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NO WORD, NO TRUTH*By M. Stanford

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NO WORD, NO TRUTH*By M. Stanford

Post  Admin on Mon 24 Jan 2011, 4:03 pm

*By M. Stanford*

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him" (Heb. 11 :6).

Rationalism defies God; Ritualism degrades God.

"With Rationalism' s intellectual audacity on the one hand, which dares
to speak against the Word of God; and on the other hand, the outward
piety of Ritualism - ---there is really the same root of infidelity at
bottom. There is the supplanting of the plain truth of the inspired
Word. Both get rid of it, depriving the soul of that which is the only
means of a living link between God and man.

"It does not matter what the means or forms may be, whether the negative
process of Rationalism, or the more positive claim of Ritualism: if man
comes in -- whether it be his rites or his reasonings -- so as to
exclude God's Word, or step between its authority and the soul of man,
it becomes pretty much the same result in the end.

"Rationalism is the deification of human powers, in which man presumes
by his own mind to judge the Word of God, and is therefore the
infidelity of the intellect when either carried out to its results or
judged in its principle.

"On the other hand Ritualism is the infidelity of the imagination, very
often with piety underneath it, with a love for the Saviour that may
preserve from the full consequences of the system, but in itself always
savoring of and tending to idolatry.

"We cannot know the value of Christ the Truth unless we have the Spirit
of Truth. Nevertheless, the test of having the Spirit of Truth, and of
not being a prey to fanaticism, is that the soul is attracted and
subject to the Lord Jesus Christ --- and this cannot be without faith
produced and nourished by the Word of Truth." -W.K.

"Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (Rom. 10: 1 7).

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