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Re: THE MASTERS LIST Dean W. Masters

Post  Admin on Fri 31 May 2013, 6:38 pm

Are You Ready to Go?
Glynnis Whitwer

"Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the
grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming."
1 Peter 1:13

The Whitwer house has two beloved dogs - Kona and Sammie. First thing in the
morning, or after being gone, the sight of them makes me smile. But although
they both delight me, they are very different.

Kona is a husky with a quirky personality. She pulls like she's in front of
a sled, plays catch with herself and "talks back" when corrected. Sammie is
a German shepherd who patrols the backyard perimeter, embraces her role as
protector and has a serious personality.

And while I adore both dogs, only one of them gets to go in car with me each
morning when I take the kids to school. Perhaps I should try and describe
typical mornings as we gather backpacks, purses and lunch bags:

• Sammie sits and watches, head tilted, aware of patterns of preparation.
Kona is asleep under the bed.

• Sammie's ears perk up when I grab the car keys. Kona is sprawled on her
back, head hanging off the edge of the couch.

• Sammie watches my face, waiting for the "let' s go" nod. Kona is in the
backyard watching birds.

So every morning, Sammie goes on an adventure with me. We pass bikers and
women jogging. We see other doggies driving with their masters. If dogs
smile, mine would be grinning from ear-to-ear! She is thrilled with our
outings and looks forward to the next one. And so do I.

As I consider my two canine companions, I wonder if this same dynamic
doesn't happen between God and us.

We each have our own quirks, idiosyncrasies and tendencies. And yet we are
equally loved and treasured because our Creator uniquely designed us just as
we are.

However, there are differences when God is looking to call someone into a
place of service. The one who is alert and ready ... the one who is
for the Master's voice ... the one who is watching for the Master's movement
... that is the one who is invited to go on an adventure.

I've been both at times. I've been consumed with my own comfort at time.
Hesitant and (when I'm honest) uninterested in being used. At other times
mismanaged my time and energy so that I'm overwhelmed and exhausted, and
miss God's invitation to join Him.

Yet when my eyes are open, and my heart is saying "pick me, pick me," it's
amazing how I see God move.

For so many years I wondered does God really see me, can He use me, does He
even want to? Now I realize the answer was "yes" all along. He was waiting
for me to be watching for His "let' s go" nod.

Ready to go? Or ready to relax? Loved equally. But used differently. Which
one are you?

Dear Lord, thank You for inviting me to join You in Your work in the world.
You have designed me in a unique way, specifically for Your pleasure and
Help me to be alert and ready, watching for the signs that You are on the
move. I want to join You wherever You go. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Related Resources:
Glynnis Whitwer' s blog
today for some photos of her two beloved dogs, and a video of Sammie on

Do you want to be used by God but feel overwhelmed with life? You might
I Used to Be So Organized
by Glynnis Whitwer.

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Re: THE MASTERS LIST Dean W. Masters

Post  Admin on Fri 31 May 2013, 6:27 pm

1a From Pastor Paul McKinney
Posted by: "Kathy Melton" (From our pastor)
Let's think about the sovereignty of God and look at Genesis 45:7-8

"God sent me before you to preserve a posterity for you in the earth, and to
save your lives by a great deliverance. So now it was not you who sent me
here, but God."

I've noticed, as I've studied the life of Joseph, that God is just as
intimate to him as breath. God is so much a part of Joseph's life that he
sees the Lord in every circumstance, and he trusts the Lord through every
difficulty. "God meant it for good," he tells his brothers, "in order to
bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive." Everything
that happened to him, both bad and good, was viewed through the lens of
God's will.

When Joseph interpreted Pharaoh' s dream, he said that it was God who gave
him the meaning. When Joseph presented his sons to Jacob, he introduced them
by saying, "These are the two sons God has given me." Even when Joseph was
dying, he was able to encourage those around him that "God will surely visit

At the center of Joseph's life was the sovereignty of God. Everything that
happened was for His purposes and part of His program. Even the darkest
threads in the weave help to provide the overall beauty of the tapestry.

Let's look at Psalm 34:17

"The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all
their troubles."

David testified, "This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved
him out of all his troubles." C. S. Lewis once wrote, "Down through the ages
whenever men had a need of courage they would cry out, 'Billy Budd, help me'
and nothing happened. But for 1900 years, whenever men have needed courage
and have cried out, 'Lord Jesus, help me' something always happened."

I love the Hebrew definition of the word "trouble. " The word literally
translates, "hang-ups. " It means to be inhibited, tied up and restricted.
When we lay hold of Christ, we are freed from our "hang-ups. "

Sound too simple? It is! When you acknowledge the reliability of the One who
is in charge of your life and then admit your fear, you have to appropriate
the power that He has promised to give you. You have to tell it to Jesus.

Look at Psalm 145:3 with me:

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is
unsearchable. "

When the Bible writers call God good, they are thinking of all those things
about His character which we admire: His perfection, His compassion, His
mercy, His grace, and perhaps most of all, His generosity.

Whatever God is, He is abundantly! God is good in a generous way. That means
God loves to lavish upon His children that which blesses them. God is
blessed in His life when He brings joy and blessing to those who depend upon
Him for sustaining grace. Just as we have a real sense of joy in our hearts
when we are able to do something good for another person, God has an intense
joy in His heart as He expresses His goodness to all of us.

Have you ever heard a sermon about the prodigal son where the father is
described as prodigal? Prodigal means lavish, unrestrained, and unlimited.
If you want to see the prodigal in that story, examine the heart of the
father who never stopped loving his wayward son. Who waited every day to see
him come home. And who, when his wayward son walked back into the family
home, put on a feast to welcome him back. There was nothing that father
would not do for his son. That's the way God is. He lavishes Himself upon
His people.

Let's look at Psalm 1:2-3

"His delight is in the law of the Lord.. He shall be like a tree planted by
the rivers of water."

Your strength comes from God's Word. The psalmist says the righteous person
is like a tree planted by streams of water. Just like a tree is nourished by
the constant supply of water-without which, under the blistering sun, the
tree would surely die-so the life that is rooted in the Word of God will
also be established and it will be strong.

Your stability comes from God's Word. A fruit tree that is planted by the
banks of the river suggests stability. The tree is firmly rooted in the soil
so that it can resist the storm. There are trees standing today that were
here when this country was discovered. If you go to the right place you can
see trees that are just as magnificent and beautiful as they were in their
prime. Why? Because they've got a tremendous root structure and they are
strong. If you've ever seen a redwood, a tree so big that you can drive your
car through the middle of it, then you know what invincible means. That's
the kind of stability God wants His people to have. And when you put your
roots deep down into His Word, you will become a person of great stability.

Look at Exodus 33:19

"I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name
of the Lord before you."

What happened to Moses when he experienced the Holy? Moses had seen some
pretty amazing miracles in his life, but he still wanted to see God's glory.
God decided to show Moses a little bit of His glory. God put Moses in the
cleft of a rock and covered him with His hand as He passed by. Moses only
saw a reflection of the holiness of God from a distant rear view, but it
affected him so much that the people of Israel were afraid of him when they
saw him. His face shown so brilliantly, the people were terrified. Moses had
to wear a veil in order to talk to the people.

If we could see God as He really is, not only would we know Him as a God of
compassionate love, but we would see Him as a God of holiness, quite apart
from anything we have ever known.

Why is it important to see God as He really is in His holiness? Because only
then will you see yourself as you really are.

Look at Proverbs 12:11

"He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread, but he who follows
frivolity is devoid of understanding. "

Many men of the world have understood the necessity of commitment when
trying to accomplish great things. Spanish explorer Cortez landed at Vera
Cruz in 1519 to begin his conquest of Mexico with a small force of seven
hundred men. It is said that when his entire crew came ashore, he purposely
set fire to his fleet of eleven ships. Presumably, his men on the shore
watched their only means of retreat sink to the bottom of the Gulf of
Mexico. There was now only one direction to move-forward into the Mexican
interior to meet whatever might come their way.

This illustration of diligence is a stark rebuke to those who believe that
all of life's fruits can be had instantly and with little or no sacrifice.
But in God's economy, the germination- cultivation- harvest cycle remains. And
it is based on the application of diligence and commitment. Are you facing
the temptation to give up on something important? What does your level of
commitment say about the importance of the cause you have committed to?

The value we place on a relationship or project or opportunity can be
measured directly by the degree of diligence we apply in working at it.

Let's look at Proverbs 11:2

"When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom."

On December 6, 2001, American evangelist Billy Graham received a singular
honor from the British Empire. He was given an honorary knighthood in
recognition of his Christian service benefiting England and the world. When
given his award by the British ambassador to the United States, the
evangelist&# 39;s remarks were characteristic: "I accept it with humility and
unworthiness. " He went on to say that he looked forward to laying his
honorary knighthood, along with any other recognition he has ever received,
at the feet of Jesus Christ, who deserves all the honor and praise.

One has to wonder if the impact of Billy Graham and his ministry around the
world is in any way connected with his personal spirit of "humility and
unworthiness. " In light of biblical testimony concerning humility, the
answer has to be "Yes." God gives skill and advancement to the humble and
actively resists (stands in the way of) the proud. If you have a destination
in view, you can remove at least one serious roadblock by being humble on
the way.

Skills for living are not acquired as much as they are received in the form
of grace-given by God as wisdom to the humble.

Kathy Melton Owner/Instructor
Medical Language Specialist Program

Therefore, my beloved friends, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in
the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

(1 Cor. 15:58)
http://www.biblegat eway.com/versions/New-King- James-Version-

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Re: THE MASTERS LIST Dean W. Masters

Post  Admin on Tue 28 May 2013, 10:47 pm

Traveling Mercies
by Shawn McEvoy, Crosswalk.com Managing Editor

You will not be afraid of the terror by night, Or of the arrow that flies by
Psalm 91:5

With Memorial Day's arrival, summer travel season is upon us (well, for
those who haven't been grounded by the economy, anyway), so I've been
reminiscing upon all the times the Lord has watched out for me on the road
through all my journeys. Here are just a few examples:

When I helped my wife - before she was my wife - move from Columbia, South
Carolina to Farmville, Virginia, we rented an auto transport to trail her
car behind the U-Haul so that we could both ride together in the truck. I
had helped load her car onto the transport before we left. We decided to get
out of town and onto the interstate before we gassed up. We'd traveled up
and down hills, across several railroad tracks, on the interstate, in
stop-and-go traffic... and it was raining. You'll understand
the reason I tell you all that momentarily.

When we pulled into the gas station, we realized we didn't have Valerie's
key chain. It held the keys to her car, her new home, her old home, and
several expensive keys to the University of South Carolina. Neither of us
had any idea where they could be. I got out of the truck to think... and I
spotted them, there on one of the two-inch thick beams of the auto
transport. I yelled for Valerie, who came to look. I carefully touched the
keys with my fingertips... and they dropped to the ground. Neither
of us could believe our eyes, or that those keys had remained there of their
own accord over the route we had driven. It had to be the Lord. If not,
well, He got the praise and glory anyway.

Another time, when I was just a boy, my mother's station wagon had a flat
tire on a remote stretch of road outside Tucson. My sister and I were in the
car as my mother struggled to get the hubcap off. In those days, on that
model, a special tool was required to be able to get to the lugnuts. We
didn't have the tool. Just then, a guy rode up on a bike. He happened to
have the tool. He handed it to my mother, who to this day swears he was an
angel. I'm not sure I can argue with her.

At other times there have been individuals who showed up with just the right
help during blowouts, or - believe it or not - airline personnel who
actually made my trip better than it could have gone. The most memorable of
these instances, truly, have come during times I prayed, read my Bible, and
had decided in advance not to get bent out of shape about delays or other
problems. One such cross-country trip resulted in an out-of-nowhere upgrade
to first class from Philadelphia to Seattle, where I
also ended up in position to calmly solve a dispute between passengers.
Indeed, the Lord has been gracious to me in travel.

My wife's family has a tradition before every trip they take to read
Psalm 91.
It reminds them that God is their refuge as they go, wherever they go. And
of course before every trip we take, my family prays for safety, and
mercy... and the opportunity to minister, even if it is an inconvenience to
our plans.

One way or another, this prayer is always answered. Still, it's hard to
remind myself of goodness and opportunity in delay. Sometimes I still feel
that the trip, the vacation, is my time… that whatever gets in the way shows
that the Lord does not care, or did not "bless" our travels. That’s when I
remember Paul's travels. I am certain the Apostle didn't think shipwrecks
and imprisonment were helps toward spreading the Gospel. But in the end,
they were. Are our travels - no matter what purpose we think
they hold - any different?

Jesus told a story about a traveler
who had been robbed, beaten, and left for dead on the road. Those who passed
him by had in mind only their own agendas and their desire not to be
inconvenienced, even if they were priests by vocation. What would you do?
Would you have the time, yearning, and empathy to interrupt your travels to
do as the Samaritan did?

Understand that I am not discounting that the Lord must lay on your heart
the decision to stop and help, especially in these troubled and dangerous
times. But do be open to it. So few times anymore do we venture outside our
home or neighborhood. Those times we do should not merely be restful, but
ministerial. Pray that God would give you opportunities to serve him - and
yes, to see His glory in watching over you! - as you go.

Intersecting Faith Life: This summer especially, be on the lookout for
fellow travelers who are stranded. Rising gas costs could cause some
motorists to run out of fuel. Consider taking along a spare gas container
and can of fix-a-flat to assist stranded folks who might be in need of
genuine help (and the gospel message).

Further Reading

Luke 10:25-37

Psalm 91
Dean Masters, owner of the Masters List
I personally know someone who is literally older than dirt.
If you would like to meet him ask me to introduce you.

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Post  Admin on Sun 26 May 2013, 9:34 pm

Weekly or Weakly?
"I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give
you spiritual wisdom and revelation in your growing knowledge of him, –
since the eyes of your heart have been enlightened – so that you may know
what is the hope of his calling, what is the wealth of his glorious
inheritance in the saints, and what is the incomparable greatness of his
power toward us who believe, as displayed in the exercise of his immense
strength." (Ephesians 1:17-19, NET)

I heard an announcer on a Christian radio station say that he had a
spiritual grandmother who prayed for him weekly. After he said that I HAD
SOME QUESTIONS. Did he mean that she prayed for him regularly or that she
prayed without power?

We probably have some people that we pray for regularly. There may be more
that could use our prayers on a regular basis. We don’t always know what is
going on in someone’s life but they could always use prayer.

We may pray regularly but are we praying with power? We may ask God to bless a person but is that powerful prayer? In the verses above Paul prays a
powerful prayer for the believers in Ephesus. We could use this prayer as a
model for our prayers if we don’t know what specifically to pray about a
person or group.
Prayer: Lord, forgive us when we don’t pray regularly or when we don’t pray
with power. Put those on our hearts that need our prayers at this time and
those who need prayers on a regular basis. In the name of Jesus Christ,
Thought: Let us pray for those who need power from the Lord.
By Dean W. Masters
Owner of the Master's List.
We would love you to join us. Just send a blank message to:
masterslist- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com
If you would like to receive only the messages that I write, please send a
blank message to:
Unedited redistribution approved

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Re: THE MASTERS LIST Dean W. Masters

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