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Post  Admin on Tue 25 Apr 2017, 11:58 pm

America's Looming Retirement Crisis
Did you know that approximately 40 percent of all American workers have absolutely nothing saved for retirement?
And did you know that pension funds in the United States are currently underfunded by about six trillion dollars?
Social Security is supposed to be the underlying safety net for our entire retirement system, but it is essentially just a massive Ponzi scheme that everyone agrees is heading for a major disaster.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1182#o2YkDcDYFzrPy6fP.99

LGBT-Promoting Teacher Bans Cross Necklaces In Class
The classroom is for learning, not promoting the LGBT agenda.
Posted with permission from WND
Officials at Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Florida are being asked to stop the bullying by a math teacher who is an open advocate for the LGBT lifestyle and has, among other things, banned students from wearing cross necklaces in her classroom.
The nonprofit legal group Liberty Counsel said it would prefer for the district to rein in the teacher, Lora Jane Riedas, without the necessity of a court case.
But Liberty Counsel is ready to take action – through a federal lawsuit – if it is needed "to vindicate the parental and student rights."
The district did not respond to multiple WND calls requesting comment.
Liberty Counsel said the teacher, known for being an LGBTQ "ally" and a member of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's Leadership Institute, has gone overboard in her advocacy for her chosen lifestyle.

What To Do About Those Hungry Arab Terrorists
What is it that these imprisoned mass murderers are threatening to do if their demands are not met? The're threatening to get really, really hungry.
Guess what the hunger-striking Palestinian terrorists are demanding?
Satellite television, air conditioners and admission to an Israeli university. I'm not kidding.
According to the Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa, satellite TV, air conditioning and admission to Israel's Open University are on the list of 10 demands that the current hunger-strikers have presented to Israeli authorities.
The people whom these prisoners murdered are not enjoying such perks.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1180#TgK8TOvzpLQrOsGk.99

No Sin, No Forgiveness Either: "The Strange Persistence of Guilt"
So, traditional morality is out, and freedom of everything is in. Then why does everybody feel so guilty
In 1966, Time Magazine infamously posed the question "Is God Dead?" on its cover. Recently, it ran the same cover, only with the word "Truth" instead of God.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1179#PWOWXXWTf1xvETiC.99

Millennials Choosing To Stay With Parents Instead Of Marriage/Families
One out of every three 18 to 34-year-old Americans is currently living with their parents.
Back then, 57 percent of everyone in that age group "lived with a spouse", but today that number has dropped to just 27 percent.
These numbers come from "the Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood" report that was just released by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1188#7ycKMzHiRR1EeRDA.99

Twisting The Faith - "Christian" Abortionists Promote "Blessed" Practice
Meet the "Christian" abortion doctors who support and even encourage carrying out abortions
For Christians, there are few acts more clearly immoral than the killing of unborn babies.
Abortion is a major political issue for which Christians have fought for decades against opponents who favor the right of a mother to choose to kill her unborn children, but the newest adversary to Biblical morality and human decency is not a radical atheist group or far-left feminist organization.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1187#dVI9wjqFtJsktXYX.99

The Palestinians Don't Want Mandela, They Want Another Arafat
Barghouti is a likely candidate to succeed Mahmoud Abbas as head of the Palestinian Authority, for all the wrong reasons.
Palestinian internal politics and liberal hostility to Israel came together at The New York Times this month.
The newspaper provoked a firestorm of criticism through its decision to publish an article on the eve of Passover authored by Marwan Barghouti, the imprisoned mastermind of a second intifada terror campaign, without mentioning that he is currently serving five life terms for the murder of civilians.
But a more important discussion got lost amid the outrage about media bias.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1186#qeWymtRtOy0Kg85f.99

UN Elects Largest Oppressor Of Women, Saudi Arabia, To Women's Rights Commission
How does Saudi Arabia win seats on U.N. human rights bodies?
Saudi Arabia isn't known for gender equality. In fact, the Saudi government's idea of fair play among the sexes is ensuring women their husbands can only have three more wives.
Saudi women truly have zero rights in society. Ranking Saudi Arabia among the 10 worst countries for women, the Toronto Star wrote,
In oil-rich Saudi Arabia, women are treated as lifelong dependents, under the guardianship of a male relative. Deprived of the right to drive a car or mix with men publicly, they are confined to strictly segregated lives on pain of severe punishment.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1185#yIx1rSvxJX5IkjGx.99

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Post  Admin on Thu 20 Apr 2017, 9:44 pm

Push To Rebuild Jerusalem Temple Has Earth-Shaking Implications
The reconstruction of the Third Temple would be a critical sign the last days are at hand.
Posted with permission from WND
There is probably not a more disputed parcel of real estate than the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

A portion of the land there is occupied by an Islamic mosque, yet there are developing plans to rebuild the prophesied third Jewish Temple.
That leaves the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a political situation that offers no easy way out.
One American pastor now is telling Christians they need to pay careful attention to what happens next.
During Passover, Jewish activists held a ritual sacrifice in view of the Temple Mount as part of a larger effort to encourage the rebuilding of the Temple. Attending the ceremony was Yehuda Glick, an American-born Knesset member of Netanyahu's Likud Party. The ceremony was held outside the Hurva Synagogue in what was widely perceived as a prestigious location that gave the ritual a certain amount of legitimacy. One of the activists involved predicted it would only be "a few more years" before sacrifices were held on the Temple Mount itself.
But even attempts by Jewish activists to begin hosting sacrifices on or even near the Temple Mount have led to increased tensions with the Muslim community, and the Muslim authorities who govern the Temple Mount have forbidden any sacrifices on the Temple Mount itself.
Israeli police recently arrested five Jewish men who were attempting to pray on the Temple Mount, as well as 17 people in a separate incident who were trying to smuggle goats onto the site to offer a sacrifice.
Netanyahu cannot afford to antagonize religious Jews or the Orthodox parties, as they form an important part of his political coalition. And he's already having a hard time keeping his coalition together, as the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox Israeli political parties have publicly announced their opposition to any unilateral attempt by the prime minister to dissolve the government.
MORE http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1177

Conservative Purge - Universities Require Pledge To "Diversity Statement"
Diversity statements are promoting an agenda of hiring on political ideology rather than competence.
Diversity statements have become common in university and even high school hiring processes as schools become increasingly focused on ensuring liberal viewpoints rather than hiring the most qualified candidates.
Groups such as the Oregon Association of Scholars and the publication Inside Higher Ed have tracked the rise of the diversity statements and their inclusion alongside the traditional documents schools request when considering when new instructors.
While it is safe to say that few outside academia have even heard of a "diversity statement", its inclusion has the potential to profoundly impact the makeup of faculty on college campuses and even high schools.
Just as "safe spaces" attempt to shield students from controversial or opposing viewpoints the diversity statement requires prospective teachers to demonstrate in writing not only how they have promoted diversity in the past or hail from a diverse background, but also how they pledge to favor minority viewpoints and minority students over the majority.
Numerous universities now provide guidance on how to craft a diversity statement or link prospective faculty members to sites that do provide outlines and tips on what to include and how to express one's devotion to the liberal agenda.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1176#Lbw2hygki1XoTWMV.99

Are School-Issued Computers Spying On Your Kids?
Big Data has been given free rein under the guises of "personalized learning programs".
There was widespread outrage back in 2010, when it was discovered that a Philadelphia school district had issued laptops to students with a very creepy function.
Unbeknown to both students and parents, school officials had the ability to remotely access the webcams on the laptops, and spy on the students in their homes.
Seven years later, school-issued computers are still spying on students, albeit in more subtle ways.
According to an investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a third of K-12 schools in the US are issuing free and low-cost computers to students.
However, like most computer-based services that are supposedly free, there's a hidden cost.
The education programs on these computers are collecting tons of very personal data.
And unlike when someone signs up for Facebook, which has user agreements that need to be signed, parents are often not being notified of this wholesale data collection by the school districts, nor are they given the chance to consent to it.
Even when they find out about this data collection, parents aren't given the ability to opt-out of it. They're often chastised for being "paranoid" by school officials.
The data is supposedly being collected to give students a personalized education experience. That data includes browsing history, location, contact lists, and behavioral information.
It's also being uploaded to cloud services without the knowledge of parents.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg
In 2012, Jose Ferreira, CEO of ed tech company Knewton, observed in a video at the U.S. Education Department's Office of Educational Technology, "Education happens to be, today, the world's most data mineable industry by far... Education beats everything else, hands down."
Colorado parent activist Cheri Kiesecker says Big Data has been given free rein under the guises of both "personalized learning programs" and workforce development, with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers on board with the program.
"Personalized learning" includes the collection of children's social, emotional, and psychological data.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1175#h9jEI2bTmmkQVuWg.99

Iran's Elections: Black Turbans vs. White Turbans
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/blackvswhiteapril202017.jpg
Share this article:
The presidential elections in Iran, scheduled for May 19, have observers wondering whether the "white turban" incumbent, Hassan Rouhani, will retain his position, or be defeated by his likely contender, the "black turban" mullah, Ebrahim Raisi, known for his key role in the 1988 massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners.

More importantly, the question on Western minds is how and in what way the Islamic Republic will be affected by either outcome.
The two periods in Iran's recent history that need to be examined in order to answer this question are that of the tenure of former firebrand President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005 to 2013), who also announced he is running again, and the one that has followed under Rouhani.
At the outset of the Ahmadinejad era, Iran's GDP (using purchasing power parity) soared beyond $1 trillion, and two of the country's greatest threats -- Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan under the Taliban -- were eliminated. Both enabled Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to solidify his stronghold.
Midway through this period, however, Iran's economy fell sharply. Iran became the country with the fifth highest inflation rate in the world. Iran fell into a serious recession, and millions of Iranians found themselves unemployed. All this was going on even before the international community imposed sanctions on the regime in Tehran.
In the years that followed Ahmadinejad's replacement by the so-called "moderate" Rouhani, sanctions were lifted; oil exports reached pre-sanction levels; billions of dollars' worth of assets abroad were unfrozen; and hundreds of agreements were signed to expand business transactions with the West.
Nevertheless, the last year of Rouhani's first term was characterized by yet another economic crisis,
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1174#1huZU7Cxwl0XPVY0.99

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Post  Admin on Wed 19 Apr 2017, 11:15 pm

Syria And The End Times
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/syriaapril192017.jpg
With all the events taking place in Syria right now, many people are asking, "What does the Bible have to say about Syria and the end times?
Is this the beginning of World War III and Armageddon?" Those are legitimate questions, but let me assure you, this is not the end. How can I be so sure?
Because the Bible says Armageddon takes place at the end of the seven year Tribulation (Revelation 16:16), and the Tribulation has yet to begin.
That said, I believe recent events in Syria have great significance when it comes to the study of bible prophecy.

This doesn't mean you're guaranteed to see the immediate fulfillment of any specific bible prophecy. However, it does mean you should pay close attention.

Why? Because, at the very least, these events are setting the table for the fulfillment of multiple bible prophecies.

Just look around you. The signs of the Second Coming are everywhere. The restoration of Israel (Isaiah 11:12)... The Jews back in Jerusalem (Luke 21:24-28)... The Gospel preached to the world (Matthew 24:14)... An increase in travel and knowledge (Daniel 12:4)... The rise of the European Union (Daniel 2:43)... And many more.
Jesus says once you see all these signs come together, His return is near (Luke 21:28). This means the Tribulation is close, and you should expect to see the fulfillment of many end times prophecies in the near future.
Below are two prophetic events especially relevant to the ongoing events in Syria. The first could take place at any moment.
I believe a careful study of the Bible reveals the second event will take place sometime after the war foretold in Psalm 83.
Either way, both events could be very close to fulfillment. While both could still be several years away, breaking events could lead to their fulfillment in this very hour.

1) The Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17)
Chapter 17 in the Book of Isaiah paints a sobering picture. In it, the city of Damascus is a pile of rubble. The Bible says it will disappear from the face of the earth and become a heap of ruins (Isaiah 17:1).
At the same time, large parts of northern Israel will also lie in ruin (Isaiah 17:3). Now, before you say this prophecy was fulfilled during Old Testament times, keep this in mind... This passage says Damascus will cease to be a city (Isaiah 17:1).
It will be utterly and completely destroyed. Yet, Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on record. Its history goes back more than 5,000 years. At 2,600 years old, the Book of Isaiah itself is new compared to Damascus! This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.
So how do current events in Syria relate to Isaiah 17? Following the U.S. strike on the Syrian airfield Shayrat, Syria's allies issued a joint statement saying, "What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well".
While this statement was clearly in response to a U.S. bombing, these nations made it clear they will respond to any nation they view as an aggressor.
This includes Israel. While it hasn't been a major news story, Israel has also been bombing Syria. They're bombing Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists operating on the northern border of Israel.
If Syria and its allies view their situation as desperate, they may decide to use these bombing raids as an excuse to launch a chemical attack on Israel.
This is because drawing Israel into the war could rally the Muslim world to Syria's side. Saddam Hussein tried this same tactic during the first Gulf War. In 1991, he fired Scud missiles at Israel in an effort to draw them into the war and break up the coalition aligned against him.
If Syria, Hezbollah, or any of their allies managed to strike Israel with a weapon of mass destruction, the response would be swift. Israel would most likely respond in kind. If their intelligence revealed the Assad regime was behind such an attack, nuclear retaliation on Damascus would not be out of the question.
While this is all speculation, and not necessary how Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled, it shows how realistic a near-term fulfillment of this prophecy could be. With current instability in the region, and so many warring factions in Syria, events could spiral out of control very quickly.
At this point in time, it's not difficult to imagine a scenario in which Damascus is completely destroyed.
2) The Gog of Magog War (Ezekiel 38-39)
Current events in Syria are also setting the stage for the Gog of Magog War. More than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future time when a vast coalition of nations will attack Israel.
Ezekiel identifies these nations as "Magog, Rosh, Meschech, Tubal, Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah" (Ezekiel 38:1-6). These nations have since come to be known as the Gog of Magog alliance.
Now, with the exception of Persia and Cush, I realize most people have never heard of these nations.
But keep in mind Ezekiel used the names of these nations as they were known in his day. Each one is a clearly identifiable nation today. So who are these nations in our day and time?
Below is a list. The Old Testament name is listed first, followed by its modern day equivalent:

Rosh = Russia
Magog = Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan
Persia = Iran
Cush = Sudan
Put = Libya
Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah = Turkey
Collectively, these nations have never attacked Israel. In fact, in the history of the world, such an alliance of nations has never existed.
But today we see it coming together right in front of us. Since 1989, Russia and Iran have gradually strengthened their diplomatic, military, and economic ties.
Yet, in the first 2,600 years after Ezekiel recorded his prophecies, the nations of Russia and Persia (Iran) had never been part of any alliance of any sort. Never. Cooperation between Russia and Iran, especially military cooperation, didn't take place.
This led many people to claim Ezekiel's prophecy was symbolic. Why? Because the idea of the Gog of Magog war seemed absurd. After all, at the dawn of the 20th Century, Russia was an orthodox Christian nation and Israel didn't exist!
But those who believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible knew otherwise. They knew all prophecy would come to pass. Because bible prophecy doesn't come from mere humans. It's God's Word (2 Peter 1:19-21).
In the years since, the stage has been set for the literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. A 1917 communist revolution transformed Russia from a Christian nation to an atheist nation.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jp
In 1948, Israel once again became a nation. And earlier this week, Russia and Iran issued a joint statement vowing to respond with force to any aggressor.
And Turkey? For decades, people have wondered how Turkey could be a part of this alliance. After all, Turkey is a member of NATO.
And in late 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian jet when it strayed into Turkish airspace. Russia and Turkey seem to be at odds.
So how could Turkey be a part of this alliance? At first glance, it seems unlikely. But in the summer of 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan jailed thousands of political opponents. And just today (Easter Sunday 2017), Turkey voted to eliminate its parliamentary form of government and give expanded powers to Erdogan.
Ultimately, this could be what pushes Turkey into the Russian sphere of influence. Erdogan is an anti-Western, pro-Islamist leader, and he's worked hard to strengthen Turkey's ties with Russia.
In light of these developments, we can see the Gog of Magog alliance coming together for the first time in history.
For the first time since Israel re-emerged on the world scene in May 1948, the main players of the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance are all working together. Even more important, they all have military personnel on Israel's northern border. The stage is set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.
What Will Ultimately Happen?
While terrible destruction awaits Damascus (Isaiah 17:1), northern Israel (Isaiah 17:3), and the entire Gog of Magog Alliance (Ezekiel 38:19-22), we have reason to be hopeful.
Because of these events, the Bible says people will soon look to and acknowledge their Creator - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Isaiah 17:7).
When He strikes down Israel's enemies, the whole world will know He is the God Israel (Ezekiel 38:23).
In the days and weeks ahead, we can't be certain what will happen in Syria. But in the long run, we can be absolutely certai the events of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 will be fulfilled.
Damascus will lie in ruin, and the Gog of Magog Alliance will be destroyed. These events are certain.
Because whatever He has declared, God will bring to pass (Isaiah 14:24). And when these things happen, the world will no longer be able to deny Him. He will destroy the enemies of Israel in plain view of the entire world.
"In this way," says the Lord. "I will show my greatness and holiness, and I will make myself known to all the nations of the world. Then they will know that I am the Lord." Ezekiel 38:23 (NLT)
Learn more about the converging of prophetic events at this unique time in history with our brand new DVD release - The Coming Convergence.
Britt Gillette is author of the ebook Coming to Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose as well as Signs of the Second Coming: 11 Reasons Jesus Will Return in Our Lifetime.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1171#mL6ieO7iOiEbLJID.99

Rise Of The Sultan: Turks Vote to Give Away Their Democracy
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/turkeyaug152016.jpg
Share this article:
In a bitter irony, nearly 55 million Turks went to the ballot box on April 16 to exercise their basic democratic right to vote.
But they voted in favor of giving away their democracy. The system for which they voted looks more like a Middle Eastern sultanate than democracy in the West.
According to unofficial results of the referendum, 51.4% of the Turks voted in favor of constitutional amendments that will give their authoritarian Islamist president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, excessive powers to augment his one-man rule in comfort.
The changes make Erdogan head of government, head of state and head of the ruling party -- all at the same time.
He now has the power to appoint cabinet ministers without requiring a confidence vote from parliament, propose budgets and appoint more than half the members of the nation's highest judicial body.
In addition, he has the power to dissolve parliament, impose states of emergency and issue decrees. Alarmingly, the proposed system lacks the safety mechanisms of checks and balances that exist in other countries such as the United States.
It would transfer powers traditionally held by parliament to the presidency, thereby rendering the parliament merely a ceremonial, advisory body.
Why did the Turks choose democratic suicide?

1. Erdogan's confrontational Islamist-nationalist rhetoric keeps appealing to masses who adore him for his claims of being in the process of restoring the country's historical Ottoman influence as a leader of the Islamic world. His rhetoric -- and practices -- would often echo an authoritarian rule in the form of a sultan.
It was not a coincidence that the thousands of Erdogan fans who gathered to salute their leader after his referendum victory were passionately waving Turkish and Ottoman flags and chanting "Allah-u aqbar" ["Allah is the greatest", in Arabic].
For most of Erdogan's conservative fans, "God comes first... then comes Erdogan". That sentiment explains why the vote on April 16 was not just a boring constitutional matter for many Turks: It was about endorsing an ambitious man who promises to revive a glorious past.
2. The 'No' campaign and its supporters were systematically silenced and intimidated by a powerful state apparatus, including its police and judicial powers.
In contrast, the 'Yes' campaign enjoyed all possible government support, with full mobilization of state means and public resources. Worse, Turkey went to the ballot box under a state of emergency that was declared after a failed coup in July.
3. A European Union (EU) parliamentary organization warned before the referendum that the democratic legitimacy of the vote was in question. It mentioned that the lawmakers' ability to campaign for the 'No' vote had been undermined by the government.
"The conditions for a free and fair plebiscite on proposed constitutional reforms simply do not hold," said a report released by the EU Turkey Civic Commission.
It highlighted, among several other reasons, that the co-leaders of a pro-Kurdish political party who campaigned for 'No' have been imprisoned since November on charges of links with terror groups.
In the 15 months leading up to the referendum, says a civil rights NGO, police used violence to stop a total of 264 peaceful demonstrations in support of the 'No' campaign.
4. With around 150 journalists in jail, the pervading climate was fear.
The great Turkish purge spells big numbers. According to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu:
47,155 people have been jailed since the coup attempt on July 15;
113,260 people have also been detained;
41,499 people have been released with condition of judicial control and 23,861 people have been released without any condition; 863 other suspects remain at large;
10,732 of those who have been arrested are police officers, while 168 military generals and 7,463 military officers have been jailed as of April 2, 2017;
2,575 judges and prosecutors, and 208 governors or other public administrators have been imprisoned. The number of jailed civilians, including handicapped people, housewives and elders, is 26,177
Over 135,000 people have been purged: A total of 7,317 academics were also purged as well as 4,272 judges and prosecutors who were dismissed due to alleged involvement in the coup attempt.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg
'No' campaigners were threatened and treated like terrorists. Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) confirmed cases of intimidation against the 'No' campaign across the country.
5. The main opposition Republican People's Party claimed election rigging. It claimed the vote was manipulated in terms of content and method.
Only an hour into the vote count, the Supreme Board of Elections declared as valid voting papers without official seals. That practice is clearly in violation of the election laws.
The opposition also claimed that in some cities the election observers from the 'No' groups were removed from their polling stations.
In Turkey, it probably does not matter what is in the ballot box; what matters more is who counts them.
The April 16 vote in Turkey meant more than a simple vote on a package of 18 constitutional amendments. With a narrow and controversial margin, the Turks voted to change regime in favor of a sultanate.
It was not a coincidence that a news editor for Yeni Akit, a militantly Islamist newspaper and a pro-Erdogan outlet, tweeted after the referendum results, an obituary for the "Old Turkey."
In January, a columnist for Yeni Akit claimed that Erdogan would become the "caliph" if he wins the referendum and the presidential election.
Turkey's soul-searching and societal wars never have a moment of truce.
Turkey's wars are not just between political leaders and parties; they are wars between the supporters of a democratic, secular country and those of a caliphate which Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, abolished almost a century ago.
As Kati Piri, the European Parliament's Turkey rapporteur, said of the referendum: "This is a sad day for all democrats in Turkey".
Originally published at Gatestone Institute - reposted with permission.
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Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1170#T0UltewLTujb7rFo.99

Homeschooling Now Booming - In Russia!
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/russiahomeapril122017.jpg
News Image BY BOB UNRUH/WND.COM APRIL 19, 2017
Bob Unruh
Posted with permission from WND
Homeschooling, banned in Russia for most of the last century, is beginning a boom, according to a homeschooling expert.

"Homeschooling in Russia has gained recognition from both the media and society in general," said Mike Donnelly, the director of global outreach for the Home School Legal Defense Association. "Part of that stems from its growth so far."

Donnelly, who recently attended a homeschool conference in St. Petersburg, said Russian supporters of homeschooling expressed "genuine optimism for the future" and "confidence in their plans to achieve substantial growth."

His organization, the world's premiere legal defender of homeschooling, has battled over the rights of parents to teach their children, often an integral part of international agreements and treaties.

And while major disputes have raged in Germany, Sweden and the United States in recent years, in Russia the homeschool movement has been maturing, he reported.
See what American education has become, in "Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America's Children."
One of his encounters was with Pavel Parfentiev, the chairman of the board of Za Prava Sem'i, a family rights organization.

"I do believe that home education has a big future in Russia," he said, according to Donnelly.
"Russian law specifically states that the parents are the primary educators of their children," Parfentiev said.

The movement in Russia, still "in its early days," has obstacles, including a Common Core-like set of national requirements that parents are working to have lifted.

Reported Donnelly: "Homeschool leaders estimated that there are between 50,000 and 100,000 Russian children being homeschooled. Although that range is well under 0.5 percent of the Russian school-age population (by comparison, estimates put the growing homeschooling community in the U.S. at close to 4 percent of the school-age population), it places Russia second only to the United Kingdom among European countries."

Parfentiev said, "Most people do respect home education as a normal and good educational option for parents."
Donnelly said the strength of the growing movement was evidenced by a parent named Victoria, who with her husband Boris is reviewing homeschooling options even though their oldest child is not yet 4.

Translated by Boris, Victoria said, "I understand that children are given to me by God, but for a small amount of time."
And educating them?

"I understand that this is my task, and not the task of the teachers out there. I'm becoming more and more convinced that this is the way to go."
Donnelly said he wasn't alone in perceiving the hopefulness of the Russian homeschoolers
He was accompanied to the St. Petersburg conference by Gerald Huebner, HSLDA Canada's chairman.
"In the end, Gerald said, ‘it's just like a conference in Saskatchewan or North Dakota. People from Canada or any state in the United States would feel very comfortable here,'" Donnelly said.

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Post  Admin on Wed 19 Apr 2017, 10:49 pm

Christian Conference Threatened By Armed Islamic Radical - Only The Start?
Christian conference attendees may have narrowly escaped becoming the next Facebook livestream victims.
One Sunday morning you may be sitting there peacefully with your family during what seems like a perfectly normal church service when a team of men dressed in camo comes storming in and starts shooting at people indiscriminately with automatic weapons.
Once upon a time, such a thing would have been absolutely unimaginable in America, but now things have completely changed.
In fact, as you will see below, something like this almost happened a little over a week ago at a hotel in South Dakota where approximately 500 people had gathered for a Christian conference.
This is a time when ministries are going to have to start paying extra attention to security, because Islamic terrorists are going to be specifically targeting Christians and churches.
Every year, the number of Islamic terror attacks worldwide just keeps rising, and according to one list there has already been 619 Islamic terror attacks in 2017.
And sometimes it is just a "lone wolf" with a gun that suddenly snaps and goes on a shooting spree. Just consider what happened on Tuesday in Fresno, California.
An Islamic militant named Kori Ali Muhammad decided to take out his gun and start shooting at people for no discernible reason whatsoever...
Dyer said the gunman walked up to the PG&E truck in the 300 block of North Van Ness Avenue about 10:45 a.m. and shot the passenger repeatedly. The driver of the pickup then sped to Fresno police headquarters on M Street. The second shooting was only a few seconds later and was at Van Ness and Mildreda Street, where the gunman shot at but missed a resident.
The gunman then turned onto Fulton Street and fired several rounds at another man, striking and killing him, Dyer said. After reloading at a bus stop, the gunman then shot and killed a man in the parking lot of Catholic Charities in the 100 block of North Fulton Street, he said.
According to multiple mainstream news reports, authorities heard Muhammad shout out "Allahu Akbar". In Arabic that means "Allah is the greatest", and it is a phrase that is commonly heard during terror attacks all over the globe.
All of Muhammad's shooting victims were white, and his Facebook page reveals someone that was absolutely consumed with hate...
The frenetic profile includes militant and apocalyptic language and repeated demands to "let black people go." He referenced "white devils" and praised melanoma skin cancer.
On Saturday afternoon, Muhammad posted a photo of himself in a colorful garment, with his head covered, and the words: LET BLACK PEOPLE GO OR THE DOOM INCREASES REPARATIONS & SEPARATION NOW.
Another extremely disturbing incident occurred back on April 9th.
An Islamic radical that had brought "multiple firearms" with him stormed into a major Christian conference at a hotel in South Dakota, and his actions had many fearing for their lives...
A Muslim man entered a private gathering of Christians in a hotel ballroom in South Dakota, started cursing and livestreaming video on Facebook of the event and then, after he was ushered out, displayed multiple firearms and issued statements the speakers say were a direct threat to their safety.
The man, wearing a t-shirt that said, "I'm American, I'm a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I'm dangerous only if you're stupid," was approached by a security guard and told to leave.
Once back in his car, he brandished an arsenal of weapons, including two military-style rifles with loaded magazines and three handguns, and made several threats of "Be scared, be F--ing scared. Be terrified." Again, it was all livestreamed on Facebook while parked in the conference-center parking lot.
Can you imagine what would have happened if he had started firing inside that ballroom?
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg
Amazingly, authorities did not charge him with any crime.
The man that was in charge of organizing the conference is named Brannon Howse. I know him personally and I have appeared on his radio show numerous times.
He has always warned that this sort of thing could start happening in America, but he probably never imagined that something like this would actually happen to him.
We all need to start changing the way that we think, because these Islamic radicals can strike literally anywhere.
According to the Washington Free Beacon, federal authorities are telling us that radical Islamic terrorists are being investigated "in all 50 states" and that the threat of terrorism has now "reached an all time high"...
Federal authorities have open investigations into radical Islamic terrorists in all 50 states, according to the Department of Homeland Security, which is warning that the threat of terrorism in the United States has reached an all time high with radicalized individuals in the country plotting to strike "each and every single day."
We are living at a time that is completely different from what previous generations had to face. The threat of Islamic terrorism is growing all over the world, and Islamic terrorists have a special hatred for Christians and for churches.
We will not live in fear, but we will not stick our heads in the sand either. Islamic terror is a threat that we are going to have to deal with, and those that are ignoring the warnings do so at their own peril.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1172#qHSb2acp6otfby7J.99

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Breaking Updates For April 17, 2017
"PNW Video Update - "Former Iranian President Seeks Return - Vows US Destruction"
click below for video

Will Nuclear Deterrent Keep North Korea EMP Threat At Bay?
A significant EMP attack properly carried out in the skies over the US could take down the nation's electronic infrastructure.
Bob Unruh
Posted with permission from WND
WND has been reporting on the threat to America from EMP, the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion high in the sky, since early in the 2000s when former CIA chief James Wooley, former Defense Department staffer F. Michael Maloof and former Congressional EMP Commission member Dr. Peter Vincent Pry were sounding the alarm.
It was only weeks later that North Korea as a possible aggressor was brought into the conversation.
Nothing has gotten better since then, according to Pry, who agreed to an interview with WND on Friday, and in fact, it's worse.
In fact, the sabre-rattling from North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un in recent days and weeks, the threats to destroy America, the warnings about "nuclear thunderbolts," and more, should be taken very seriously, he suggested.
It's not just that North Korea may have missiles that could reach the United States, and may have a nuclear warhead that could be fitted on the rockets, it could have already put in place the potential for a nuclear blast and EMP attack when it wants.
MORE http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1167

Why Don't We Care About The Slaughter Of Christians?
Christians are slaughtered by ISIS while attending services on Palm Sunday and there is barely a national yawn. How can this be?
A United Airlines passenger is violently hauled off a plane, and there is national outrage, rightly so.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that Assad is worse than Hitler, and again, there is national outrage, rightly so.
Forty-five Egyptian Christians are slaughtered by ISIS while attending church services on Palm Sunday and scores of others are wounded, and there is barely a national yawn. How can this be?
You might say, "That's easy. The first two events took place right in front of our eyes, here in America. The third event took place in Egypt, and as tragic as it was, it's a matter of out of sight, out of mind."
I understand that. But what about the Islamic terror attack on the Brussels airport last year, killing more than 30 people? That was covered by our media day and night, with footage from the blast shown over and over by the hour.
And what about the Islamic terror attack in France, when a driver plowed his truck into hundreds of people in Nice, killing more than 80?
That too received day and night coverage, with the bloody footage, including dead children lying in the streets, put before us by the hour.
But when it's Christians being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists while worshiping the Lord in the safety of their church buildings, it only receives passing mention on our networks. Why?
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1166#j8z7gE4rcz5luSxI.99

A United Airlines passenger is violently hauled off a plane, and there is national outrage, rightly so.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that Assad is worse than Hitler, and again, there is national outrage, rightly so.
Forty-five Egyptian Christians are slaughtered by ISIS while attending church services on Palm Sunday and scores of others are wounded, and there is barely a national yawn. How can this be?
You might say, "That's easy. The first two events took place right in front of our eyes, here in America. The third event took place in Egypt, and as tragic as it was, it's a matter of out of sight, out of mind."
I understand that. But what about the Islamic terror attack on the Brussels airport last year, killing more than 30 people? That was covered by our media day and night, with footage from the blast shown over and over by the hour.
And what about the Islamic terror attack in France, when a driver plowed his truck into hundreds of people in Nice, killing more than 80?
That too received day and night coverage, with the bloody footage, including dead children lying in the streets, put before us by the hour.
But when it's Christians being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists while worshiping the Lord in the safety of their church buildings, it only receives passing mention on our networks. Why?
READ MORE at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1166#j8z7gE4rcz5luSxI.99

Breaking Updates For April 17, 2017

Is This What You Mean By 'Equality'?
Do the feminists of the world really want to engage in head-to-head athletic competition with their male peers?
I did not intend to write about this story, but when I saw a picture of the teenager in question, I had to.
He is 15-years-old, clearly a biological male. Look at his picture for yourself, mustache and all.
As Joy Pullman notes on The Federalist, he has "not taken drugs nor undergone surgery to mimic femininity."
Yet he was allowed to compete against other girls in a recent sporting event, and to no one's surprise, he won - quite handily, at that.
Is this what is meant by "equality"?
In recent weeks, we've read about a female high-school wrestler who identifies as male and who has been taking testosterone to prepare to "transition" to male. Unsurprisingly, she defeated the other girls, all of whom are not taking testosterone.
We also read about a male weightlifter who now identifies as female. Unsurprisingly, he defeated the women he competed against, setting a new record along the way.
Other examples could be supplied as well, since this is becoming more and more common.
How is this fair? How can progressives and liberals and leftists and LGBT activists and their allies think this is right?
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1165#FXzytZECTiuVLgut.99

The Number One Prophetic Sign
What is the number one prophetic sign? What sign more than any other, points to the soon return of Jesus Christ?
While any number of signs are present, I believe one stands out above all others. In fact, Jesus Himself told us what it is.
When the disciples said, "Tell us the signs of your coming and the end of the age" (Matthew 24:3), Jesus detailed a number of things to look for.
He then said, "When you see all these things, you can know my return is near. I'm right at the door" (Matthew 24:33).
He also said, "When all these things begin to happen, look up for your salvation is near!" (Luke 21:28).
This means the number one sign of Jesus' return is all the signs appearing together.
Both Jesus and the prophets told us what signs to look for, and the appearance of just one is reason enough to take notice.
But the arrival of one sign after another should really get your attention. This convergence of signs is the number one prophetic sign - the number one reason to believe Jesus is right at the door.
The Convergence of Signs
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1164#fI4U0YdjXgkQcLot.99

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Post  Admin on Sat 15 Apr 2017, 8:04 pm

The Number One Prophetic Sign: Convergence

image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/revelationaug242016.jpg

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What is the number one prophetic sign? What sign more than any other, points to the soon return of Jesus Christ?

While any number of signs are present, I believe one stands out above all others. In fact, Jesus Himself told us what it is.

When the disciples said, "Tell us the signs of your coming and the end of the age" (Matthew 24:3), Jesus detailed a number of things to look for.

He then said, "When you see all these things, you can know my return is near. I'm right at the door" (Matthew 24:33).

He also said, "When all these things begin to happen, look up for your salvation is near!" (Luke 21:28).

This means the number one sign of Jesus' return is all the signs appearing together.

Both Jesus and the prophets told us what signs to look for, and the appearance of just one is reason enough to take notice.

But the arrival of one sign after another should really get your attention. This convergence of signs is the number one prophetic sign - the number one reason to believe Jesus is right at the door.

The Convergence of Signs

The Bible tells us a number of events will take place just prior to the return of Jesus. Generations of Christians lived and died without witnessing one of these signs.

Yet our generation is witness to all of them. Those signs include:

Israel Back in the Land - God promised to bring the Jewish people back into the land of Israel before He returned (Jeremiah 23:7-8). He said He would call them from "among the nations" (Ezekiel 39:28), from "the farthest corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12), and from "north, south, east, and west" (Psalm 107:3).

He promised to welcome them home from the lands where they were scattered (Ezekiel 20:34). When they did, He promised to return and establish His everlasting kingdom (Isaiah 11:11-12).

The Jews Back in Jerusalem - Jesus said armies would surround Jerusalem, destroy the city, and enslaves its citizens. This happened in A.D. 70 when the Roman legions did exactly that.

Jesus then said people other than the Jews would control Jerusalem for a time, then the Jewish people would once again control Jerusalem. When they did, Jesus promised to return (Luke 21:24-28). Since 1967, the Jewish people have been in possession of Jerusalem and will be celebrating their 50 year reunification this June.

The Gospel Preached Throughout the World - When asked about the end of the age and the signs of His coming, Jesus said to look for a very specific sign.

He said the gospel will be preached throughout the entire world. Every nation will hear it. And then? And then, the end will come (Matthew 24:14). For centuries after the crucifixion, the gospel was confined to a small area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

In the past two centuries, Christians have brought the gospel to every nation in the world. Today, missionaries are in every nation.

The Bible is translated in hundreds of languages, and the message of Jesus is sent around the world by radio, TV, satellite, and the Internet. Our generation is literally on the verge of spreading the gospel to every last person on earth.

An Increase in Travel and Knowledge - Six hundred years before Jesus, an angel gave Daniel a special message. He said "travel and knowledge" will increase in the end times (Daniel 12:4). For centuries of human history, dramatic gains in travel and knowledge did NOT take place.

Yet the last two hundred years have seen explosions in the speed and frequency of travel as well as the amount and availability of knowledge.

Arrival of the Exponential Curve - Jesus said a variety of global signs will come before His return and the end of the age. These signs will be spiritual, natural, societal, and political in nature. And He said they would appear in a distinct way - "like birth pains" (Matthew 24:3-8).

This means the frequency and intensity of these signs will increase as we near His return. Our generation has seen the exponential increase in war and famine Jesus said to look for.

In the 20th Century alone, more people died from war and famine than lived on the earth when Jesus spoke these words.

Israel Surrounded by Enemies - The Bible says enemies will surround Israel in the end times. Those enemies will say "Come, let us wipe away the nation of Israel. Let's destroy the memory of its existence" (Psalm 83:4) and "Let us take for ourselves these pasturelands of God" (Psalm 83:12).

Ezekiel said Israel's neighbors will say "God has given their land to us" (Ezekiel 11:14-17), and "Israel and Judah are ours. We will take possession of them. What do we care if their God is there?" (Ezekiel 35:10).

Ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, the daily headlines have included these Bible verses. Israel's Muslim neighbors claim the land of Israel for themselves, and they have no regard for the God of Israel.

Israel's Exceedingly Great Army - Ezekiel said, in the end times, Israel will field "an exceedingly great army" (Ezekiel 37:10). Zechariah said Israel will be like a fire among sheaves of grain, burning up the neighboring nations (Zechariah 12:6) and even the weakest Israeli soldier will be like David (Zechariah 12:8).

Since 1948, Israel has fought no less than four conventional wars against its neighbors. Despite being outnumbered more than 50 to 1, Israel has achieved overwhelming victory every time.

Rise of the Gog of Magog Alliance - The Bible says a military alliance that includes Russia, Iran, Turkey, and a number of Muslim nations will attack Israel "in the latter days" (Ezekiel 38:8) when God brings His people home from among the enemy nations (Ezekiel 39:27).

Today, we see those very nations coming together - an alliance that has never existed in world history.

Rise of a United Europe - The Bible says a revived Roman Empire will come to power in the end times (Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Revelation 17). According to Daniel, it will be a ten nation alliance of weak and strong nations.

Some parts will be as strong as iron, while other parts will be as weak as clay (Daniel 2:42). We see the beginning of this alliance in the European Union - a coalition of weak and strong nations struggling to stay together despite the efforts of Britain to leave through Brexit.

The Rise of Global Government - The Bible says a single government will rule the world politically (Revelation 13:7), religiously (Revelation 13:8), and economically (Revelation 13:1617) in the last days.

It will rule over "all people, tribes, and languages" on the face of the earth (Revelation 13:7). Its authority will be so complete no one will be able to buy or sell anything without its permission (Revelation 13:1617).

For centuries, a true global government was impossible. Today, world leaders openly discuss it.

Denial of the Signs - Almost two thousand years ago, Peter issued a warning. He said in the last days people will mock the idea of Jesus returning.

They will make fun of those who believe in the Second Coming and say exactly what we hear today - things like, "I thought Jesus was coming back?

What happened to His promise? Generation after generation has said He's coming. Yet, since the beginning of the world, everything has remained the same!" (2 Peter 3:34).


Despite the naysayers, Jesus is coming, and the signs indicate that ours is the generation that will witness His return.

The convergence of all these signs confirm it. Jesus Himself said to look for these signs, and when you see them, He said you can know His return is near. He's right at the door (Matthew 24:33).

In fact, He said the generation witnessing these signs will not pass away before He returns (Matthew 24:34).

"But Britt," you might say. "These are the same signs you keep pointing out. You keep saying the same thing over and over."

That's right. I do. And that's because the truth doesn't change. These signs were present yesterday, and these same signs will be present right up until the rapture.

But keep this in mind - for 1,878 years of Christianity (A.D. 70 - A.D. 1948), none of these signs were present. Today, all of them are.

I repeat myself because this is a message people need to hear. It's the message every Christian should brand in his or her heart. Advertisers say you need to hear a message at least seven times before it sinks in.

Looking around, I don't think it's sunk in. Too many people are asleep when it comes to the signs of the Second Coming.

Sadly, many of these people are Christians. If you're one of them, it's time to wake up.

Jesus warned us not to be caught sleeping when He returns (Mark 13:36). He commanded us to watch.

Today, the signs of His return are all around us. Jesus is coming, and it can't be said enough... Now is the season of His return.

image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg
The Coming Convergence DVD is one of the most powerful tools you can use to educate yourself on this alignment of prophetic events as well as easily share with friends. Watch the trailer for this brand new release above.

Britt Gillette is author of the book Coming to Jesus: One Man's Search for Truth and Life Purpose as well as Signs of the Second Coming: 11 Reasons Jesus Will Return in Our Lifetime.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1164#5AKoMSddV5tuzM9w.99

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Post  Admin on Thu 13 Apr 2017, 7:45 pm

April Instability Is Just Getting Started
April 2017 could turn out to be one of the most important months in U.S. history.
that we have seen in a very long time.
On April 6th, Donald Trump attacked Syria on the 100th anniversary of the day that the U.S. officially entered World War I, and now at the end of this month we could be facing an unprecedented political crisis in Washington.
On Friday, members of Congress left town for their two week "Easter vacation", and they won't resume work until April 25th. What this means is that Congress will have precisely four days when they get back to pass a bill to fund government operations or there will be a government shutdown starting on April 29th.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1156#Vx7oKhTrwYYeiqsZ.99

Sentenced To Death For "Insulting Islam"
Can you imagine making a joke and facing death as a result?
To radical Islamist groups, Islam is not a religion which all are free to pursue; it is a weapon.
It is the most powerful tool that can be wielded with manipulative skill to control entire populations.
Beneath their fierce rule, every aspect of daily life is dictated.
What is worn, what is eaten, what you say and what you write are all scrutinized; violations of these stringent laws are met with extreme punishments.
Can you imagine making a joke and facing death as a result? Can you imagine the constant fear of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, when you have seen people beaten, stoned, or killed in the street for nothing more than a mild transgression?
Freedom of speech and press are the Islamists' top enemies. They are targeted on a regular basis, making it difficult or impossible for the truth to be revealed to the world.
While others may take their privacy for granted, the people living under this kind of tyranny must think about everything they say and do.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1155#omRtHzJOgW8ZOW0g.99

The Future Of Warfare
In warfare the side with superior technology most often wins.
Warfare is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of technology because the side with superior technology most often wins.
From crude stone and bronze weapons to gunpowder and powered flight, we have come a very long way, but where will we go next in humanity's bid to find ever more efficient ways of killing?
Apart from cyber-warfare, in which communications can be intercepted or jammed and infrastructure destroyed over computer networks, robotic combat drones have been the most significant recent advance in battle technology.
From massive aerial Predator and Reaper drones that linger for hours over the battlefield until they are ready to launch laser-guided bombs at their targets to their much smaller recon-drone cousins that soldiers in the field can carry, drones have quickly become a key component of many modern armies.
Their offensive capability allows soldiers and aircrews to stay safely away from the action and their intelligence gathering prowess helps pierce the fog of war.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1154#EeAhy6J8OxX0of72.99

University's LGBT Students "Fear" Arrival of Chick-Fil-A On Their "Safe Spaces"
Safe spaces at risk from Chick Fil-A?
Some students at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University live in "fear" of the arrival of a Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant to their college's food fair, Campus Reform reports.
It's not about the chicken sandwiches but the fact that the corporation had the temerity to support traditional marriage during the same-sex marriage debate.
Now student senators at the university say they can't abide a Chick-fil-A location at their school and are trying to cancel plans for the restaurant to open in the fall.
Chick-fil-A has been the subject of chickophobic protests from gay-friendly politicians and liberal activists everywhere since its president, Dan Cathy, acknowledged that it had donated money to organizations opposed to changing the traditional definition of marriage.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1153#sti1bBWaEEba61RY.99

Will The U.S. Be Drawn Into Fighting Two Major Wars Simultaneously
Some members of the Trump administration are advocating a full-blown invasion of Syria while aggressively dealing with North Korea. According to CBS News, an astounding three-fourths of all Americans have to "scramble to cover their living costs" each month.
In other words, most of the country is either living paycheck to paycheck or very close to it.
But instead of tightening their belts and trying to put something away for the very hard times that are coming, most Americans are completely and utterly unprepared for what is ahead because the people that they trust on television keep telling them that everything is going to be okay.
Unfortunately, everything is not going to be "okay", and when things start falling apart all around us there is going to be a lot of anger directed toward those that have been lulling everyone into a false sense of security.
One of the reasons why I am sounding the alarm so loudly is so that people will not be blindsided by the things that are about to happen to this country.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1143#j0kaZOELgyy64Pfu.99

Should We Take Out Assad?
Do we really know what's going on in Syria?
Secretary of State Tillerson says that Bashar Assad is guilty of using chemical weapons against his own people.
Former Congressman Ron Paul says there's no way Assad would do this at this point in time.
A report on Infowars claims that Syrian rebels are responsible for the attack. President Trump blames Obama's inaction for what happened in Syria. Senator McCain rips Trump.
Do we really know what's going on in Syria? And even if we did, should we try to remove Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad?
According to Rex Tillerson, "There is no doubt in our mind and the information we have supports that Syria, the Syrian regime under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad are responsible for this attack and I think further it's very important that the Russian government consider carefully their continued support for the Assad regime."
According to Ron Paul, "It doesn't make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gasses," he continued. "I think there is a zero chance he would have done, you know, this deliberately."
According to Infowars, "the White Helmets, a al-Qaeda affiliated group funded by George Soros and the British government, reportedly staged the sarin attack on civilians in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun to lay blame on the Syrian government."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1142#F9gAateGozdJMJiQ.99

On The Path To Designer Babies? - UK Grants Permission for 3-Parent Babies
Modifying the human genome could open Pandora's box for all future generations.
Last year, Britain became the first country in the world to legalize the modification of an egg cell or embryo before it is implanted into the mother's womb.
Now, the British government has given the green light to a procedure that will allow for babies with three genetic parents.
Scientists at Newcastle University have been granted the permission to transplant the DNA from a woman's egg cell into the healthy egg of a second woman where it will then be fertilized by the sperm of the first woman's husband.
The goal is to prevent genetic diseases linked to mitochondrial DNA, which is passed unchanged from mother to child.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1141#r65JfRRIA5QUxeww.99

Worshiping At The Altar Of Inclusion - Some Jewish Groups Finally Draw Lines
A community that treats inclusion as the most important value is ultimately one that will stand for nothing.
What's the one value that the Jewish community should care most about? To listen to many who run organizations and communal philanthropies, the answer is inclusion.
At a time when it is difficult to engage young people, maintaining a "big tent" is close to being a sacred concept.
Drawing a line and declaring those on the other side to be outside the community is not merely seen as divisive, but as antithetical to the preservation of the community.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1140#183T3q3CgEawWB2j.99

Fear: 'World War 3' Search Record
Donald Trump Is NOT Bluffing - So What Happens If Kim Jong-Un Is Not Bluffing Either?
Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to "solve" the North Korean problem, and the North Koreans have repeatedly promised to use nuclear weapons in response to any attack by the U.S. military.
So what happens if both sides are not bluffing?
For eight years, Americans had become accustomed to Barack Obama making threats and never following through on them, so it surprised a lot of people when Trump actually backed up his words by striking Syria after publicly pledging to do so.
Now Trump has publicly committed to take military action in North Korea, and I am absolutely convinced that he is not bluffing.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1161#izs0cs7MYAlMJhxj.99

The Return Of Ahmadinejad Could Trigger Deeper Middle East Conflict
He's baaaack! Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is looking to regain power in the May 2017 election.
Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is looking to regain power in the May 2017 election and should he win, bring the Muslim nation into even further extremism.
Ahmadinejad's firebrand style could prove appealing for hard-liners seeking a tough-talking candidate who can stand up to U.S. President Donald Trump.
Ahmadinejad, the sixth president of Iran, held the post for two terms from 2005 to 2013 before constitutional limits forced him out. The hardliner repeatedly thumbed his nose at western countries regarding Iran's nuclear program.
During that time, he became a controversial figure on the world stage and was well known for bombastic and hate-laden speeches on the United Nations floor.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1160#CtGuyupfO1MrrAAk.99

Palestinians Award Suicide Bombers' Families Cost-Of-Living Raises
Cash incentives defy international demands to stop rewarding terrorists
Bob Unruh Posted with permission from WND
In defiance of demands from the United States and other Western nations to stop using their funds to subsidize the families of terrorists, the Palestinian Authority has announced it not only will continue the payments, it will give a raise to the families.nPalestinian Media Watch cited Muhammad Sbeihat, the secretary-general of the National Association of the Martyrs' Families of Palestine, the PLO organization making payments to the families of "martyrs."
"In the upcoming period, the allowances of the Martyrs' families will be linked to the cost of living index, which will cause an improvement in these allowances, if only slightly," Sbeihat said.
MORE http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1159

What The Fallen Governor Of Alabama Can Teach Us
No amount of privilege or power can shield us from temptation.
I am not writing this column to throw stones or condemn. Rather, I am writing this column to help us learn some important lessons, because sin's pain is always greater than sin's pleasure.
Whatever rewards sin promises you, whatever pleasure it gives you, whatever thrill or excitement you experience because of sinful behavior, one thing is certain: In the end, it is never worth it.
Dr. Robert Bentley, who was forced to step down as the governor of Alabama after an embarrassing sex scandal, has learned this the hard way.
What Bentley's Actions Cost
Just think. Robert Bentley is a medical doctor, representing years of hard work and dedication. And he rose to one of the most powerful positions in America, one of just 50 state governors.
Robert Bentley professed Christianity and rose to one of the most powerful positions in America. Now he is disgraced and mocked. Now he is disgraced and mocked, accepting a deal to avoid jail time.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1158#JcHOFV0zLx92beZg.99

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"NEW VIDEO - This Could Kill 90% of Americans"
Wars And Rumors Of Wars - Foreign Sub Off The CA Coast And China Massing Troops


"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet". Matthew 24:6
According to Korean news agency Chosun, the "Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for unforeseen circumstances."

The reason: the prospect of "military options", such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

Japan's daily newspaper Sankei said the attacks were taken in China as "warning" of a possible attack on North Korea and they are now preparing for the possibility of North Korean refugees should a conflict break out.

The Chinese deployment comes after one of President Trump 's military advisers confirmed they have been asked to come up with a list of options to smash North Korea's nuclear threat. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group is now on it's way to the region.

Only adding tension to the region is the expected celebration by North Korea of of the 105th birthday of its founding leader Saturday, which is often celebrated by a demonstration of military might.

It is expected North Korea will flaunt it's defiance against the US by launching another nuclear missile test at the celebration.

US intelligence officials believe that Pyongyang could be less than two years away from its goal of striking the continental United States.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg

Meanwhile, there is speculation that North Korea or another foreign power such as Russia could be hovering one of it's submarines off the San Diego coast in California.

Anti-submarine aircraft have been loitering over the same area off the California coast for hours and the military patrol is apparently not part of a routine exercise due to the number of aircraft hovering over the same area and the late hours of operation.

The patrol includes multiple low-flying aircraft including a Navy EP-3E Aries II, which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare.
North Korea is said to possess around 70 submarines, with the majority consisting of Sang-O class subs the communist nation uses to spy on naval installations.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1150#DlBY7keYZ2tYsFek.99

Humanity 2.0: Transhumanists Push A New Human Order

Some future watchers are already predicting the upgrading of humans will become the next billion-dollar industry.
According to an official transhumanist website, Transhumanism is "a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values."

This desire to advance beyond human nature has been powerfully embraced by many among the technology and science elites of the world who welcome a future of genetically enhanced, interconnected cyborgs who fit into their perfect version of the future.

For others, this desire to play God sends shivers down their spines.

Though transhumanism still sounds very much like science fiction, recent advances in genetic manipulation and tens of billions of dollars now invested in developing artificial intelligence have accelerated the pace at which it is becoming a reality.

Some future watchers are already predicting the upgrading of humans will become the next billion-dollar industry.

The famous futurist Ray Kurzweil, now employed by Google, believes that by the year 2029 computers will have an intelligence equivalent to humans, able creatively to solve abstract problems and interact in a way indistinguishable from your average person.

At this point, computers will be used to design superior versions of artificial intelligence and that second generation will build a third generation in less time that is even more advanced.

As each generation of machine, designed entirely by the previous generation of machines, emerges both more quickly and more intelligent, a sort of explosion in artificial intelligence happens.

That is the singular point past which all of our current predictions fail. Does humanity fade away or suffer extermination? Are we elevated by the machines to levels we cannot dream of now, or pushed aside as obsolete?

This elevation of humanity through technological singularity is the ultimate goal of transhumanism, and to hear the transhumanist fanatics speak of it, you would think they are fantasizing about becoming gods.

These modern day Icaruses with their wings of silicon and genetically modified DNA embody the godless essence of science today. Seeing humanity as a broken machine, they tinker with it in an attempt to fix God's creation.

A talk held in September of 2016 at Stanford University's Center for Science and Religion titled "Transhumanism and the Church" addressed the issue of scientific hubris and theological wisdom.

The 27 presentations opened debate on questions of bioethics and the place of technology in relation to the teachings of the Church.

Steve Donaldson, a fellow at the University's Center for Science and Religion stated that "Transhumanism's potential ramifications for the Church are substantial."

He went on to ask the key question, "Can a climate be created in which churches and people of religious faith engage a transhumanist future positively or must the Church resist? Is resistance futile?" He believes that transhumanism is the next big scientific issue to face the Church.

Dennis Sullivan, a medical doctor and director of the Center for Bioethics at Cedarville University, a Baptist school in Ohio finds fault with the transhumanist notion of improving on God's creation.

In response to the attempts to improve humanity through genetic engineering and implanting electronics inside the body he stated, "Theologically, I always thought that was a slap in the face to God who said that 'This is very good' in Genesis 1 after creating man. And they're saying 'Not so good, and in fact we can do better.' I find that very, very arrogant."

Fay Voshell, who earned her Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, points to the level of control that a "unified consciousness" would give to the corporate technology masters.

Embedding microchips in our brains to connect everyone into a global intellect would allow a level of control that would make every previous attempt at totalitarianism pale in comparison.

Kurzweil's vision of man-machine transhumanism equates to "a total erasure of our God-given and unique human identities," in Voshell's opinion.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg

Just as cell phones and a constant connection to social media quickly became the new normal, it isn't difficult to see how a constant neural connection to a global mind-set could do the same in another couple of decades.

And when genetically enhanced children begin out-competing unmodified offspring, the pressure there will mount as well.

Transhumanism has at its core an atheistic belief in the imperfection of God's creation and man's arrogant desire to assume the role of God.

Craig Venter, one of the scientists credited with mapping the human genome, said recently in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, "We're going to have to learn to adapt to the concept that we are a software-driven species and understand how it affects our lives. Change the software, you can change the species, who we are."

Seeing our bodies as hardware and our genetic code and minds as mere software, these men believe they can engineer away from what is essentially human.

Will we soon see Icaraus and his wings of wax melt or the tower of Babel, swaying unsteadily toward heaven, come crashing down?

It is difficult to say, but one thing is for certain, with many billions of dollars pouring into artificial intelligence research and genetics with the explicit goal of modifying or replacing humanity as we know it today, this may be one of the most important fights of our time.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1149#A1Uu4eRCuuBh3Erw.99

Time, Nat Geo Push 'Astonishingly Perverse Covers'

Time to start questioning what is going on in the minds of these editors.
Paul Bremmer
Posted with permission from WND
"Why Amnesty Makes Sense" reads the cover of a June 2007 issue of Time magazine, teasing an immigration story inside. "Is Your Baby Racist?" asks a 2009 Newsweek cover. And "Gender Revolution" blares a January 2017 National Geographic cover featuring a "transgender child."

These three magazine covers, and many others like them, have something in common: They all reflect the increasingly irrational "progressive" worldview, according to journalist and best-selling author David Kupelian.

"Most ‘mainstream media' editors and journalists today are left-wing progressives and therefore share the deep progressive contempt for traditional white Christian America and its values – which they consider ignorant, bigoted, racist, patriarchal and anti-science," said Kupelian, who serves as WND's vice president and managing editor.

Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam tweeted out an image of the three aforementioned magazine covers, along with five others, earlier this week, writing,

"Time to start questioning what is going on in the minds of these editors ..."
His tweet has since gone viral.

The Foolish Belief That Palestinian State Will End Terrorism

image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/palestinemarch012016.jpg

News Image BY PNW STAFF APRIL 11, 2017
Share this article:

Those who seek an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict through a two-state solution foolishly believe that decades of terrorist violence, now firmly installed in Palestinian culture, will stop.

The creation of a Palestinian state will do nothing of the sort.

That is because the stated and long-held goal of the Palestinian Authority is not peaceful coexistence but rather the erasure of Israel and the expansion of Palestinian territory across the region.

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior Hamas official, said in an interview with Hamas Al-Aqsa TV in early March of this year that "removing the Jews from the land they occupied in 1948 is an immutable principle because it appears in the Book of Allah.

For those who believe that returning to the borders of 1967 could be an acceptable solution, al-Zahar responds to them as well.

In the Quran, he preaches, Allah commands that Muslims must, "drive them out from wherever they have driven you out," and he leaves little doubt as to where that may be when he adds for clarity, Never use the term 1967 (borders)."

This mindset does not allow for negotiation.

Zahar, who served as a foreign minister in Hamas in the past, ended by saying, Our position is: Palestine in its entirety, and not a grain of soil less. Allah did not define the 1967 borders or the 1948 borders. We will fight them wherever we can  on the ground, underground, and if we have airplanes, we will fight them from the skies."

This philosophy, which has been hammered into the Palestinian culture, is one of absolutes in which the only acceptable solution is the complete destruction of Israel.

On March 13th, this year, several hundred Palestinians protested against the Palestinian Authority and called for the ouster of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

His crime? Security co-operation with Israel so that terrorists would not escalate the conflict with Israel.
The masses look to terrorists as their heroes rather than the Palestinian Authority.

Indeed, the entire basis of the Palestinian system is being questioned on a broad popular level, as evidenced by the chants of "the people want the downfall of Oslo."
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/TCC_banner1.jpg

It was the Oslo Accords (1993 and 1995) that established the current status quo with the Palestinian Authority and the fragile peace that has been achieved. Even such a partial solution now seems untenable.

What hope is there to end terrorism when any attempts, even by the corrupt Abbas regime, to cooperate with Israel leads to protests?

Supporting the PA over Israel will not bring stability to the region or further US interests and it certainly won't end terrorism.

Viewing Abbas as a legitimate leader after his term ended over 8 years ago is simply empowering a dictator.

It is a mistake to embrace the Palestinian Authority because it will never truly make peace with Israel. Limited cooperation which, even in small amount is criticized, is a tactic further to extend the resistance.

The end goal is always and has always been the removal of Israel as a political entity. Just read a school textbook, listen to a speech by any local leader, turn on some music or glance at Palestinian social media. Such outspoken hatred is not hidden but open for the world to see.

The Palestinian Authority has rejected the chance at statehood before and its history is one of personal enrichment and empowering terrorism.

Lending credibility or power to such a state would not end terrorism. Far from it, to do so would embolden terrorists right on Israel's doorstep.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1147#Mrf3eZ3FWuEaktuK.99

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Why Bible Prophecy Matters
It's sad to say, but many Christians (including many church leaders) say Bible prophecy doesn't matter.
Why does Bible prophecy matter? As a Christian, why should you spend any time studying it? It's sad to say, but many Christians (including many church leaders) say Bible prophecy doesn't matter.
And they say you shouldn't spend any time studying it. Why? Some of the stated reasons are "Study of Bible prophecy is a waste of time" or "it's a distraction."
Another common criticism is "Bible prophecy so negative!" Negative?
How is the return of Jesus to establish everlasting peace on earth with no more death, crying, sorrow, or pain (Revelation 21:4) negative?
It's not. In fact, it's our Blessed Hope (Titus 2:13)! No. There's something else going on here, and I think I know what it is.
The real reason so many church leaders ignore Bible prophecy is because they care more about what the world thinks than what God thinks.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1135#DCYt0vy7MWxcJH59.99

Battle For Free Speech Rages Across The Globe
Western democracies are now competing with Islamic theocracies on censorship.
Freedom of speech and of the press are essential rights that are slowly eroding in the modern world.
Under pressure from corporate, government, Islamic, and liberal forces, the right to engage in public debate, to publish unpopular opinions and to report on events are all severely threatened.
This movement is not happening in China or Iran, where extreme censorship is already a way of life, but in the West in places such as Canada, Denmark, the United States and elsewhere.
Here is a quick look at six current threats to freedom of speech and the events that have put each of them into the news.
1. Right to be forgotten
The so-called "right to be forgotten" has become established law in the United Kingdom and now a similar proposed law was just withdrawn in New York.
New York Senate Bill 4561 would have required online search engines and websites to remove (within 30 days) all content of a person that is deemed 'inaccurate', 'irrelevant', 'inadequate' or 'excessive'.
It would have prohibited them from simply replacing the content with a takedown notice, thus leaving no evidence that the content ever existed. It specifies that the information (even if true) must be removed if it "is no longer material to current public debate or discourse".
Such a law has already been used in the UK to censor online speech and hide from the public incriminating or historically significant information.
The "right to be forgotten" is an entirely new "right" that does not exist apart from the Internet, and never has, its many detractors point out.
It is unlikely the New York senators championing this bill had thought through what effect it would have had on biographies, online encyclopedias, history texts and news archives?
Erasing parts of the historical record because they are not currently relevant is far too Orwellian for some, but entirely expected from New York government liberals.
This bill may have been withdrawn for now but don't be surprised if other similar fashioned bills appear in the future.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1134#UaxL2U7aL1jiUMGx.99

Reporting The News Palestinian Style
Reporting about Palestinians is not about facts, it's about the victim narrative to achieve political goals
A group of Palestinians recently tried to burn some Israeli Jews to death . Just another day in the Middle East.
The four attackers drove up to the perimeter of the Jewish community of Beit El, north of Jerusalem, and began hurling firebombs toward homes there.
A firebomb, also known as a Molotov cocktail, is of course a deadly weapon. It explodes on impact and unleashes a torrent of flames.
We can all easily imagine what would happen if those firebombs had struck people or homes.
Fortunately, Israeli soldiers immediately fired at the would-be murderers, killing one and wounding three others.
That should be the end of the story. But it won't be. Here's why.
To begin with, one of the terrorists was 17 years old. That means "human rights" groups will add him to their list of "Palestinian children killed by Israelis."
Even if a killer is just one day shy of his 18th birthday, that's good enough to define him as a "child" in the eyes of those who want to smear Israel.
The fact that a Palestinian died, while no Israelis were burned to death as he had intended, meant that many news outlets portrayed the attacker as the victim.
This is in accordance with the theory that whoever dies must be the victim and whoever killed him must be the aggressor. (Good thing the media didn't use that measuring stick during World War II!)
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1133#VEPzviAKyeTAWgrF.99

1st For Facebook Live: Hot New 'Bible Bee' Series Premieres
Bob Unruh
Posted with permission from WND
In what will be a first for Facebook Live, this year's Bible Bee competition will be broadcast on the social media network Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.
The broadcast is "groundbreaking," said Emeal Zwayne, an executive for Living Waters and a spokesman for the competition that tests students' knowledge of the Bible and their ability to memorize.
"Additionally," he said, "it's a perfect combination of entertainment and edification."
There are 30 episodes, 10 each in three classes of competition, with top prizes of $100,000 at the senior level, $50,000 for the juniors and $10,000 for younger children. Total prizes will be $270,000.
Hosted by actor Kirk Cameron, Zwayne, Hanna Leary and the Benham brothers, it is now the "cutting edge" way to hear God's word.
Details are available at ChristianCinema.TV.
WND reported previously on the importance of the effort.
For example, when junior has just left for State University, do parents prefer him to remember the lines from "Revenge of the Nerds," which include, "Nerds only think about sex," or the biblical admonition "The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray" (Proverbs 12:26)?
Eighty percent say they are knowledgeable of the Bible, but fewer than half can name the first five books.

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Israel Takes Baby Step Toward Rebuilding Temple?
This June marks the 50th anniversary of Israel's reunification of the capital city of Jerusalem along with the Temple Mount.
Posted with permission from WND
The future Third Temple … as it would appear
WASHINGTON – With June marking the 50th anniversary of Israel's reunification of the capital city of Jerusalem along with the Temple Mount, the Israeli government is considering a proposal to create a new foundation responsible for providing "research, information and advocacy" about the Jewish connection to what many consider the holiest site in all of Judaism – the place where the Temple stood until A.D. 70.

The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation was proposed by Culture Minister Miri Regev and Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Minister Ze'ev Elkin, with an annual budget starting at $550,000. It will be based on the government-funded Western Wall Heritage Fund, which administers the site adjacent to the Temple Mount – believed to be the retaining wall for the 35-acre foundation upon which the Temple was built.
The project is getting high praise from Israel advocates for rebuilding the Temple.
Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a target of an assassination attempt in 2014 for his Temple advocacy, said he welcomed the plan for a Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and has personally lobbied for its creation.
"We need to state clearly: The Temple Mount is the foundation of the history of the Jewish people and of the return to the land since the beginning of Zionism," he said.
MORE http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1130

Russia Claims "Unstoppable" Hypersonic Missile That Can Defeat Any US Warship
A missile capable of destroying the world's most advanced warships in one strike could be put into action by 2020
As President Trump ratchets up the U.S. military in his latest budget proposal, his counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has reportedly created a hypersonic missile with such devastating implications for the U.S. Navy, that it is being called "unstoppable."
Russia claims to have created a devastating hypersonic missile that travels five times faster than the speed of sound and could rip through navy warship defences because it's too fast to stop.
The Kremlin's Zircon missile has been called "unstoppable", "unbeatable" and "undefendable" with a 4,600mph speed that only one defence system in the world can destroy - that system is owned by Russia.
The missile employs revolutionary scramjet technology to reach its hypersonic speeds whereby propulsion is created by forcing air from the atmosphere into its combustor where it mixes with on-board fuel - rather than carry both fuel and oxidizer like traditional rockets. This makes it lighter, and therefore much faster.
The Zircon has been in testing stages this year and would be capable of destroying the world's most advanced warships and aircraft carriers in one strike and could be put into action by 2020.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1129#UieltVOrcMPKygSg.99

Princeton Theological Seminary Writes Its Own Epitaph
Princeton Theological Seminary departed from biblical Orthodoxy many decades ago, however, this once venerable institution has crossed a new, shameful line thereby writing its own epitaph.
It may still have brilliant scholars on its faculty and some truly Christian students in its midst, and it may continue to function for years to come.
But by revoking its decision to honor Rev. Tim Keller with a special award, it has announced to the world that it worships at the altar of PC correctness, showing more allegiance to the prevailing culture than to the timeless Word of God.
First, a short history of the school.
The seminary was founded in 1812 and was led by Dr. Archibald Alexander, who would hardly recognize the institution today, so far has it departed from its roots.

Through the rest of the 19th century and into the early 20th century, Princeton was graced with the presence of top biblical scholars and theologians such as Charles Hodge, J. A. Alexander, B.B. Warfield, J. Gresham Machen, and Geerhardus Vos.
But in 1929, when the seminary went in an anti-fundamentalist (= anti-evangelical) direction, embracing "modernism" instead, Machen resigned, along with Oswald T. Allis, Robert Dick Wilson and Cornelius Van Til - all great luminaries in evangelical Christian scholarship - and together they founded Westminster Theological Seminary.
So, as stated, the seminary has not been a bastion of Orthodoxy for nearly a century, but it has never before stooped this low in exalting the opinions of people over the truth of Scripture (or, to be charitable, over historic Christian positions), and in the name of progressive Christianity, it has further announced its departure from the faith.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1128#HdkgFvspZSbdtrXK.99

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How Many Americans Have A Biblical Worldview?
A pair of recent studies have attempted to assess the extent to which Americans hold a truly Biblical world view.
A single hot-button issue so often dominates the news today that we may lose sight of the forest for the trees and forget the deeper and more far reaching importance of a person's worldview and how he or she acts on that core set of beliefs.
A pair of recent studies have attempted to assess the extent to which Americans hold a truly Biblical world view and where they fall short. The results are more than a little surprising.
The studies were conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI), which surveyed 6,000 individuals, and LifeWay Research, which looked at 3,000 Christians.
George Barna directed the ACFI study and had this to say about the importance of one's worldview: "It's very important to know how many people have a Biblical worldview because peoples' behavior is driven by their beliefs - we do what we believe.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1121#yElKrUf7iWxtuzjX.99

Scientists Warn Megaquake Could Plunge Parts Of California Into Ocean
When the Hollywood film "San Andreas" came out, a lot of people mocked the idea that the things portrayed in that film could ever happen in real life.
Over the years, many people have been shown that someday a giant earthquake will cause significant portions of California to fall into the ocean.
But up until now, most scientists have disputed the idea that this could ever actually happen.
Well, now all of that has changed.
According to a brand new study, a megaquake along the west coast "could plunge large parts of California into the sea almost instantly".
In fact, the researchers that conducted this study say that it is almost certain to happen eventually. Of course they probably don't believe that such an event is imminent or else they would be moving out of the state like so many other people are.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1120#rLGWmihQBV6Uk77R.99

United Church of Christ Continues To Promote Anti-Israel Agenda
The people left in the pews in the UCC probably have a good idea they are being misinformed, but do not expect them to fight back. They will just continue to leave.
The United Church of Christ (UCC), a liberal Protestant church with roots that go back to the Mayflower, is at it again.
During the first few days of July 2017, the denomination's deliberative body, the General Synod, will gather in Baltimore Maryland.
The General Synod will approve the denomination's budget and vote on some proposals that determine how the church's national bureaucracy will be reorganized.
The synod will also vote on a number of resolutions that call on the denomination's officers and local churches to advocate for particular social causes that the assembly deems important.
There are 17 resolutions on the General Synod's agenda, one of which deals with Israel's treatment of Palestinian children in its detention centers.
As of this writing, there are no resolutions on the agenda dealing with the massacre of huge numbers of people in Syria by the regime led by Bashar Al-Assad, who has killed hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslims, many of them children, since the beginning of his country's civil war in 2011.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1119#w9CM6FbivMIZ47pr.99

Preparing Young People For A Lifetime of Faith
Prepare your teen or college student for the future. Send them to Summit.
f you care about the next generation, and especially have one of the next generation in your life, have I got a worthwhile, long-term investment for you.
If you've listened to BreakPoint even just a few times, you know I can get pretty passionate about important issues facing the Church.
And there are few things, if any at all, more critical to the Church right now than discipling the next generation to handle this crazy culture.
And there are few organizations I'm more passionate about and more confident in than Summit Ministries, which trains teens and college-age students in Christian worldview, and provides them a solid biblical foundation for the world they will encounter.
You've heard the stats before, and they're staggering: Too many young people leave the church and their faith behind after they enter college.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1118#ls0ojM5WKFC4uBGf.99

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Retail Collapse Continues As Sears, Payless On The Brink
More than 3,500 retail stores are going to close all across America over the next few months as the worst retail downturn in U.S. history gets even deeper.
Earlier this week, Sears shocked the world when it announced that there is "substantial doubt" that the company will be able to "continue as a going concern" much longer.
In other words, Sears has announced that it is on the verge of imminent collapse.
Meanwhile, Payless stunned the retail industry when it came out that they are preparing to file for bankruptcy.
The "retail apocalypse" that I have been warning about is greatly accelerating, and many believe that this is one of the early warning signs that the economic collapse that is already going on in other parts of the globe will soon reach U.S. shores.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1117#MZTeAp9u6pmDthI2.99

Hezbollah Building Up Massive Offensive Capabilities Against Israel
Hezbollah has stockpiled an arsenal totaling 120,000 missiles -- one of the largest in the world.
If accurate, a recent report stating that Iran had constructed underground missile factories for Hezbollah in Lebanon would indicate a disturbing boost in the Shiite terror organization's ability to self-produce weapons.
The Israeli defense establishment already sees Hezbollah as a powerful and radical army, rather than a 'mere' terror organization due to its deep and sophisticated weaponry, and its hierarchical command structure.
The ability to manufacture destructive rockets and missiles would now mean that Hezbollah is no longer entirely reliant on arms trafficking from Iran and Syria in order to wage war against Israel.
The recent report, made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), was published in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida.
It cites an aide to the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as its source. The IRGC's Quds Force is an elite unit that runs Iran's extensive overseas operations to arm, finance, and strengthen Iran's regional proxies.
According to the Kuwaiti report, the IRGC built the missile-making facilities more than 50 meters underground, and fortified them against air strikes before handing control over to Hezbollah three months ago.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1116#adUVgOV5xsq4EGfI.99

Conservative News Sites Continue To Make "Fake News" Lists
There is a vastly greater number of conservative and right-leaning sites listed than liberal and left-leaning sites as "fake news" Strangely enough, BreakPoint made a list published by Harvard University library.
Even stranger is the list itself.
Back in November, Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communications and media at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, published a list called, "False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical 'News' Sources."
Last week, the list went viral when Harvard University Library linked to it as a helpful guide to "Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda."
Now, there's no question that there's a problem with fake news online, especially when it comes to political news.
In fact, we've talked about this before on BreakPoint and The Point, warning about passing on that news story before fact checking it, simply because it agrees with your bias.
And Christians, who are called to be people of truth, have been just as guilty of this as anyone else.
That said, Zimdars' list is strange, and in a very important way, self-contradictory. While many of the sites she identifies as "conspiracy," "biased," "fake," "clickbait," or "unreliable" certainly deserve those titles, there is a vastly greater number of conservative and right-leaning sites listed than liberal and left-leaning sites.
or example, all pro-life websites are listed as "biased," but pro-abortion sites aren't listed at all. Also missing are sites like Vox, Slate, and BuzzFeed - though the list flags similar sites on the other end of the political spectrum such as Drudge and National Review.
And BreakPoint.org, our website, made the list as "unreliable."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1115#Zzp7jMMKxPRLP8GG.99

Only The Beginning - Male Transgenders Begin To Dominate Female Sports
"Imagine training for this your whole life, as a woman, only to have a known leader in men's weightlifting take your title."
The performance was stunning, as New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard absolutely smoked the competition, beating her nearest competitor, a Samoan woman, by nearly 20 kilograms.
The only problem is that Laurel is a biological male, born Gavin, which is why a number of the competitors felt the competition was unfair.
But of course it's unfair. Hubbard is a male, not a female, and even after months of hormone treatments, he still has unfair advantages over the other women, who sacrificed for years to make it to this elite level, only to lose to a man. How is that right?
As one woman tweeted in response to this news, "Imagine training for this your whole life, as a woman, only to have a known leader in men's weightlifting take your title."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1114#6s5q3giDI0bccJmL.99

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Post  Admin on Thu 23 Mar 2017, 12:57 am

Trump's First War? 'All Options Are On The Table' For North Korea
This may be the closest that we have been to war with North Korea since the original Korean War ended in 1953.!
he North Koreans are feverishly working to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike the U.S. mainland, and meanwhile Donald Trump has not moved from his position that North Korea will simply not be allowed to have ICBMs.
If North Korea does not blink, it means that we are literally counting down the days until we go to war.
Unfortunately, North Korean leaders appear to literally be insane and they have shown absolutely no signs of backing off.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1112#uytmwieR1p8RV6K0.99

VIDEO UPDATE - Preachers Arrested Over Illegal Bible Speech!

Behold A Black Horse - UN Announces Worse Food Crisis Since WW2
The United Nations says that more than 20 million people could die from starvation and disease if nothing is done.
Earlier this month, I wrote about the severe economic problems that are plaguing South America, but up to this point I have neglected to discuss the horrific famines that are breaking out all over Africa.
Right now there is a desperate need for food in South Sudan, Somalia, northeast Nigeria, Eritrea and Kenya.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1111#kikxaLGeC2gbTpMR.99

Vast Majority Of African Americans Support Israel Despite BDS Movement
For many years African-American students have joined the BDS bandwagon at many colleges - but the tide is now turning.
A black Christian Zionist leader told The Algemeiner on Friday that, "despite the anti-Israel movement's best efforts, the vast majority of the African American community support the Jewish state."
Dumisani Washington -- senior pastor for California's Congregation of Zion, founder of the Institute of Black Solidarity with Israel and diversity outreach coordinator with Christians United for Israel -- was responding to endeavors such as Black History Month in February, during which anti-Israel Palestinian activism was highlighted at college campuses throughout the country.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1110#Giv3kfWeQbRqtD2c.99

Staying In The Game: Christians Don't Retire From Kingdom Work
Whatever phase of life you're in, use your God-given abilities and talents to pour into His Kingdom
Narrowly escaping the jaws of a large reptile might get you thinking about your life. But you don't have to wait 'til then to make important changes.
C. S. Lewis wrote that pain is God's megaphone--something He uses when He can't get our attention any other way.
I know at least one Christian who has an idea of what that's like: God got his attention after--and I'm not making this up--he was nearly eaten by a crocodile.
Bill Beattie was a businessman whose life was going quite well. He'd been happily married for 35 years, and his three children were leading productive lives.
He expected to spend the years ahead peacefully serving as an elder in his church in Danbury, Connecticut.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1109#RBFzgeoAXP5FVU8D.99

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Post  Admin on Fri 17 Mar 2017, 11:49 pm

Kids These Days: Generation Z Most Conservative Since WWII?
Members of "Generation Z" are now beginning to graduate high school, and 2016 was the first time any of them were old enough to vote.
For years, we've been hearing that one side of the political aisle is on "the right side of history." But history doesn't seem to be cooperating.
For at least a decade, Millennials have been stereotyped as lazy, entitled, and stuck on social media.
While that may not be entirely fair, they are notoriously liberal, overwhelmingly supporting left-leaning candidates and favoring policies like nationalized healthcare and same-sex "marriage."
But Millennials are also getting old--relatively speaking. The first are now reaching the ripe old age of thirty-five!
And sometime between 1995 and 2000, the millennial generation ended, or at least stopped being born, and a new generation began.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1100#Pd0REqt7iJiOdOM9.99

Arab Christians Face Challenges For Supporting Israel, Serving In IDF
Arab Christians living in Israel are volunteering to serve in the IDF at a higher rate than ever before.
Israel is well known for its compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces for both men and women.
Arab Christians living in Israel, who number around 166,000, are generally exempt from having to serve. However a growing number are volunteering to serve in the IDF as they see the value of integration into Israeli society.
As a result of their service however, they increasingly find themselves the target of discrimination, attacks and even death threats from their Arab brethren.
On the one side, volunteering for the IDF is a vote for a common Israeli identity but enemies of the state see their actions as a betrayal of Arab culture.
The IDF has taken the threats seriously enough to allow Arab Christian Israelis to change into civilian clothes before leaving base, unlike other soldiers who must keep them on. But what caused this shift in the first place?
For decades, the number of military volunteers from the exempted Christian Arab population hovered around 30.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1099#ikGhPpWH5MLcKXg9.99

Mirrors And Scales Latest "Triggers" To Be Banned On PC College Campuses
Should we avoid reality because it is too triggering? Some colleges seem to believe so.
This is not fake news. What you're about to read really happened - and at a college campus at that.
Yes, "Administrators at Carlton University have removed the bathroom scales from the campus gym, claiming that 'being fixated on weight' does not 'have any positive affect on your health.'"
Seriously? This took place on a university campus, a place of higher learning, a place of mental stretching and emotional growth - at least in theory?
Well, if we are to follow the school's line of reasoning, then why not close the doors to the campus gym entirely, since being fixated on fitness can produce body anxiety?
And why not ban academic exams, since being fixated on grades can produce emotional stress?
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1098#mBrSedoOT13HILI2.99

The Media's New Champion: Radical Transgender Activist
Major news websites want you to know about the mother and son who are about to become father and daughter as well as the transgender pastor who teaches that God is transgender.
Have you heard about the Toni the Tampon who teaches children that men can get periods too? Or about the mother and son who are about to become father and daughter, or about the transgender pastor who teaches that God is transgender?
This morning, as I was planning to write this very article, I received three emails from three different friends in three different parts of the country, all with links to different news headlines on major news websites, all with one theme in common: radical transgender activism.
You see, this is something that is knocking at our doors, not something we went looking for. This is something being reported in the NY Post and the Daily Mail, which are major news outlets, albeit with a touch of sensationalism.
This is what our kids are dealing with in their schools, what's coming their way (and ours) via Hollywood, what's being disputed from the White House down to the local courthouse.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1097#STvo0thrMur1QJRZ.99

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Post  Admin on Fri 17 Mar 2017, 12:48 am

Dreams And Visions Of Jesus Fueling Muslim Conversions To Christianity
Millions of Muslims all over the world are giving their lives to Jesus Christ, and in many instances this is happening because of dreams, visions and other supernatural encounters.
Recently I have been writing a lot about the decline of Christianity in America and about the judgment that is about to hit our churches.
Fortunately, the decaying state of the church in the United States is only a small part of the overall story. In other areas of the globe, Christianity is experiencing absolutely explosive growth even in the midst of horrendous persecution.
This is particularly true in Islamic nations, where we are seeing things happen that could have come straight out of the Book of Acts.
All over the planet, Jesus is personally visiting Muslims in supernatural ways, and this has resulted in an enormous wave of conversions.
Earlier today, I ran across an article about a family of Syrian refugees that converted to Christianity while living in Lebanon, and it all happened because of a dream...
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1095#WJFKbg7xjeoHYqJQ.99

Who's To Blame For Christian Bookstore Closures?
The end has come for the Christian retail giant that employed 3,000 and stretched across 36 states.
Jim Fletcher
Posted with permission from WND
News came this week that Family Christian Stores is finally shuttering all 240 locations. The 85-year-old chain filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, and now the end has come for the Christian retail giant that employed 3,000 and stretched across 36 states.
As one writer put it, Amazon warlord Jeff Bezos deserves much of the credit for turning most independent bookstores into karate schools or bakeries. But there is another, more specific reason Family Christian Stores is gone.
They did it to themselves.
The explosion came from within, as decades of pandering to the lowest-common denominator within evangelicalism resulted in poorly educated Christians who have read more about Jesus in "Jesus Calling" than from the Bible.
And the "Jesus Calling" version of "Jesus" ain't Him.
The erosion of Christian retail began before my entrance into the publishing industry in 1993, but that decade saw the worst kind of compromise with error in the Church. If one looks at the top 50 bestsellers from CBA (the Association for Christian Retail) currently, a Bible-believer couldn't recommend more than a handful, at most. Family Christian Stores stocked them all.

Jim Fletcher
Posted with permission from WND
News came this week that Family Christian Stores is finally shuttering all 240 locations. The 85-year-old chain filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, and now the end has come for the Christian retail giant that employed 3,000 and stretched across 36 states.
As one writer put it, Amazon warlord Jeff Bezos deserves much of the credit for turning most independent bookstores into karate schools or bakeries. But there is another, more specific reason Family Christian Stores is gone.
They did it to themselves.
The explosion came from within, as decades of pandering to the lowest-common denominator within evangelicalism resulted in poorly educated Christians who have read more about Jesus in "Jesus Calling" than from the Bible.
And the "Jesus Calling" version of "Jesus" ain't Him.
The erosion of Christian retail began before my entrance into the publishing industry in 1993, but that decade saw the worst kind of compromise with error in the Church. If one looks at the top 50 bestsellers from CBA (the Association for Christian Retail) currently, a Bible-believer couldn't recommend more than a handful, at most. Family Christian Stores stocked them all.

The Hypocrisy Of Pro-Palestinian "Feminists"
Pro-Palestinian activists rarely, if ever, address women's issues in Gaza itself but instead choose to focus on hatred of Israel
A recent article in The Nation attracted lots of attention for its eye-popping headline:
Can You Be a Zionist Feminist? Linda Sarsour Says No
Her arguments are nutty, but Sarsour knows how to get publicity.
So let's use her own methodology to ask whether it's possible for Linda Sarsour -- or anyone else -- to be a feminist, while also supporting Palestinian Arabs.
According to the UN, there are no specific laws or provisions in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas legal codes that protect women against domestic violence and sexual violence.
If women cannot prove that they were raped or forced to cheat on their husbands, they risk being criminalized for "adultery."
Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority has adopted the Jordanian 1960 "rape marriage" law, which states that a rapist will not be prosecuted if he marries his victim.
While rape is technically illegal, the woman is often the one who must defend herself, because the rape laws only apply "provided that such a woman is not a prostitute and is not known for her immoral character."
In addition, murderers who kill women in order to "maintain family honor" often escape punishment. And marital rape is not illegal.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1093#Tg3uTI6dGm0yfXHQ.99

Questioning Jesus' Existence: An Eastertime Media Tradition
Ah, springtime. Flowers blooming, birds singing, and articles questioning the historicity of Jesus hitting the newsstands.
Insurance company Geico has done a lot of funny commercials, but our editor at BreakPoint has a favorite. A group of teenagers are running through a dark forest being chased by a killer.
After debating whether to hide in the basement, the attic or make a quick getaway in the nearby running car, they decide to hide behind dozens of chainsaws dangling from a barn door.
"When you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions," says the narrator. "It's what you do." And this week I found myself paraphrasing: "When you're CNN, you publish annual articles suggesting Jesus never existed. It's what you do."
Every year around March and December, this and other news outlets exhume the long-dead thesis that the New Testament is based on a mythological figure, not a Man who really lived, died, and rose from the grave two-thousand years ago. This year, CNN even republished an article from 2012 at CNN.com.
In the piece, entitled, "Decoding Jesus: Separating Man from Myth," John Blake suggests that Christ's historical existence is an open question.
CNN featured it at the top of their homepage as part of the push for their new series, "Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery."
Blake quotes the likes of Timothy Freke, author of "Jesus Mysteries" and former Baptist pastor Robert Price, author of "Deconstructing Jesus," who both claim that the Gospels are forgeries or misunderstood allegories, and that the story of Jesus was copied from legends about pagan deities.
"In the age of the Internet and self-publishing," writes Blake, "these arguments have gained enough traction that some of the world's leading New Testament scholars feel compelled to publicly take them on."
Now let me be clear: This is the very definition of fake news: No credible historian believes Jesus is a myth.
Even among skeptics of religion, that theory has been abandoned. None other than Bart Ehrman, the agnostic biblical scholar and fierce critic of the New Testament, calls Jesus-deniers Internet conspiracy theorists trying to sell books, and compares them to Holocaust-deniers.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1092#VoP4xXx87se5stkB.99

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Post  Admin on Tue 14 Mar 2017, 10:58 pm

Global Debt Bomb Ready To Explode - $21,714 For Every Man, Woman And Child
We are living during the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world.
According to the International Monetary Fund, global debt has grown to a staggering grand total of 152 trillion dollars.
Other estimates put that figure closer to 200 trillion dollars, but for the purposes of this article let's use the more conservative number.
If you take 152 trillion dollars and divide it by the seven billion people living on the planet, you get $21,714, which would be the share of that debt for every man, woman and child in the world if it was divided up equally.
So if you have a family of four, your family's share of the global debt load would be $86,856.
Very few families could write a check for that amount today, and we also must remember that we live in some of the wealthiest areas on the globe.
Considering the fact that more than 3 billion people around the world live on two dollars a day or less, the truth is that about half the planet would not be capable of contributing toward the repayment of our 152 trillion dollar debt at all.
So they should probably be excluded from these calculations entirely, and that would mean that your family's share of the debt would ultimately be far, far higher.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1090#H2D2gb0vmE87vCMT.99

Report: Iranian Sleeper Cells Operating In U.S.
There is growing evidence that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group maintains a network of sleeper cells in the United States.Leo Hohmann Posted with permission from WND
American intelligence agencies have growing evidence that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group maintains a network of sleeper cells in the United States, according to a new report.
Though Hezbollah has not conducted a major attack on U.S. soil, the group could decide to strike key American sites should U.S.-Iran relations deteriorate substantially, according to the Investigative Project on Terrorism.
"Preparations to combat Islamist terrorism broadly should strongly consider the nuanced and growing Hezbollah threat to U.S. national security," the report concludes.
Hezbollah or "the Party of God" is based in southern Lebanon and has long served as Iran's way of Islamizing a formerly Christian country while also stoking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and periodically launching rockets into northern Israel.
But the organization has other enemies besides Israel and should not be viewed within the narrow scope of the Arab-Israel conflict.

Enhanced Human Operations - Welcome To The Next Generation Soldier
The goal is not just to provide soldiers with the tools to fight the next war but to make soldiers themselves the tools to win that war efficiently and ruthlessly.
Military research continues to progress and not only with increasingly lethal drones, stealth technology and rail guns.
Human bio-enhancement for military purposes is among the top research areas with hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars in research pouring into small labs through the aegis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
The goal is not just to provide soldiers with the tools to fight the next war but to make soldiers themselves the tools to win that war efficiently and ruthlessly.
Bio-engineering and performance enhancing drugs are already in use, though in a less-than-effective and frankly dangerous manner with the widespread use of amphetamine pills through large parts of the deployed military.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1088#432XAmlq81syM0Le.99

Iran Closing In On Israel - Deal With Syria Could See New Military Base
Iran is looking for payback for it's assistance in Syria and that means bad news for Israel.
Iran is on the verge of reaching a deal with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad to build a military base at the port of Latakia on the Mediterranean coast, an Israeli diplomatic official told the Hebrew news site Walla on Friday.
According to the report, this would be Assad's way of paying Iran back for the extensive military and financial support it has provided to the Assad regime since the outbreak of the ongoing war in Syria six years ago.
The Jewish state, the report said, views the establishment of an Iranian military presence on the Mediterranean Sea as an "extreme step" that would "foster instability in the region and promote terrorism against Israel."
Among other things, according to Walla, it would bolster Iran-backed Hezbollah and increase the threat to the Israeli home front. Latakia is located less than 200 miles up the coast from Israel's northern port of Haifa.
After his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement, "I made it clear that regarding Syria, while Israel is not opposed that there should be an agreement there, we strongly oppose the possibility that Iran and its proxies will be left with a military presence in Syria under such an agreement.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1087#tcA3yh6r1gD3tpEj.99

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Post  Admin on Mon 13 Mar 2017, 11:19 pm

Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As World Tensions Rise
We have entered a season where leaders all over the globe feel a need to rattle their sabers, and many fear that this could be leading us to war.
Iran just conducted another provocative missile test, more U.S. troops are being sent to the Middle East, it was just announced that the U.S. military will be sending B-1 and B-52 bombers to South Korea in response to North Korea firing four missiles into the seas near Japan, and China is absolutely livid that a U.S. carrier group just sailed through contested waters in the South China Sea.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1086#w0JoS66BlkiTtajg.99

Christian Street Preachers Found Guilty For Proclaiming Jesus Only Way To God
Freedom of speech is under attack in England in yet another legal case where anti-Christian sentiment has trumped both core liberties and Biblical truth. Freedom of speech is under attack in England in yet another legal case where European anti-Christian and multicultural sentiment has trumped both core liberties and Biblical truth.
Street preachers Michael Overd (UK), Michael Stockwell (US), were both arrested for publicly preaching the Bible on the streets of Bristol in July of 2016.
Unable to charge them directly with religious offenses in court, the docket lists their offense as "violating the Crime and Disorder Act" a law which bans speech or behavior that results in "intentional harassment, alarm or distress" that is "racially or religiously aggravated."
The guilty verdict was handed down on February 28th of this year and the fine set at just under the equivalent of $2,500 for each man.
Preaching on a range of issues and with the King James translation of the Bible as their support, the men engaged with passersby and answered the questions of those who stopped to listen.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1085#HmcQwPjC2IjZdMwe.99

EU Continues To Fund Indoctrination Of Hate At Palestinian Schools
Palestinian Authority schools are openly ignoring Western demands to cease encouraging violence against Israelis -- or else forfeit foreign aid. As part of an ongoing investigation, a British daily revealed on Sunday that 24 Palestinian Authority schools are openly ignoring Western demands to cease encouraging violence against Israelis -- or else forfeit foreign aid.
According to the Daily Mail, despite public outrage over the UK government's payments to the PA as part of a commitment to spend £12 billion on foreign aid - following an expose by the paper last year about how taxpayers' money was going toward paying salaries to convicted terrorists and families of suicide bombers -- the schools in question have been continuing to incite students to terrorism through text books and classroom indoctrination.
The Mail on Sunday said that MP Joan Ryan, chair of Labour Friends of Israel - for which a report was prepared by Jerusalem-based research organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) -- said that though she supports sending aid to the Palestinians, "We cannot stand idly by while the Palestinian Authority sanctions antisemitic incitement which poisons young minds and makes a two-state solution ever more difficult to achieve."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1084#DQxeDS7TWf1ddOiL.99

Christians Emulate Queen Esther To Stand With Israel For Such A Time As This
Like Esther, Christian Zionists are uniquely positioned to stand with the nation of Israel "for such a time as this."
This Purim, Jews sat down to read the Megillah, most without realizing that Esther's eternal lessons serve to not only inspire Jews, but many Christian Zionists as well.
One verse in particular from the Book of Esther has become the rallying cry for pro-Israel Christians to support the People and the Land of Israel.
In the fourth chapter of the Book of Esther, Mordechai approaches the Queen and begs her to intercede on behalf of the Jewish people who are being threatened by the evil Haman.
Esther has kept her faith a secret and so is not personally in any danger. Nevertheless, Mordechai tells her that she was chosen for a specific purpose, to be in the right place at the right time:
"For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will come to the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish; and who knows whether you attained your royal position for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14)
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1083#E4j6bVyMpeQKP2Hw.99

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Post  Admin on Fri 10 Mar 2017, 8:00 pm

America: A House Divided
When you examine the core values on the right and the left, you quickly come to the realization that there is not much room for compromise.
Prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and in some cases even violence.
And of course the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media absolutely hates Donald Trump.
On a fundamental level, the United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes, and the radical left is treating the presidency of Donald Trump as if it was the end of the world.
We are seeing terms such as "Nazi", "racist" and "dictator" thrown around very casually, but people need to understand that words really matter.
When those on the left use such inflammatory language, there is a very real danger that they could actually spark a violent insurrection against the United States government.

Economic Collapse - Lessons From Latin America
The ninth largest economy in the entire world is currently experiencing "its longest and deepest recession in recorded history". The ninth largest economy in the entire world is currently experiencing "its longest and deepest recession in recorded history", and in a country right next door people are being encouraged to label their trash so that the thousands upon thousands of desperately hungry people that are digging through trash bins on the streets can find discarded food more easily.
Of course the two nations that I am talking about are Brazil and Venezuela.
The Brazilian economy was once the seventh largest on the globe, but after shrinking for eight consecutive quarters it has now fallen to ninth place.
And in Venezuela the economic collapse has gotten so bad that more than 70 percent of the population lost weight last year due to a severe lack of food.
Most of us living in the northern hemisphere don't think that anything like this could happen to us any time soon, but the truth is that trouble signs are already starting to erupt all around us.
It is just a matter of time before the things currently happening in Brazil and Venezuela start happening here, but unfortunately most people are not heeding the warnings.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1077#uBi5vhLgfeC4MoHQ.99

Thousands Of Mics And Cameras To Be Installed In San Diego For "Data Harvesting"
Smart cities are on the rise but is your privacy at risk?
General Electric, in conjunction with AT&T and Intel Corp, is set to install cameras, microphones, and sensors on 3,200 streetlights in San Diego this year, beginning in July.
The installations are part of a new "smart city" scheme that aims to monitor traffic and crime.
With this news has also come many questioning whether this is an overreach into personal privacy, which is something that wasn't properly investigated prior to approving this plan.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/purim2march072017.jpg
Jen Lebron of the mayor's office said, "it's anonymous data with no personal identifiers," since apparently the video quality will be low enough to avoid individual identification.
However, this seems somewhat contradictory to what the new technology is meant for, which is, according to GE and the city, "to locate gunshots, estimate crowd sizes, check vehicle speeds and other tasks."
This begs the question, how can the technology properly monitor crime if it the cameras don't record detailed video?
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1076#BxTEPLbDSEaZUxib.99

The West Submits To Blasphemy Laws
Anti-Islamophobia motions are gaining ground in many countries, aiming gradually to prohibit all criticism of Islam.
The West is submitting to blasphemy laws. Denmark, for example, has apparently decided that now is the time to invoke a dusty, old blasphemy provision.
Denmark still has a provision in the penal code against blasphemy, but until now, it has only been used three times.
The last time was nearly half a century ago, in 1971. Denmark's Attorney General has nevertheless just charged a man for burning a Quran.
In the West, blasphemy as a criminal offence has for centuries generally been considered a relic of the past. In a largely godless society, few people take offense to blasphemous comments or acts.
Christians do not descend upon alleged blasphemers with guns and knives, and publishers do not worry about "offending" Christians.
In 1997, Danish public service radio financed an artist burning a Bible and broadcast it on national television. No one was charged, even though there were complaints and the state prosecutor investigated the case.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/purim2march072017.jpg
Yet, a Danish man will be prosecuted. He burned his own Quran in his own garden and then posted the video in a public Facebook group, "Yes to freedom, No to Islam," with the accompanying text, "Consider your neighbor, it stinks when it burns". Attorney General Jan Reckendorff stated:
"It is the prosecution's view that the circumstances of the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Qur'an implies that in some cases it may be a violation of the blasphemy provision, which deals with public mockery or scorn against a religion.
It is our opinion that the circumstances of this case require that it should be prosecuted in order for the courts to have the opportunity to take a position on the matter."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1075#OSVR4B3RVW87dpwH.99

Every 'Conspiracy Theorist' In America Has Just Been Vindicated
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1082#52Lki4piS7bRKEdO.99
Yes, the government can use your phone, your computer and even potentially your television to spy on what you are doing inside your own home.
On Tuesday, Wikileaks released thousands of documents that prove what virtually every "conspiracy theorist" in America has been saying for years about government spying.
And I don't even like to use the term "conspiracy theorist" much, because the truth is that most "conspiracy theorists" are simply citizen journalists that are attempting to expose things that the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about.
And one of the things that the mainstream media has always been hesitant to address is the unconstitutional surveillance that U.S. intelligence agencies systematically conduct on their own citizens.
But now the mainstream media is being forced to talk about government surveillance because Wikileaks has just exposed it for all the world to see.
According to Wikileaks, the CIA has been secretly running "its 'own NSA' with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capacities of a rival agency could be justified".
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/purim2march072017.jpg
It is known as the Central Intelligence Agency's Center for Cyber Intelligence, and it has produced "more than a thousand hacking systems, trojans, viruses, and other 'weaponized' malware".
In fact, the computer or phone that you are reading this article on may be infected with one of their programs right now.
The documents that were released by Wikileaks show that government spooks can remotely take control of Apple iPhones, Google Android phones, Microsoft Windows operating systems and Samsung smart televisions, and once in control of those devices they can use them to spy on their owners.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1082#52Lki4piS7bRKEdO.99

Hezbollah's Ongoing Threat To US National Security
Most analyses of Hezbollah focus on the terrorist group's intervention in Syria, or its threat to Israel.
But the Iranian-backed organization maintains a significant presence in and near the United States, threatening national US security.
Current American proposals to strengthen our borders and immigration measures may be limited in addressing this important, yet poorly understood, threat.
A recent Al-Arabiya article examines Hezbollah's ability to build advanced tunnels on the southern US border, enabling Hezbollah terrorists and Mexican cartel operatives to infiltrate the United States.
Relations between Iranian-backed proxies -- including Hezbollah -- and Latin American drug cartels are well established. Mexican gang members learn from Hezbollah's combat experience and their use of advanced weaponry.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/purim2march072017.jpg
Hezbollah, in turn, derives a significant portion of its finances from the drug trade and other illicit activities.
In recent years, security officials in southwestern US states have noticed a rise in tattoos featuring Hezbollah's insignia among imprisoned drug cartel operatives.
This surprising trend indicates a strengthened relationship between the terrorist group and Mexican gang members. Additionally, Iranian operatives who infiltrate Latin America seek to convert individuals to its extremist Shiite ideology.
Over the years, pro Iranian websites have proliferated across Latin America, in an attempt to cultivate support for the Islamic Republic.
Powerful Latin American politicians also help Iran and Hezbollah penetrate the region, and threaten the United States.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1080#6OSyeufqCT4u8yo6.99

Religious Broadcasters Conference Highlights Christian/Israel Alliance
Strong Christian support for the state of Israel was on full display at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this week. "There is no place in the Bible...that any of these people can hang their hat on," said Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), in a rebuke to Christians who promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.
"It is fake theology, like it is fake news!" she said, earning a thunderous applause at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Christian Media Convention, held this year in Orlando, Fla.
NRB is a nonpartisan, international association of Christian communicators whose member organizations represent millions of listeners, viewers and readers.
NRB's stated mission is to "advance biblical truth; to promote media excellence; and to defend free speech."
A major theme at this year's conference was the display of strong Christian support for the state of Israel.
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/ads/purim2march072017.jpg
"The DNA of NRB is pro-Israel, because it is a biblical DNA," said NRB President Dr. Jerry Johnson. "If you're a scriptural kind of a [Christian] believer of any kind, you're going to be pro-Israel."
This love for the Jewish state was all the more apparent in NRB's exhibition hall, which featured hundreds of vendors representing a number of Christian media organizations and ministries.
Pilgrimages to Israel were marketed to Christians, along with the sale of Jewish ritual items such as tallitot (prayer shawls) and shofarot (rams' horns blown on Rosh Hashanah and other occasions) by a number of pro-Israel groups.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1079#6Of4SXIEsMhhuuZr.99

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Islam Will Surpass Christianity And Become The Largest Religion In The World
If current trends continue, Islam is on track to become the largest religion in the entire world by the end of this century according a stunning new report.
If current trends continue, Islam is on track to become the largest religion in the entire world by the end of this century according a stunning new report that was just released by the Pew Research Center.
While it is true that Christianity is still growing on a global basis, it is not growing nearly as rapidly as Islam.
So unless something changes, Christianity will only be the second largest faith in the world by the year 2070.
According to this newly released report, Islam is the only major religion that is growing faster than the global population overall, and it is being projected that the number of Muslims on the planet will rise by a staggering 73 percent between 2010 and 2050...
Islam is the only religion growing faster than the world's population, and it will be the largest in the world by 2070, research has found.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1072#tKDT7sr3TrGxScMl.99

Trump Wiretapping Claim Reminds Us We Are All Being Watched
We have become a "Big Brother society" where literally nobody is safe from government surveillance.
rhe mainstream media is all in an uproar over Donald Trump's claim that Barack Obama personally ordered the phones in Trump Tower to be "wiretapped" just before the election.
But nobody should really be surprised that the government was listening to Donald Trump's phone calls.
After all, the truth is that they systematically collect the content of all forms of digital communication, and this has been going on for many years.
During Obama's presidency, nobody really got too upset when it was revealed that the Obama administration was spying on friendly foreign leaders (including Angela Merkel), nobody got too upset when it was revealed that the Obama administration was spying on journalists, and nobody got too upset when it was revealed that the NSA was grabbing baby photos and nude selfies off of the Internet.
But now that Trump has gotten extremely angry because the government was listening to his calls, maybe something will finally be done about all of this unconstitutional surveillance.
Before I discuss how the government is systematically monitoring all of us, first let's talk about Trump. Back on January 11th, the Guardian reported that before the election the FBI applied for a warrant two separate times to monitor the communications of members of Trump's political team...
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1071#s4cBRHHDl0RzK0Bt.99

The Future Of The European Union?
March 25th marks the 60th anniversary of the European Union and is expected to jump start public debate on the future of the continent.
The European Commission has published a document outlining five scenarios for how the European Union could evolve within the next ten years.
The so-called White Paper on the Future of Europe, which will be presented at the Rome Summit on March 25, 2017 to mark the 60th anniversary of the European Union, is intended to be "the starting point for a wider public debate on the future of our continent."
Each of the five scenarios is based on the premise that "the 27 Member States move forward together as a Union."
The document does not consider the possibility that the EU could collapse or break apart, or even that the powers of the EU be significantly curtailed. The document states:
"Too often, the discussion on Europe's future has been boiled down to a binary choice between more or less Europe. That approach is misleading and simplistic. The possibilities covered here range from the status quo, to a change of scope and priorities, to a partial or collective leap forward."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1069#21GbJEqeEsswGVWQ.99

Jews, Christians and Another Jihadi Pogrom In Egypt
The massacres of Christians in the Middle East have barely made a blip on the radar of the Western news media and now a new pogrom against Christians has begun in the north of Sinai.
From the lips of a little child - an 8-year-old girl from El Arish, Egypt - comes a heartbreaking message. Her words speak volumes about the violent attacks on Christians that are taking place today in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.
"I am very sad," she explained in words too worldly wise for her years, "because I had to leave my friends and my school, and I don't know if I will go back or not.
I saw the threats with my own eyes, on notices and written on the walls of [my] house. I heard what they said to my father on the phone, when they said we had to leave or else they would kill us."
This young girl, along with hundreds of other Christians, was forced to flee for her life because the Islamic State continues to make bloodthirsty threats against Christians: "We swear that we will repay you, oh Egypt's Christians. We will expel you, slaughter you, and subject you to Allah's laws, oh idolaters - oh unclean ones."
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1066#dftAdYThP09hrHZm.99

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Is Something Strange Happening Inside The Earth?
Why are "giant fountains of lava" suddenly pouring out of some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the entire planet.
The spectacular eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy is making headlines all over the world, but it is far from alone.
According to Volcano Discovery, 35 major volcanoes either are erupting right now or have just recently erupted, and dozens of others are stirring.
So what is causing this upsurge in volcanic activity? Is something strange happening inside the Earth?
According to the USGS, magma is "molten rock underground", and lava is molten rock "that breaks through the Earth's surface".
Right now, something is pushing magma up through the crust of the Earth at a number of key spots around the planet. On the island of Sicily, the "giant fountains of lava" that are coming out of Mt. Etna can be seen 30 kilometers away...
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1058#stjvicR8xlrgctg3.99

France: Deradicalization of Jihadists a "Total Fiasco"
The French government's flagship program to deradicalize jihadists is a "total failure"
The French government's flagship program to deradicalize jihadists is a "total failure" and must be "completely reconceptualized," according to the initial conclusions of a parliamentary fact-finding commission on deradicalization.
The preliminary report reveals that the government has nothing to show for the tens of millions of taxpayer euros it has spent over the past several years to combat Islamic radicalization in France, where 238 people have been killed in jihadist attacks since January 2015.
The report implies that deradicalization, either in specialized centers or in prisons, does not work because most Islamic radicals do not want to be deradicalized.
The report, "Deindoctrination, Derecruitment and Reintegration of Jihadists in France and Europe" (Désendoctrinement, désembrigadement et réinsertion des djihadistes en France et en Europe)  the title avoids using the word "deradicalization" because it is considered by some to be politically incorrect  was presented to the Senate Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs on February 22.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1057#GvC4Skpo9dFsmDRh.99

Palestinians Still Teach Their Children To Hate
So what happens when the Palestinians teach their own children?
On February 23, the Israeli Education Ministry, Jerusalem District Police and Shin Bet security agency closed down a Hamas-operated school in east Jerusalem for teaching a violent, antisemitic and anti-Israeli curriculum.
The question is: How did a terrorist organization manage to infiltrate the Israeli school system?
Israels public education system was created almost 65 years ago, with the passage of the National Education Law, which allowed the Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, religious Zionists and secular Jews to maintain separate school systems.
The result has been a farcical testament to the folly of multiculturalism  which only encourages minority groups to isolate themselves, propagate their grievances and promote victimhood.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1056#GkURYtMiRiVj0jE2.99

College Campus Battleground Over Free Speech
College campuses were once a place for the free exchange of ideas and the center for vigorous intellectual debate. Not anymore.
College campuses were once a place for the free exchange of ideas and the center for vigorous intellectual debate, but increasingly this is no longer true as liberal intellectuals have tightened their hold on schools across the country.
Increasingly, conservative viewpoints, as well as any that don't align with the left's agenda, are shutout or outright banned under the guise of creating safe zones free from "offensive" viewpoints.
Pro-life students on the UC Davis campus recently sat at a table and asked passing students their opinion with a simple question, "Should abortion be legal?" The opinions provided were "yes", "no" and "it depends".
In this entirely inoffensive act of outreach, the students attempted to connect with their fellow students without any of the usual passion which can charge abortion debates.
What was the response of abortion-supporting students? To form a protest with signs warning approaching students of "graphic images ahead" and offering use of umbrellas to safely escort them past.
When other students caught on to the fact that there were no offensive images, the abortion group responded by forming a line in front of the table and shouting angry vitriol. The tactic?
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1059#8FxqSu6RBaKbjWqm.99

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Breaking Updates For March 01, 2017
VIDEO UPDATE - China Prepping Attack On US?

LGTB Affirming Churches Add Glitter To Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday is the latest event to be hijacked by LGTB supporters in the church.
Last month it was the Anglicans who chose to "queer the liturgy" of evening prayer in honor LGTB history month by renaming the Holy Spirit "The Fantabulosa Fairy" and God the Father became "the Dutchess".
Not to be outdone, Catholic LGTB supporters and numerous left leaning protestant churches throughout the United States and Canada intend to show their support by wearing "glitter ash" on their foreheads to mark Ash Wednesday.
Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent, a period that extends until Easter Sunday where Catholics and some Protestants ceremoniously place plain gray ashes on their foreheads, often in the formation of a cross, to spread a message of repentance and change which often involve fasting, moderation and self-denial.
A New York-based advocacy group called Parity however, is asking Christians who favor LGBT equality -- "queer positive Christians," as they call them -- to show support by wearing "glitter ash" on their foreheads.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1053#RxYeCJdq1YBvY4l2.99

Is A Great Crash Coming? The Laws Of Economics Cannot Be Defied Forever
What goes up must eventually come down, and the stock market bubble of today will be no exception.
Current stock market valuations are not sustainable. If there is one thing that I want you to remember from this article, it is that cold, hard fact.
In 1929, 2000 and 2008, stock prices soared to absolutely absurd levels just before horrible stock market crashes.
What goes up must eventually come down, and the stock market bubble of today will be no exception.
In fact, virtually everyone in the financial community acknowledges that stock prices are irrationally high right now.
Some are suggesting that there is still time to jump in and make money before the crash comes, while others are recommending a much more cautious approach.
But what almost everyone agrees on is the fact that stocks cannot go up like this forever.
On Tuesday, the Dow, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq all set brand new record highs once again. Overall, U.S. stocks are now up more than 10 percent since the election, and this is probably the greatest post-election stock market rally in our entire history.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1052#mh5GuCzMEw4qb4Wf.99

Transhumanists And The Quest For Godhood
Transhumanists don't just want to delay death, they want to beat it and become like gods.
What do cyborgs, vampires, and bowhead whales have in common?
History tells us that when victorious generals in ancient Rome returned home, they would hold triumphal processions through the streets.
Singers, dancers, and adoring citizens would shower the general with effusive praises. But to guard him against getting a big head, a slave stood behind him to whisper in his ear, "Remember, thou art mortal."
It's a reminder each of us could use every day. But some entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of the tech world see their mortality and humanity not as realities to accept, but as hurdles to overcome.
Take billionaire SpaceX and Tesla founder, Elon Musk. As I told you back in October, Musk puts the odds that we're not living in a Matrix-like computer simulation at one in a billion.
Now he says it's time for humans to merge with machines, or risk becoming irrelevant in the age of artificial intelligence.
"Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological and digital intelligence," he told the World Government Summit in Dubai.
Musk thinks we'll have to add a new layer to our brains--an implant, perhaps--that will allow us to tap into artificial intelligence and think at the speed of computers.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1051#RsigRVRhjC6ozJe7.99

Pro-Israel Supporters Concerned Over Keith Ellison's Rise
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/ellisondec052016.jpg
The appointment of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) as deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has left some Jewish Democrats worried about their party's future positions on Israel.
Former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez defeated Ellison for the party chairmanship Saturday in a 235-200 vote. In his first act as chairman, Perez named Ellison to the post of deputy chairman.
There has never previously been a deputy chair of the DNC; the position was created specially for Ellison.
The DNC has not yet explained what his duties will be, although it seems he will have greater authority than the five elected vice chairs of the party.
During the months leading up to the vote, Ellison faced criticism for organizing congressional letters urging pressure on Israel and accusing the Jewish state of controlling U.S. foreign policy, as well as for his past involvement with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam movement.
"I'm just happy that Perez defeated Ellison, but concerned that it was close," Rabbi Menachem Genack, a prominent Jewish supporter of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, told JNS.org.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1050#dSSREtoZTxqeTCjw.99

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Breaking Updates For February 27, 2017
Russia's Power Play In Middle East Brings Together Nations of Ezekiel 38
2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel foretold of a time when a coalition of Nations would gather together to invade the nation of Israel.
Russia continues to expand its influence in the Middle East and is bringing together more and more countries into its fold.
Intervention in Syria has been the catalyst to re-establishing its power in the region not seen since the cold war days.
Iran has been a long time partner with Russia but now we see new developments in both Libya and Turkey to also bring about a stronger alliance.
Iran saw a massive cash influx after sanctions were removed last year, thanks to the Obama administration, and as a result a substantial portion of this money will be put toward military modernization including an estimated $1 Billion air defense missile system supplied by Russia.
Part of this deal also includes the Russian S-300 air defense missile system, considered one of the most effective anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missile systems in existence. A clear response to Israel's threat the Iran will never be allowed to become a nuclear powe
Russia, in a bid to regain its previous influence enjoyed in Libya before the overthrow of the Ghaddafi government, has also reached out to a Libyan general named Khalifa Haftar who controls as many as 60,000 men in the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the east of the country.
Russia recently received General Haftar aboard its aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, pledging their support for his bid to control Libya, a move that would give Russia significant influence over North Africa.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1048#ecZCTouulSKu2x4v.99

11 Deeply Alarming Facts About America's Crumbling Infrastructur
The quality of our infrastructure affects all of our lives every single day.
No matter what your particular political perspective is, if there is one thing that virtually everyone in the United States can agree upon it is the fact that America's infrastructure is crumbling.
Previous generations of Americans conquered an entire continent and erected the greatest system of infrastructure that the world had ever seen, but now thousands upon thousands of those extremely impressive infrastructure projects are decades old and in desperate need of repair or upgrading.
The near catastrophic failure of the Oroville Dam is a perfect example of what I am talking about.
We should be constructing the next generation of infrastructure projects for our children and our grandchildren, but instead we are in such sorry shape that we can't even keep up with the maintenance and upkeep on the great infrastructure projects that have been handed down to us.
Once upon a time nobody on the entire planet could even come close to matching our infrastructure, but now our crumbling infrastructure has become a joke to much of the rest of the industrialized world.
Sadly, this is just another symptom of our long-term economic collapse
We simply are not able to put as much of our money toward infrastructure as previous generations of Americans did, and as a result we have a giant mess on our hands.
The following are 11 deeply alarming facts about America's crumbling infrastructure...
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1046#DHD8GR8kJXeV3vfK.99

Why Do We Help Fund Palestinians To Pay Terrorists?
The Palestinian government makes absolutely no attempt to hide its rewards for terrorism.
On March 8, 2016, Taylor Force, a 28-year-old West Point graduate and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, was visiting Israel with members of his graduate class from Vanderbilt University when a Palestinian terrorist attacked civilians in Jaffa with a knife.
Force was killed, and 10 others, including a pregnant woman, were wounded.
US vice president Joe Biden, who happened to be in Israel on a state visit at the time, said: "The kind of violence we saw yesterday, the failure to condemn it, the rhetoric that incites that violence, the retribution that it generates, has to stop."
But the rhetoric and the Palestinian payments to terrorists have not stopped.
In fact, the very next day, Abbas' Fatah party praised the attacker, Bashar Masalha, as a "hero and martyr," and added that these attacks would continue as "long as Israel does not believe in a two-state solution and ending its occupation."
Masalha, who was shot and killed by police after he stabbed his last victim, was given a hero's funeral with thousands in attendance.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1045#Z6vEL7yWrAruRFP7.99

New Worries Over Our Automated Future As Robots Predicted To Take Over Many Jobs
What is going to happen to society when robots are able to do just about everything better, faster and cheaper than human workers can?
What is going to happen to society when robots are able to do just about everything better, faster and cheaper than human workers can? We live at a time when technology is increasing at an exponential pace.
Incredible advancements in robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence are certainly making our lives more comfortable, but they are also bringing fundamental changes to the workplace.
For employers, there are a lot of advantages to replacing human workers with robots. Robots don't surf around on Facebook when they are supposed to be working.
Robots don't need Obamacare, lunch breaks or vacation days. Robots never steal from the company and they never complain.
Up until fairly recently, human workers could generally perform many tasks more cheaply than robots could, but now that is rapidly changing.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1044#YJJ8dQ2Yd940khPR.99

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Canadian Government Employees Must Pass Pro-LGTB Test
Canada has a warning for its government employees: Accept LGBT indoctrination or suffer the consequences.
The Canadian government has stepped up its use of the GBA+ course for public employees, a course that pushes both LGBT and feminist ideology.
Although the gender-based analysis plus course (GBA+) and its exit exam were first developed in 1995 under the liberal Jean Chretien government, Trudeau's government has mandated its use and promised unspecified consequences if a government employee fails more than three times.
The course requires participants to question traditional ideas about gender and sexuality and yet it does so in a way that clearly favors the LGBT and feminist views.
The current Canadian government action plan outlines a list of steps that must be taken to complete this indoctrination process by the year 2020. The action plan lists three primary goals:
* To implement mandatory GBA+ training across the entire government system.
* To incorporate the results of GBA+ training in performance reviews.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1043#CAo1peFVur4VQ5mb.99

After Syria, Hezbollah Will Turn Its Eyes To Israel
Hezbollah views Syria as a training ground for its real target: Israel
Israel has struck Hezbollah targets near the Syrian capital overnight on Wednesday, once again raising fears that is only a matter of time before Hezbollah and Israel engage in a full scale conflict.
Several threats have been thrown back in force in recent weeks including Israel warning Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah directly via a third-party Arab official, that any attack it may launch on it, be it from its bases in Lebanon or those in Syria, will meet a "colossal military retaliation."
Nasrallah was also warned that in the era of the Trump administration, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be able to more easily garner the support of moderate countries in the region -- most likely in the form of tacit consent -- in the event Israel would have to mount a forceful counterattack against Hezbollah.
Nasrallah on Monday doubled down on his recent saber-rattling against Israel and warned that his terror group would not hold back from attacking sensitive Israeli targets if the Jewish state goes to war with Lebanon.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1042#2FySrwWPF5ocjf7y.99

France's Muslim Demographic Future
Demographics suggest a very different France of the future.
From time to time, France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) offers a glimpse of the ethnic composition of French society.
The study, "Being born in France to an immigrant parent" (Être né en France d'un parent immigré), published in February 2017, is one of them.
Like few other glimpses, the Insee study offers a partial view of the ethnic composition of the French population. A statistical breakdown -- with the answer to the perennial question: how many Muslims in France? -- would be perceived as discriminatory and outrageous.
Given France's "integration model," nobody should dare identify people by their origins, religion, color of skin and so on.
A Frenchman is a Frenchman, whatever the color of his skin or his religion, and any measurement of the sub-Saharan population -- for example, their level of education, that of their children, the type of jobs their parents are doing, how many times they go to mosque or if they have spent time in prison -- is illegal, diicriminatory and racist.
Sub-Saharan populations must disappear in aggregate data about French people.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1041#QjYQYAoA9zBPFUSY.99

Your Body, Your Spirit, and a Good Night's Sleep: Why Rest Matters
Because our bodies matter to God--and not just in a moral sense--our rest matters to God, too
Because our bodies matter to God--and not just in a moral sense--our rest matters to God, too. So much so, He built it into the rhythms of the universe.
Do you proclaim with the psalmist: "Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn. I will praise you, Lord, among the nations" (Psalm 57:8)?
Do you climb out of bed each morning and sing with joy about God's unfailing love (Psalm 59:16)?
If not, (and for the record, I rarely do), maybe it's because we are among the one in three Americans who don't get enough sleep. Seriously.
Last year, the Centers for Disease Control declared a new public health crisis: sleep deprivation. Millions are failing night after night to get the recommended seven to nine hours of rest, putting them at increased risk for health problems from anxiety and depression to diabetes and heart disease.
By some estimates, widespread lack of sleep is costing American employers over $100 billion annually "in lost production, medical expenses, and sick leave."
More in-depth research finds that twenty straight hours without sleep is the equivalent of being legally drunk. And sleep specialists are sounding the alarm that "drowsy driving" is just as deadly as drunk driving--and more common.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1040#uvMB5dibm4hyBqKY.99

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An Unlikely Alliance: Anti-Trump Leftists & Radical Muslims
Is the radical left paving it's own destruction by uniting with radical Muslims?
An "unholy alliance" between anti-Trump leftists and radical Muslims is beginning to emerge all over America.
President Trump's recent executive order that restricted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries is bringing a very strange mixture of people out to street protests.
On the one hand you have hardcore Muslims that are chanting "Allahu Akbar" and that believe that Islamic law will someday prevail over the U.S. Constitution, and on the other hand you have radical leftists marching right next to them that are protesting for "women's rights", "gay rights" and "civil rights".
The ironic thing about all of this is that if the radical Muslims have their way, the leftists will either convert to Islam someday or will be completely destroyed.
But for now they need one another, and so a very odd marriage of convenience has taken place.
Later on in this article I want to discuss the very unusual "I Am Muslim Too" protest that just took place in Times Square in New York City, but first I want to talk about what happened when the Nation of Islam held their annual meeting in Detroit over the weekend.
It is being reported that thousands of people in the audience were enthusiastically chanting "Allahu Akbar" as Louis Farrakhan made his way to the stage, and Farrakhan made it abundantly clear to those assembled that he plans to oppose Trump every step of the way...
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1039#hPrUTjGw6MHRm5dB.99

Another Company Offers Microchip Implants For Workers
It isn't hard to imagine a world in which all companies "chip" their employees.
Implanting radio frequency identification (RFID) chips has made headlines again as a company in Belgium, NewFusion, has implemented the device for its employees.
Surgically implanted in the hands of its employees, the tiny transmitters broadcast a simple code that allows employees to access company facilities and computer systems.
The chips, now growing in popularity especially in Australia and Europe, are about the size of a grain of rice and range in price from $80-$100.
Placed under the skin between the thumb and index finger, they behave like a traditional electronic key card, yet one that won't be left home on the kitchen table.
Thankfully, at least for now, NewFusion has offered a chip-enabled ring for those who would prefer to avoid being implanted.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1038#W5m1LTdbb7Me5jKp.99

Nigeria's Forgotten Christians: Stand with Our Brothers and Sisters
Almost nobody knows what's happening to the Christians of Nigeria - but even fewer care. Here's why we should.
In Nigeria, which is Africa's most populous country, Christians don't have time to worry about culture wars.
They're too busy facing a real one instigated by their Muslim neighbors and by a government that has studiously decided to look the other way.
The scope of the violence is so vast as to be almost beyond belief, so let me first give you a snapshot of what's happening on the ground.
Deborah, now 31 and living in a camp for the internally displaced, was captured by the Boko Haram terrorist group and held captive for a year and a half.
The Islamists came to her village and slaughtered her husband and family before abducting her and "marrying" her off to a 20-year-old Muslim terrorist, who complained of her argumentativeness while raping and impregnating her.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1037#fSKLhjqXxrZf3wVu.99

One of Israel's Seven Species Scientifically Found to Help Remedy Many Illnesses
The amazing health benefits of foods discussed in the Bible
Bible believers know that studying the word of God is good for you. What might come as a surprise is that one particular food discussed in the Bible contains a wide array of health benefits.
This is becoming increasingly clear as scientists discover more and more positive health benefits from consuming extra-virgin olive oil.
"Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be taken as it is, just by cold pressing the pure oil out of the olive without heavy processing, heat or chemicals," noted Rabbi Shmuel Veffer to PNW.
"This is one of the many miracles we glean from the olive, one of Israel's seven holy species discussed in the Bible."
Rabbi Veffer, along with Nili Abrahams, are co-founders of Galilee Green, an Israeli company which produces premium boutique olive oil for worldwide distribution.
Galilee Green is well aware of the unique health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil, even having a "Wellness" section highlighting this important information on their website.
"The Bible is replete with references to the importance of olive oil," continued Rabbi Veffer. "Also, in ancient Egypt olive oil was so valuable that it was used in the payment of wages.
"A land of wheat, barley, grapevines, figs, and pomegranates; a land of olive-oil and date honey." (Deuteronomy 8:8)
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1036#bJmzL80TI6tMShXy.99.

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Pope Francis Continues Push For One World Religion
Is Pope Francis a globalist?
Pope Francis Continues Push For One World Religion
image: http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/images/recent/popejan192016.jpg
Share this article:
When I first started seeing headlines this week that claimed that Pope Francis said that "Muslim terrorism does not exist", I thought that it couldn't possibly be true.
Ever since the very beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis has been pushing for global unity in religious matters, global unity in economic matters and global unity in political matters.
May 2016: Pope Francis welcomed one of the top Sunni clerics in the world to the Vatican, and he reportedly told the cleric that "our meeting is the message".
In this day and age, it is imperative that we all learn how to think for ourselves and to boldly speak the truth - even if that means disagreeing with the Pope himself.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1034#ESszJhBAQ201VZbb.99

The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun
Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren't supposed to be creating them in the real world.
Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren't supposed to be creating them in the real world.
In so many ways, the technological advancements that we have made as a society are outpacing our ability to handle those advancements, and this field is certainly a glaring example of that reality.
Just because we can create human-animal hybrid chimeras does not mean that we should. Genetic modification is a particularly dangerous science, because we are literally tinkering with the future of our planet.
And when it comes to humans and animals, those are two things that definitely should not mix.
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1033#VGAo7sUckrFBthuK.99

The Rising North Korean Nuclear Threat
Experts believe North Korea will possess nuclear missile technology capable of hitting the West Coast by the year 2020, or possibly sooner.
While Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe played golf and talked politics with President Trump last week, North Korea launched a nuclear-capable, mid-range ballistic missile in yet another provocative test.
A strategic shot across the bow, the launch prompted the President to address the press with Trump assuring the world that the United States stands behind its Japanese ally one-hundred percent.
It remains to be seen what can done in the face of this rising North Korean threat.
The media was quick to remind the world that on December 13th of 2012 it was Trump that pointed out the weakness of Obama and the U.S. government regarding Korea when he tweeted, "We can't even stop the North from blasting a missile. China is laughing at us. It is really sad," one day after North Korea had used a three-stage rocket to place a satellite in orbit.

New Hamas Leader Signals Shift To Iran, Conflict With Israel
The election of Yahya Sinwar to lead Hamas in Gaza is a bad signal of things to come for the region.
The election of Yahya Sinwar to lead Hamas in Gaza represents the completion of a lengthy takeover by Hamas' military wing at the expense of its political wing. And it could signal an imminent confrontation with Israel.
Hamas' military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has been gradually pushing aside the terror group's political wing, seeing it as an impediment to its jihadist war efforts against Israel.
Sinwar and his military wing comrades want to reestablish their alliance with Iran and boost their tactical partnership with ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula.
Sinwar's rise likely means that Hamas and Iran will grow close once again, after years of turmoil over their opposing stances on the Syrian war.
In fact, Sinwar's rise to power is being described by veteran analyst Pinhas Inbari as Iran taking back power in Gaza.
Inbari believes that the move was "Iran's way of conveying a message before the Trump-Netanyahu talks" that took place last week in Washington
Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=1032#OcCc6MBTCEoJaPg2.99

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