided that this Jubilee Year was to begin exactly 50 years from the closing of the Second Vatican council. Vatican II addressed the relationship between the Catholic Church and the modern world, including a brief statement rejecting anti-semitism. “Mercy,” said the pope, “relates us to Judaism and Islam, both of which consider mercy to be one of God’s most important attributes.” However, after the Paris attacks of November 13, additional work is underway to secure the large throngs of pilgrims in Rome from being attacked by radical Islamists.
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/opedphoto.jpg
St. Peter’s Basilica. (Photo: Emilio Garcia, Wikicommons)
There is certainly no conscious connection between the pope’s declaration of the Catholic Year of Mercy, December 8, 2015 thru November 20, 2016, and our search for a Jubilee year that might be silently repeating throughout history. The pope can call a Jubilee whenever he wishes.

But what about the opposite argument? Might the selection of this year by the pope be evidence against its selection by God? This is a fair question, given that many Christians express great concern about the pope, seeing many of his actions in direct opposition to God.
We feel no need to weigh in on that matter here, because the answer doesn’t affect the outcome. Proverbs 21:1 gives us a clue:
“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.” (KJV)
image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/213-Root%20Source%20Jubilee%20banner.jpg

So the question is not “what is the pope doing?” It is “what is God doing?”

Connect with Others
What do you say?
Is God sovereignly directing the events of the Catholic Church, such that Pope Francis declares a Jubilee year exactly 49 years from the Six-Day War in 1967 when Jerusalem was reunited to Israel?
Is God more likely to restore something important to Israel during a year that Catholics also are looking for mercy from God and declaring a Jubilee?
Put your comments below! If you are new to this series and want to jump in with us to help solve this mystery, just write “count me in” below.
Next Time
In the next installment in this series, we will look at the Jubilee from the perspective of non-Catholic Christianity. To do this we will travel from Rome to many other locations including the United States.

Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/55506/the-mystery-of-the-lost-jubilee-part-iii-roman-holiday-opinion/#4K7HhtO6MxziZuYk.99

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Exposed: Obama’s Love for Jihadis and Hate
for Christians

By Raymond Ibrahim
President Obama recently lashed out against the idea of giving preference to Christian refugees, describing it as “shameful.”  “That’s not American.  That’s not who we are.  We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” loftily added the American president.
Accordingly, the administration is still determined to accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees, almost all of whom will be Muslim, despite the fact that some are ISIS operatives, while many share the ISIS worldview (as explained below).
Yet right as Obama was grandstanding about “who we are,” statistics were released indicating that “the current [refugee] system overwhelmingly favors Muslim refugees. Of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim.”

The American War Against the Jews
By Caroline Glick
The foundations of American Jewish life are under assault today in ways that were unimaginable a generation ago. Academia is ground zero of the onslaught.
Academia is ground zero of the onslaught. The protest movements on campuses are first and foremost anti-Jewish movements.
For the past decade or so, Jewish communal leaders and activists have focused on just one aspect of this anti-Jewish campaign. Jewish leaders have devoted themselves to helping Jewish students combat the direct anti-Semitism inherent to the anti-Israel student movements.
Despite the substantial funds that have been devoted to fighting anti-Israel forces on campuses, they have not been diminished. To the contrary, with each passing year they have grown more powerful and menacing.
Consider a sampling of the anti-Jewish incidents that took place over the past two weeks.

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Kerry: Israel Cannot Remain Jewish and Democratic Without Making Peace
 Lea Speyer December 6, 2015 , 12:30 pm
“A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.” (Proverbs 18:6)
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry points at a State Department photographer as he deplanes in Greece. (Photo: State Department / Public Domain)
US Secretary of State John Kerry has landed in hot water over the weekend after making comments blaming Israel for the failure of not reaching a two-state solution.
Speaking Saturday at the Saban Forum at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, Kerry warned that current political trends in Israel were leading to a one-state solution, adding that Israel would not be able to maintain its democratic and Jewish character.
“The sense of distrust has never been more profound,” Kerry warned. “The Israeli and Palestinian people deserve better. But the current path is not leading to a more peaceful future.”
The secretary of state slammed Israel for continued construction in Area C of Judea and Samaria, which he believes is leading to continued Palestinian disillusionment in the peace process.
“The status quo is simply not sustainable and the fact of the matter is that current trends, including violence, settlement activity, demolitions, are imperiling the viability of a two-state solution,” Kerry warned. “And that trend has to be reversed to prevent this untenable one-state reality from taking hold.”

Winter Weather Arrives in Israel
Just in Time for Hanukkah

“He gives snow like wool; he scatters hoarfrost like ashes. He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs; who can stand before his cold?” (Psalm 147:16-17)
Just in time for Hanukkah on Sunday evening, Israel is bracing for its first round of real winter weather. With an unusual cold front arriving over the Sabbath, the lack of humidity will prevent the front from bringing snow or precipitation.
Strong winds are predicted all over Israel, with temperatures rising slightly on Sunday to a balmy 11°C (51 °F). 
The Israel Electric Company said in a statement, “We are prepared for any and every emergency and we will ensure that the power stays on.”
Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s emergency response unit, issued a series of advisories in preparation for the rapid change in temperature and weather. “Care should be taken to strengthen the ties of various objects outside, such as patio chairs and tables, lamps, clotheslines, and toys, in order not to affect pedestrians. It is important to be careful while opening and closing windows due to the high winds, as they may slam shut suddenly.”

Strong Leadership Award Goes To...
 watch: Bibi Just Went Off On France And It Was EPIC
He has every right to be angry with them.

Clueless Leadership
watch: Obama on Climate Change and Islamic Terrorism in 42 Seconds!

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Donald Trump Headed to Israel: “I’ve Always Wanted to Visit”
By Lea Speyer December 4, 2015 , 11:45 am
loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” (Proverbs 17:17)
Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump will make his way to Israel before the year’s end, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed. according to The Jerusalem Post.
An anonymous official revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Trump, who has been consistently leading in the polls for the GOP nominee over the last several months.
Netanyahu has a policy of meeting with all major presidential candidates, regardless of party affiliation, should they visit Israel.
While the Trump camp has yet to officially confirm details of the trip, Trump stated on Wednesday that he plans to visit Israel “soon.”
Speaking at a rally in Manassas, Virginia to an audience of Jewish Republicans, Trump said, “I love Israel…Israel is our real strong supporter,” adding that he has “always wanted to visit.”
While Trump has been very outspoken on a host of policy issues, one issue that has remained unclear is how, if elected president, he would take on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Christian Zionist Group Holds EU Parliament Symposium on Labeling Laws
“Let people serve you, and nations bow down to you, be lord over brothers, and let your mother’s sons bow down to you; ...” (Genesis 27:29)
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) held a symposium at the European Union Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday to address the recent EU decision to label Israeli goods made in Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and eastern Jerusalem.
Titled “The Economic Wall of the EU Labeling Move,” the symposium was hosted by MEP Hannu Takkula and MEP Bas Belder and also included renowned international legal expert, Prof. Avi Bell; Greek Orthodox priest and founder of the Israeli Christian Empowerment Council, Father Gabriel Naddaf; and the Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands, Binyomin Jacobs.
Last month, the EU introduced guidelines requiring member states to stop carrying the “Made in Israel” label for products made in Jewish communities situated beyond the 1967 lines.
Prof. Bell told the audience that he believes the labeling law violates international law.
“While the interpretive notice restricts labels on Israeli products, EU law permits Taiwan and the Palestinian Authority to market products in the EU with ‘made in Taiwan’ and ‘made in Palestine’ labels that contradict EU views on sovereignty, according to which neither is an independent state,” Bell said.

“Every Jew a .22”: Can You Believe in the Bible and Own a Gun?
“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” (Psalm 144:1)
Do not be deceived. While CNN insists on calling the latest terror attack in California a “workplace accident,” the three Muslims wearing Go-Pro cameras as they massacred innocents at a center for the disabled were Islamic jihadist terrorist.
The only moral response and responsible reaction is for every person to defend themselves.
“Every Jew A .22” – that slogan is for you Christians too.
In the wake of the daily terror attacks facing the Jewish State, the laws of gun control are changing in Israel. Nonetheless, the majority of Jews living outside of Israel believe in stricter gun control and do not own weapons themselves.
After the unparalleled history of oppression and murder suffered by the Jewish people, wouldn’t it make sense that out of all people, Jews would see the importance of bearing arms?

Obama’s “Signing Bonus” to Iran
Hits Legal Snag
“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.” (Psalms 23:4)
By: Joshua Sharf
Iran may need to wait a while to collect its $150 billion “signing bonus” in this year’s nuclear deal with the P5+1 nations.
As part of July’s nuclear deal, President Barack Obama agreed to release Iranian assets that have been frozen in U.S. banks since the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979. But Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, a non-profit legal assistance group based in Tel Aviv, has sent a letter to 11 American banks warning them that releasing the money now would be a violation of a current U.S. court order intended to compensate victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism.
The banks addressed in the letter are believed to be holding frozen Iranian assets, and awaiting certification by the administration than Iran has met certain preliminary benchmarks for the release of that money.
U.S. courts, however, have awarded judgments to a number of American families against the Iranian government as victims of terrorism perpetrated by Iran-sponsored terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.
One such case dates back to Sept. 4, 1997, when Hamas executed triple suicide bombings on the Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall in Jerusalem. The attack killed five Israelis and severely injured a number of Americans.

Israeli Knesset Enlists to Wage Legislative War on Terror
“The wise fear the LORD and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure.” (Proverbs 14:16)
By: Gideon Allon
The Israeli Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee is debating an anti-terror bill that seeks to reconcile Israel’s need to fight terrorism with the need to maintain democratic values as well as civil and human rights.
The bill aims to “afford the state the necessary legal tools to counter the growing threat of terrorism Israel faces.” It also proposes updating the codes, regulations, and laws that deal with the legal aspects of terror prevention and relevant punitive actions, and creating uniform legislation.
Debate on the proposals, which have been on the books for more than a decade, has a sense of urgency given the ongoing wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Some of the legislators involved with the bill believe the current violence might make passing the bill easier.

Armenian Christmas in the Holy Land:
“You Cannot Imagine”
By JNS December 4, 2015 , 7:00 am
“Boaz arrived from Bethlehem. He said to the harvesters ‘God be with you!’ and they answered him ‘May God bless you!’” (Ruth 2:4)
By: Maayan Jaffe
Scouts with their colorful uniforms gather. More than 20 Armenian bishops and priests stand in Manger Square in Bethlehem to greet the Armenian Patriarch, His Beatitude Archbishop Nourhan Manougian. With the sounds of trumpets, bagpipes, and music, the voices of young choir singers and shouts of joy, the Armenian Christmas ceremony commences.
It’s 10 a.m. and the procession begins. By 10:30, Israeli police on horseback meet the group. By 2 p.m., the Patriarch will enter the Church of the Nativity and the first of three masses will begin in the Grotto of the Nativity, the place where Jesus was born.
“You cannot imagine,” says Father Avedis Ipradjian during an interview with JNS.org in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. He describes hundreds of worshippers pouring into Bethlehem from Jaffa, Haifa, Ramle, and Jerusalem. They are greeted by Bethlehem Mayor Vera Baboun, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, and several other important Christian, Muslim, and governmental dignitaries.
Special permits are required to allow for the mass pilgrimage of Israeli Armenian Christians to Bethlehem. Every year, families receive a sheet of paper to affix to their cars and they go unhindered. Today, members of the PA greet the procession. Before 1995, top Israeli officials took part in the ceremony.

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Syrians are a Terror Threat, Here are the Numbers By Daniel Greenfield
They are not the Jews fleeing a Nazi Holocaust. They are the Nazis trying to relocate from a bombed out Berlin.
Syria is a terror state. It didn’t become that way overnight because of the Arab Spring or the Iraq War.
Its people are not the victims of American foreign policy, Islamic militancy or any of the other fashionable excuses. They supported Islamic terrorism. Millions of them still do.
They are not the Jews fleeing a Nazi Holocaust. They are the Nazis trying to relocate from a bombed out Berlin.
These are the cold hard facts.
ISIS took over parts of Syria because its government willingly allied with it to help its terrorists kill Americans in Iraq. That support for Al Qaeda helped lead to the civil war tearing the country apart.
The Syrians were not helpless, apathetic pawns in this fight. They supported Islamic terrorism.
A 2007 poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and the Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS. Less than 10% of Syrians opposed their terrorism.
Why did Syrians support Islamic terrorism? Because they hated America.
Sixty-three percent wanted to refuse medical and humanitarian assistance from the United States. An equal number didn’t want any American help caring for Iraqi refugees in Syria.

The vast majority of Syrians turned down any form of assistance from the United States because they hated us. They still do. Just because they’re willing to accept it now, doesn’t mean they like us.
If we bring Syrian Muslims to America, we will be importing a population that hates us.
The terrorism poll numbers are still ugly. A poll this summer found that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS.  A third of Syrians support the Al Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Since Sunnis are 3/4rs of the population and Shiites and Christians aren’t likely to support either group, this really means that Sunni Muslim support for both terror groups is even higher than these numbers make it seem.
And even though Christians and Yazidis are the ones who actually face ISIS genocide, Obama has chosen to take in few Christians and Yazidis. Instead 98.6% of Obama’s Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims.

UN Watchdog: Iran Made “Coordinated” Efforts to Build Nuclear Weapons
By Lea Speyer December 3, 2015 , 12:00 pm
“I said in my heart, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time for every matter and for every work.” (Ecclesiastes 3:17)
A newly released report by the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency on Iran’s nuclear related military research has left Iranian and Israeli officials unofficially sparring on the world stage.
The report, released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), concluded that Iran conducted “coordinated” efforts in its nuclear weapons research up to 2003 and, to a lesser extent, until 2009.
A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem said that the IAEA report “proved beyond any doubt that Iran operated a secret program to develop nuclear weapons, including after 2003.”

New Details Reveal PLO Terrorists Brutalized, Castrated Israelis at Munich Games
By JNS December 3, 2015 , 7:30 am
“When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” (Proverbs 21:15)
Relatives of the 11 Israeli team members who were murdered by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorists during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany, have revealed new details of the grizzly attack—including how the Israelis were brutalized, and one in case, even castrated by the terrorists.
“What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him,” widow Ilana Romano said of her husband, Yossef, a champion weight lifter who was shot in the beginning of the attack and left to die, the New York Times reported.
“Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up?” she added. “They watched this.”
In 1972, six Israeli coaches and five athletes were taken hostage and then murdered by the PLO terror group Black September after a pre-dawn attack on their apartment in the Olympic Village.
The family members of the victims only learned the details of how they were treated nearly 20 years after the massacre, when German authorities released reports of the attack that the authorities previously denied existed, the New York Times reported.

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How Russian Jews Helped Shape the Life of One of the World’s Most Powerful Leaders
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz December 2, 2015 , 11:30 am
“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)
In the long history of Jews in Russia, the government has rarely been an ally, and often been the source of persecution. Current Russian president Vladimir Putin, however, is a powerful exception, with Jews playing a significant role in his personal history and his inner circle.  With the Russian army a major player in the potentially explosive multi-national puzzle unfolding in Syria, this personal element could become an important, perhaps decisive, factor in how the conflict unfolds.

At the International Assembly of Chabad Representatives in 2007, Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazar, often referred to as “Putin’s Rabbi”, told a remarkable story about the Russian leader, which he heard from Putin himself.

“When he was a young child, he grew up in a very poor family. His parents were always out at work. He was fortunate that the next door neighbor was a Hasidic Jewish family, and they always made sure to invite him over,” Lazar explained. “They were extremely kind to him, and he realized that not only were they kind to a child that wasn’t theirs, not only were they kind to a child that wasn’t Jewish, but they were kind to a child in a time and place when it was dangerous to do that.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin with Russia's Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar lights a menorah during the Jewish Hanukkah holiday. (Photo: Kremlin.ru/ Wiki Commons)
“Thirty years later, because of the gratitude he felt for that family, and for the respect he felt for the Jewish people as a whole, as deputy mayor of the city of Leningrad, he granted official permission to open the first Jewish school in the city.”

The family in Lazar’s story was that of Anatoly Rakhlin, Putin’s high-school wrestling coach, a man he considered to be a father-figure and at whose funeral he cried. Putin described the family in his autobiography, First Person.

“(They were) observant Jews who did not work on Saturdays, and the man would study the Bible and Talmud all day long,” he wrote. “Once I even asked him what he was muttering. He explained to me what this book was and I was immediately interested.”

Putin’s Jewish connection was not an anomaly limited to his childhood memories. In 2005, when Putin made an official visit to Israel, he visited his high-school teacher, Mina Yuditskaya Berliner, who lived in Tel Aviv. He even bought her an apartment in the city when he heard she was living in poor conditions.

Arkadi and Boris Rotenberg were his judo sparring partners under Coach Rakhlin, and remain his close friends to this day. The Rotenberg’s are billionaire contractors, and the relationship is mutually beneficial, with the Rotenberg brothers getting government contracts worth many billions of dollars.

In fact, Putin has surrounded himself with rich and successful Jews, such as Moshe Kantor (net worth $2.3 billion), Lev Leviev (net worth $1.5 billion), Roman Abramovich (net worth $9.1 billion) and Victor Vekselberg (net worth $13.6 billion). They are all close friends and confidantes of the Russian president, and they are all quite openly Jewish.

On the Jewish New Year, celebrated in September, Putin sent a holiday greeting to Rabbi Lazar, wishing the Russian Jewish community a “sweet and happy New Year.”

“For centuries, Jewish values inspired lofty ideals,” Putin wrote. He said that these values enhanced “relations among different peoples…through charity and education, all in the interest of the public good.” In a direct manner, he pledged “fierce opposition to any manifestation of anti-Semitism and xenophobia.”

Putin puts his money where his mouth is and donated a month of his salary as president to the Jewish Museum in Moscow. His name is proudly listed on the museum wall as a donor.

Perhaps due to his connection with Jews on a personal level, Putin can be said to view Russian Jews as first and foremost good Russian citizens. This has already had international repercussions. When Putin met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in September to discuss the developing situation in Syria, the meeting produced positive results, with Putin expressing his strong connection with Israel.
“We never forget that in the State of Israel reside many former Soviet citizens, and that has a special implication on the relationship between our two states,” Putin stated. “Every Russian action in the area has always been very responsible. We are aware of the artillery against Israel and we condemn it. “

In 2011, at the  Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in Moscow, Putin said, “Israel is, in fact, a special state to us. It is practically a Russian-speaking country. Israel is one of the few foreign countries that can be called Russian-speaking. It’s apparent that more than half of the population speaks Russian.”

In 2014, Putin was one of the few political leaders who supported Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, saying at a meeting with representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe to fight anti-Semitism and xenophobia, “I support Israel’s battle that is intended to keep its citizens protected.”

Putin is a powerful player in the explosive situation in the Middle East. There are clearly political and military considerations that cause him to look upon Israel as an ally, but it might be the personal connection he has with Jews that has led him to be the most pro-Israel Russian leader the world has seen in a long time.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/55179/how-russian-jews-helped-shape-life-worlds-most-powerful-leaders-jewish-world/#Daz1ZDd8XXaglJqV.99

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Netanyahu Admits Israel’s Military Operates in Syria “From Time
to Time”

By Lea Speyer December 2, 2015 , 9:30 am
“If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed.” (Ecclesiastes 10:10)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at 8th Galilee conference, held in the Northern Israeli city of Acre, December 1, 2015. (Photo: Meir Vaknin/Flash90)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted on Tuesday that the Israeli military operates in Syria “from time to time” to prevent the transfer of weapons into the Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon.

Speaking at the Galilee Conference in Acre, Netanyahu confirmed Israel’s presence in the war ravaged country while praising ongoing Israeli-Russian coordination efforts in Syria.
“We operate in Syria from time to time to prevent it turning into another front against us,” he said. “We act, of course, to prevent the transfer of deadly weaponry from Syria to Lebanon.”

Report: Israel Biggest Buyer of Oil Smuggled from ISIS Controlled Territories
By JNI Media December 2, 2015 , 10:30 am
“When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm.” (Psalm 75:3)
A group of Kurdish and Syrian smugglers is selling oil from the territories under the control of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to Israel, the Arabic language paper Rai al-Yum reported on Monday, citing Russian media reports. Apparently, ISIS produces from 20 to 40 thousand oil barrels daily, bringing in from one to one and a half million dollars each day. The oil is pumped from two major fields in the province of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria, and from two fields in Iraq, and it is transported by convoys to the Kurdish city of Zakho, located a few miles from the Iraqi-Turkish border, where the smugglers wait for it. This is where Turkish and Israeli brokers go as well.
From Zakho the oil is transported to the Turkish town of Silopi, in southeastern Anatolia, where it is marked as oil from the Kurdish areas. It is sold at between 15 to 18 dollars a barrel to “Dr. Fried,” an Israeli broker described as being in his 50s, who has a Greek citizenship. This broker transfers the oil to several ports in Turkey, where they are delivered to several consumers, chiefly Israel.

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In Wake of New Intifada Netanyahu Cabinet Reevaluating Letting the Palestinian Authority Collapse
By JNI Media November 30, 2015 , 12:30 pm
“Light dawns in the darkness for the upright; he is gracious, merciful, and righteous.” (Psalm 112:4)
Netanyahu’s cabinet meeting. (Photo: YouTube screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xoi64QQn8RA)
The Palestinian Authority’s security forces have foiled more than a hundred attacks since October 1, Walla reported on Thursday. Those attacks were at various levels of planning and execution, and in most cases it amounted to teenagers posting on the social networks they were going out to kill Jews, only to be arrested between their home and the nearest IDF checkpoint. It didn’t require great sleuth work, but the PA preventive action spared lives, including the lives of the young perpetrators.
Of course, the same Palestinian Authority generated the heated incitement to violence in its delusional “save Al-Aqsa” campaign, which began and egged on those sporadic outbursts in the first place. It’s the same Authority which has been defying almost every part of the Oslo peace accords, organizing terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians (most recently at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem), seeking statehood via the UN, fueling boycott drives against Israel, and now taking Israel to the International Criminal Court.

Read more at 

EU Vows to Take Part in Peace Process after Being Kicked Out by Israel for BDS Labeling Policy
By Lea Speyer December 1, 2015 , 11:00 am
“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” (Proverbs 18:2)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, in Jerusalem, on November 07, 2014. (Photo: Kobi Gideon /GPO)
One day after Israel announced that the EU’s involvement in the peace process is suspended, an EU spokeswoman said Monday that European officials would continue to work in the Quartet and with Arab parties to solve the conflict.
The move by Israel, announced Sunday, was made pending a “reassessment” of the EU’s decision to label products “Made in Israel” originating from Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The EU’s labeling policy is being widely lauded as a major win for the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
The EU’s announcement was made on the sidelines of the COP21 climate change summit in Paris, where EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The EU will continue to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict because “peace in the Middle East was an issue of interest to the entire international community, as well as all Europeans,” the spokeswoman said.
Read more at 

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Netanyahu Orders Israel to Break Contact With EU
Following decision to label Israeli goods, Prime Minister suspends talks with EU institutions, representatives.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Foreign Ministry to reassess its involvement with European Union (EU) institutions regarding the political process with the Palestinians.
Until the assessment is completed, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the suspension of all political contact with EU institutions and representatives on the issue.
This directive was made in response to the EU decision to label products from Judea and Samaria.
The Foreign Ministry has clarified that Israel is still dealing with individual nations within Europe, including Germany, the UK and France, but not with European Union institutions.

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ISIS Poster Child Allegedly Beaten to Death for Trying to Escape
Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, who did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.” Psalms (41:10)
A teenaged girl from Austria who had joined the Islamic State (ISIS) and whose image was used in ISIS propaganda has allegedly been beaten to death by the militant group for trying to escape, Austrian media reported. Samra Kesinovic, 17, is one of two girls who ran away from their Vienna homes in April 2014.
According to Austrian newspapers Österreich and Kronen Zeitung, Kesinovic was killed when she tried to escape from jihadist-controlled territory in Raqqa, Syria, and return home. Kronen Zeitung cited a Tunisian woman who claimed to have known Kesinovic and her friend, Sabina Selimovic, before escaping herself. The Austrian interior ministry has not yet confirmed Kesinovic’s death.
The two girls are children of Bosnian immigrants to Austria, and at 15 they flew to Turkey, crossing the border into Syria to join ISIS. Soon after, images of the pair, armed and wearing hijabs, began circulating in ISIS social media posts. In some photos, they appear surrounded by armed men.

Expert: Hundreds of Millions of Refugees, Migrants Could Flood Europe
“The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, violated the statute, broken the everlasting covenant.”
Isaiah (24:5)
By Ahuva Balofsky November 29, 2015 , 9:30 am
While Europe is floundering under the burden of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees knocking at its doors, one Israeli professor predicts this could just be a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming, Haaretz reported.
According to Professor Arnon Soffer, a geostrategist at the University of Haifa and adviser to the Israeli government, a combination of exponential population growth and significant climate change could send hundreds of millions of African migrants to seek new shores, with Europe the most logical destination.
The paper cited Soffer and Professor Ronnie Ellenblum of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who both discussed their predictions for the decades to come, ahead of the global climate change conference in Paris early next month.
Soffer believes that a worst-case scenario would result in parts of the Middle East and Africa becoming uninhabitable, as global warming could cause average temperatures in the area to increase by as much as eight to 12 degrees Celsius by 2100. Even the more conservative estimate of only a two to four degree increase would render the region extremely uncomfortable, encouraging many to leave for milder regions.

Israeli Police Officer Stabbed in Neck Outside Old City of Jerusalem
By Lea Speyer November 29, 2015 , 11:30 am
“May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!” (Psalm 29:11)
An Israeli Border Police officer was moderately wounded in a stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate outside the Old City of Jerusalem Sunday morning.
The officer, who is in his early 20s, was stabbed in the next by a Palestinian terrorist and evacuated to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.
Police identified the terrorist as a 38-year-old Palestinian resident from Nablus. He was shot and killed at the scene of the attack by security officials.
As he was stabbing the policeman, the terrorist was heard shouting “Allah Akbar.” A search of his body after the attack uncovered an additional knife hidden in his clothing.
“When I arrived I saw a young man who was stabbed in the upper body,” explained Yehiel Stern, a volunteer paramedic for United Hatzalah, to Channel 2. “We have him first aid treatment and then transferred him to the hospital fully conscious.”
“Bystanders said that shots were fired at the terrorist who carried out the attack, near the location of the murder of Aaron Bennett and Nehemiah Lavi,” Stern said. “The terrorist was shot dead.”

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Christian Apathy Contributes to Terrorism and Anti-Semitism
By Earl Cox
Where are all of the Christians who should be standing for right and against wrong? Where are all of the Christians who should be standing for Israel? G-d Himself in Genesis 12:3 said, “I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and the one who curses you (does not stand) I will curse.”

A basic premise of Christian faith and roots has everything to do with Israel. To ignore Israel is to shun G-d’s word of an eternal covenant with His Chosen People, the Jews, and an eternal covenant cannot be broken. Our silence in our own countries also affects Israel, its land and people. It is imperative that Christians all over the world stand and contend for Israel.
By remaining silent or neutral, Christians are enabling evil everywhere to flourish. Being apathetic is yielding to the preponderance and brutal degree of inhumane suffering caused by those who live outside the Judeo-Christian ethic.
The tenets of good and evil based on Judeo-Christian principles have been our standard, even mainstay, for two thousand years and they have served humanity well so why change them? It would be better to perfect the world based on G-d’s principles than to change them based on the world’s persistence on mixing up right and wrong. Evil and wickedness are the result and terror, it seems, is the means in this postmodern world.
It was during the Holocaust that a Christian minister in Germany observed the changing mindset of the people and the Nazi slaughter of the Jews. He is quoted as saying “silence in the face of evil is itself evil. G-d will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” These are sobering words that loudly ring of truth today.
In this time of resurgent violence against Israeli Jews that is by now recognizably cyclic in intensity but always simmering historically, we Christians absolutely must defend our brothers and sisters in Israel. While some have been active for quite a long time, others who should be active are sadly remaining silent and on the sidelines.
The call to stand up for Israel is true also for Jews in order that they do not have their religion and rights undermined by legal means, media opposition or other hostile opposition. As far as media opposition, the Jews of Israel have a lot to lose if a particular Israeli English speaking leftist paper were to have its way. We already see what hostile opposition looks like. There is currently an apparent legal opposition to Jewish history and sacred sites now by the UN with UNESCO’s declaration of Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Patriarchs as being Muslim.
We have a biased international body with certain legal abilities to change history and likely alter visitation rights to holy sites sacred to both Christians and Jews. The modern rewriting of the history of the Temple Mount by Muslims is well known. Injustice to Jewish history must be opposed on all fronts.
It is essential for Christians and Jews to work together. We must take our Judeo-Christian principles to the courts in each of our countries, to the world courts and to university campuses. We must teach and uphold our G-d given Judeo-Christian principles and make certain the facts on the ground are accurately taught (and reported) to be sure students are receiving accurate information in their quest for a balanced education.
Make Breaking Israel News your homepage and receive a free Israel ebook!
It will take every ounce of our strength here in America to keep our government aligned in allegiance to the G-d given land of Israel and to the Jewish nation of Israel. What G-d provides, no man has a right to discard or destroy. The commandments and covenants of G-d are forever and when He says they are eternal that is exactly what He means … forever. Standing for Israel is the same as standing for G-d and vice-versa.

It is only in democratic, freedom loving societies mostly in the U.S., Europe and Israel that Christians really are able to take a stand for the faith without punitive retribution. For the moment this is true but the future is uncertain if we remain silent and allow evil to gain ground and triumph.
Let us remember the haunting words of Martin Niemoller (1892-1984), a prominent Protestant pastor who said, “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.”
Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post

DC Refuses to Arm Persecuted Christians Fighting ISIS
By Raymond Ibrahim
In recent months, Mideast Christians have been forming militias to fight ISIS and other jihadi groups in both Iraq and Syria—even as Obama, which arms the “opposition,” refuses to arm them.
In recent months, Mideast Christians have been forming militias to fight the Islamic State (IS) and other jihadi groups in both Iraq and Syria—even as the Obama administration, which arms the “opposition,” refuses to arm them.

In Iraq, some of the few remaining Assyrian Christians have formed militias under the name Dwekh Nawsha (literally meaning “self-sacrifice” in Christ’s native tongue of Aramaic).  Most of these fighters are from among those Christians displaced from the Ninevah Plain due to the atrocities committed by IS and are on the frontlines fighting the jihadis.
They were formed soon after the U.S.-supported Kurdish Peshmerga, who are leading the fight against IS in the region, retreated from many Christian villages without a fight last summer, declining to protect them from the IS adAccording to the Christian Science Monitor, “Christians have taken up arms because they want to protect their own land, and many no longer trust the Kurds to do it for them.” Indeed, the Kurds, including the Peshmerga, have been known to abuse and even persecute Christians.  Like IS, Kurds are Sunni Muslims too.
“We will stay here, and Christians will protect Christians. Not Arabs or Kurds protecting us, but Christians,” said local commander Fouad Masaoud Gorgees.
In neighboring Syria, approximately 500 Syriac Christian fighters recently assembled and managed to prevent the Islamic State from entering the ancient Christian settlement of Sadad.  But on October 30, IS captured a town less than five miles away, leaving Sadad vulnerable to continued assaults.

Even the Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox church, Ignatius Aphrem II, traveled to Sadad to boost the morale of Christian defenders.  Said Aphrem:
It was emotional but it was also very encouraging to see our young people determined to defend their land and stay in their homeland.  To see them ready to fight and to sacrifice for their land, I think that’s what’s very meaningful, that made me very proud of them.
Read more CLICK HERE

Obama’s New Counter-Terrorism Guru
By Caroline Glick November 25, 2015 , 11:00 am
Since the Islamic State attacks in Paris on November 13, we have seen the development of a new, and strange justification for the Obama administration’s insistent refusal to jettison its manifestly failed strategy of contending with IS specifically and with Islamic terrorism generally.

In broad terms, Obama’s strategy for dealing with radical Islamic terrorism and jihadist movements is to ignore their motivating ideologies, take minimal action to combat them, criticize other governments for failing to destroy IS and its jihadist brethren on their own, and attack Republicans for criticizing Obama’s strategy for defeating radical Islamic terrorism.
The new justification for Obama’s refusal to revise his strategy was first uttered by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton at the Democratic presidential debate on November 14. Five days later, the Democratic National Committee produced an ad attacking Republican presidential candidates based on this new rhetorical theme.

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Post  Admin on Sun 29 Nov 2015, 3:03 pm

Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS
By Daniel Greenfield November 26, 2015 , 11:00 am
Last year at a NATO summit, Obama explicitly disavowed the idea of containing ISIS. “You can’t contain an organization that is running roughshod through that much territory, causing that much havoc, displacing that many people, killing that many innocents, enslaving that many women,” he said.

Instead he argued, “The goal has to be to dismantle them.”
Just before the Paris massacre, Obama shifted back to containment. “From the start, our goal has been first to contain them, and we have contained them,” he said.
Pay no attention to what he said last year. There’s a new message now. Last year Obama was vowing to destroy ISIS. Now he had settled for containing them. And he couldn’t even manage that.
ISIS has expanded into Libya and Yemen. It struck deep into the heart of Europe as one of its refugee suicide bombers appeared to have targeted the President of France and the Foreign Minister of Germany. That’s the opposite of a terrorist organization that had been successfully contained.

Obama has been playing tactical word games over ISIS all along. He would “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS. Or perhaps dismantle the Islamic State. Or maybe just contain it.

Containment is closest to the truth. Obama has no plan for defeating ISIS. Nor is he planning to get one any time soon. There will be talk of multilateral coalitions. Drone strikes will take out key figures. And then when this impressive war theater has died down, ISIS will suddenly pull off another attack.
And everyone will be baffled at how the “defeated” terrorist group is still on the march.
The White House version of reality says that ISIS attacked Paris because it’s losing. Obama also claimed that Putin’s growing strength in Syria is a sign of weakness. Never mind that Putin has all but succeeded in getting countries that were determined to overthrow Assad to agree to let him stay.
Weakness is strength. Strength is weakness.
Obama’s failed wars occupy a space of unreality that most Americans associate with Baghdad Bob bellowing that there are no American soldiers in Iraq. (There are, according to the White House, still no American ground forces in Iraq. Only American forces in firefights on the ground in Iraq.)
There’s nothing new about any of this. Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.
The botched campaign against ISIS is a replay of the disaster in Afghanistan complete with ridiculous rules of engagement, blatant administration lies and no plan for victory. But there can’t be a plan for victory because when Obama gets past the buzzwords, he begins talking about addressing root causes.
And you don’t win wars by addressing root causes. That’s just a euphemism for appeasement.
Addressing root causes means blaming Islamic terrorism on everything from colonialism to global warming. It doesn’t mean defeating it, but finding new ways to blame it on the West.
Obama and his political allies believe that crime can’t be fought with cops and wars can’t be won with soldiers. The only answer lies in addressing the root causes which, after all the prattling about climate change and colonialism, really come down to the Marxist explanation of inequality.
When reporters ask Obama how he plans to win the war, he smirks tiredly at them and launches into another condescending explanation about how the situation is far too complicated for anything as simple as bombs to work. Underneath that explanation is the belief that wars are unwinnable.
Obama knows that Americans won’t accept “war just doesn’t work” as an answer to Islamic terrorism. So he demonstrates to them that wars don’t work by fighting wars that are meant to fail.
In Afghanistan, he bled American soldiers as hard as possible with vicious rules of engagement that favored the Taliban to destroy support for a war that most of the country had formerly backed. By blowing the war, Obama was not only sabotaging the specific implementation of a policy he opposed, but the general idea behind it. His failed wars are meant to teach Americans that war doesn’t work.
image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/222-I365-HolidayProducts-600WIDE.jpg
The unspoken idea that informs his strategy is that American power is the root cause of the problems in the region. Destroying ISIS would solve nothing. Containing American power is the real answer.
Obama does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. He has a strategy for defeating America.
Whatever rhetoric he tosses out, his actual strategy is to respond to public pressure by doing the least he can possibly do. He will carry out drone strikes, not because they’re effective, but because they inflict the fewest casualties on the enemy.
He may try to contain the enemy, not because he cares about ISIS, but because he wants to prevent Americans from “overreacting” and demanding harsher measures against the Islamic State. Instead of fighting to win wars, he seeks to deescalate them. If public pressure forces him to go beyond drones, he will authorize the fewest air strikes possible. If he is forced to send in ground troops, he will see to it that they have the least protection and the greatest vulnerability to ISIS attacks.
Just like in Afghanistan.
Obama would like ISIS to go away. Not because they engage in the ethnic cleansing, mass murder and mass rape of non-Muslims, but because they wake the sleeping giant of the United States.
And so his idea of war is fighting an informational conflict against Americans. When Muslim terrorists commit an atrocity so horrifying that public pressure forces him to respond, he lies to Americans. Each time his Baghdad Bob act is shattered by another Islamic terrorist attack, he piles on even more lies.
Any strategy that Obama offers against ISIS will consist of more of the same lies and word games. His apologists will now debate the meaning of “containment” and whether he succeeded in defining it so narrowly on his own terms that he can claim to have accomplished it. But it really doesn’t matter what his meaning of “containment” or “is” is. Failure by any other name smells just as terrible.
Obama responded to ISIS by denying it’s a threat. Once that stopped being a viable strategy, he began to stall for time. And he’s still stalling for time, not to beat ISIS, but to wait until ISIS falls out of the headlines. That has been his approach to all his scandals from ObamaCare to the IRS to the VA.
Lie like crazy and wait for people to forget about it and turn their attention to something else.
This is a containment strategy, but not for ISIS. It’s a containment strategy for America. Obama isn’t trying to bottle up ISIS except as a means of bottling up America. He doesn’t see the Caliph of the Islamic State as the real threat, but the average American who watches the latest beheading on the news and wonders why his government doesn’t do something about it. To the left it isn’t the Caliph of ISIS who starts the wars we ought to worry about, but Joe in Tennessee, Bill in California or Pete in Minnesota.
That is why Obama sounds bored when talking about beating ISIS, but heats up when the conversation turns to fighting Republicans. It’s why Hillary Clinton named Republicans, not ISIS, as her enemy.
The left is not interested in making war on ISIS. It is too busy making war on America.
Reprinted with author’s permission from Sultan Knish Blog

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Who Needs Facts? We have Israel as a Scapegoat
By Ben-Dror Yemini November 25, 2015 , 10:00 am
The global jihadists are extremely worried about the oppression of the Palestinians’ human rights...They are willing to blow up the entire world in order to express their despair, especially as they have 72 virgins waiting for them to relieve their desperation. Right?
It was clear that we wouldn’t have to wait long before someone blames Israel for the terror attacks in Paris.

It’s not the murderers. They are simply desperate. The global jihadists are extremely worried about the oppressions of the Palestinians’ human rights. They are not just worried, they are going mad. They are willing to blow up the entire world in order to express their despair, especially as they have 72 virgins waiting for them to relieve their desperation.

The world of knowledge often demonstrates similar nonsense. It was Jimmy Carter, not a foreign ministry of a country which has lost its mind, but the former president of the world’s strongest power, or at least used to be the world’s strongest power, who raised a similar argument earlier this year.

What do you think about the murder at the Charlie Hebdo offices, he was asked by Jon Stewart, who is not known as an Israel lover. “One of the origins for it,” Carter replied, “is the Palestinian problem. And this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now — what’s being done to them.”

How did we not think of that? The Charlie Hebdo journalists were murdered because of Israel.

The thing is that Jimmy Carter and Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström should be informed that the global jihadists mainly murder Muslims. They do it on a daily basis. The dozens of Muslims who were massacred inside a mosque in northern Nigeria last week, and during a funeral in Pakistan two days earlier, and during a wedding in Baghdad two days later, etc, etc, are basically the victims of the Islamic rage over the Palestinians’ misery.

It’s true that 99 percent of those living under the influence of radical Islam would pay any price to upgrade themselves to the Palestinians’ level of misery, but that’s not important. And the facts are not important either, as long as Carter, Wallström and others who share their opinions, and there are quite a few of them, know that they have a scapegoat.

Israel is to blame, it’s all because of Israel. Israel is also responsible for global warming. No, that’s not a joke. It’s what Clare Short, a former minister in the British government, claimed. That’s what happens to those who suffer from Judophobia or Zionphobia or Israelphobia. It’s the same thing.

What can be done against the insanity which has come upon some of the free world’s elites? How should we deal with claims that are so ridiculous that it would be embarrassing to refute them?

Well, we must not laugh.

The same disease struck a part of the free world in the 1930s. Some of the elites were inflicted with this disease as well. Then it was the Jews. They were accused for all the trouble. Today it’s Israel.

Wallström and Carter must be taken seriously. They must be denounced on every stage, so that the outcome won’t be similar.
Reprinted with author’s permission from YNet News.com
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54662/who-needs-facts-we-have-israel-as-a-scapegoat-opinion/#EEpB4SUyYu0Lpp2d.99

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Leading Body Language Expert
Determines Israeli Boy Recounting Harrowing Near-Death Vision “Truthfully Believes” Own Words
“Righteous lips are the delight of kings, and he loves the one who speaks honestly.” (Proverbs 16:13)
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54676/body-language-expert-israeli-boy-recounting-harrowing-near-death-vision-truthfully-believes-own-words-jewish-world/#B27J0VXhRb7ikhpQ.99
Susan Constantine is a leading international expert on body language and has a particular expertise in deception detection. She granted Breaking Israel News an exclusive interview about her professional assessment of the video of Natan, an Israeli boy who claims he had a near death experience and returned to life with information concerning the End of Days.
In a signed statement obtained by Breaking Israel News, Constantine asserted, “I have reviewed the entire video and it is my professional opinion the boy Natan truthfully believes he experienced a visitation in heaven and was not being deceptive.” Her signed statement was followed by a video in which she further discussed her findings.
VIDEO 7.8 min
Professional Analysis of 15 Year Old Natan's Near Death Experience
Constantine was hired by an Orthodox Jewish non-profit organization in Israel to assess the video. “They only wanted to know if this kid is telling the truth,” she told Breaking Israel News. She was hired through a third party and paid through PayPal, so she does not know the name of the organization that hired her. Constantine said that these factors enabled her to work more independently, explaining, “My analysis was not tainted by someone else’s agenda.”

Constantine has appeared in the media over 1,000 times, including on major news networks like CNN and MSNBC, and on television shows like Good Morning America and Dr. Phil. Media representatives call upon her regularly to analyze the body language of political leaders, celebrities and suspects in well-known legal cases.

Since her association with the video, Constantine has been contacted by numerous interested parties. She has gotten emails from lay people, from rabbis and even from the occasional “odd person” who all want to know her professional opinion.

“I knew it was important to the Jewish people in Israel. It was important to the people who hired me who wanted to know the truth. I felt it was very important,” she said to Breaking Israel News. “I went through the video over and over and consulted with my colleagues. My job was to synthesize the data. I have no specific agenda. I was hired to do a job and that’s what I did. I did all my checks and balances and collaborated with colleagues so I could conclude with all professional certainty.”

Constantine revealed that she “collaborated with four other leading experts in the field,” to make the assessment in this video, “colleagues who specialize in facial expression, body language and other fields.”

image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/216-Store-Afterlife-600WIDE.jpg

Describing the work she does to determine if someone is telling the truth, Constantine said, “The key element is looking for incongruency, such as changes in voice, body language, tonality and facial expressions. Facial expressions are the number one tool used to detect deception.”

Quoting the work of Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. David Matsumoto, Constantine explained that there are “seven universal facial expressions of emotion.” This is particularly relevant in Natan’s case since Constantine is a native English speaker living in the United States and Natan is a Hebrew speaking boy living in Israel.

Unlike facial expressions that are universal, “gestures,” said Constantine, “are culturally specific.” Interestingly, Constantine debunked the idea that you can tell if someone is lying by their eyes. “Research shows that averting eyes is not a sign of deception. This is commonly believed, but it’s wrong,” she told Breaking Israel News.

In addition, Constantine discounted the nervous laughter in the earliest part of the video as a possible sign of deception. Her assessment is that Natan, a 15-year-old speaking publicly in a high stakes situation, was likely nervous in the environment. She ascribed his early laughter to anxiety, not to attempts at deception

15-year-old Israeli youth Natan recounting his near death experience with Rabbi Rami Levy (right) in this video screenshot.
There were several factors associated with the video that complicated her assessment. Constantine made the point that the purest data for her to work with is testimony given for the first time by a subject who tells the story all the way through without interruptions. According to the interview Breaking Israel News conducted with Rabbi Rami Levy, Natan told the story to Levy at least once before. In addition, in the retelling captured on video, Levy interrupted Natan’s story many times.

Constantine looks for a match between the words a person says and his or her nonverbal communication. When a person is telling the truth, “verbal and nonverbal should mirror each other and synchronize.”

Although she originally screened the video in Hebrew, the addition of English subtitles made her job of assessing the congruence of gestures with words more challenging than usual. One place where the congruence is easier to spot begins at the 21-minute mark. As Natan described the more frightening parts of his experience, he grabbed the book stand in front of him, as if for support.

Constantine explained the significance of Natan’s pronounced switch from first-person to third-person. “Consistently, throughout the video, he moved from first person to third person, from memory to interpretation. There is no doubt that when he says ‘I saw’, they are truthful statements,” she told Breaking Israel News.

Acknowledging that her work is not an exact science, using the tools of her craft and her best professional judgement, Constantine concluded that, “He was not intentionally misleading. I believe that Natan believes that he had a visitation in heaven and we are not to doubt that, if he believed it to be his truth.”
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54676/body-language-expert-israeli-boy-recounting-harrowing-near-death-vision-truthfully-believes-own-words-jewish-world/#B27J0VXhRb7ikhpQ.99

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Obama Pushes France into Putin’s Arms
By Cliff Kincaid   November 24, 2015 , 11:00  President Obama’s deliberately defeatist foreign policy has scored another major victory for Russia. 
He has pushed NATO member France and its weak socialist president into the arms of Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It may be that François Hollande felt that he had no alternative to deal with the international terrorist networks that have targeted his country and were begun decades ago by the old Soviet Union.

For those with short memories, in the 1980s the U.S. Congress examined in detail the origins, direction and support of international terrorist networks, which were then also based in the Middle East and Europe. A 1981 report by the Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism cited evidence that most of the terrorist groups at that time were Soviet-financed and Cuban-trained. A concrete example was “Carlos the Jackal,” the Marxist terrorist trained by the Cubans and controlled by the KGB who eventually converted to Islam. The roots of terrorism are in Russia. Former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was murdered by Putin’s regime in London, most likely because he exposed KGB training of al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. ISIS is a spin-off from al Qaeda.

President Reagan had rallied NATO governments in Europe against a Soviet nuclear threat and the international communist-backed terror networks operating during the 1980s. Today, under Obama, NATO is in disarray, and international terrorist groups are back on the march.

As the London Telegraph has noted, France has turned to the European Union, not NATO, for military resources to be used against ISIS. This move, writes Matthew Holehouse, is a “decisive shift” away from NATO.

There are also important shifts occurring domestically in France. Capitalizing on Hollande’s failure to deal with the Islamist invasion, the National Front is poised to make major gains in upcoming regional elections in France. But the term “far-right” does not apply to the National Front, since its leader Marine Le Pen is a Putin admirer. Putin’s use of “conservatives” in Europe and America has been well-documented by this columnist.

Obama’s deliberate failure to lead the Free World is so blatant that even members of the press who normally pay him deference have gotten testy. They actually asked some tough questions at his recent news conference. But Obama doesn’t want to be questioned about a foreign policy that gives strategic and tactical advantages to America’s enemies around the world.

Of these enemies, Russia is the most dangerous, since it has thousands of nuclear weapons, backs a nuclear Iran, and is still committing military aggression in Ukraine. In addition, Putin protects NSA defector Edward Snowden, who has made it easier for ISIS to escape surveillance and kill Europeans and Americans. The latest reports indicate that the terrorists in Paris used encrypted messaging apps.

If Putin is opposed to ISIS and terrorism, why does his regime continue to protect Edward Snowden?

In his new book, Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped, Russian dissident and activist Garry Kasparov writes about the “appeasers and cowards” who “talk ceaselessly of what might happen if the free world stands up to Putin or the consequences of taking direct military action against ISIS but what they do not want to address is what will happen if insufficient action is taken.”

Read "Catch the Jew" - A True Laugh Out Loud Look Inside Israel
The ISIS slaughter in France stands as the most recent evidence of what happens. The Russian invasion of Ukraine, the deaths of 6,000 Ukrainians, and the downing of the Malaysian civilian airliner by Putin’s thugs, provide more examples.

Obama has pushed France into Russia’s hands in the fight against ISIS, which enables Putin to look like a savior of the world against the barbarians. Russia claims that a bomb downed a Russian airliner over Egypt on October 31, killing 224 people. Even if ISIS carried out this act of terrorism, it plays into Putin’s hands. As House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) hasnoted, Putin had ignored the ISIS offensive in the Middle East until his allies in the murderous Assad regime in Syria started losing too much ground. At that point, Putin “stepped in to solidify the Syrian dictator,” Royce noted. Instead of attacking ISIS strongholds in the Middle East, Royce continued, “Russia has spent weeks bombing opposition forces in Syria backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia. Russian airstrikes have flattened markets, schools and villages—killing scores of innocents. And aided by those same Russian airstrikes, ISIS gained ground.”

Now, after the French attacks, and with Obama still refusing to commit sufficient force to get the job done, Putin fills the void, now pretends to turn on ISIS, and enlists France in a coalition led by Russia. The old KGB spy is playing a geopolitical game, outflanking the United States and our “allies,” who are now deserting us.

It’s getting monotonous to ask which side Obama is on. At every critical juncture, he defers to Vladimir Putin and his comrades. The pattern is clear. The next step is for Obama to follow Putin’s lead into a New World Order that ignores past Russian support for international terrorism and Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Gatestone Institute
Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54569/obama-pushes-france-into-putins-arms-opinion/#wZCgoRsbdMFYcXto.99

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Report: Israel in Possession of 115 Nuclear Weapons
“He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy, with great bolts of lightning he routed them.” (Psalm 18:14)
The Negev Nuclear Research Center near Dimona in Israel. (Photo: Google Earth/ Digital Globe/ORION-ME/Gisrael)
With Israel keeping mum throughout the years over its nuclear program, a new report by a US think tank has revealed that Israel has amassed some 115 nuclear warheads since the country’s inception of its nuclear weapons program.
The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) revealed the findings in a November 19 report that claims Israel is in possession of approximately 660 kilograms of plutonium. The report finds that Israel began its production of plutonium in 1963 at its Dimona reactor, “the heart of Israel’s nuclear weapons production.”
The author concludes that based on the timeframe, Israel today would be in possession of 115 nuclear weapons, with each nuclear weapon needing between three to five kilograms of plutonium.

Thousands of American Christians Step Up in Support of Embattled Jerusalem
By Raphael Poch November 23, 2015 , 12:30 pm

“I will bless those who bless you…” (Genesis 12:3)
Security equipment funded by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. (Photo: Courtesy IFCJ)
The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is stepping up fundraising initiatives in an effort to provide both Israeli Police and Border Police, as well as terror victims, with financial aid. The drive comes in an effort to combat the effects that Palestinian terrorists are having on the city of Jerusalem.
The IFCJ is providing Jerusalem security officials and local social-service groups with hundreds of thousands of dollars in security equipment and support as part of a life-saving campaign to counter the ongoing terror wave against Israel.

Biblical Heartland Terror Victim Shares Insights on Modern Israel, Peace Process
“They spoke to them at Shiloh in the land of Canaan, saying, ‘The LORD commanded through Moses to give us cities to live in, with their pasture lands for our cattle.’” (Joshua 21:2
Terror survivor David Rubin, founder of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. (Photo: Courtesy)

David Rubin has come a long way from his Brooklyn, New York atheist upbringing. Today, an Orthodox Jew living in the Biblical town of Shiloh with his wife and children, Rubin is a force to contend with.
Having survived a terrorist attack himself along with his young son, Rubin is deeply connected to the land and its history. His studies and talents have led him to develop an outstanding program to heal victims of terror through the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. Additionally, he has written four well received books on the Holy Land and terrorism for which he has been nicknamed “The Trusted Voice of Israel”.
Through his active media talks and writings, Rubin is astute at sharing the importance of building and protecting Israel’s Biblical heartland. “Israel faces major challenges,” Rubin told Breaking Israel News. “The world does not understand that Jihadist mentality is brutal. They do not only seek to kill innocent people, they seek to destroy Israel and Judeo Christian civilization.”

Russia to Become More Active in Education of Palestinian Youth
“For if they fall, one will lift up his friend.”
(Ecclesiastes 4:10)
The Imperial Russian Orthodox-Palestine Society, a 130-year old NGO under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church, is expanding its activities in the Holy Land.Following official registration in Israel, its president, Sergei Stepashin, former head of Russian Federal Security Service, says the Society is willing to undertake a new task – mediating between Israelis and Palestinians and educating Palestinian youth.“We have working structures both in Israel and in Palestine, so we can take upon ourselves this very difficult mission of distracting the Palestinian youth from the actions they have been performing lately, from running with knives after the Jews,” said Sergei Stepashin in an interview to Newsru.co.il, a source of Israeli news in Russian.Back in the 1990s, Stepashin held such post


Netanyahu, Rivlin and Kerry Call For International Fight Against Terror
By JNI Media November 25, 2015 , 10:15 am
“The Lord bless you from Zion! May you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life!” (Psalm 128)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry meet in Israel, November 24, 2015. (Photo: Haim Zach/GPO)
In the wake of a number of terrorist attacks hitting not only Israel but other countries around the world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin and US Secretary of State John Kerry all expressed a desire on Tuesday for an internationally coordinated effort in fighting the global threat of terrorism.
“All free nations are facing the threat of radical Islam, which is the product of hate not of faith, and all of us must work together against this great evil,” President Rivlin said during a press conference with John Kerry. “We do not need to apologize for our belief in freedom.”
“Sadly of course, in Israel we are not strangers to the horrors of terrorism,” Rivlin noted. “The pain is the same, in Tel Aviv, as it is Paris, in Gush Etzion, as it is in Mali.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu made similar remarks during his press conference with John Kerry. “We believe that the entire international community should support this effort,” Netanyahu said. “It’s not only our battle, it’s everyone’s battle. It’s the battle of civilization against barbarism.”

Outpouring of Support as Israel365 Readers Raise Money for Added Security at
Israeli Preschool
“I will exalt you, I will praise your name; for you have done wonderful things…” (Isaiah 25:1)
Following a terror attack in Ramat Beit Shemesh on October 22nd, during which two terrorists attempted to board a school bus, Israel365 readers raised money to install new security measures at a local kindergarten.

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Post  Admin on Tue 24 Nov 2015, 11:19 pm

Turkey Shooting Down Russian Fighter Jet Could be Spark that Ignites Messianic War
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 24, 2015 , 1:35 pm
“Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal”.’ ” (Ezekiel 38:2-3)
A Russian SU-24 fighter jet was shot down Tuesday morning by Turkey, with the Turkish government claiming the jet violated the country’s airspace.
Turkish military sources told the media that after issuing 10 warnings in five minutes, Turkish F-16’s opened fire, downing the Russian fighter jet. Photos of the incident clearly show two parachutes, indicating that the two pilots successfully ejected from the downed plane.

Christian Zionist Group to Address EU Parliament on Labeling Laws

“... It is like the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion! For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.” (Psalm 133:1-3)
By JNS November 24, 2015 , 11:30 am
“A Song of Ascents. Of David. Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on the beard, on the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes! It is like the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion! For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life forevermore.” (Psalm 133:1-3)
The hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels (Photo: Marco Ammon / Wiki Commons)
The head of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) will hold a symposium at the European Union Parliament in Brussels to address the recent European Union decision to label Israeli goods made in Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights, and eastern Jerusalem.
The symposium will be held on Dec. 2 and will call on EU lawmakers to find an alternative approach in finding a solution between the two sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to foster economic cooperation, stability, and peace, ICEJ said.
“This labeling law will only divide Israelis and Palestinians further,” said ICEJ Executive Director Dr. Jürgen Bühler. “Co-existence is better achieved by establishing factories and business partnerships in areas where Palestinians and Israelis live side-by-side.”

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Worldwide Prayer Event to Protect Israel
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 19, 2015 , 7:47 pm
“Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.” (Psalms 16:1)

Photo by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz/Breaking Israel News
In the largest event of its kind, an anticipated five million people worldwide will connect in prayer via the internet to say Psalms for the protection of Israel. Tikkun Haklali Olami is organizing the event on Sunday, November 22, 8:00 pm Israel time, 1:00 pm Eastern Standard time, to recite the Tikkun Klali prayer in unison.

Tilkkun Klali (general fixing) is a set of 10 Psalms established in 1805 by Rabbi Nachman, the founder of the Breslov Hassidim dynasty, as having special properties for protection and repentance. These particular psalms (16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, 150) represent the 10 different expressions of song and praise found in the book of Psalms. 

“This is the General Remedy. There is a specific remedy for each sin, but this is the general remedy,” Rabbi Nachman was known to say about Tikkun Klali. “It may seem like an easy thing to say 10 Psalms. But it will actually be very difficult in practice.”

image: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/189-TMHF%20new%20book%20banenr.jpg

Bring the Temple Mount to Millions Around the World
Eldad Eilat, one of the organizers of the event, spoke to Arutz Sheva, explaining that the motivation came from the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel and around the world. The impetus to gather five million people to pray in unison came from David Assouline, “a wonderful Jew and a businessman in the Syrian Jewish community in New York who has worked hard on behalf of the Jewish people. He understands that the current situation of the Jewish people is very delicate, and anything we can do to save ourselves from the ‘bad karma’ created by the atmosphere of terror is important.”

“By having so many Jews together we help build that relationship (with God), especially at times of trouble, as so many great sages have pointed out. Especially among rabbis associated with the Breslov movement, the Tikun is considered a very important effort for salvation. So we decided to organize this worldwide event.”

Thousands are expected to arrive at the Kotel in Jerusalem for the event and it can be seen broadcast live on the website. Copies of the Tikkun Klali can be downloaded in different languages from the organization’s site.

Read more at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/54330/five-million-expected-to-join-in-prayer-event-jewish-world/#fc5Cq5R5S5AkYc7B.99

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Israeli Teen Returns from 15 Minutes of
Clinical Death with Spiritual Messages Concerning the Coming Redemption [VIDEO]

“Who is like the wise man, and who knows the meaning of a thing? A man’s wisdom makes his face shine, and the boldness of his face is changed.” (Ecclesiastes 8:1)

As 15-year-old secular Israeli boy named Natan had a near death experience on Monday, September 28, 2015 and returned to life describing Biblical prophecies about the End of Days.

In a video posted on YouTube, Natan is shown speaking to an Orthodox Jewish audience in a synagogue in Israel, just days after his near death experience. He relates his understanding of what was revealed to him in the next world during the 15 minutes that he was pronounced clinically dead.

Rabbi Rami Levy, who sits beside Natan and helps the teen tell his story, claims that Natan did not study in a Jewish religious school and did not learn the things he spoke about from the Bible. Levy himself was raised in a secular, anti-religious Israeli family. In 1982, while performing reserve duty in the Israeli army, he survived the Lebanon War through a miracle of Divine intervention. Levy subsequently became religious and was eventually ordained as a rabbi.

Natan’s near death experience happened on the first night of this past Sukkot, which was also the night of the final Blood Moon. At the home of his uncle, where he went to visit for the holiday, Natan began feeling unwell. He described suddenly shivering and felt cold in his arms and legs. Natan decided to go and rest and, in those moments, felt his soul exit his body through his nose.

Among the various spiritual messages experienced by Natan, which can be heard beginning at the 35 minute mark of the video, the young boy speaks about the messiah standing on the Mount of Olives and determining who is worthy to be saved. Natan describes this future scene saying that “the mountain simply opens…it splits in two,” though not by earthquake and not by atomic bomb. This vision matches a prophecy in Zechariah that the Mount of Olives, located just east of the Old City of Jerusalem, will split and create a valley.

“And on that day His feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem from the east. And the Mount of Olives shall split in the midst thereof-toward the east and toward the west-a very great valley. And half the mountain shall move to the north, and half of it to the south.” (Zechariah 14:4)

In describing the qualities of the messiah, Natan said, “The Mashiach (messiah) is first of all someone who can’t sin. Someone who repented. Who didn’t commit any transgressions. It can’t be that the Mashiach is someone who committed transgressions. Now it can be someone who we actually know very well. Lots and lots of people know him, according to what I understood. But everyone will be very, very surprised that he is of all people the Mashiach.”

Just before the 36 minute mark, Natan claims that the messiah will kill Gog, the leader of the nation of Magog, who will be a critical player in the final war of Gog and Magog and will bury him in Israel. This claim is consistent with a prophecy in Ezekiel that Gog will be buried in Israel.

“And it shall come to pass on that day that I will give Gog a place there as a grave in Israel, the valley of them who pass along the east side of the sea, and it will then stop those who pass along. And there shall they bury Gog and all his hordes, and they shall call it the Valley of Hamon Gog.” (Ezekiel 39:11)

Toward the end of the portion of the video, Natan describes the power of the Messiah to discern a person’s holiness. “I also saw that the moment Har haZeitim (Mount of Olives) splits into two, then the Mashiach will stand at the entrance, but he won’t…he won’t see who is religious, who has a beard and who a person is. What he will see is – he sees according to a person’s holiness, he will smell each person, he will smell if someone has holiness, if he is pure, if he did mitzvot (God’s commandments), if he performed acts of kindness. To see if he really has true fear of Heaven and not just fear of punishment, and things like that.”

The idea that the messiah will be able to discern the righteousness of a person based on something other than physical appearance is reflected in a prophecy from Isaiah that describes the gifts of the messiah, including the ability to judge without relying on what his eyes see or what his ears hear.

“And he shall be animated by the fear of the Lord, and neither with the sight of his eyes shall he judge, nor with the hearing of his ears shall he chastise. (Isaiah 11:-3)

The release of the video has caused two types of major reactions – amazement mixed with fear or incredulity and denial. Susan Constantine is a world renowned body language expert specializing in deception detection. She has appeared as an expert on television and radio shows and in print publications in the US and abroad over 1,000 times. She reviewed the video at the request of a client.

Although she is not an expert in the Jewish content of Natan’s testimony, Constantine verified the credibility of Natan’s presentation. In a statement she provided to Breaking Israel News, Constantine asserted, “I have reviewed the entire video and it is my professional opinion the boy Natan truthfully believes he experienced a visitation in heaven and was not being deceptive.”

The Hebrew video that was first released in early October is nearly two hours long. A partial version with English subtitles was released earlier this month.
Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year old Natan english subtitles

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Post  Admin on Sat 21 Nov 2015, 10:28 pm

Democrats abandon Obama, vote to pause migrants
House of Representatives votes to ban influx of Syrian, Iraqi migrants until proper screening process in place.
The US House of Representatives voted Thursday to ban Syrian and Iraqi migrants from entering the United States until stricter screening measures are in place, following the Islamic State (ISIS) Paris attacks in which at least one terrorist entered as a "refugee."

The Republican legislation, the first congressional response to last week's attacks, passed overwhelmingly, 289 to 137, with nearly four dozen Democrats bucking their president to support the measure.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain. Should it pass the upper chamber, the White House has said President Barack Obama would veto the bill.

"Being generous does not mean we have to have a weak process for screening refugees," number two House Republican Kevin McCarthy told the chamber shortly before the bill's passage.

The bill would prevent migrants from Iraq and Syria from reaching US shores until background checks are implemented as part of the screening process for each refugee.

It would also require directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, and Director of National Intelligence to personally certify that each new settler would not be a threat to national security.

Such a step, Democrats claim, would be a logistical nightmare for department heads who should be focusing more directly on stopping the Islamic State group and other extremists.

But Republicans defend the measure as a necessary, common-sense step after the terror strikes in Paris that murdered 129 people and injured hundreds more.

"Today is not the day to share our territory," a somber Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling told House members.

Democrats took to the House floor to argue that US migrant vetting is already the most stringent in the world, with investigations by several federal agencies taking an average 18 to 24 months.

House Democrat Jerrold Nadler struck out at the legislature meant to defend US citizens from an influx of terrorists, saying, "we might as well take down the Statue of Liberty."

AFP contributed to this report.

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