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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up

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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up

Post  Admin on Mon 30 Sep 2013, 4:42 pm

Will the Real Men Please Stand Up
Jarrid Wilson
Friday, September 06, 2013

Today’s culture gives many opinions when it comes to the topic of being a “real man” in today’s world. Our society likes to tell men how “real men” are to dress, act, work, walk, talk, love, and present themselves to the public. As the Church, I believe it is our duty to teach the world what a “real man” is to look like, but I believe even the Church of today has found itself spewing out opinions instead of Biblical truth.

Over the last few years I have come across a countless number or sermons where pastors are explaining to their congregations what a “real man” is to look like. The funny thing is that every one of the messages I listened to described the perfect man in a different way.

Without going into detail of who said what, here are some quotes from different pastors around the USA.

1. “We don’t need any more skinny-jean, cardigan wearing pastors. We need real men.”

2. “We need more men to start lifting weights and BEING MEN!”

3. “I could care less if you work-out, just make sure you are providing for your wife financially. That’s what being a real man is all about!”

4. “We can’t claim to be men if we aren’t strong enough to protect our wives.”

Most of the quotes contradict each other in a big way, and I believe the reason we have so many boys in today’s world because not even the Church is giving a clear example of what it means to be a real man. Don’t get me wrong, I believe all these pastors have pure motives in their descriptions of a “real man,” but I think much of it comes out of opinion rather than biblical truth (except maybe the financial one).

At the end of the day, I think God could care less if you work out, wear skinny-jeans, cardigans, tank-tops, button-ups, or even suits. God is more focused on the way you present your heart than the way you present your outward appearance. Why? Because the way you present your heart will always be reflected in the way you present your appearance, and that’s what truly matters.

If I were to guess what God is looking for in a real man, I would have to say the following…

1. A man who prays. (Luke 5:16)

2. A man who reads his Bible. (Luke 4:16-30)

3. A man who loves one woman as Christ loved the Church. (Ephesians 5:25)

4. A man who isn’t afraid to proclaim his faith amidst opposition. (Joshua 1:9)

5. A man who seeks the lost, provides for the broken, and equips the found. (Matthew 28:19)

Seems pretty straightforward to me. All of these attributes are a reflection of Jesus’ innate character, and I don’t find any of those to be anything other than Biblical truth.

Gentlemen, we need to begin asking ourselves some important questions:

1. Am I a real man?

2. Do I reflect an image of Christ?

3. Do I stand firm in my faith amidst trials?

4. Do I find myself inspired to obey the calling of the Great Commission?

5. Do I treat women with respect, purity, and as Christ loved the Church?

Strength isn’t measured by how much a man can lift, but where his faith in Jesus stands amidst a seemingly impossible situation.

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