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HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Mon 07 Aug 2017, 3:47 pm

PA: Peace Talks Pointless While Netanyahu Under Investigation
Israel Daily News Stream3 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Palestinian officials told Haaretz that peace talks are a non-starter while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a criminal investigation:

Associates of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas recalled the atmosphere that prevailed when Ehud Olmert had to resign as premier, and the messages conveyed at the time by senior Israeli and American officials were that no progress could be made with a prime minister who was suspected of crimes. Moreover, they note that as opposed to Olmert, Netanyahu doesn’t have much to offer on the diplomatic front . . .
According to the same source, the Palestinian leadership is beginning to believe that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t present any initiative in the near term, and even if the White House intends to do so it will prefer to wait until Netanyahu’s situation is clarified. If the investigations lead to Netanyahu being replaced or to new elections, the Palestinians say, everything will have to be reevaluated.
Police have launched two separate investigations of the prime minister. In one, referred to as Case 1000, Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu are suspected of receiving thousands of shekels worth of illicit gifts from wealthy benefactors. The other, known as Case 2000, deals with an alleged arrangement in which the prime minister was to take measures reducing the influence of Israel HaYom in exchange for more favorable coverage by rival paper Yediot Aharonot. Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing in both cases.

Though police have been investigating for months, pressure on Netanyahu has risen in recent days as his former chief of staff Ari Harow turned state’s witness. (Disclosure: Harow briefly worked for HonestReporting more than a decade ago.)

There are two other corruption investigations in which Netanyahu is not a suspect, but people close to him are. Case 3000 regards suspected fraud by people close to the PM during the purchase of several naval vessels, while Case 4000 deals with securities fraud and conflicts of interest between officials at the Communications Ministry and Bezeq.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

2. Interviewed by the Jerusalem Post, a PA official responsible for disbursing terror stipends to Palestinian prisoners and their families spun the payments as positive for the West Bank.

“This assistance has never encouraged terrorism, the opposite is true,” said Issa Qaraqe, head of the commission for detainees and ex-detainees, who holds the rank of minister in the Palestinian Authority. “This social and humanitarian assistance creates a kind of stability in the Palestinian society. Cutting the assistance is what will lead to extremism.”
3. Jordan’s King Abdullah visited Ramallah for the first time in five years. He and PA chief Mahmoud Abbas discussed the Temple Mount and other issues.

.@KingAbdullahII shook like 30 hands, but only one man makes it into the tweet: the Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Hussein https://t.co/qAoaraWQks
— Dov Lieber (@DovLieber) August 7, 2017
By the way, Palestinians are unexpectedly clamoring for Israel to return its embassy staff to Amman.

Hundreds of Jordanian passports are being held in the embassy awaiting processing for entry permits to Israel. Most of the passports belong to Jordanian citizens of Palestinian origin who want to visit relatives in Israel or the Palestinian territories, or to businessmen with direct ties to the Jordanian royal family and the office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who are being prevented from traveling anywhere abroad without their passports.
4. HR Senior Editor Daniel Pomerantz appeared yesterday on i24’s Spin Room. He discussed Israel and Trump and the Hebron shooting sentence along wiht guests MK Nurit Koren and journalist/activist Tami Molad Hayo. Watch the video.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Is Israel restricting Mahmoud Abbas from leaving Ramallah?

• Communications Minister Ayoub Kara explained to reporters his plan for shutting down Al Jazeera in Israel. We’re talking about revoking press permits, asking cable and satellite networks to block Al Jazeera transmissions and additional legislation. Kara also cited other countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates which already shuttered the Qatar-based network.

Al Jazeera’s response basically amounts to “How dare the Mideast’s only democracy take action against us?”

• The Washington Post looks at the “wasted generation” of Gaza youth, who grew up under Hamas, unemployed and unable to leave the Strip.

But in many interviews, in their torn-just-so jeans and fresh white sneakers, Gaza’s young people today say they would rather fight for a job in Tel Aviv than fight Israelis.
“If the borders were open, I’d work in Israel in a minute. I got absolutely no problem with that. Everybody would work in Israel,” said Iyad Abu Heweila, 24, who graduated with a degree in English education two years ago but now spends his days hanging out.
• Worth reading: Aviva Klompas describes A Day in Area ‘A’ as she joined a group of American academics visiting a refugee camp and a high ranking PA minister.

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Alan Johnson: When ‘alternative facts’ kill
– Eric Mandel: Does Israel Anti-Boycott Act infringe on free speech?
– Ronni Shaked: Israel is going to miss Mahmoud Abbas
– Daniel Pipes: Weakening Palestinian rejectionism
– Mishka Gora: Blaming the Jews in Australia

Featured image: CC BY-NC-ND Stefano Corso; Netanyahu via YouTube/IsraeliPM;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Sun 06 Aug 2017, 9:47 pm

Israel Offers Asylum to Iranian Blogger
Israel Daily News Stream7 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Israel has offered asylum to an Iranian-born writer who blogged for the Times of Israel from Turkey. Turkish officials sought to deport Neda Amin back to Iran, which she had fled years earlier because of her writing on women’s issues. More at Israel HaYom and Reuters.

Neda Amin

2. An Israeli court ruled to revoke the citizenship of a convicted terrorist today.

Alaa Ziad from the Arab city of Umm el-Fahm was sentenced one year ago to 25 years in prison for four attempted murders following an October 11, 2015 terrorist attack, in which he both ran over and stabbed two soldiers and two civilians, one of whom was a 15-year-old girl, at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel near Hadera.
The court ruled on Sunday that in place of citizenship Ziad would be granted temporary residency, which would be renewed from time to time, according to the interior minister’s judgment.
News breaks fast. Get HonestReporting alerts by e-mail 
and never miss a thing.

Free Sign Up

3. Concerned about Islamic State in the Sinai digging tunnels threatening Israeli communities adjacent to the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border, the IDF will build an underground barrier along a three km stretch. “Expected to be complete within one-and-a-half years, the new barrier will set Israel back NIS 3.4 billion,” Ynet reports.

Gaza Strip

Israel and the Palestinians
• Israel busted a Hamas money-laundering ring involving personnel in Turkey, Hebron and Gaza. The Jerusalem Post explains:

. . . the investigation revealed that $200,000 had been laundered in that manner. In addition, the construction of a multi-million dollar concrete plant financed by Hamas was planned, with the aim of laundering more money.
• PA chief Mahmoud Abbas insisted he’ll maintain financial pressure on Hamas.

• Israel arrested 15 more Palestinians around eastern Jerusalem last night on suspicion of instigating Temple Mount riots.

• Times of Israel: Senegal and Guinea, two Muslim-majority Africa states, will send their first-ever envoys to Israel this week.

• Details are scant, but a small drone from Gaza fell in Israeli territory on Saturday.

• Israeli developed a new system capable of identifying explosive devices from afar, reports Ynet.

• I really don’t understand why AP and Reuters are wasting reporters’ time on the latest artwork appearing on the Israeli security barrier. Is there nothing more important they could be spending their time on?

Around the World
Kevin Myers• Closing the chapter on Kevin Myers, the embattled Irish columnist denied he’s an anti-Semite, but acknowledged he deserved to be fired for his recent commentary noting that two of the BBC’s highest paid female presenters are Jewish.

See JTA coverage or listen to the full Myers interview on RTE Radio One.

“It was stupid of me, the encapsulation of such a complex issue in a single sentence,” Myers said, referring to a line in a July 30 column that played on the stereotype of Jews as hard bargainers. “One of my flaws is to deal with major issues with throwaway lines.” . . .
In his first comments on the incident, Myers told RTE Radio One that at least “five or six” other Sunday Times employees would have overseen the column before it went to print.
“A number of people nodded on duty and let something through that shouldn’t have gone through,” he said.
However, Myers called himself the “author of his own misfortune” and took responsibility.
• Roger Waters, the anti-Semitic pro-BDS rocker now touring the US, was denounced in critical op-eds in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Nashville Tennessean ahead of upcoming gigs in those two cities. And the Washington Post picked up on a video response to Waters by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington.

I have a feeling Jewish activists in Newark, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and all the other cities on Waters’ Us+Them tour will be taking action as well.

• British Co-op banned from four US states over BDS policies.

Florida, Illinois, New York and Arizona have implemented the proscriptions against the Co-op, which has suffered a series of controversies since adopting its policy five years ago.
Co-op supermarkets in Britain have refused to stock products from Israeli West Bank settlements since 2009, and the policy was extended in 2012 to include barring any engagement with Israeli suppliers known to work with the settlements.
• Australian Jews are up in arms after a local council shot down plans for a new Sydney synagogue citing fears of a possible terror attack.

Jewish leaders are shocked the decision appears to suggest they cannot freely practice their religion because they are the target of hate by Islamist extremists — and that the council has used their own risk assessment of the threat posed by IS against it.
The head of the local Jewish community said the council and the court had effectively stifled freedom of religion and rewarded terrorism.
But the council insists it isn’t to blame.


• Germany’s taking BDS awfully seriously, judging from this development reported by the Jerusalem Post:

A criminal complaint filed against three BDS activists who allegedly launched physical and verbal tirades at MK Aliza Lavie and an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust at a June event in Berlin has been sent to a police division responsible for political extremism, a spokeswoman for the authorities told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday.
• Sanity prevails at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, whose student council equated BDS with the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

• Two Iranian soccer players who play for a Greek team were condemned by Iran’s soccer federation for playing in a match against an Israeli team, reports AP.

Jerusalem• Worth reading: David Koren and Ben Avrahami, both advisors on east Jerusalem affairs for the Jerusalem Municipality, take the pulse of eastern Jerusalem, examining Palestinian nationalism, the rise of Islamic religious identity, the Temple Mount as a flashpoint, and increasing normalization of ties with Israeli government authorities. Their piece in HaShiloach has a lot to chew on, so don’t try reading it all at once.

• Palestinian scholar Bassam Tawil has a bone to pick with the Foreign Press Association in Israel.

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Ruthie Blum: Sex, lies and terrorism
– Alex Fishman: Decades-long Jerusalem activity going down the drain
– Raphael Ahren: Temple Mount crisis ended Trump’s Palestinian honeymoon. Kushner made things worse
– Yardena Schwartz: Jerusalem’s forever crisis
– Ronni Shaked: Israel is going to miss Mahmoud Abbas
– Michael Wilner: Kushner rejects ‘history lessons’ while still reliving them
– Ami Ayalon, Gilead Sher and Orni Petruschka: The inevitable next conflagration
– Dr. Mordechai Kedar: The failure of liberalism
– Jamie Palmer: The left and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The path to righteous hatred
– Andrew Bolt: Bondi synagogue ruling over terror fears shames Australia
– Jonathan Tobin: It’s not about flags: The real problem with Jewish-Palestinian dialogue
– Zvi Bar’el: Hezbollah shows who’s really in charge of the Syria-Lebanon border
– MSP Jeremy Balfour: Shalom Festival is a chance for Scots to show they support the path to peace

Featured image: CC BY Pedro Ribeiro Simooes; Sydney CC BY-NC-ND Geee Kay;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Wed 02 Aug 2017, 8:22 pm

MKs Seek Probe of Iranian Ties to Temple Mount Crisis
Israel Daily News Stream7 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Looks like there are some Iranian fingerprints on the recent Temple Mount violence. MKs are demanding an investigation

Picking up on Arab media reports, Israel HaYom writes:

According to the Palestinian sources, tens of thousands of Muslim protesters received prepackaged meals along with notes in each one citing a famous quote attributed to 1979 Iranian Revolution leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini: “With the help of Allah, Palestine will be liberated! Jerusalem is ours.” The note also depicted the Dome of the Rock and the Palestinian flag.
According to reports in the Palestinian media, a nongovernmental organization run by Iranian youth movements was in charge of distributing the meals. Arabic news sites affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps also pointed to Iranian NGOs as being behind the “supply of food to the heroes fighting for the liberation of the besieged Al-Aqsa mosque until victory is achieved over the Zionist occupier.”
Despite those reports, a senior official in the Palestinian security forces told Israel Hayom that such a large logistical effort could not have been single-handedly managed and funded by a youth movement.
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem2. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is under a lot of scrutiny surrounding the sale of some of its extensive properties. Articles listed in chronological order based on Times of Israel time stamps so you can follow the bouncing ball.

– 1,500 Jerusalem homeowners up in arms over secret sale of church land
– Palestinians demand Patriarch’s ouster over Jerusalem land sales
– Ancient Roman Amphitheater in Caesarea sold by Greek Orthodox church to mystery foreign buyer
– Greek Orthodox Church sold land near iconic Jaffa clock tower — report
– Church land sales to anonymous buyers set homeowners on edge
– Amid outcry, Church defends its sales of land in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Caesarea
– In landmark ruling, court sides with right-wing Jewish group in Old City church property dispute
– After court loss, church vows fight over Old City hotels will go on

3. The Sunday Times of London fired Kevin Myers, the Irish journalist who penned an anti-Semitic, misogynistic article published (and then removed) from the British paper. The paper is also investigating how the column came to be published in the first place.

Seth Frantzman and Joshua Zitser uncover plenty of skeletons of Holocaust denial and misogyny in Myers’ closet that were well known to Myers’ editors.

4. Tisha B’Av: Yes, Jews Were Here First: Tisha B’Av and Zionism are two sides of the same coin — ancient dispersal and modern return, tragedy and renewal, longing and home.

Israel and the Palestinians
• It’s too early to say what this means for Jared Kushner’s Mideast efforts, but the President’s son in law was recorded telling White House interns the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “isn’t solvable.” You can read the transcript or listen to the recording at Wired and draw your own conclusions:

So, what do we offer that’s unique? I don’t know … I’m sure everyone that’s tried this has been unique in some ways, but again we’re trying to follow very logically. We’re thinking about what the right end state is, and we’re trying to work with the parties very quietly to see if there’s a solution. And there may be no solution, but it’s one of the problem sets that the president asked us to focus on.
Jared Kushner

• Police arrest 33 suspected of instigating Temple Mount riots.
• In record, over 1,300 Jews visited the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av to commemorate the destroyed Temples.

• Israel planted spying devices at Al-Aqsa, ex-mufti claims in new libel

• A Times of Israel Persian blogger faces deportation from Turkey, fears being sent back to Iran, where she would likely be executed. An online petition launched by UNWatch fills in some more details, while Israel HaYom explains that Neda Amin fled Iran in 2014 over a book she wrote on womens’ oppression.

“People who said they work for the Turkish intelligence organization called me on the phone five or six times one-and-a-half years ago. Then they interrogated me at a foreigners’ branch directorate. They kept asking me why I wrote for an Israeli newspaper and with whom I have connections in Israel. Although I repeatedly said I am only a journalist, they accused me of being a spy for Israel,” she was quoted as saying by Israel National News.

• Mahmoud Abbas launched talks with Hamas. Negotiations are reportedly focused on Hamas “dismantling its governing structures in Gaza” and publicly scrapping its arrangement with Abbas rival Mohammed Dahlan, while the PA would “restore electricity supplies and allow Gazan banks to trade in foreign currency again.”

• Senior Hamas officials meet with Iranian official in Beirut. More on the story at Ynet and Times of Israel coverage.

Saeb Erekat

• Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat is seeking a lung transplant in Israel or the US. Ynet explains:

Erekat’s temporary replacement has been announced as Palestinian intelligence chief Majid Faraj.
Erekat, 62, suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, which is characterized by the development of scars in lung tissue which makes it difficult for them to function properly. The disease manifests itself in shortness of breath, coughing and loss of the ability of the lungs to transfer oxygen to the body. He was diagnosed more than a year ago.
• Palestinian fires pistol in Jenin hospital, demanding care in Israel. Times of Israel coverage.

• The PA and Morocco are pressuring African leaders to boycott a summit of African and Israeli leaders due to held in Togo at the end of October. According to the Jerusalem Post, disproportionate media interest in Israel is exactly what Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé is counting on:

Gnassingbé is intent on holding the meeting regardless of any political risk involved, the official said. One of the main reasons is that it will add to his and Togo’s prestige.
“If you hold an Africa-Africa summit, nobody cares, including the international media,” the official said. “Nobody will write or publish anything because you have some kind of African summit almost every day. But if you do something with Israel, you will get some kind of coverage – either positive or negative – because Israel is involved. Since the summit is taking place in Togo, people will talk about the president and his country, and they will see him as an actor on the international stage.”
The source said that the media coverage expected from the summit is almost as important for Togo as the summit itself. The added value, he said, is there is also good chance that some of the more than 130 Israeli companies that will be present at the summit will chose to do business in the country.
• Might this have something to do with Amnesty’s Israeli tax exempt status, which is now under threat?


• In Hebron, troops arrest parents who stashed bullets in kids’ rooms.

• There’s no doubt that Yosef, Chaya and Elad Salomon were murdered in their Halamish home by a Palestinian terrorist. And it’s well-documented that their murderer, Omar el-Abed posted on Facebook his plans to kill Jews. So why on earth does CBC News hedge, qualifying this basic information as “according to Israeli authorities.”

Four Palestinians died in clashes with the Israeli security forces, while three members of an Israeli family were, according to Israeli authorities, stabbed to death by an attacker who wrote on Facebook he was acting to protect the al-Aqsa mosque.
Strange, but the CBC ran with AP coverage of the attack. (The unholy headline might be deja vu.)

• A Palestinian stabbed and seriously wounded an Israeli in a supermarket in the central Israeli town of Yavne. According to Ynet, the attacker a 19-year-old employee of the supermarket was apprehended by civilians. The attack was caught on security video.

• Palestinian man confesses to murdering pregnant Israeli girlfriend

Around the World
• A group of students at Fordham U. are suing the New York school over its refusal to allow Students for Justice in Palestine to register as a club. Dean of Students Keith Eldredge overturned a decision by the student government allowing SJP.

• North Carolina governor signs anti-BDS legislation.

• Munich is due to become the first German city to pass legislation banning BDS and labeling it as anti-Semitic.

• Israeli theater group heads back to Edinburgh three years after being evicted by protesters.

• An Austrian court sentenced a Hamas operative to life in prison “for conspiring and inciting others to carry out terror attacks in Jerusalem.”

NY Times• Over at the New York Times, Nathan Thrall and Robert Blecher hope to head off war in Gaza by cementing its separation from the West Bank. Is a three-state solution only politically incorrect when suggested by Israelis? And would it really make it easier for Israel to negotiate peace with the Palestinians?

First, Israel — which refuses to engage with any Hamas-led government — could transfer tax revenues on Gaza-bound goods to the people of Gaza, either through an internationally supervised trust or by using the tax revenues to pay for increased electricity. Second, Egypt could export more goods to Gaza, thereby reducing the amount taxed by Israel and increasing the amount taxed directly by Gaza’s government. Third, Hamas could allow the formation of a new administrative body in Gaza, led by a non-Hamas figure, in which case Israel and the international community could engage with it directly to improve life in Gaza and establish a long-term cease-fire.
• Some people support or excuse anti-Semitism due to Israel’s policies because they want to use anti-Semitism to motivate opposition to Israel’s policies, argues Seth Frantzman.

• Plenty of Temple Mount commentary:

– Smadar Perry: Jordanians waiting for Netanyahu to apologize
– Mordechai Kedar: Israel vs. Jordan: Why Israel needs to be tougher
– Bassam Tawil: “The battle over Jerusalem has just begun”
– Prof. Eyal Zisser: The Temple Mount’s perilous situation


• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Casey Babb: Canadian tax dollars shouldn’t subsidize Palestinian terrorists
– Dr. Moshe Elad: The day after Abbas
– Caroline Overington: Israel losing the public relations war against Palestinians
– Elliott Abrams: The next Israel-Hezbollah conflict
– Mark Dubowitz and Mike Gallagher: Averting a third Lebanon war (click via Twitter)
– Miriam Elman: Boycotters, if the goal of your visits is to harm Israel, stay home.
– Amb. Alan Baker: The Jews: One of the world’s oldest indigenous peoples
– Sara Yael Hirschhorn: Israel doesn’t cause anti-Semitism. Anti-Semites do
– Daniel Sugarman: It’s not just extremists who believe anti-Semitic trope that Jews are good with money
– Mark Thomas: Unending conflict wipes future away for Israelis, Palestinians
– A. Z. Mohamed: The State Department’s report on terrorism should be discredite

Featured image: CC BY Thomas Leuthard; fingerprint Pixabay; Kushner CC BY Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Erekat via YouTube/Al Jazeera English; quill CC0 Pixabay/Ashreila;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Sun 30 Jul 2017, 5:57 pm

Questions Raised About Abbas’ Health
Israel Daily News Stream9 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Mahmoud Abbas was discharged from a Ramallah hospital with a clean bill of health after undergoing what Palestinian media called “routine medical checks.” But Haaretz reports that Israeli officials are concerned the 82-year-old PA president’s health is declining:

Israeli and Palestinian sources believe that Abbas’ health has deteriorated in recent months and that any further worsening could hasten the changing of the guard at the Palestinian Authority. Abbas’ inner circle is interested in minimizing the severity of his medical problems.
Meanwhile, Seth Frantzman lays out five post-Abbas possibilities.

Mahmoud Abbas

2. An IDF military court upheld the conviction and 18-month jail sentence of Hebron shooter, Elor Azaria. Judges said Azaria’s version of events wasn’t credible, but also denied an appeal from prosecutors seeking a stiffer sentence. Take your pick of Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Ynet, Times of Israel and Israel HaYom coverage.

In a case which divided Israel, Azaria was caught on film shooting and killing an incapacitated Palestinian who attacked soldiers in Hebron.

3. Though security was tight and tension was taught, Friday prayers at the Temple Mount passed without violence. Calm remained on the holy site on Sunday.

Palestinians saw the Temple Mount showdown as a rare grassroots victory while Israelis criticized what they called Netanyahu’s “capitulation.”

4. Podcast Interview With Journalist Hunter Stuart: Julie Hazan, HonestReporting’s US Director and Shahar Azani, Executive Director StandWithUs in New York, discussed with US journalist Hunter Stuart how his perception of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict shifted as a result of his firsthand experience working as a journalist in the region. Also discussed were Stuart’s hopes for the future of the news media, and his views on global politics.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly suggested to US envoys a possible land swap with the Palestinians, according to Israeli media:

Netanyahu reportedly suggested that jurisdiction of several Israeli Arab villages in the Wadi Ara region could be transferred to Palestinian control in exchange for Israel annexing Jewish settlements in the Gush Etzion bloc in the West Bank . . .
The TV report did not specify when the proposal was raised or when Israel sought the exchange to take place. The television report said there was no confirmation of the report from the prime minister or the US administration.
• The IDF raided the Ramallah-based headquarters of PalMedia on suspicion of inciting terror in its broadcasts. Equipment and documents were seized, according to Israeli media reports.

UNRWA• An effort by Palestinian supporters to quietly force the US to fund the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was short circuited after being exposed by journalist Benny Avni.

The resolution was due to be adopted on Friday but was postponed, according to UNRWA lobbyist Matthias Schmale. Avni wrote (before the postponement)

The resolution, sponsored by a large group of countries sympathetic to the Palestinians, will recommend “a gradual increase in the support provided to [UNRWA] from the regular budget of the UN” by next year. Plus, mandatory fees in the past could only fund the salaries of non-Palestinian workers; the new resolution removes that restriction as well.
Camel nose, meet tent. Eventually the entirety of America’s contribution to UNRWA will be decided by UN members rather than Congress.
• Israel is targeting Amnesty International over the organization’s latest anti-settlements campaign, reports Israel HaYom:

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is exploring the possibility of denying tax benefits to individuals or organizations that donate funds to Amnesty International due to a recent campaign launched by the human rights group against Israel’s settlements.
The human rights group’s “50 Years of Occupation” campaign calls on the international community to boycott Israeli products manufactured in Judea and Samaria, as well as impose an arms embargo on Israel, claiming that the Jewish state’s settlement enterprise constitutes a war crime.

• Ynet: Israel builds pipeline to absorb sewage from Gaza due to Strip’s power shortages.

• Worth reading: Tales From Inside an Israeli ER.

Mideast Matters
• US officials to CNN: Iranian-backed group fired a missile deep into Saudi Arabia. Do Houthis have Scuds now?

The missile, described by one official as a Scud, was fired from Houthi controlled territory near Sa’Dah in northern Yemen and flew some 930 kilometers before landing near the western coast of Saudi Arabia.
It is assessed that the target was a Saudi oil facility near the port city of Yanbu.
• Turkish reporter admits he made up a Jared Kushner quote praising Erdogan.

Around the World
• Haaretz: SlutWalk Chicago to allow Zionist symbols after all.

“I do think that at SlutWalk Chicago we have some apologizing to do around the confusion with some of our tweets.”
Feltz and Winkleman
Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkleman

• The Sunday Times of London apologized and removed an anti-Semitic article targeting female BBC hosts.

Readers called for columnist Kevin Myers to be sacked, after he suggested BBC presenters Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz earned high salaries because they were Jewish.
The piece, titled “Sorry, ladies – equal pay has to be earned”, appeared in the Irish edition of the newspaper.
• California imam apologizes for anti-Semitic sermon — but another fiery sermon surfaces

• Delegates to Australian Labor Party conferences in New South Wales and Queensland are expected to throw their support behind a resolution that “urges the next Labor government to recognise Palestine.” The initiative is being led by former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr.
• Two New Jersey men responsible for a string of attacks on synagogues were sentenced to 35 years.

The two were convicted last year of spray-painting anti-Semitic graffiti at synagogues in Maywood and Hackensack, attempting to burn down synagogues in Paramus and Rutherford and throwing Molotov cocktails into the Rutherford home of a rabbi from December 2011 to January 2012.
• My eyes are glowing in the dark after reading all these Temple Mount commentaries.

– Spengler: Arab humiliation and the Temple Mount
– Khadija Khan: Palestinians: The metal detector scam
– Bassam Tawil: Metal detectors or lie detectors — who is violating what?
– Brig.-Gen. (Res.) Amir Avivi: Temple Mount crisis proves violence pays
– David Weinberg: Israel must disabuse Abbas of the notion he can bully Israel
– Dr. Reuven Berko: A pyrrhic victory
– Zvi Bar’el: Arab states fear that a Palestinian uprising would spark another Arab Spring
– Ben-Dror Yemini: The ‘Al-Aqsa libel’ lives on
– Raphael Ahren: After Temple Mount surrender, PM seeks to divert attention by sliding right
– Stephen Pollard: Israel and Palestine are just a few rash moves away from a Third Intifada

Temple Mount

– Norman Bailey: Making mountains out of molehills
– Orly Azoulay: Trump’s Mideast peace deal is fading away
– Liel Leibovitz: Was Iran behind the recent Temple Mount violence?
– David Harris: Stop infantilizing the Palestinians
– Selin Nasi: The Turkish-Israeli rift over the Haram al-Sharif
– Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll: Our past is being denied to us
– Alex Ryvchin: The price of historical vandalism
– Jonathan Tobin: Team Trump’s quiet Mideast success
– New York Daily News (staff-ed): Outrage over Temple Mount in Israel encapsulates cycles of Palestinian terrorism

• Here’s what else I’m reading this weekend.

– Eugene Kontorovich: Israel anti-boycott bill does not violate free speech
– Charles Bybelezer: Back in the MidEast: Has the Russian bear returned for good?
– New York Post (staff-ed): Palestinian Authority now uses half of all foreign aid to reward terror

Featured image: CC BY-SA Tom Woodward Abbas CC BY-NC-ND UN Geneva; Feltz via YouTube/dating nake; Winkleman via YouTube/BBC News; Temple Mount CC BY-NC-ND RV1864
For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream and join the IDNS on Facebook.

Before you comment on this article, please remind yourself of our Comments Policy. Any comments deemed to be in breach of the policy will be removed at the editor’s discretion.

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Thu 27 Jul 2017, 4:52 pm

Palestinians Return to Temple Mount
Today’s Top Stories
1. Palestinians returned to the Temple Mount and police confirmed that all cameras installed after the murder of two policemen on July 14 were removed. But police officials told Israeli media they’ll be on high alert during Friday prayers tomorrow:

Police Commander of the Jerusalem District Maj.-Gen. Yoram Halevi said on Thursday morning that he expects many Muslim worshipers to attend prayers at the al-Aksa mosque on Friday, and that he expects attempts to harm police personnel and civilians.
“Do not test us tomorrow, and no one should be surprised if there are injuries on the other side,” he said in a stark message to the Palestinians. “I call on the leadership of the other side act to calm the atmosphere, and again not to test us tomorrow.”
More at the Times of Israel.

Dome of the Rock
The Temple Mount as seen from the Mount of Olives

2. Accusing Al Jazeera of inciting Temple Mount violence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to shut down the Qatari network’s Jerusalem office. Reuters picked up on the Prime Minister’s statement on Facebook (in Hebrew).

3. Digging in its heels, the US State Department defended a controversial terrorism report asserting that Israeli settlements and lack of hope drive Palestinian attacks.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Reuters: Saudi Arabia says King Salman’s contact with the US helped ease Temple Mount tensions. I wonder if reports like this irritate the Jordanian monarchy, which is the formal custodian of the Temple Mount.

• Jordan is reportedly refusing to allow Israeli Ambassador Einat Schlein and her staff return to Amman without official guarantees that an Israeli security guard who shot two people will be put on trial. Haaretz picked up on Jordanian media coverage which — as far as I’m aware — has not been officially confirmed by the government.

• President Donald Trump’s tweets against transgender people serving in the US military drew the Los Angeles Times‘ attention to the IDF, which allows them to serve.

“It makes us strong that we don’t waste time on questions like this,” said Stern, the former commander of the Israel Defense Forces Manpower Command. “It’s something to be proud of.”
Around the World
• After meeting with French Jewish leaders, French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet won’t intervene in the trial of Sarah Halimi’s killer.

Although witnesses reportedly heard the suspect, Kobili Traore shouting “Allah akbar” and reciting Koranic passages as the 64-year-old woman was tortured and thrown to her death from a third floor balcony, prosecutors refuse to label the murder as a hate crime.

Nicole Belloubet
French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet

• A UK anti-Semitism watchdog “recorded 767 anti-Semitic attacks in the first half of 2017 — the highest figure recorded within six months since monitoring began in 1984.” The JTA picked up on a study by Britain’s Community Security Trust.

• 26 Venezuelan Jews fleeing ongoing riots, violence and food shortages arrived in Israel.

Bild• Julian Reichelt, the editor of Bild — Germany’s largest newspaper — penned a withering criticism of German media’s coverage of the Temple Mount crisis. The Jerusalem Post picked up on Reichelt’s commentary (in the original German here).

“No other country, which suffers under permanent terror, is reported on in Germany in the cynical, ice-cold and heartless manner like Israel is,” wrote Julian Reichelt. His commentary was at one point the second most read article on the popular website.
• Over at Slate, Mark Joseph Stern takes apart the anti-Semitism of the Chicago Dyke March and the Chicago SlutWalk.

It has long been obvious that left-wing anti-Semitism is a problem and that an overwhelming abhorrence of Israel often blurs into a generalized anger toward Jews. Organizers of both the Dyke March and the SlutWalk have not discovered the praxis of intersectionality; they have merely dressed up their bigotry in updated argot. Their anti-Semitism is not academic or novel but almost depressingly familiar, and we do not need to overhaul the progressive worldview to address it. We need only remind ourselves that anyone who would hold Jews to a different, higher standard is anti-Semitic, full stop. Whether it happens at a far-left march or an alt-right convention, the creation of special rules for Jews is irrational and wrong. By creating a stringent litmus test for openly Jewish demonstrators, the Dyke March and SlutWalk did not protect the oppressed. They became the oppressors.

Aw friends- the Star of David reps all Jews- 2ban it is like banning the American flag bc u hate trump – misplaced https://t.co/k1ypOQnmwT
— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) July 26, 2017
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Ron Ben-Yishai: Erdogan, Haniyeh and Abbas are praying for an intifada
– Daniel Shapiro: Jordan walks a tightrope in Jerusalem
– Dov Lieber: At the Temple Mount, it’s not about metal detectors, it’s about sovereignty
– David Suissa: Arab hate for Jews is what’s holding them back
– New York Post (staff-ed) Turkish tyrant’s Temple Mount hypocrisy
– Clifford May: Qatar’s ‘press poodle’

Featured image: CC BY Jon S; Temple Mount CC BY-ND Derek Winterburn Belloubet via YouTube/Public Senat;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Thu 27 Jul 2017, 10:11 am

EU Court Labels Hamas as Terror Group
Israel Daily News Stream20 hours ago
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Today’s Top Stories
1. The European Court of Justice ruled that Hamas should remain on the European Union’s list of designated terror organizations, referring the case back to a lower court.
Details at the Times of Israel and The Independent, and the Court of Justice itself. The Jerusalem Post explains why the ruling matters:

The listing is important because it keeps various Hamas funds frozen, limits Hamas from openly doing business in the EU and limits the mobility of Hamas-affiliated persons.
Tweet of the day goes to Herb Keinon.

2. Israel dismantled the cameras and metal detectors but Fatah still calls to ‘intensify’ struggle over Temple Mount. Hamas, for its part, declared victory while also calling on followers to join in yet another “Day of Rage” this coming Friday.
I haven’t seen news reports elaborate much on why. But the reasons appear to be a combination of factors including:
The increased police presence (in the absence of metal detectors).
The Israeli sin of leaving behind some metal railings and scaffolding.
Putting Israel on notice that “smart technology” to be installed in six months is unacceptable.
Posturing Palestinian leaders don’t need an excuse to whip up the public.
Rumors and conspiracy theories on Palestinian social media (see below)

3. This is where we’re at:
Israel and the Palestinians
• Haaretz got the inside story on how Israel and Jordan managed to defuse the Amman embassy crisis, with help from Jared Kushner and White House envoy Jason Greenblatt.

• Security cameras caught dramatic footage of an Egyptian tank flattening a car packed with 100 kg of explosives and four terrorists on their way to an attack. Ynet explains:
Before the armed men could exit their vehicle, the tank drove over the vehicle—with the terrorists still inside—and incapacitated it, giving dozens of civilians time to flee the scene before the explosives detonated.

• For all you legal beagles, Prof. Eugene Volokh weighs in whether the the proposed Israel Anti-Boycott Act threatens free speech.

• With the Russians coming to the Golan, Seth Frantzman assesses how we got to this point and what it means for Israel.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .
– Jack Khoury: Why Abbas is riding wave of popular Palestinian protest in Jerusalem
– Daniel Pipes (click via Twitter): Why Israel removed the metal detectors
– Herb Keinon: 5 takeaways from the Temple Mount and Jordanian crises
– Annika Hernroth-Rothstein: The cost of avoiding war
– Dr. Mordechai Kedar: Temple Mount: Who is the real owner here?
– Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Israel’s enemies have people hooked on ‘humiliation’
– Mitchell Bard: The epic failure of the BDS cultural boycott
– Bernard Bohbot: A leftist’s open letter to Roger Waters
– Ariel Bolstein: Israel’s public diplomacy challenge

Featured image: CC BY-SA Rob Hurson
For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream and join the IDNS on Facebook.

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Mon 24 Jul 2017, 8:29 pm

Israel-Jordan Ties in Crisis After Embassy Attack
Israel Daily News Stream3 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. Israeli-Jordanian relations are in crisis after a Palestinian worker moving furniture stabbed a guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman with a screwdriver.

The Israeli security guard shot the 17-year-old assailant, while the building’s landlord was hit by a stray bullet. Both succumbed to their wounds. Jordan wants to question the guard and is refusing to let him leave the country. But Israel’s refusing. The Jerusalem Post explains the unfolding standoff:

The Jordanians have refused to let the guard be transferred back to Israel. The Foreign Ministry said that according to the Vienna Convention that covers diplomatic relations, the guard has immunity from investigation and arrest. He, and the rest of the delegation, are currently locked down in the compound, and Israel is not letting the Jordanians investigate the guard.
According to Ynet, “The Foreign Ministry believes the incident to be a terrorist attack related to the events surrounding the Temple Mount.” More on the unfolding developments at Haaretz and the Times of Israel.

This Times of London headline is inexplicable:
Times of London
2. Call it an “Al-AqsaFail.” A Palestinian stabbed an Arab-Israeli in Petach Tikva this afternoon. The terrorist reportedly told police he did it “for Al-Aqsa.” The victim, a bus driver from the Israeli Arab town of Arara was hospitalized in moderate-severe condition. More at the Times of Israel.

3. PA money budgeted for terror stipends has increased in 2017.

According to the PA budget, salaries to incarcerated and released terrorists will amount in 2017 to 552 million shekels ($153.4 million), a rise of 13 percent over the original budget of 2016 and 11 percent more than the actual expenditure in 2016 (revised budget). The money will be transferred to the Palestinian National Fund, the financial arm of the PLO, which was designated by Israel as a terror organization due to its involvement in paying terrorist salaries.
4. Watch HR’s Daniel Pomerantz discuss coverage of the Temple Mount and Neve Tzuf massacre with i24 News.

Israel and the Palestinians
• White House envoy Jason Greenblatt is returning to the Mideast to calm the Temple Mount tensions.

• Palestinians continued clashing with police by Lion’s Gate overnight.

• Australian ABC News readers will be forgiven for thinking that nasty Israelis triggered the Temple Mount crisis by installing metal detectors and security cameras. There’s no mention that they were installed after a deadly terror in which two police officers were killed by Israeli Arabs who had smuggled guns onto the Temple Mount. ABC News did report this at the time . . .

• After a Gaza rocket was fired at Israel, the IDF responded with tank fire on two Hamas positions. The Palestinian rocket landed in an open area causing no damage or harm. Ynet coverage.

• In an interview with the Associated Press, ex-Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan discussed his new relationship with Hamas, the electricity deal he brokered with Egypt, and whether he is cementing Palestinian divisions between Gaza and the West Bank.
Mohammed Dahlan

• The Washington Post takes a closer look at the murder of Sarah Halimi and why the French Jewish community is up in arms over a prosecutor’s decision not to label it as an act of terror or anti-Semitism.

The decision sent shock waves through the French Jewish community, Europe’s largest. For many, it evinces a political calculus that weighs certain attacks over others.
• ISIS destroyed Jonah’s Tomb, but not its message.

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Amos Harel: Israel and Jordan want to resolve the embassy crisis, but the Jordanian public complicates matters
– Avi Issacharoff: With embassy attack, Jordan’s ties with Israel go from rancid to toxic
– Mohammed Kaabiya: Death in Jerusalem is a price not worth paying for holy site
– Liel Leibovitz: Abbas pay-for-slay program claims three members of a family celebrating birth of a child
– Nahum Barnea: Halamish attack: The writing was all over the wall
– Haim Fogel: Joined by tragedy

– Dr. Reuven Berko: Staring contest on Temple Mount
– Daniel Kurtzer: The hard part on Mideast peace
– Alex Fishman: Israel looking for a way out of crisis without compromising pride
– Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror: Hamas’ irrational rationale
– Yoseif Bloch: How do you say ‘terror’?
– Simon Rocker: Are Jews an ethnic minority? The BBC doesn’t think so
Featured image: CC BY-SA Karsten Seiferlin; Dahlan via YouTube/mohammed dahlan;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Sun 23 Jul 2017, 10:13 pm

Israeli Terror Victims Laid to Rest
Israel Daily News Stream6 hours ago

Zaka personnel and police inside the home where three Israelis were murdered and one seriously injured by a Palestinian terrorist, in a stabbing attack, in the settlement of Halamish, West Bank. July 22, 2017. Photo by Hadas Parush/FLASH90
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Today’s Top Stories
1. Three Israelis were stabbed to death after a Palestinian terrorist entered their home and began attacking family members at a traditional Friday night Shabbat meal. The Palestinian entered the Neve Tzuf settlement (also known as Halamish) by simply climbing a fence.

The funerals of Yosef Salomon, 70, his daughter, Chaya, 46, and son Elad, 36, were getting underway at the Modiin Cemetery as this roundup was published. The family had gathered to celebrate the birth of a grandson.

Before carrying out the attack, Omar al-Abed, of the West Bank village of Kobar, posted a final statement on Facebook.

“All that I have is a sharpened knife, and it is answering the call of al-Aksa. Shame on you, you who preach hatred. God will take revenge on you and will make it count. All of us are the sons of Palestine and the sons of al-Aksa. You, sons of monkeys and pigs, if you do not open the gates of al-Aksa, I am sure that men will follow me and will hit you with an iron fist, I am warning you.”
Earlier this year, Abed spent two weeks in PA detention about “alleged plans to attack Israelis” before being released.

Elad’s widow, Michal, recounted the attack, describing to reporters how she quickly rushed the children upstairs and called the police.
Yosef Salomon, daughter Chaya and son Elad

2. PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced he was suspending all contacts with Israel until the metal detectors were removed. He later confirmed this included security coordination.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman shrugged off the announcement, “saying the security ties are mostly beneficial for the Palestinians anyway.” More Temple Mount developments below.

Meanwhile, Palestinians protesting new security measures at the Temple Mount clashed with Israeli security forces in eastern Jerusalem over the weekend. Israeli police released security footage showing how the the guns used in the terror attack which killed two police officers were smuggled onto the Temple Mount earlier in the morning.

3. According to Israeli media reports confirmed by Ramallah, Israel and Jordan will create a Temple Mount security committee that excludes the Palestinian Authority.

4. Temple Mount Tensions: Unholy Headline Fails: Headlines equate Israeli terror victims with rioting Palestinians.

5. Video: Temple Mount: What’s the point in praying if you can’t bring your gun? After the latest violence, HonestReporting breaks down the facts and the media failures.

Israel and the Palestinians
• The UN Security Council is expected to meet on Monday to discuss the Jerusalem violence.

• Israeli officials accused the Islamic Wakf and the PA of inciting Palestinians to murder while also calling UNESCO a “full partner” in stoking the latest tensions.

• According to Haaretz, Israeli police are restricting journalists access to the area around the entrance of Lions Gate, where there is an adjacent entrance to the Temple Mount. This was where HonestReporting’s Simon Plosker recently observed Palestinians and reporters (From the Scene: Temple Mount Troubles).

The police asserted that permitting journalists into the area caused a tumult and a lack of security. The journalists were ordered to move to Mota Gur Way, a few hundred meters from the Old City Walls, and about 500 meters from the Temple Mount entrance. Civilians who are not journalists have full access to this area.
Jerusalem Old City

• The Times of Israel takes the pulse of eastern Jerusalem.

“Just remove the metal detectors. They are nonsense,” he urged. “We are going up the tree together and we don’t know who will come down.”
• Muslims around the world demonstrated against Israel. In Istanbul, the JTA reports protesters gathered outside the city’s Neve Shalom synagogue, tried to kick the doors down and throw things inside.

This will rattle a lot of Turkish Jews. In 1986, Palestinians believed to be affiliated with the Abu Nidal terror group killed 22 worshipers in a terror attack. In 2003, four simultaneous truck bombs killed 57 people, including seven at Neve Shalom. Turkish police believe they were carried out by Al-Qaida.

#Istanbul Neve Shalom Synagogue has been attacked in reaction to Israeli applications at al-Aqsa Mosque entrance. pic.twitter.com/Dz8QwC3jje
— dokuz8 NEWS (@dokuz8_EN) July 21, 2017
• Worth reading: Amid Temple Mount tumult, the who, what and why of its Waqf rulers.

• 25 West Bank Hamasniks arrested in Israeli raids overnight.

• One report in The Independent surprisingly opt to drop all context whatsoever. You wouldn’t know from the Indy that Israel installed metal detectors at the Temple Mount because of a terror attack which killed two police officers. Nor is there any understanding offered of why Palestinians oppose the new security measures.

• Jerusalem Post: Israel to deny to radical hard-core BDS activists who are expected to arrive in the near future.

• The Wall St. Journal (click via Twitter) profiled Maj. Gen. Yoram Halevy, commander of the Israeli Police’s Jerusalem district — before the Israeli Arab terror attack that sparked the latest violence.

• At the risk of ruining the mood Sarah Helm and The Observer try to create, I have to point out that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is because of Hamas arms smuggling by sea (see examples one, two and three, to name a few). Adding further insult is a reference to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. Find out why I call that “lousy synecdoche.”

In a disturbing new twist, the offensive bringing misery to the two million people who live here, most of them refugees, has been triggered by the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, in collaboration with Israel.
A blockade, military and economic, imposed by land, air and sea, was first imposed by Israel 11 years ago to isolate and weaken Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement that took power in Gaza, but not in the West Bank, after winning elections . . .
Across the wasteland is a huge cement wall, a newly constructed section of Israel’s barrier, which Tel Aviv says is necessary to prevent rocket attacks on towns inside Israel.
Israeli Navy
An Israeli Navy ship off the coast of Gaza in 2014

Around the World
• After last month’s Dyke March scandal, SlutWalk Chicago is banning ‘Zionist displays’ from its upcoming August rally. Background and links at The Algemeiner. Once again, “intersectionality” doesn’t include Jews.

all participants will be well protected, so ppl making Zionist or any other similarly nationalist, imperialist displays will be ejected ?
— SlutWalk Chicago (@slutwalkchi) July 17, 2017
• Two Scottish Palestine activists convicted over Israeli store protest.

• Vandals toppled 60 headstones in three Hartford Jewish cemeteries.

• Public editors are disappearing, thanks to shrinking newsroom budgets and — believe it or not — public distrust. The Columbia Journalism Review talked to ombudsmen to find out why and what it means.

• Memo to Daniel Nerenberg: It’s bad enough that you play up fringe Jewish groups that want to rebuild the Jewish Temple, as if they’re mainstream. But how can you not consider that smuggling guns onto the Temple Mount and then attacking from the holy site Israeli policemen changed the status quo?

Dome of the Rock

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .
– Emily Amrousi: A home, not a battlefield
– Ron Ben-Yishai: Explosive chain of events could lead to new wave of terrorism
– Bassam Tawil: Metal detectors and Palestinian lies
– Raphael Ahren: As Temple Mount tensions persist, where’s Donald Trump?
– Prof. Eyal Zisser: Abbas is out of the game
– Liel Leibovitz: The Palestinian mountain of hate
– Avi Issacharoff: Israeli leaders can still contain Temple Mount crisis, but require political courage
– Seth Frantzman: Mass protests over Temple Mount carve out unique civil disobedience
– Zvi Bar’el: Arab states conspicuously silent on Temple Mount crisis

Featured image: Hadas Parush/FLASH90; map via CC BY SA Wikimedia Commons; Navy CC BY-SA Israel Defense Forces; Dome of the Rock CC BY Tee Cee;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Fri 21 Jul 2017, 8:30 am

IDF Gears Up for Friday Clashes Over Temple Mount
Israel Daily News Stream18 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Expecting clashes to spread to the West Bank on Friday, the IDF’s gearing up. Meanwhile, police are considering closing off the holy site tomorrow. Jerusalem mosques will be closed as worshipers head to the Temple Mount. Israeli Arabs from across the country are also expected to arrive for tomorrow’s prayers.

Yesterday, HonestReporting visited the Lions Gate for a first-hand look at the standoff over the holy site. See From the Scene: Temple Mount Troubles.

Lions Gate
Muslim worshippers perform their noon prayers the Lion’s Gate, outside the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem’s Old City. Metal detectors were placed at gates to the Temple Mount, and the Muslim worshippers refused to pass through them. The Temple Mount was reopened following last weeks terror attack when two Israeli Arabs opened fire and killed two Israeli police men. July 19, 2017. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

2. Israeli judges allowed a group of Palestinian citizens to take legal action in Israeli courts against the PA for torture. The plaintiffs had been tortured by the PA between 1990-2003 amid accusations of collaborating with Israel. The Jerusalem Post explains:

It is one of the most bizarre in years, as it involves Palestinian Authority citizens coming before the courts of the Israeli “occupation” to get justice for their mistreatment by their own PA law enforcement . . .
The case is likely to cause significant diplomatic and legal complications between Israel and the PA, especially about whether and how the authority would be paying damages.
See also Times of Israel coverage.

3. The IDF disclosed Operation Good Neighbor, an endeavor in which Israel has provided more humanitarian aid to Syrians than previously thought. We’re even talking about field hospitals inside Syria since the launch of the aid project in June 2016. More at the Times of Israel, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post and the Israel Defense Forces. Here’s a by the numbers look:

200,000: Syrians living in villages close to the Israeli border
2: Field hospitals built by Israel in southern Syria
1: New clinic for Syrians built on the Israeli side of the border
80,000: Number of Syrians the clinics are meant to support
3,000: Syrians treated in Israel since 2013
1,000: Syrian children brought to Israel for medical exams
360: tons of food sent
40: tons of flour sent
456,000: liters of gas sent
100: tons of clothes sent
12,000: cases of baby formula sent
600: meters of pipes sent, serving 5,000 people who would otherwise be without water
An IDF soldier comforting a Syrian child (courtesy IDF)

Israel and the Palestinians
• According to the Times of Israel, US officials suggested this compromise on Temple Mount security for Israel and Arab officials to consider:

According to both Palestinian and Israeli sources, the standing metal detector gates will be cleared from the holy site as demanded by Jordanian and Palestinian clerics. Instead, police will use hand-held metal detector wands (similar to those employed by security guards at Israeli malls), but only on those deemed to be suspicious.
The selective examinations would be similar to the profiling conducted by security at Ben Gurion Airport, sources said.
• To put the Temple Mount controversy into perspective, the Jerusalem Post examines how security is handled at other holy sites around the world, including Mecca, the Vatican, India and Japan.

• Vice News looks at the issue of Gazans collaborating with Israel, talking to an accused collaborator, their families, Hamas and a retired Israeli officer who ran collaborators for the IDF.

• A Palestinian was shot and killed while trying to stab Israeli soldiers near the West Bank settlement of Tekoa this afternoon. Jerusalem Post coverage.

• Tunisia bans Wonder Woman over Israeli star.

• The Jerusalem Post takes a closer look at the complexities of Bulgaria’s Hezbollah terror trial. In 2012, a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in the Black Sea resort town of Burgas, killing five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver while injuring 32 Israelis. Thanks to the sheer number of witnesses and victims, numerous changes in the Bulgarian government and the emotional state of the families, the wheels of justice grind slowly.

According to reports in the Bulgarian press, the court may convene soon to hear Israeli witness testimonies at its Tel Aviv embassy as part of an effort to expedite the proceedings.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Liel Leibovitz: How to start a holy war
– Avi Issacharoff: On Temple Mount, will reason trump politics?
– Dr. Reuven Berko: Flouting the status quo
– Melanie Phillips: The day of deranged inversion
– Yoaz Hendel: It’s time to seize opportunities at the Temple Mount
– Shmuel Rosner: Why Israel can’t support a cease-fire in Syria

Featured image: CC BY Robert Couse-Baker;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Wed 19 Jul 2017, 4:47 pm

Islamic Wakf Threatens Temple Mount Escalation
Israel Daily News Stream3 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. The Temple Mount standoff continued today with clashes near the entrances to Jerusalem’s Old City. The Islamic Wakf, which administers the Temple Mount, announced that all mosques in Jerusalem will be closed on Friday and that worshipers will converge on the Temple Mount.

Meanwhile, the PA appealed to the international community to force Israel to remove metal detectors placed at the holy site following last week’s terror attack.

HR’s Simon Plosker went to the Lions Gate to see what was going on today, sharing his impressions on Facebook.

2. In a closed door meeting with several European leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made some blunt statements, not realizing that a microphone he was wearing was still live, allowing journalists in the next room to hear everything through their ear pieces, Haaretz reported.

Among the more noteworthy hot mic revelations was an admission that Israel has conducted air strikes on Hezbollah arms convoys in Syria “dozens of times,” that Israel has ties with Arab countries interested in Israeli technology, and the PM’s sharp criticism of European Union conditions for advancing bilateral ties.

3. To the ire of Israel, Irish President Michael Higgins recently met BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti, the Times of Israel reports.

This comes several days after Netanyahu chided Ireland’s Foreign Minister earlier this month over Dublin’s support for non-governmental organizations that call for Israel’s destruction.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Reuters visited Gaza to get a first-hand look at how Gaza health care is suffering as a result of feuding between Hamas and the PA. Without downplaying the suffering, I was particularly struck that the wire service visited a hospital named after Abdel Aziz Rantisi, one of the co-founders of Hamas and pediatrician by trade.

I once wrote about Blaming Israel for HamasCare, pointing out:

The Rantisi name represents everything warped about Palestinian health care. It doesn’t take a surgeon general’s warning to know that suicide bombings are bad for your health, but Dr. Rantisi dispatched them by the dozens. And The Guardian’s own Rantisi obituary noted that he condoned killing Israeli children.
• Bungled photo caption of the day, courtesy the Times of London. There are no more restrictions on Palestinians visiting the Temple Mount than the airport metal detector that “restricts” you from boarding your plane. You can compare it with the original AFP/Getty caption.

Times of London caption

Around the World
• Newsday: New York officials want to cancel a pair of upcoming Roger Waters concerts due to take place in the Nassau Coliseum, saying the show violates anti-BDS legislation passed by Nassau County lawmakers earlier this year.

• Australian Jewish activists blasted the University of Sydney, whose Dept. of Peace and Conflict Studies is holding a controversial BDS conference at the end of July. Details at The Australian:

Dvir Abramovich, the chairman of Jewish group the Anti-Defamation Commission, said it was shameful that the good name of the university had been hijacked and lent to a “blatantly anti-Israel hate-fest”, affording the conference legitimacy and credibility that is “unwarranted”.
• Great moments in fools and their money soon parted:

• Police are investigating two incidents at an Edmonton Jewish school. According to the Edmonton Journal, a recycling bin outside Edmonton’s Talmud Torah School was lit on fire on Saturday nigt, which investigators suspect was deliberately set.

The next day, a security guard found the remains of a burnt garbage bag next to a door, along with scorch marks on the building’s facade. Police are examining footage from the school’s security cameras.

• UK media transparency took on a new meaning today when the BBC released the names of its highest paid employees, revealing a gender pay gap. And how is the BBC covering the UK’s story of the day, being that it is the story?

• Worth reading: Sara Weissman, editor of New Voices, a web by and for campus Jews, got a JTA soapbox to tell warn the Jewish community, “Forget BDS. It’s anti-normalization you should be worrying about.”

The things-not-to-normalize list includes no-brainers like racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia. It also often includes Zionism.
That means pro-Palestinian activism on campus looks different these days – because all activism looks different. Instead of boycotts, a more frequent form of campus organizing is protesting at and disrupting Israel-related events . . .
But anti-normalization does mean Jewish students, particularly Zionists, are tackling a whole new host of questions on campus: Do left-leaning Zionists have a place on the campus left? And if only non-Zionist Jewish students find acceptance on the left, is the campus left tokenizing Jewish students, deciding who’s a “good Jew” or a “bad Jew” from outside our community?
What does it mean to Jewish students that Zionist speakers are considered indefensible alongside alt-right speakers? Are Zionist students and pro-Palestinian activists defining Zionism the same way? . . .
It’s time we see the anti-normalization forest through the BDS trees. Because until we do, we’re missing out on the juicy stuff – the larger debates happening on campus and the real questions Jewish students are asking themselves.

• Plenty of broken reeds and burnt pixels trying to make sense of the Temple Mount situation.

– Eli Lake: Terror at the Temple Mount puts the lie to Palestinian rage
– David Horovitz: On Temple Mount, Israel long since made its fundamental compromise
– Pinhas Inbari: The Palestinians’ Temple Mount dilemma: Oppose Israel or each other?
– Dr. Col. (res.) Moshe Elad: What does Jordan bring?
– Jonathan Tobin: Abbas can’t evade responsibility for Temple Mount unrest

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Nasreen Qadri: Why Radiohead should perform in Israel, writes an Arab playing with the band
– Josh Lipowsky: Designate Hezbollah as a whole as a terrorist entity
– Eldad Beck: French anti-Semitism, then and now


Featured image: CC BY Garry Knight;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Tue 18 Jul 2017, 2:26 pm

Do Roger Waters Concerts Violate NY Anti-BDS Law?
Israel Daily News Stream2 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Do an upcoming pair of Roger Waters concerts violate New York legislation against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement? That’s the question posed by a local lawmaker on Facebook and picked up on by the JTA.

Given the stink Waters raised over Radiohead’s upcoming Tel Aviv show (and Radiohead’s reaction), Waters’ response to the Nassau issue is rich:

The lawmaker, Howard Kopel, asked the county attorney last week to determine whether the Nassau Coliseum lease requires compliance with the county law adopted in May 2016 that prevents the county from doing business with any company that participates in the economic boycott of Israel . . .
In a Facebook Live chat Saturday with the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Waters said he would play his shows in Nassau, saying an artist’s rights should not be attacked over his stand on an issue.
Roger Waters

2. Gretchen Hammond, the reporter who broke the story of Jewish rainbow flags being banned from a Chicago LGBTQ parade, confirmed on Twitter that she was fired from the Windy City Times for her coverage. The JTA explains:

In a tweet Monday, Gretchen Rachel Hammond wrote to Dyke March’s Twitter account that “You attacked, humiliated and robbed me of a job.” Hammond confirmed to JTA on the same day that she wrote the tweet.
Hammond said she could not elaborate on her tweet, citing an agreement with her employer, the Windy City Times.

3. Saudi King Salman reportedly interceded in the deadlock over the Temple Mount by sending a message to Israel via Washington.

According to a Saudi media report cited by Haaretz, the king demanded that the holy site be re-opened to Muslims, to which Netanyahu “vowed that the status quo at the site won’t be harmed, and even invited senior Saudi officials to Al-Aqsa Mosque to examine it for themselves.”

Israel and the Palestinians
• Palestinians rioted overnight in eastern Jerusalem against new Temple Mount security measures, throwing stones and firebombs at security forces. The Times of Israel reports that most of the violence took place in the Silwan and Issawiya neighborhoods, and that at least 50 Palestinians and one officer were reported injured.

Oh yeah, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party also called for a “Day of Rage” on Wednesday.

• Tweet of the day goes to Michele Chabin:

• The first medic to respond to Friday’s Temple Mount terror attack was Muslim. Here’s his story.

• IDF soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian trying to run them over with his car at the entrance of a West Bank village near Hebron this afternoon. Two soldiers were injured.

• PA: The only precondition for peace talks is that Israel announce a commitment to two states.

• Palestinians return Israeli drone after crash in West Bank.

• Ynet takes a closer look at the Islamic State in the Sinai threat to Israel.

• National Public Radio takes a closer look at the Hamas-Fatah power struggle over Gaza.

Mike Pence
Vice President Mike Pence

• The Washington Post takes a closer look at Christian Zionism and Vice President Mike Pence, who reiterated a Trump pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem while giving the keynote address at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) summit in Washington. More on that at CNN.
Meanwhile, the JTA reports that CUFI will lobby the US Congress to cut all US funds to the PA over stipends paid to terrorists and their families.

• Israel’s Supreme Court was due to decide today the fate of Dkeika, an unrecognized Bedouin village in the West Bank’s Hebron Hills. The state wants to transfer the 300 people living there to a recognized Bedouin village two kilometers north and demolish the illegally built structures and tents. More at the Jerusalem Post.

Around the World
• Montreal police issued an arrest warrant for Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr who called for Jews to be killed during a sermon last year. B’nai Brith Canada posted a video of the imam’s key snippets.

• I hope this is a teachable moment in media transparency. The Daily Telegraph reports that BBC newsreaders (US audiences would call them “anchors”) may have to stand down from work on Wednesday, when the taxpayer-funded BBC discloses its top salaries. The Telegraph earlier reported that the disclosures will reveal “a stark gender pay gap.”

News and current affairs presenters are bound by editorial guidelines to remain objective in their coverage, and cannot advance a position on “political or industry controversy or any other controversial subject”.
But with the report expected to reveal that the likes of John Humphrys, Fiona Bruce, Kirsty Wark and Laura Kuenssberg are among the 100 or more well-known names earning over £150,000, it is feared that they will be unable to report the subject or conduct interviews with impartiality.
• Dr. Rami Arav responds after the world’s oldest archaeological journal cancelled a conference in order to boycott Israel.

For Davies, Israel has a regime that violates “Cultural Property.” Moreover, for the sake of discriminating Israelis, Davies divided excavations into two kinds: “Jewish excavations” and all others. While his “Jewish excavations” should be banned from PEQ for being “illegal,” all the others are Kosher.
When I queried with him his use of the objectionable term “Jewish excavations” in his editorial, Davies stated in a written reply: “In my defense, I understand that the excavations in question are conducted by Jews and funded by Jews and have a Jewish purpose, so that you might perhaps be gracious enough to allow that I was factually correct.”
• Plenty of commentary on the Temple Mount situation.

– Seth Frantzman: The campaign to exploit Jerusalem terror and fan new violence
– Dr. Gabi Avital: Terrorism shapes reality
– Nahum Barnea: Temple Mount metal detectors won’t help
– Dror Eydar: The real battle for the Temple Mount

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Herb Keinon: Why do the Hungarians and Netanyahu want with each other?
– Cnaan Liphshiz: 6 reasons why Macron’s Holocaust speech was groundbreaking
– Prof. Eyal Zisser: Abbas wants Hamas on its knees
– Fred Maroun: Arabs who do not love Israel are fools
– James Sorene: Ken Loach’s bullying rhetoric only incites more violence
– David Cohen: An open letter to open letter writers
– Eugene Kontorovichh: Canada corrects its ‘Made in Israel’ policy. It’ time for the US to do the same.
– Dow Marmur: Not enough being doing to halt persecution of Mideast Christians

Featured image: CC BY Shironeko Euro; Waters via YouTube/Roger Waters; Pence via YouTube/ABC News; Caesarea CC BY StateofIsrael;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 5:18 pm

Temple Mount Standoff Continues, Jews Visit Holy Site
Israel Daily News Stream4 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. While Arabs continued to boycott the Temple Mount over the installation of metal detectors, non-Muslim visitors were allowed back to the holy site for the first time since Friday’s attack. Times of Israel coverage.

2. Over in Paris, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel opposes the US-Russia-brokered ceasefire agreement in southern Syria “because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country,” Haaretz reported. And ex-National Security Council chief Yaakov Amidror told the Jerusalem Post that Israel may need to take military action to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent presence there. Yesterday, Ynet reported the latest on Iranian plans to lease sea, land and air bases.

Most notably, French President Emmanuel Macron denounced anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism. He also shared Israeli concerns about Hezbollah, and chided Netanyahu over settlements.

Netanyahu is due to arrive in Budapest today, where you can still see swastika-daubed posters of George Soros. They’re still up because of “technical issues.”

3. According to Arab reports picked up by i24 News, Hamas is seeking to disperse its leadership in several countries such as Turkey, Algeria, Lebanon and Malaysia.

Until recently, many Hamas leaders were based in Qatar, but they were expelled amid Qatar’s crisis with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

4. Haaretz Editor: I’m Anti-Zionist and Yes, Israel=Apartheid: Following editor’s Twitter rant, it’s time for Haaretz to acknowledge it is wholly unrepresentative of Israeli society.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Jerusalem Post: Umm el-Fahm residents linked Friday’s fatal Temple Mount terror attack on the belief by many of the town’s residents that “the Al-Aqsa mosque is in danger.”

• The Times of London picked up on a nascent Israeli plan to establish rail links with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. With Turkish trucks unable to transport goods across Syria anymore, a railway connecting Haifa’s port with Jenin, Amman, Riyadh, a Saudi port city on the Persian Gulf, and other destinations would open trade possibilities.

• Worth reading: The Los Angeles Times takes a closer look at Palestinian laborers working illegally in Israel.

• If you feel uninformed about what’s going on in the world around, instead of blaming mass media, a little introspection may be called for in light of this UK survey. Where do you get your news?

Press Gazette

• Plenty of commentary about the Temple Mount terror and its fallout.

– Mayor Rafik Halabi: It’s time to save our state
– Mohamed Kaabiya: Terrorism is not our way
– Shmuel Rosner: Bullshit detectors at the Temple Mount
– Ben-Dror Yemini: Incitement leads to action
– Avi Issacharoff: Dangerous Muslim theatrics at the Mideast’s most incendiary spot
– Moshe Arens: Allah’s warriors from Umm al-Fahm
– Nadav Shragai: The Waqf’s double-talk

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Khaled Abu Toameh: Abbas: Shut up or I will arrest you
– Herb Keinon: What Paris peace conference?
– Burak Bekdil: Erdogan’s obsession to take Jerusalem

Featured image: CC BY-NC-SA ERIO;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 4:52 pm

Temple Mount Terror Attack: The Aftermath
Israel Daily News Stream2 hours ago

Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan speaks at the funeral of Israeli Druze police officer Kamil Shnaan in the northern village of Hurfeish, July 14, 2017. Haiel Sitawe and Kamil Shnaan where killed early on Friday in a shooting attack near the Temple Mount complex in the Old City of Jerusalem. Photo by Basel Awidat/Flash90
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Today’s Top Stories
1. Israel and the Islamic Waqf are in a standoff over security measures at the Temple Mount following Friday’s terror attack in which two Israeli policemen were killed.

In the attack, three gunmen — later identified as Israeli-Arabs — emerged from a Temple Mount gate, shooting and killing two policemen in an alley just outside the hilltop complex. They then ran back to the Temple Mount where they were killed by Israeli security forces during a shootout. A third policeman was lightly injured.
No terror group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which was caught on security video.
Alarmed that guns had been smuggled onto the Temple Mount, Israel shut down the esplanade while it searched for more weapons and installed metal detectors and additional security cameras. Haaretz writes:
“Dozens of knives, slingshots, batons, spikes, inciting material, unexploded ordnance, binoculars and dummy plastic weapons” were found at the site, said Halevy. No firearms or ammunition were found, he added.
The Islamic Waqf, which administers the Temple Mount, protested the placement of the metal detectors, accusing Israel of changing the status quo of the holy site, and called on worshipers not to visit the site in protest. The Waqf further said its personnel would not return to the Temple Mount for now. More on that at the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel.

I’m re-upping some previous content I wrote that’s just as relevant now: Stories I’d Like to See: Background on the Temple Mount Troubles.
See below for more details of the attack and its aftermath.
2. Sleep better. Ynet reports Iran is now leasing air, sea and land bases in Syria.

Iran has leased a military airfield from the Syrian government in the center of the country in order to station fighter aircraft. Iran is also negotiating with the Syrians to establish a land base for Shiite militiamen and a port in the city of Tartus.
The land base would be an Iranian autonomous base capable of supporting 5,000 Iranian militiamen believed to be mercenaries from Afghanistan and Pakistan under the command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
3. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency backtracked after saying wine from the West Bank isn’t from Israel and banned wine from settlements labeled as such.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Israel laid to rest the two police officers killed in Friday’s terror attack. Hail Stawi, 30, and Kamil Shanan 22, were both Druze from northern villages. Stawi is survived by his wife and three-week-old son. Shanan was due to celebrate an engagement party this week. More at background at the Jerusalem Post.

• The three terrorists were identified as Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Jabarin, 29; Muhammad Hamad Abdel Latif Jabarin, 19 and Muhammad Ahmed Mafdal Jabarin, 19, all from Umm-al Fahm, located on the Israeli side of the Green Line between Haifa and Jenin. The Times of Israel reported little overt support for the attack in Umm-al Fahm, describing the town as “tense” and “on edge.”

• According to Israeli media reports, police are investigating the possibility that the terrorists had assistance from the Waqf. Meanwhile, Ynet reports that Waqf officials have refused to acknowledge that the attack was terrorism, much less condemn it.
• A number of local newspapers republished an “obituary” from Legacy.com erasing Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. If what readers of papers such as the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Newark Star-Ledger and Virginian Pilot — among others:
Two Israeli policemen were killed Friday, July 14, 2017, in what authorities described as a terror attack at one of Israel’s holiest places for both Christians and Muslims.
Temple Mount
• It always rubs me the wrong way when news services call the Western Wall the holiest site in Judaism. Strictly speaking, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest spot. This time, it’s the Wall St. Journal (click via Twitter) that sticks in my craw.

Temple Mount, in Jerusalem’s Old City, was the location of an ancient Jewish temple. It is bordered on one side by the Western Wall, considered the holiest site in Judaism.
• Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in France to meet with President Emmanuel Macron and commemorate the 75th anniversary of the roundup of 13,000 French Jews who were then deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Take your pick of Times of Israel or Jerusalem Post coverage.

• A suspected terrorist was killed when he opened fire on soldiers on Saturday night. Aamer Ahmed Halil was suspected of being involved in two shooting attacks earlier in the evening — one at an IDF guard post near Ramallah, the other at a car. Another man with Halil was taken into custody. Ynet coverage.
• Australia’s ABC News (transcript or podcast) visited the maternity ward at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, a place of coexistence where Israeli and Arab women come to give birth.
Around the World
• A new study suggests British police and prosecutors are inadequately protecting the Jewish community from anti-Semitism. In a nutshell, “the number of anti-Semitic crimes recorded by police increased by 14.9 percent in 2016.” However, here’s where the shoe drops, according to the Daily Telegraph:

But at the same time the number of charges fell “drastically” – with alleged perpetrators charged in fewer than a tenth of cases, campaigners say.
They also claim a “paltry” 15 cases were prosecuted last year.
The Evening Standard also picked up on the story.

• Montreal police apologized to a local Jewish man who –after calling to complain about anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on his car — was told to wash it off. The police have now opened a file on the incident. More on the story at the CBC and Montreal Gazette.
• Berlin mayor under fire over imam’s call to kill Jews and stone women.
• Award-winning British film maker and prominent BDS personality is under fire: Turns out Ken Loach has allowed his movies to be distributed in Israel for years. The Guardian reports:
Claims that the distribution rights for Israel were sold “accidentally” were however dismissed as “absurd” by Loach’s long-term Israeli distributor Guy Shani, the head of Shani Films and also the owner of Israel’s Lev cinema chain.
Shani told the Guardian he had known Loach and his producer for years, paying them money “every year”, and had never heard any objections.
Ken Loach

• As part of a settlement, the student association of an Ontario university posted an apology on its web site for blocking a pro-Israel group from an event last year. The Globe & Mail adds that the student association of Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) also paid $50,000 in compensation to Hasbara Fellowships Canada.
• A Japan TV talk show apologized after a guest appeared wearing a tee-shirt featuring Adolf Hitler, sparking no shortage of complaints.
• Plenty of commentary on the Temple Mount attack:

– Avi Issacharoff: Temple Mount killers aimed to set the Middle East ablaze
– Barak Ravid: After Temple Mount attack, Netanyahu and Abbas work together for once
– David Brinn: Temple Mount attack poses important test for Arab moderates
– Ron Ben-Yishai: The dangers of the Temple Mount
– Amos Harel: Following deadly shooting, Netanyahu walks tightrope over Temple Mount
– Judah Ari Gross: Temple Mount attack strays from the norm
– Nadav Shragai: The ‘Al-Aqsa is in danger’ lie has turned on its creators

• Tweet of the weekend from Avi Mayer:

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Yair Rosenberg: Chicago Dyke March drops pretense, deploys anti-Semitic term popularized by neo-Nazis
– Adi Schwartz: Dismantle UNRWA
– Ami Ayalon: How can Palestinians be prevented from using US money for terror?
– Edwin Black: Taxpayer support for Palestinian terrorist salaries becoming impossible to defend
– Sue-Ann Levy: Feds lift ban on Israeli wines
– Neri Zilber: Israel’s secret Arab allies
– Carmi Gillon: The Iran nuclear deal has been a blessing for Israel
– Marc Goldberg: Losing Palestine
– David Makovsky: Why Trump’s Syrian ceasefire makes Israel nervous
– Gol Kalev: Wonder Woman’s battle against incitement
– Seth Siegel: A good story about Israelis and Palestinians
– Greg Sheridan: Nod to Palestine an ignorant and regressive idea

Featured image: Basel Awidat/Flash90; Temple Mount CC BY Aleksander Miler; police CC BY-NC luscofusco; Loach CC BY-NC-ND Cornerhouse;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Fri 14 Jul 2017, 1:47 pm

Israel, PA Sign Historic Water Deal
Today’s Top Stories
1. White House envoy Jason Greenblatt facilitated a historic Israeli-Palestinian water deal. The agreement on a Red Sea-Dead Sea canal includes sale of 33 million cubic meters of desalinated water to the PA. Details at the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel:

Besides providing a yearly total of 100 million cubic meters of drinking water to Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis, the Red-Dead project will produce “green energy” and replenish the Dead Sea, which is currently shrinking at a drastic pace, Hanegbi said.
Earlier this week, Israel and the PA signed a landmark electricity deal hoping to pave the way for Palestinian energy independence.

2. Canada bans ‘Product of Israel’ labels for wines from the West Bank, Golan, eastern Jerusalem and even Gaza.

In a statement, Bnai Brith Canada said it had information “that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will soon rescind its recent decision.”

Golan wine
3. French Jews are protesting a play about Mohammed Merah, who was responsible for the 2012 Toulouse massacre.

“I Love Death as You Love Life,” which premiered last week at the Festival of Avignon in southern France, details the last three hours in the life of Mohammed Merah, the Islamist who in 2012 murdered a rabbi and two of his sons along with a girl at the school. He also shot dead three French soldiers.
4. HR Success: WashPost Corrects the Record on Israel’s Capital: Once again, big media needed reminding that Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel.
Israel and the Palestinians
• Out of fuel, Hamas shut down Gaza’s only electricity plant last night. This leaves the Strip with two to four hours of electricity. The Palestinian Authority recently notified Israel it would no longer pay for fuel shipments to the Gaza as Mahmoud Abbas turns the screws on Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post takes a closer look at the escalating Hamas-Fatah fight over Gaza.

• I agree that Al Jazeera has a problem with anti-Semitism and support for terror. But the United Arab Emirates has never been at the forefront of fighting anti-Semitism, so pardon my smirk . . .

UAE to UN: Al Jazeera anti-Semitic, promotes terrorism

• Cabinet minister to Bloomberg News: Israel seeks unprecedented direct flights to Saudi Arabia for pilgrims traveling to Mecca.

Instead of enduring the 1,000-mile bus route across the Jordan River and through the Saudi desert to reach Islam’s most sacred shrine, Israel hopes its Muslim citizens will be able to fly directly into the kingdom from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, Communications Minister Ayoob Kara said . . .
“Reality has changed,” Kara said in an interview this week at his office in Jerusalem. “This is a good time to make the request, and I’m working hard on it.”
• Israel’s security cabinet didn’t reach any decision on transferring land to the Palestinian city of Qalqilya yesterday. More at the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet.

• Palestinians told AFP that a cut in PA stipends to prisoners and the families of terrorists could trigger a Palestinian crisis. What does that say about Israel’s peace partners?

• Hmmmmmm. Foreign Policy reports that the Syrian ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia specifically bars Iran forces and their proxies near the Israeli or Jordanian borders. But analysts questioned whether the Russians can really enforce this over the long-term.

• Palestinian workers in Israel, by the numbers, based on The Media Line.

“More than 30,000”: Israeli work permits given to Palestinians in 2017.
100,000: Palestinians working in Israel or settlements.
400,000: Unemployed West Bank Palestinians.
1,000: Palestinians now employed in construction in Efrat alone.
200-500 NIS: Typical daily earnings of one Palestinian worker in Israel.
70 NIS: Typical daily earnings of one Palestinian worker in the PA, anecdotally.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Charles Bybelezer: The Taylor Force Act: A pathway or roadblock to peace?
– Liel Liebovitz: In praise of Thom Yorke’s Israel policy
– Vernon Bogdanor: The failure to confront anti-Semitism within Labour amounts to institutional racism
– Nathaniel Belmont and Lenny Ben-David: Creation of Western Wall plaza in 1967 was necessary and legal
– Nadav Shragai: A red line for Jordan
– Amos Harel: Israel’s cyber authority braces for foreign involvement in elections

• For a sense of what the critics are saying, see Daoud Kuttab on Hebron.

Featured image: CC BY daliscar1; wine via Vimeo/Kfir Harbi; Mecca CC BY-NC-ND With Luv;

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream and join the IDNS on Facebook.

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Mon 10 Jul 2017, 8:41 pm

Israel, PA Sign Major Energy Deal
Israel Daily News Stream8 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. The Israeli Electric Corp. transferred power to the PA in a landmark energy deal intended to move the Palestinians towards energy independence.

This type of agreement is the first of its kind, marking the inauguration of a new power plant in Jenin, which will be first of four stations constructed across the West Bank. The agreement also delineates the payments the PA will make to Israel in order to buy the fuel needed to run the plant.

2. Hamas claims PA President Mahmoud Abbas cut the salaries of 37 of its West Bank lawmakers. It’s all about politics and pressuring Hamas, but if Abbas really wants save money, he may as well cut the salaries of all 132 lawmakers of the Palestinian Legislative Council. It hasn’t convened in 10 years. Jerusalem Post coverage.

3. European Parliament President Antonio Tajani rebuked the chairman of the parliament’s delegation for relations with Palestine (DPAL) for giving a platform to the families of Palestinian terrorists, reports the European Jewish Press.

Earlier this month, MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis, who heads the ad hoc delegation, invited the wife of Marwan Barghouti and daughter of Ahmad Sa’adat to Strasbourg “under the pretext of discussing ‘the situation of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails after the hunger strike.'” Their appearance drew sharp protest from across the parliament’s political spectrum.

Barghouti, who headed the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, was convicted of five counts of murder in 2004. Sa’adat was convicted for heading the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and is widely believed to have masterminded the 2001 assassination Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Ze’evi.

Antonio Tajani
European Parliament President Antonio Tajani

4. What’s The Story Behind This Hebron Photo Essay? A slide show purports to highlight the abuse of Palestinians, but the photos have no captions and show nothing wrong.

5. LA Times and BDS’ Peaceful Hatred and Bigotry: Why is the LA Times unconcerned about hateful BDS vitriol?

Israel and the Palestinians
• An Israeli soldier was moderately injured in a car ramming-stabbing attack near Tekoa this afternoon. A Palestinian tried to run over soldiers, then was shot and killed when he stepped out of the car holding a knife. More at the Jerusalem Post and Ynet.

• Israel’s offshore gas fields and shipping lanes will be secured with a NIS 1.5 billion ($420 million) plan featuring missile defense batteries, electronic warfare systems and more, the Times of Israel reports.

Wing Loong
A Chinese-made Wing Loong attack drone

• Ynet: A video posted online by Islamic State in the Sinai claims a drone seen hovering overhead during last week’s attack on Egyptian soldiers is Israeli. Islamic State claims the appearance of the drone “proves” Israel is supporting Egypt’s fight against jihadists in the Sinai.

But Egyptian media reported that that unmanned aerial vehicle was a Chinese-made Wing Loong attack drone which the Egyptian military began using months ago.

On Friday, 26 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing and shooting attack. Israel said a number of ex-Hamas figures participated in the deadly ambush.

• This snippet in The Guardian has me wondering: If you live in Gaza and only have two-to-four hours of electricity, how do you get your news? And why does it matter?

In the one-room kiosk selling pigeons and chickens that he manages, just off the camp’s main market, Ayman Nasser, 32, is sitting on the street with his friends in search of a sea breeze.
His face is illuminated by the light of his mobile phone. He has one battery-powered light burning in his shop.
“Part of the problem is that we don’t have any news. Who should we blame for this? Hamas, Israelis, Abbas?” he said.
Around the World
• Pro-Palestinian activists trying to disrupt a Radiohead concert in Scotland got their comeuppance from frontman Thom Yorke. The moment was caught on video.

During the band’s Friday night concert at the TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, several activists raised Palestinian flags as well as a “Radiohead: #canceltelaviv” sign, and held demonstrations outside the venue, causing lead singer Thom Yorke to respond.
According to Consequence of Sound, prior to the band’s performance of “Myxomatosis,” Yorke reportedly exclaimed, “Some f#cking people!” while staring out into the crowd. He was also caught giving the middle finger to the flag wavers.
It’s not the first time Yorke has denounced the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS) against Israel. In a June interview with Rolling Stone, Yorke more fully articulated his criticisms. Radiohead is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park on July 19.

Thom Yorke
Radiohead’s Thom Yorke signals his displeasure with BDS activists trying to disrupt the group’s performance at Glasgow’s TRSNSMT Festival on July 7, 2017.

• The Wall St. Journal examines how the network news tries to game the Nielsen TV ratings. For shame . . .

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Alex Fishman: Israel a key player in Syria ceasefire deal
– Amos Harel: Syrian cease-fire: The good news may lead to bad news
– Elizabeth Tsurkov: How long will the southern Syria cease-fire last?
– Ron Ben-Yishai: Despite ceasefire deal, Iranian stronghold in Syrian Golan still possible
– Shlomo Puterkovsky: When nothing is sacred, UNESCO ruling comes as no surprise
– Michael Lobovikov: Hebron: Our heritage is the answer
– Jagdish N. Singh: Indo-Israeli ties: New heights
– James Dorsey: Gulf crisis opens door to power shift in Palestine

Featured image: CC0 Unsplash; Tajani CC BY-NC-ND European Parliament; drone via Wikimedia Commons; Yorke via YouTube/karindgr;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Syrian Cease-Fire Begins Near Israeli Border
Israel Daily News Stream8 hours ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. A cease-fire in southern Syria near the borders with Israel and Jordan went into effect today. The deal was brokered by the US and Russia and got a cautious Israeli endorsement. According to media reports, Jerusalem and Amman had been consulted by both Washington and Moscow over several months to allay concerns that Iran will try to set up a permanent presence along the border. Various cease-fires in Syria failed to take hold. The Jerusalem Post explains the theory behind this one:

The ceasefire for southern Syria is meant to keep all forces pinned to their current positions, said Jordan’s government which participated in the talks.
This would prevent further advances by forces under Iran’s command, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia.
More at AP and the Times of Israel.

2. The UN Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a resolution declaring Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs to be a Palestinian world heritage site endangered by Israel. In a secret ballot, 12 countries approved the resolution while three opposed and six abstained.

The Times of Israel explained Israeli anger especially at the not-so-secret voting process. Ynet reported that one Arab ambassador astonishingly apologized to Israeli Ambassador Carmel Shama-Hacohen for not voting against the resolution over the ballot’s lack of secrecy. Haaretz explained what happens next:

The resolution that was proposed by the Palestinians includes two main clauses. The first asserts that Hebron’s Old City and the Tomb of the Patriarchs are Palestinian heritage sites, and will be registered as such in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The second asserts that the two sites are to be recognized as being in danger, meaning that each year UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee will convene to discuss their case.
Israel responded by cutting $1 million from its UN funding to build a museum of Jewish heritage in Hebron, and advanced plans for a tourist center with historical displays in the City of David, just outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City. Two other “Palestinian” world heritage sites are Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity and the stone terraced landscape of Battir.

Seth Frantzman lays out five reasons the UNESCO vote matters

3. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai in two years. On Friday, 26 soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing and ambush near the Gaza border town of Rafah. Israeli officials, per the Times of Israel, claimed four of the terrorists were former Hamas members. Asharq al-Awsat adds:

If the reports that Palestinians participated in the attack were true, Hamas will be in hot waters especially after it had pledged to monitor the borders. In addition, Egyptian army’s reports that extremist members from Gaza were part of attacks against Egypt will be confirmed.
Sources close to the matter in Gaza stated that despite intensified measures taken by Hamas, some extremist members are able to leave Gaza and join ISIS in Sinai.
4. Sky News Misleads on Hebron Holy Site: The Tomb of the Patriarchs was built by Muslims? Really?

5. Do Israel Supporters Promote Anti-Arab Hate Crimes? Shame on James Zogby for plumbing the depths of a baseless smear.

6. HR Success: Newsweek Apologizes, Retracts Two Biased Articles: Israel is Israel, and it no longer backs Al-Qaida-allied jihadists in Syria.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Jerusalem Post: Gaza sewage forces closure of Israeli beach.

With dwindling electricity supplies unable to power the Strip’s already meager wastewater treatment infrastructure, raw sewage is flowing not only through the channels in Gaza, but also to the Israeli beaches of Ashkelon and the Nahal Hanun riverbed.
• I know Hebron’s important to Islam, but I’ve never seen it ranked up there with the three holy cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Yet The Independent‘s Bethan McKernan writes:

The city is regarded as the second most important site in Judaism, and one of Islam’s four holy cities.
Thanks to UNESCO and papers like The Independent, it won’t be long till Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Beersheva, Ashkelon, and Eilat become part of Islam’s top 10 list of holy cities.
Ancient Hebron by J.C. Armytage

• South Africa’s ruling party wants to downgrade the country’s embassy in Israel to an “interests office.” The move came at the African National Congress’ national policy conference, the Times of Israel reports:

Anti-Israel activists celebrated the move, while Israeli officials shrugged it off as a political policy recommendation that may never actually be implemented by the government.
• Reuters takes a closer look at the improving ties between Hamas and Egypt and their implications for Palestinian politics. The Guardian does likewise, with more emphasis on the role of Mohammed Dahlan, the PA’s former Gaza strongman.

Mark Rutte
Dutch PM Mark Rutte

• Holland’s Prime Minister slammed Israel for dismantling solar panels in a West Bank village. The Dutch government provided $600,000 for the panels, which were put up without Israeli permission in the village of Jubbet al-Dhib.
In recent years, Israel has cracked down on illegal Palestinian structures funded by the European Union. Under the Oslo Accords, Israel is responsible for administration and security of Area C of the West Bank, where Jubbet al-Dhib is located. In 2015, the Daily Mail exposed how EU funding for the illegal structures violated international law.

• Jordan Valley farmers hit back at BDS

• According to French media reports picked up by Ynet, Iran is building two missile factories in Lebanon, and they’re said to be 50 meters underground to protect from Israeli airstrikes.

• Good news: There’s 13 percent more gas off Israel’s shores than previously thought. More at UPI.

offshore gas
An aeriel view of the Israeli ‘Tamar’ gas processing rig 24 km off the Israeli southern coast of Ashkelon. Noble Energy and Delek are the main partners in the Tamar gas field, estimated to contain 10 trillion cubic feet of gas. June 23, 2014. Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90

• Poland to buy US Patriot system with Israeli-made missiles. You read that right.

Poland demanded the Israeli interceptor missile, which was developed with Raytheon and is marketed in the world under the name “SkyCeptor,” because of its better performance compared to the American Patriot interceptor and its considerably lower price, which stands at only 10 percent of the price of the American counterpart—$450,000 compared to $4.5 million.
• Just wait till the boycotters see this tidbit from Cycling News.

The 2018 Giro d’Italia will start in Jerusalem and become the first Grand Tour to begin outside of Europe, Cycling Weekly has learned . . .
The plan is for a Giro big start based around the holy city of Jerusalem. After a possible time trial to kick off the race on May 5, it would continue with two road stages, one to the south, and one possibly ending in Tel Aviv.
Giro d’Italia
Cyclists in the 2012 Giro d’Italia

Around the World
• Jewish Chronicle: In a UK House of Lords debate, peer and former BBC chairman Lord Michael Grade blasted his former channel’s news service for “anti-Israel bias.”

• Mennonite Church USA voted to divest from companies it says benefit from “Israeli occupation” of the Palestinians.

• I suppose scheduling gay pride events on Jewish holidays is a more polite, way of keeping offensive Jewish stars away from LGBTQ events like one coming up in Durham, North Carolina, right?

NC Pride organizers apologize over Yom Kippur conflict

• London mayor calls on UK home secretary to fully ban Hezbollah. Move comes in response to Hezbollah flags flown at recent Quds Day rally. More at the Jewish News.

• British police are investigating a Muslim activist who claimed London’s Grenfell Tower fire victims were murdered by Zionists. Nazim Ali, a director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission was speaking at an Israel-bashing Quds Day rally days after the massive fire.

At least 80 people were confirmed killed in the conflagration; police say the final death count may not be known for months.

• Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Carr has been quietly pushing the Australian Labor Party to adopt more pro-Palestinian positions. The Australian takes a closer look in articles one and two, along with related analysis and background.

Roger Waters
Roger Waters

• A documentary taking a critical look at the avid Israel-bashing of former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters was overdue. The Observer picked up on journalist Ian Halperin‘s soon-to-be-released video, Wish You Weren’t Here. There’s a trailer on YouTube, though I had problems with the sound quality.
In preparation for the documentary, Halperin interviewed leaders in the South African anti-apartheid struggle. They found Waters’ comparison to Israel offensive and demeaning to their people’s suffering.
“I’ve met Mandela,” said Halperin. “I’ve met all the leaders who fought to liberate South Africa. Waters doesn’t know what he’s talking about. South Africans are insulted by his claims. You can argue with some of Israel’s policies, no problem. But to call for a universal boycott of Israel is deplorable, baseless and unfounded. It’s an anti-Semitic attack.”
• The Syrian ceasefire’s on my mind . . .

– Seth Frantzman: Who wins and loses from Syrian cease-fire deal?
– Zvi Bar’el: Israel will have to live with Russian dominance on its border
– Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi: Israel’s relations with the Syrian rebels: An assessment

• Plenty of commentary to chew on from the Israeli and Indian press over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit.

– Raphael Ahren: Modi visit shows Israel can improve foreign ties even without a peace process
– Khinvraj Jangid: Ideological convergence, not just business, drives India-Israel ties
– Palki Sharma Uphadhyay: Israel and India’s not-so-secret friendship
– Sadanand Dhume: India gives Israel a firm embrace (click via Twitter)
– Ron Kampeas: Here’s why Israel and India’s leaders couldn’t get enough of each other
– Harsh V Pant: India’s pro-Arab stance was never rewarded by the Arab world
– Herb Keinon: Modi visits without once publicly saying ‘Palestinians’
– Dr. Yoav Fromer: Israel-India relations were born in Oslo
– Yaakov Katz: Where’s the diplomatic isolation?
– Marc Schulman: Why Modi was so welcome in Israel
– Tunku Varadarajan: Modi and Netanyahu begin a beautiful friendship (click via Twitter)
– Hindustan Times (staff-ed): India-Israel ties are no longer hostage to idealistic concerns
– The Hindu (staff-ed): Modi reaffirms special ties

• Here’s what else I’m reading this weekend . . .

– Tovah Lazaroff: UNESCO’s Hebron vote just the opening Palestinian salvo against Israel
– Annika Hernroth-Rothstein: Pawns and patriarchs
– Avi Issacharoff: Dahlan’s grand plans for Gaza’s revival threaten to sideline Abbas
– Robert Fulford: If the Palestinians care about peace, why do they pay salaries to terrorists?
– James Mendelsohn: Closing the loophole: time to clip Hizballah’s ‘wings’
– Jonathan Marks: The Mennonites divest!
– Nadav Shragai: Selective ‘documentation’
– Manfred Gerstenfeld: The German media and the demonization of Israel

Featured image: CC BY-ND Mark Shahaf; Rutte CC BY-NC-ND European Council; Giro d’Italia via Wikimedia Commons; Roger Waters CC BY-NC-ND Aktiv I Oslo.no; Indian palm CC BY Yogesh Mhatre;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Thu 06 Jul 2017, 9:22 pm

IDF Operation Discovers Palestinian Weapons-Manufacturing Equipment
Israel Daily News Stream4 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. The IDF, the Shin Bet, the Border Police and the Israel Police carried out a joint operation overnight Wednesday during which they discovered weapons-manufacturing equipment in the Palestinian village of Al-Ram northeast of Jerusalem.

Following the discovery, the security forces sealed off two of the illegal workshops while two lathes were confiscated along with numerous other weapons. Another lathe was located in a village in situated in the Etzion Regional Division.

2. A ringing endorsement as Hamas praises a resolution by the United Nations’ cultural body condemning Israeli activity in eastern Jerusalem and the Old City, and urging the UN to prevent the “Judaization” of those areas.

3. More than 60 artists, including four Pulitzer Prize winners and other prominent writers, actors, directors and playwrights, have signed an open letter calling on New York’s Lincoln Center to cancel performances of a play co-produced by two Israeli theater companies and backed by the Israeli government.

Israel and the Palestinians
• Despite no evidence to back it up and an outright Israeli denial, the Palestinians have accused Israel of making payments to individuals convicted of launching attacks against their people. Issa Qaraqe, head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs, told the London-based Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq al-Awsat that the Israeli government was supplying a monthly salary to several individuals convicted of the murders of Palestinians. Perhaps the question should be why is Newsweek even bothering to report cynical Palestinian propaganda designed to deflect attention from their own very real payments to terrorists.

• Indian PM Narendra Modi, on a three-day official visit to Israel, met Moshe Holtzberg, the 11-year old son of Chabad emissaries murdered in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Then 2-years old, Moshe was rescued from the scene by his Indian nanny and both now live in Israel. The heartfelt meeting is well worth watching.

• The 20th Maccabiah Games, known as the “Jewish Olympics,” will open tonight with a record 10,000 athletes. It is the third largest sporting event in the world, according to organizers.

• Newly elected Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh on Wednesday suggested that Hamas is close to reaching a prisoner swap deal with Israel, in his first major speech since assuming the position.

• A new survey of the Palestinian public shows a significant decrease in support for an armed intifada. Three months ago, support stood at 51%, while today, only 39% support violence. Interestingly, more than half of the respondents said they support nonviolent resistance.

Around the World
• Canada’s Halifax Pride festival will be without the support of several organizations this year as the festivities are being boycotted. Why? Because an attempt to remove a pro-Israel campaign from the festival was defeated. This is just the latest example of Jewish or pro-Israel LGBT organizations being treated like pariahs.

• The UK government has acknowledged in recent days that it is withholding a study on the Saudi role in fostering extremism in Britain, and opponents have accused PM Theresa May of pandering to the Saudi royals to protect British trade deals.

• Why do women become terrorists? Candida Moss in the Daily Beast says:

Another reason we find female radicals especially shocking is due to the association of women with notions of pacifism and maternal love. Often women are thought of or function as enablers of jihad via their children. A Hadith notes that Paradise is laid at the feet of one’s mother, and women play a prominent role in encouraging violence. But women are not only the potential mothers of terrorists. Brown points to the words of Reem Rayishi, a Hamas activist who blew up herself and four Israelis in 2004: “I have two children and love them very much. But my love to see God was stronger than my love for my children, and I’m sure that God will take care of them if I become a martyr.”
• As the South Australian parliament passes a motion that calls on the federal government to recognize “the state of Palestine … and announce the conditions and timelines to achieve such recognition,” Israeli Ambassador to Australia Shmuel Ben Shmuel gets op-ed space in The Australian:

Unilateral recognition rewards the Palestinians for their behaviour thus far, which has been characterised by violence and obstructionism. It legitimises the Palestinian campaigns of incitement against Israel and legitimises the ongoing payments by the Palestinian Authority of $300 million of international aid money a year to the families of deceased terrorists who have murdered Israel­is, and convicted terrorists jailed in Israeli prisons. It legitimises the naming of schools and streets after terrorists and the indoctrination of the population with hate propaganda against Israelis and Jews. It encourages their refusal to recognise the legitimacy of a Jewish state within any borders. A unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state does not bring peace; it drives it further away.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– For India and China, the Cold War Is Over and They Have Billions of People to Feed – David Rosenberg

– Time to Call Out Activists’ Anti-Semitic Bigotry – Rabbi Abraham Cooper

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Indian PM Visits Israel
Israel Daily News Stream1 day ago

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Today’s Top Stories
1. Narendra Modi is set to become India’s first Prime Minister to visit Israel, 25 years after the countries established diplomatic relations.

The Indian premier, who referred to the “deep and centuries-old” connection between the two states, is to spend 3 days in Israel which will include a visit to Yad Vashem, a speech to 4000 Indian Jews, and a trip to Haifa to remember the fallen from World War One in which Indian troops fought as part of the British Empire. According to the Indian Embassy nearly 900 Indian soldiers are buried in cemeteries across Israel.

In an honor that is reserved to a select few, Prime Minister Netanyahu will be joining his guest “at many events during his visit as befits the leader of the largest democracy in the world.”

Talks will address a range of topics including security, defense, and agriculture while boosting economic ties and furthering people-to-people interactions will also be on the agenda.

A lot has been written about this historic moment, here are a few of our favorites:

As a symbol of the collaboration between Israel and India, Benyamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi wrote a joint op-ed in the Times of India.
Newsweek examines what the two countries hope to achieve by this visit: including security cooperation and support on the international stage.
The Daily Mail raises an important lesson for all countries: that India’s years of support for Arab states (including by distancing itself from Israel) was not reciprocated nor rewarded.
Thought Israelis were all white and European? Think again. Israel’s highly diverse population includes Indian Jews, and this visit holds a special meaning for that community.
2. Border police said they foiled a terror attack yesterday after finding a bag of knives, stun grenades and Molotov cocktail materials during the search of a Palestinian vehicle at a checkpoint near east Jerusalem. The international media loves to demonize Israel over the existence of checkpoints as in this Washington Post series we critiqued (in fairness to the Washington Post it is only one of many similar offenders). While such critiques focus on inconvenience to Palestinians, they almost never discuss the risk of violence and death to Israelis, nor the fact that the decisions to carry out these attacks are entirely in Palestinian control. Case-in-point: as of the writing of this IDNS, we have seen exactly no coverage at all of this incident in the international media. Is it any wonder that so many people don’t understand why checkpoints exist?

3. Speaking of anti-Israel resolutions, UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural agency, is set to vote on yet another anti-Israel resolution: this time designating the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a holy site to Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, a world heritage site in danger and one which is within the “state of Palestine”.

UNESCO has been a platform for the promotion of anti-Israel rhetoric for quite some time now, criticized by the Director General of the UNESCO itself Irina Bokovo, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and by a number of UN Secretaries General including the recently elected Antonio Guterres.

Not to be outdone, HonestReporting has also spoken out on UNESCO in numerous articles, as well as in this catchy and shareable meme, as relevant now as when we first published it:

4. After persistent efforts by HonestReporting and HR followers, the Guardian appears to be following a new approach to writing about “Israel’s holiest site.”

Israel and the Palestinians
• The Israeli Labor Party election has finally taken place after having been postponed due to the Britney Spears concert in Tel Aviv. (Yes, you read that right!) The big winners: former Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and former Environment Protection Minister (then under the Kulanu Party) Avi Gabbay. The two will face off in another vote next Monday to see who will lead the party. In any case MK Isaac Herzog will be relinquishing his position as current party head.

• Israel’s recent efforts to establish connections with African states has not gone unnoticed by Palestinian leadership, as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a speech to the 29th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

The Israeli state of occupation’s efforts to participate in your regional conferences and organize continental conferences encourages it to continue its arrogance, occupy Palestine and deny the Palestinian people’s rights
Isn’t it possible that not absolutely everything Israel ever does is about Palestinians?

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited Africa in 2016 and met with seven heads of state and did so again in June of this year when he addressed the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) summit in Liberia.

Most African states belong to the Non-Aligned Movement, which is a voting block within the UN, and have historically supported Palestinian causes and resolutions. However, Israel’s efforts seem to be paying off already: in June, 2016 Israel received 103 of 175 votes to be elected to head the UN Legal Committee, the first time Israel has been elected to chair one of the permanent UN committees. In another encouraging sign: though anti-Israel resolutions are still a fixture of the UN, they are passing by narrower margins every time, often garnering support from only, or almost only, Arab nations.

• The World Heritage Committee observed a moment of silence for victims of the Holocaust in Krakow, Poland just days before the 21 member body is to vote on a motion that would recognize the Tomb of the Patriarchs as a Palestinian site that is “in danger,” presumably under threat by Israel. Member states, led by Cuba, held a minute of silence for Palestinians, equating them with the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It is a dark irony that some of the worst chapters of the Holocaust took placea stone’s throw from the site of this event: at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Shama Hacohen, Israel’s envoy remained seated during the minute of silence for Palestinians, saying that the activity had made no effort to distinguish those Palestinians who had died as “terrorists” and as “martyrs” while carrying out deadly attacks.

Want to see the event for yourself? Take a look at this video, courtesy of UN Watch:

The World Heritage Committee, is examining inscription requests for 35 sites during its Krakow meeting, which began Sunday and ends July 12.

• Not all is bad in the world of international diplomacy as shown by Danny Danon’s guided tour around Israel alongside some of his fellow UN ambassadors: Australia, Estonia, Gabon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Poland and Togo. According to Danon, the purpose of the trip is:

To defeat the lies spread about our capital city at the UN, nothing is more important than for my fellow ambassadors to learn the truth about Jerusalem and see the beauty of this city firsthand
The ambassadors, led by Danon, will have the opportunity to visit the Northern border, the southern region and Tel Aviv before meeting Netanyahu and other officials in Jerusalem. The delegation is also scheduled to travel to Ramallah, to meet with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

Mideast Matters
• Newsweek speculates on the possibility that Hezbollah, the Iranian-sponsored Lebanese terrorist organization which has been propping up the Assad regime, could potentially go to war with Israel, amid growing tensions.

While Hezbollah fighters have gained fighting experience and amassed a substantial arsenal of weapons it has also suffered losses and would find itself in a weak position to fight in Syria on one front, maintain power in Lebanon on an a second front and face Israeli forces in Southern Lebanon on a third one.

Hilal Khashan, a politics professor at the American University of Beirut confidently states:

If Israel wants to launch an all-out war, Hezbollah would stand no chance.
Nonetheless, Hezbollah remains the strongest sub-state actor in the world with a force of 20,000 fighters backed by an additional 25,000 reservists. The terror organization also possesses an estimated 120,000 – 150,000 missiles, more than most actual nations. Even if it is a foregone conclusion that Hezbollah would lose in such a conflict, Israel would likely pay a heavy price in both physical destruction and human life.

• Saleh al-Arouri, one of the most wanted Palestinian terrorists, believed by Israeli intelligence to have planned the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in the summer of 2014, has moved to Lebanon where he is being hosted and protected by Hezbollah. On June 5, Palestinian sources confirmed that Qatar — which is embroiled in a boycott by Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states — had asked several top Hamas officials to leave for Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia. Hamas currently maintains its headquarters in Qatar. Is this an initial sign that the pressure on Qatar may put an end to its hosting of Hamas? Time will tell…


• Columnist Bari Weiss says in her New York Times op-ed, “I’m Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars.” To fill in a little context: last weekend, at a lesbian march in Chicago, three women carrying Jewish pride flags — rainbow flags embossed with a Star of David — were kicked out of the celebration on the grounds that their flags were a “trigger.” An organizer of the Dyke March told the Windy City Times that the fabric “made people feel unsafe” and that she and the other members of the Dyke March collective didn’t want anything “that can inadvertently or advertently express Zionism” at the event.

So why is Ms. Weiss glad about this? She explains:

Has there ever been a crisper expression of the consequences of “intersectionality” than a ban on Jewish lesbians from a Dyke March?
“Intersectionality,” is the recently popular notion that the suffering of any oppressed group parallels the suffering of all other oppressed groups. This gives rise to the following ill-informed, but unsurprising, conclusion: that Palestinians are oppressed, and therefore all people of good conscience must oppose Israel and (in this case at least) also oppose symbols of Judaism.

To Ms. Weiss’s point, there is something to be said for finally seeing proponents of “intersectionality” express a certain clarity on the matter.

In recognition of the hypocrisy and anti-Semitism of the Chicago event, we produced this shareable meme:

• Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is being called out in a commentary by Andrew Bennett for its anti-Semitism. Bennet notes that the  group has ties to Alison Weir, an anti-Semite known for having openly spread blood libels share by white supremacists, and that it also has ties to writer Miko Peled, who has drawn attention to himself for anti-Semitic tweets. Bennet goes on to examine a series of JVP t-shirts and a recently released JVP video that blames Jews for (of all things) American police violence. If you’re curious to see some of the JVP twisted logic in action, take a look

JVP claims that no matter what it says, it could never possibly be considered anti-Semitic, because its membership includes Jews. In fact, the international definition of anti-Semitism (adopted by almost all of the Western world) does not make any exceptions for the ethnicity of the speaker. Thus, being Jewish does not provide anyone with immunity from the ability to engage in anti-Semitism.

Speaking to this point the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement that JVP:

…uses its Jewish identity to shield the anti-Israel movement from allegations of anti-Semitism and to provide the movement with a veneer of legitimacy.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– More gas offshore Israel than originally thought – Daniel J. Graeber
– Egypt agrees to open Rafah border crossing – Alex Fishman

Featured image: CC0 Pexels;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Mon 03 Jul 2017, 12:02 am

PA to Stop Blocking Palestinians from Israeli Hospitals
Israel Daily News Stream12 hours ago

Today’s Top Stories
1. The Palestinian Authority will reportedly once again allow patients from the Gaza Strip to be treated in Israel after three babies died on Tuesday in the enclave controlled by the Hamas terror group. International journalists rant almost without end that Israel does not provide enough medical care and freedom of movement to Palestinians (often without any context about legitimate security concerns, nor context about the enormous amount of medical care that Israel does provide). Yet it is, ironically, the Palestinian Authority that has lately been preventing Palestinians  from accessing Israeli medical care.

Though Israel physically controls its border with Gaza and issues Palestinians almost 200,000 medical entry permits per year, a Palestinian must also have an exit permit from the Palestinian government in order to leave Gaza. The PA is officially the sole Palestinian governing body, and is therefore in charge of issuing such exit permits and applying foreign aid funds to pay for the medical treatment. The PA denies charges that it has been limiting access to medical care, but a study by the Population Health Research Institute indicates that it has.
2. The astoundingly large United States air craft carrier USS George H.W. Bush docked outside Israel’s northern Haifa port this week. The last time a US Navy vessel of such capacity docked in an Israeli harbor was roughly 17 years ago, making the visit a special one that conveys the strong cooperation between the US and Israel in military and security-related issues.
The IDF called the supercarrier, an “important part of the coalition campaign against the Islamic State.” But more importantly, here’s a video of an IDF helicopter landing on the American aircraft carrier. A historic sight, and well worth watching.
3. Amid the raging civil war in Syria, Israel has been quietly coordinating with rebel forces and taking actions itself to carve out a so called “safe zone.” Running roughly 6 miles (10km) deep and 12 miles (20km) long beyond the demarcation line of the Golan Heights, this so-called safe zone is intended to prevent the Syrian government and its allies, specifically Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, from maintaining a foothold along the Israeli fence. In some respects this resembles an Israeli approach to protecting its northern border that was employed during the Lebanese civil war, which ran roughly from 1975 to 1990.
4. Writing in the International Business Times, anti-Israel columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown creates a perversion of reality while claiming to be a victim of attempts to limit her freedom of expression.
5. A Newsweek article by repeat offender Tom O’Connor makes several misstatements of fact in order to create the impression that Israel is somehow behind the Al-Qaeda linked “Al-Nusra” terror group.
Israel and the Palestinians
• The political camp of Muhammad Dahlan, the self-exiled Fatah leader and arch-rival of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has weighed in on the tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Abu Zaida, Dahlan’s close associate, said in a statement:

If Abu Mazen’s [Abbas’s] pressure on Gaza continues with Israel’s participation, Hamas will not just accept it…Hamas will decide that it has no choice but to have another confrontation with Israel.
Think about this for a moment: the PA is pressuring Hamas, so the logical response is to go to war with…Israel? The mental gymnastics involved in this train of thought would be impressive, if they weren’t so dangerous.

At this moment it is also worth noticing a certain irony: just this past January, Hamas and Fatah announced that they were about to reconcile and form a unity government. The two parties have made many such announcements since their rounds of violence and resulting political separation in 2007.
• Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to lift the ban on MKs visiting the Temple Mount after having ordered lawmakers not to visit the site back in October 2015. The decision was made in response to growing tensions and a wave of violence triggered by false stories in Palestinian society claiming that Israel was attempting to take control of the compound. The site, called the Temple Mount by Jews and the Haram Al Sharif by Muslims is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest site to Muslims. The seven day-long “pilot run” will measure whether visits by MKs cause unrest.
The announcement came after MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), a prominent campaigner for Jewish rights, filed a High Court of Justice court petition against the ban.
Glick stated that
The decision to open the Temple Mount is fair and just,” and that “It is a shame that we need to go to the High Court in order for the decision to be taken.
Israel, which has always denied seeking any form of change in the status quo, will brace itself for the possibility of a new round of violence surrounding the Temple Mount

Mideast Matters
• Saudi Arabian Airlines has denied the authenticity of a picture circulating on social media of one of its planes parked at Ben-Gurion Airport. The official spokesman of Saudi Arabian Airlines was quoted as saying:
…parties and knowledgeable elements [are] publishing lies and spreading rumors and inflating facts with the intent of harming Saudi Arabian Airlines as a national Saudi symbol.
Despite the harsh words, persistent rumors indicate that Israel-Saudi relations have been warming in recent years, at least unofficially and typically in secret. The change, if true, may be related to a shared interest in defending against the growing influence of Iran.

Around the World
• In the midst of a wave of attacks that started with the ramming of civilians and the stabbing of Police Constable Keith Palmer on March 22nd, the United Kingdom is now turning to Israel’s expertise and knowledge in preventing acts of terror.  A British team is due to visit Israel in order to gain a greater understanding of the means and methods used by Israeli security forces.

However, Israel and the UK are two very different places with unique situations. Unlike Israel, or even the US for that matter, most British officers do not carry guns while the British capital of London is fifteen times the size of Jerusalem.
British born Micky Rosenfeld, Chief Inspector and Foreign Spokesperson of the Israeli Police stated that:
I must admit that if I was walking around as a police officer in London at a time like this, with just a baton for protection, then I would be worried.
• Germany has approved a deal to sell three nuclear-capable submarines to Israel. Last February, Israel’s attorney general announced a probe into possible corruption on the part of Prime Minster Netanyahu and his personal lawyer David Shimron, related to conflicts of interest in the way the deal was negotiated. As a result, the deal is now being scrutinized by authorities in both countries and reportedly Germany has inserted a clause into the contract giving it the right to cancel the deal if corruption allegations were to be proven.

• Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Israel on Tuesday. Prime Minister Netanyahu explains the significance:
This is a historic visit to Israel. In the 70 years of the country’s existence, no Indian prime minister has ever visited, and this is further expression of the State of Israel’s military, economic and diplomatic strength.
India’s ties with Israel are not driven by sentiment – as one could argue is partly the case with Israel’s ties with the US – but solely by interests. India understands that it has much to gain militarily, economically and even diplomatically by strengthening ties with Israel. In the past, India has put its relations with the Arab world above its relationship with Israel, including with regard to its previous voting pattern at the United Nations. This visit, as well as recent changes to India’s UN votes, seem to indicate a meaningful shift in Indian priorities and a new era in Israel-India relations.

• Avi Issacharoff takes a close look at the electricity crisis in Gaza, as well as other complex internal and external challenges, and concludes:

Hamas is sitting on a time bomb and, short of a dramatic turnaround, may have to choose between being eaten alive by its own unhappy constituents and embarking on yet another military adventure against Israel.
Will Israel pay the price for Hamas corruption and incompetence as a de facto governing body?

• Did you think the defeat of Islamic State would be a step toward making the world a better place? Yoram Schweitzer quickly dispels that hope, demonstrating that a wider reaching Salafi-Jihad movement is quickly moving to fill the gap.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .
– Hizbullah Facing Cuts in Financial Support – Alex Fishman
– Hamas in Distress? – Prof. Eyal Zisser
– The Dahlan Plan: Without Hamas and Without Abbas– Zvi Bar’el

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Abbas Taking Over Gaza?
Israel Daily News Stream4 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. Reports suggest that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is considering wresting power away from Hamas by declaring Gaza a “rebel district,” and effectively announcing a state of emergency. Though Abbas’s Palestinian Authority is officially the only Palestinian government, Hamas remains firmly in control of Gaza on a practical level. It is therefore difficult to predict exactly what results this course of action would produce. One possibility is that the current crisis over electricity could expand to shut down banking institutions and even force the evacuation of foreign aid organizations. A more aggressive scenario could involve actual combat between the PA and Hamas, as we saw in the years from 2005 to 2007. Or this could turn out to be nothing more than a “war of words.” Yet the ongoing electricity situation suggests that the parties are becoming more aggressive toward one another than they have been at any time since 2007. At this point, all is mere conjecture.

2.  The civil war in Syria spilled into Israel again as, “UN observers in Golan come under cross-border fire.” Israel responded with two strikes against Assad regime positions, once again implementing PM Netanyahu’s self-described “zero tolerance policy” with regards to “‘any kind of ‘trickle’ — from mortars, rockets or spillover fire — on any front.” Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Thursday warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Israel considers such rocket-fire into Israeli territory to be a “red line.” Israel did not indicate it believes Russia is actually behind such attacks: presumably the message was delivered to Russia because Israel sees the country as a conduit for communicating such messages to the variety of Syrian forces that are active on the ground.

3. Prison parole board grants early release to ex-PM Ehud Olmert. The panel approved the early release after Olmert had served 16 months of his 27-month sentence. The former Israeli PM and Jerusalem mayor was one of eight former officials and businessmen convicted in March 2014 in the Holyland real estate corruption case, which has been characterized as among the largest graft cases in Israel’s history.

4. Men pray in the men’s section and women pray in the women’s section at the Western Wall. So how did The Irish Times get so confused? Read “Western Wall Gender Confusion at The Irish Times.”

Israel and the Palestinians
• Plans for an artificial island off the coast of Gaza (“Gaza Island“) are still being entertained by the Israeli government in a move that would provide “Palestinians with humanitarian, economic and transportation gateway to the world without endangering Israel’s security.” The idea put forward by Minister for Intelligence Yisrael Katz would allow for the creation of a number of facilities which would contribute to the strip gaining greater autonomy and becoming self-sufficient.

Washington Post shares this video
• Despite constant news attention to the demolition of Palestinian homes (typically for either illegal construction or in response to acts of terrorism by the inhabitants) it turns out that 60% of all illegal Palestinian homes in the West Bank’s “Area C,” are still standing. This according to Marco Ben-Shabat, head of Area C’s enforcement division. (Area C is a portion of the West Bank that, pursuant to the Oslo Accords, is under Israeli civil and security administration). Shabat’s statement to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee sparked a row between MK Aida Touma-Sliman of the Joint List party (a political alliance of four Arab-dominated parties) and MK Moti Yogev of Bayit Yehudi (a religious Zionist political party).

• After helping Hamas with some of its electrical needs (and thus bypassing the Palestinian Authority), Egypt and Hamas are creating a “buffer zone”: a 12-kilometer-long (7.5-mile), 100-meter-wide (330-foot) corridor, consisting of an uninhabited, sandy area. It said construction will take about a month. The purpose of the buffer zone is to prevent the flow of weapons and terrorists between Egypt and Gaza, including members of Hamas, Islamic State (ISIS) and others.  There is an important insight in this agreement: apparently Egypt’s assistance with Gaza’s electrical needs does not reflect support for Hamas as it might have appeared at first glance, but rather an opportunity for Egypt to further insulate itself from Hamas’s violence related cross-border activities.

• As a response to the wave of terror attacks that has hit Israel within the last two years, including an attack this month that resulted in the death of 23 year old Jerusalem border police officer Hadas Malka, Israel is implementing some changes, including CCTV drones, at the Damascus Gate to the Old City. (Damascus Gate has been the site of numerous such attacks). Similar terror attacks have taken place across Europe and the Evening Standard raises the point that Europe can learn life saving lessons from Israel’s constantly evolving response to terrorism. According to the Associated Press, in the wake of this increased terrorism in Europe,

There is a heightened awareness and quicker reactions, especially in the hardest-hit countries of France, Britain and Belgium, that would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago.
HonestReporting addressed the terror attack on Hadas Malka, as well as some of the horribly misleading news coverage, in this video:

Around the World
• Iran used a Star of David as a target for a missile test last year, Israel said Wednesday, distributing satellite images of the site to the United Nations Security Council. Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon said in a complaint to the Security Council:

This use of the Star of David as target practice is hateful and unacceptable….the missile launch is not only a direct violation of UNSCR 2231, but is also a clear evidence of Iran’s continued intention to harm the State of Israel…the targeting of a sacred symbol of Judaism is abhorrent.

• New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has reiterated his commitment to fighting BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and to protect New York’s Jewish community at a time of heightened anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity. He did so in the presence of “local Jewish politicians, Consul-General of Israel Dani Dayan and other leaders of the community” at an event celebrating Jewish heritage. The self-defined progressive democrat branded BDS an obstacle to peace as it seeks to undermine “economic opportunity for all in Israel, in the region.”

• The High Court of England and Wales ruled in favor of Palestinian activists over the issue of local government investments stating that “the government acted unlawfully in attempting to restrict the Israel boycott.” The decision was made on legal grounds and should therefore not be considered as an endorsement of the BDS movement. Judge, Sir Ross Cranston, was quick to clarify that:

The conclusion reached in the judgment has nothing to do with the political merits of the claimants.
• David Friedman, US Ambassador to the State of Israel, made his maiden speech on Tuesday focusing on the divisions within Judaism rather than the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. Friedman seems to be embracing a new political identity, shifting from his previous negative comments toward left-leaning Jewish organizations: Friedman once called the political activist group J-Street “worse than kapos.”  Friedman has since taken a more unifying and inclusive tone, saying:

The key to Jewish unity is that this is not a question of winning, it is a question of mutual understanding, respect and coexistence…I am as guilty as anyone else for having entered the partisan divide that has, unfortunately, to some extent fractured the Jewish community in the US and in Israel. But it has to end.
Though he did not say so specifically, the Jerusalem Post suggests that Friedman was referring to the current dispute over creation of a section for egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.

HR’s Senior Editor Daniel Pomerantz talks with US Ambassador David Friedman earlier this week.

• A Time Magazine article entitled, “Were These Holocaust Survivors Forced Into a Ghetto? The Answer Will Determine Their Financial Future,” explores some of the challenges Holocaust survivors face in proving that they are entitled to pensions from the German government. According to one interviewee, Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany:

I’m negotiating with people who — and this has been really inspiring — are second and third generation [descendants of World War II era Germans], and yet they continue to feel a moral obligation to help survivors until the last one is gone.
Notwithstanding the importance of this symbolic gesture by the German government, the article’s headline is somewhat misleading: the payments are far too small to actually impact anyone’s “financial future. ”

For example, a typical payment by the German government to a Holocaust survivor is $381 per month. To put this in perspective: a small studio apartment in an American city like Chicago would typically cost close to three times that amount, and that does not even begin to cover the cost of food, utilities and other living expenses.

• J-TV presents a powerful new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK’s Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The film gives a voice to those who felt ignored in the Chakrabarti Report on anti-Semitism. Presented by Sociology Lecturer of Goldsmiths University – David Hirsh.

• HR’s Managing Editor Simon Plosker appeared on his weekly segment on South Africa’s Chai FM to discuss the latest media stories and bias. You can listen here.

• Times of Israel’s Haviv Rettig Gur shares his thoughts on the controversy over the so called “Conversion Bill”: apparently it’s not exactly as it seems. The bill is widely seen as an Israeli rejection of non-Orthodox Judaism. Yet according to Gur, a close analysis of the bill shows that it would have little or no effect on Jews obtaining conversions abroad in foreign synagogues (whose conversions would continue to be recognized by the state), nor would it change the status quo for conservative and reform synagogues in Israel (whose conversions are already not recognized by the state).

In fact, the status quo is governed by a 1997 compromise known as the “Neeman framework,” which gives final say on an Israeli conversion to the ultra-Orthodox who control the Chief Rabbinate. The Diaspora side of the compromise confers official Israeli government recognition to local diaspora Jewish movements, including Conservative and Reform. This new bill does not change that. So who’s actually affected by this bill? According to Gur, it is the community of Israeli Modern Orthodox:

Israel’s Modern Orthodox, who often refer to themselves as dati leumi, or national-religious, do not fall under the broadminded openness granted overseas, because they don’t live overseas, nor under the exceedingly (and increasingly) restrictive standards imposed by the Haredim within Israel.
And so, ironically, it is not the Reform or Conservative movements who threaten to topple the Neeman status quo, but these Modern Orthodox.
• Since Oslo (and possibly even before) it has been taken as political gospel that the road to normalization of Israel’s relationships with the Arab world runs through the Palestinians. But a new Israeli strategy seems to be an attempt to bypass the Palestinians. Can it work? Philip Gordon doesn’t think so.

• A group of retired Israeli security officials believe that the key to ending terrorism lies in ending its funding by pressuring the Palestinian Authority. To that end, they have publicly expressed their support for the Taylor Force Act, named for an American West Point graduate killed by Palestinian terrorism while traveling in Israel. Palestinian law and practice provides payments for Palestinians who carry out such attacks: payments which are, in a horrible irony, funded in part by foreign aid provided by the United States, Taylor Force’s own government. The Taylor Force Act would prohibit US funding for such payments. Some Israeli generals have opposed the act, saying it could weaken Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and consequently harm Israeli security.

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

–Yoni Ben Menachem: Whatever Happened to the Term “Palestinian State?”
–Marissa Newman: Knesset speaker, once a prisoner in Siberia, addresses Russian parliament

Featured image: CC0 Pexels;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Israel Responds to Gaza Rocketfire
Israel Daily News Stream4 hours ago
Today’s Top Stories
1. In response to a rocket fired into Israel from Gaza, the Israeli Air Force struck two Hamas infrastructure targets in the north and south of the Gaza Strip on Monday night, according to the IDF. Strikes were recorded in at least three locations in Gaza, Palestinian sources and eyewitnesses said, with Hamas bases struck near the southern city of Rafah and Gaza City in the north, as well as open land southeast of Gaza City. Earlier that day, a rocket hit southern Israel, in the Sha’ar Hanegev region, not causing any damage or casualties. The launch was claimed by a Salafist group linked to Islamic State, according to Hebrew media reports.

2. Just when international media has found it popular to demonize Israel for providing Palestinians access to Israeli medical treatment, claiming that the access is insufficient (see our prior critique of this Washington Post article), it turns out that the the vast majority of access is presently blocked by the Palestinian Authority. Haaretz reports that the Palestinian Authority prevents access by Palestinians from Gaza seeking urgent medical care: including patients with cancer and heart disease, and children who need treatments unavailable in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority is currently denying or suspending response on over 90% medical permit requests.

3. The Australian Labor Party has used its parliamentary majority in South Australia to call for the recognition of “the state of Palestine alongside the state of ­Israel,” making it the only Australian legislative body to formally back Palestine statehood.

4. A Huffington Post article defends Hamas and Hezbollah, indicating that they are considered terror organizations only because…Trump. Read: HonestReporting’s critique.

5. On Australian Channel 9’s 60 Minutes, Liam Bartlett produces an appallingly one-sided report on settlements using a Palestinian narrative and outright distortions. Read: HonestReporting’s critique

Israel and the Palestinians
• One of the biggest Palestinian events in Europe may be cancelled by the British government. Palestinian Expo, which includes political discussions, concerts, comedy acts, workshops, a food court and other events, is scheduled to run in London on the weekend of 8 and 9 July. But according to British Secretary of State Sajid Javid, the event also features connections to, and public support for, Hamas: a terror organization proscribed by the British government. Accordingly, Javid has expressed that he is considering forcing the organizers to cancel the event.

•  The “Western Wall issue” is on many people’s minds these days. Times of Israel explains the facts:

The cabinet on Sunday suspended a government-approved plan to establish a pluralistic prayer pavilion at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, which was to have had joint oversight by all streams of Judaism, following calls by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ultra-Orthodox coalition allies to scrap the deal.
Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett adds a clarification:

…there is an apparent campaign of misinformation claiming the [Western Wall] is being closed to Diaspora Jews and that the status of conversions is being changed. This is false…this is why, over the next day, we will hold a series of meetings to listen to the leaders of Diaspora Communities and reach understanding allowing us to end this crisis.
Times of Israel further explains that there are existing sites for egalitarian prayer based on previous compromises, and those sites are unaffected by the present decision. However, those sites are technically considered temporary solutions. The plan that was just suspended would have improved egalitarian access to the area is recognized as the primary Western Wall prayer site, and would also have brought oversight from Conservative and Reform movements to portions of that site.

• Many Palestinians of eastern Jerusalem have long shunned integration into Israel, typically declining citizenship and in many cases refusing to learn Hebrew. Is it possible the mood is finally changing? Isabel Kershner of the New York Times suggests that it is, pointing out increasing engagement in the bagrut, (essentially the Israeli SAT) which ultimately leads to study in Israeli universities, as well as increasingly taking mainstream jobs in various cities and neighborhoods beyond the Arab sector.

 Around the World
• A “subsidiary” march at Chicago’s LGBT Parade (commonly known as the “Gay Pride Parade”) asked three marchers to leave for flying flags with the star of David (along with the iconic LGBT color pattern) saying that the flags were “triggering,” and made them feel “unsafe.” The AJC (American Jewish Committee) issued a statement on their Facebook page calling the incident, “anti-Semitism–plain and simple.” However, the Chicago Tribune points out that within the main parade, a number of flags containing the star of David flew without incident.

• The U.S. government will seek to collaborate with Israel and other countries to develop new ways to thwart computer hacks and other cyber attacks, according to Thomas Bossert, U.S. President Donald Trump’s homeland security adviser. According to Bossert:

The agility Israel has in developing solutions will innovate cyber defenses that we can test here and bring back to America. Perfect security may not be achievable but we have within our reach a safer and more secure internet.
• Who’s really behind suffering in Gaza over the electricity crisis? In the IBT, Julie Lenarz explains that it is actually Hamas.

• In light of international pressure for the Palestinian Authority to stop paying salaries to terrorists, an analysis by Daniel Siryoti and the Israel Hayom Staff indicates that the PA has instead resorted to funneling those funds through NGOs, in order to continue the practice.

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– PressTV: Ayatollah Khamenei: Muslims obliged to fight against Israel
– Thomas Joscelyn: Two US cases provide unique window into Iran’s global terror network

Featured image: CC BY-NC-ND Vitor Pina;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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IDF Strikes Syrian Targets in Response to Mortar Shells on Golan Heights
Israel Daily News Stream2 hours ago

Today’s Top Stories
1. Israel retaliated on Saturday with air strikes on Syrian military targets after several errant mortar shells fell on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. While no Israelis were injured, two Syrian soldiers were killed in the Israeli air strikes. The IDF has released video footage of strikes on two Syrian tanks and a heavy machine gun.

The spillover from the Syrian civil war has continued Sunday with more mortars landing on the Israeli Golan Heights.

2. Ugly scenes in Tehran and elsewhere as the Iranian regime commemorates Al-Quds Day. According to the LA Times, President Hassan Rouhani and other top officials attended the rallies while state television repeatedly played a song whose lyrics proclaimed that Israel “will be wiped out.”

Rouhani, in remarks carried by the official IRNA news agency, said Israel supports “terrorists in the region.” Parliament speaker Ali Larijani, in a speech to Tehran demonstrators, called Israel the “mother of terrorism” and said that in the “20th century, there was no event more ominous than establishing the Zionist regime.”

The rally also inaugurated a huge digital countdown display at Tehran’s Palestine Square, showing that Israel will allegedly cease to exist in 8,411 days from the day of the rally.

Plenty of unpleasant photos from the rally courtesy of the Daily Mail.

3. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says the next war with Israel could see thousands of Shi’ite militia fighters join forces with Hezbollah to fight Israel.

“This could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate – from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said in a television speech.

The JPost’s Seth Frantzman sets out five reasons that Hezbollah’s latest statement has ramifications for Israel and the region.

4. Hey Newsweek: Israelis Want Their Country Back: Newsweek twists a quote by Israel’s Minister of Defense, Avigdor Lieberman, into a rejection of Israel’s very existence, written by an openly anti-Israel activist.

Israel and the Palestinians
• US President Donald Trump is reportedly weighing whether to pull out of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations following a “tense” meeting with White House senior staff and officials in Ramallah, according to London-based Arabic daily al-Hayat on Saturday.

• Speaking at the IDC Herzliya Conference on Wednesday, IDF Military Intelligence chief Maj.- Gen. Hertzi Halevi revealed Iran’s massive funding of terror organizations, bankrolling Hezbollah to the tune of $75 million a year, while paying $50m. of Hamas’s budget and approximately $70m. to Islamic Jihad.

• Weighing in on an investigation of a spokesman for the left-wing Breaking the Silence group over testimony in which he claimed to have seriously assaulted a Palestinian during his IDF service in Hebron, his commander at the time insists the incident ‘never happened. All soldiers under his command also say it didn’t.’

• Palestinians in the West Bank city of Jenin have reportedly reinstalled a monument to a terrorist who masterminded a notorious 1974 massacre of Israeli school children, despite intense pressure from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Around the World
• Rock group Radiohead, due to play a concert in Tel Aviv in July, were reportedly met with shouts of “free Palestine” during their headline slot at the Glastonbury music festival. Protesters were apparently waving Palestinian flags as the band performed, while a banner read: “Israel is an apartheid state. Radiohead, don’t play there.” Radiohead had previously expressed their disgust at Roger Waters’ and BDS’s efforts to get them to cancel their Israel appearance.

Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke of Radiohead

• The Qatar crisis rumbles on as Saudi Arabia issues a bucket list of demands including the shuttering of Al Jazeera. The Washington Post looks at why the Saudis hate the TV channel so much while The Atlantic analyzes the station’s central role in the crisis.

• The world just can’t get enough of its favorite Israeli, Gal Gadot a.k.a. Wonder Woman (apart from a few Mideast countries). So we’ve included a nice feature from the Financial Times (via Google).


“Kingdom of Olives and Ash,” by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman (Harper Perennial)

• A number of media outlets, including the New York Times, have recently published excerpts from a Breaking the Silence sponsored book of essays by prominent novelists, including Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon. In a book review for the Washington Post, Matti Friedman rips the book apart:

The essays vary in tone and quality, but experienced journalists covering the Israel/Palestine story will recognize the usual impressions of reporters fresh from the airport. Cute Palestinian kids touched my hair! Beautiful tea glasses! I saw a gun! I lost my luggage, and that seems symbolic! Arabs do hip-hop! The soldiers are so young and rude! The writers interview the same people who are always interviewed in the West Bank, thinking it’s all new, and believe what they’re told. Chabon, for example, waxes sarcastic that in the West Bank you can spend months in administrative detention if you forget your ID card at home. But that isn’t true.
Everything is described with a gravitas suggesting that the writers haven’t spent much time outside the world’s safer corners. Eggers devotes two whole pages to an incident on the Gaza border, where one Israeli guard said he couldn’t pass and then a different one came and let him through. Dave, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re okay.
• Julie Lenarz writes in the International Business Times that Hamas, not Israel, is responsible for Gaza’s suffering:
All of this is a tragedy. But it is a tragedy deliberately manufactured by Hamas that easily could have been avoided. Hamas is doing again what it has done a hundred times before: sacrificing the well-being of Gaza’s civilian population on the altar of cynical political ambitions.
Hamas could, if it wanted to, pay for the lack of electricity and ease the suffering immediately. According to data from the Hamas Finance Ministry, the group collects at least $15m (£11m) a month in taxation. But instead of paying for education, medical services and electricity, Hamas invests millions of dollars a year in its military infrastructure and preparations for war, including smuggling tunnels and rockets.
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Conrad Black: Palestinian terror and Israel boycotts aren’t a form of ‘dissent.’ They’re just evil and stupid
Featured image: CC BY-ND Gregor Fischer

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Thu 22 Jun 2017, 7:25 pm

Wall St. Journal Fires Reporter For Ties With Arms Dealer
Israel Daily News Stream6 hours ago

Today’s Top Stories
1. The Wall St. Journal fired its veteran foreign affairs reporter Jay Solomon over his “involvement in prospective commercial deals — including one involving arms sales to foreign governments — with an international businessman who was one of his key sources.”

AP laid out Solomon’s conflicts of interest, which prompted the Wall St. Journal (click via Twitter) to dismiss Solomon. Solomon’s dealings came up in the context of a larger expose of arms dealer Farhad Azima.

As part of its reporting, the AP had asked the Journal about the documents appearing to link Solomon and Azima. The relationship was uncovered in interviews and in internal documents that Azima’s lawyer said were stolen by hackers.
“I clearly made mistakes in my reporting and entered into a world I didn’t understand.” Solomon told the AP on Wednesday. “I never entered into any business with Farhad Azima, nor did I ever intend to. But I understand why the emails and the conversations I had with Mr. Azima may look like I was involved in some seriously troubling activities. I apologize to my bosses and colleagues at the Journal, who were nothing but great to me.”
For a deeper understanding of the seriousness of Solomon’s conflict of interest, see Defining Bias: Lack of Transparency.
Jay Solomon

2. A ‘devastating’ survey shows a huge loss of Israel support among Jewish college students.

In sum, the gap between Israel-supporters and detractors is widening. The current Israel advocacy programs are not working, and Jewish college students are the leading defectors from Israel support.
The Jerusalem Post also picked up on the Brand Israel Group’s findings. And see Gary Rosenblatt’s reaction: Are next-gen Americans pulling away from Israel?

3. Israeli police are bracing for last the Friday of Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem.

4. EXCLUSIVE: How Reporting From Israel Changed My Worldview Forever: In an exclusive article for HonestReporting, foreign journalist Hunter Stuart recounts how he was exposed to the realities of reporting from Israel and found that his pro-Palestinian views were dramatically changed as a result.

5. Our very own Simon Plosker appears regularly on South Africa’s Chai FM radio. This week, he discussed with host Howard Feldman the BBC and Al-Quds Day marches. Listen online.

6. HonestReporting’s Daniel Pomerantz was on the i24 News show, News Desk, where he discussed the BBC’s apology for a bungled headline on the murder of an Israeli Border Poicewoman by a Palestinian terrorist.

Israel and the Palestinians
• The Palestinian Authority asked UNESCO to “protect” the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Hebron’s Old City from Israel. The Jerusalem Post writes:

The Palestinian delegation to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, in a letter to the World Heritage Center, spoke of “alarming details about the Israeli violations in Al-Khalil/ Hebron, including the continuous acts of vandalism, property damage, and other attacks.”
• Trying to re-start peace efforts, Jared Kushner and David Greenblatt visited Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas for jaw-jaw time. More at the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Associated Press. One incident noted by the Times of London caught my eye:

Neither side made any public comment about the meetings, which were held in unusual secrecy: cameramen were not even allowed to film Mr Kushner’s convoy arriving at the prime minister’s residence. One photographer from the Associated Press was ordered to delete the images on his memory card.
• National Public Radio discussed US peace efforts with Israeli writer Yossi Klein Halevi, who met with White House envoy Jason Greenblatt.

• Is Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman a ‘slap’ in the face of Palestinian women?

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: A ‘slap’ in the face of Palestinian women?

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror: Saudi Arabia’s young, determined heir
– John Bradley: Unlikely allies: Israel and the Saudis
– Benny Avni: Jared Kushner’s falling into a trap on Mideast peace
– Bassam Tawil: The ongoing drama of Palestinian lies
– Julie Lenarz: Hamas is behind Gaza’s suffering, not Israel
– Nadav Shragai: Jerusalem: Beware of Turks bearing gifts
– Malcolm Lowe: Israel’s new settlement policy: Evaluated and explained
– Annika Hernroth-Rothstein: Jeremy Corbyn and the road to hell

Featured image: CC0 Pexels; Solomon via YouTube/Middle East Institute; Wonder Woman via YouTube/Entertainment Access;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

Post  Admin on Wed 21 Jun 2017, 3:46 pm

What Does Saudi Royal Shakeup Mean for Israel?
Israel Daily News Streamabout 1 hour ago

Today’s Top Stories
1. In a royal shakeup, Saudi King Salman appointed as Crown Prince his 32 year-old son, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Prince Mohammed now replaces his cousin, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, as first in line to succeed the 81-year-old king. Take your pick of CNN or BBC coverage.

Prince Mohammed currently serves as the kingdom’s defense minister, making him a key figure in the Saudi-led military coalition fighting Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen.

And what does this royal reshuffle mean for Israel? According to Haaretz:

Until now, Mohammed bin Salman has been good news for Israel and the United States, as his firm anti-Iranian positions make him an important partner – and not only in the struggle against Iran. Bin Salman agrees with America on the need to thwart Russian influence in the region; to topple President Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria; and to act firmly against ISIS and other radical organizations, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hezbollah. During the last two years, several Arab websites have reported that bin Salman also met with top Israelis.

2. Israeli officials are furious over the UN hosting a ’50 years of Israeli occupation’ conference next week.
hidden money3. Is the PA planning to deceive the US and donor countries about its terror stipends? Palestinian Media Watch picked up on what PA movers and shakers are telling their own media.

For example, here’s what Hassan Asfour, a former PA minister and current associate of Muhammad Dahlan, political adversary of Mahmoud Abbas, told the Fatah Voice

“Abbas, despite his initial objection [to the US demand to stop prisoner salary payments], has begun to examine practical options to comply with the American demand in a way that will not lead to an explosion that might lead to his downfall and the downfall of their [Abbas’ and US’] joint plan. Among these options that are being examined with special secrecy, is the option of transferring the prisoners’ and Martyrs’ salaries to a ‘social insurance’ body so that it will look as if it is ‘humanitarian and social aid to needy families’ and not ‘monthly salaries to fighter families.'”
Israel and the Palestinians
• The Daily Telegraph raises an interesting point about a new settlement which Israel broke ground on yesterday.

Plans for the new settlement were approved in March and drew no protest from the US at the time. US officials said they accepted the settlement because Mr Netanyahu promised to build it before Mr Trump laid out his expectations for a slow down in settlement construction.
The new settlement will house around 300 Israelis from the settlement of Amona, which was demolished earlier this year after Israel’s supreme court ruled it had been illegally built on private Palestinian land.
Construction workers begin work on the new settlement called Amichai, meant to resettle the evacuees of Amona, in Shilo Valley, West Bank, on June 20, 2017. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

• Memo to The Guardian: If you insist on editorializing that “settlements are illegal in international law,” at least have the decency to add that Israel disputes this and that the legal views aren’t so cut and dry. See what Eugene Kontorovich, Mitchell Bard, Eugene Rostow, Moshe Dann and Jeffrey Helmreich say on the matter.

• Israeli police arrested the mother of one of Hadas Malka’s killers on suspicion of incitement. According to Ynet:

The mother was arrested in the village of Deir Abu Mash’al on suspicion of incitement, supporting a terror group and because of recent statements in which she is said to have glorified martyrs and called for attacking Jews. During the arrest, security forces also seized inciting material, flags and posters.
• It’s myopic to assume that the Israeli Left has a monopoly on interest in peace — the majority of Israelis want peace too. But the Irish Times lost perspective on the story through the choice of people chosen to discuss “the occupation.”

Another point: The Israeli Left didn’t collapse because of the failure of peace talks but because of the Second Intifada. However, mentioning that would spoil the mood created by reporter Michael Jansen.
• IDF soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man trying to stab them near the West Bank settlement of Adam, just north of Jerusalem yesterday. Times of Israel coverage.

• US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has Hamas in her sights. She’s calling on the Security Council to designate Hamas as a terror organization “with consequences for anyone who continues to support it.” More at the Jerusalem Post.

Around the World
• EU justice minister to Jerusalem Post: We’re making progress against anti-Semitism on social media.

• Hmmmmmm. Forbes reports that a shipment of phosphates from Morocco-occupied Western Sahara is being held up in South Africa. The phosphates were en route to New Zealand, a country with a selective outrage at occupation.

The Polisario Front, the national liberation movement for Western Sahara, applied for a court order to prevent the ship from leaving port while it pursued its legal case for ownership of the cargo. That interim order was confirmed by the High Court in Port Elizabeth on June 15, which noted that “Morocco has no claim to sovereignty over Western Sahara” and said the case should go to trial.
Hadas Malka

• Unpacking media coverage of Friday’s deadly Palestinian terror attack, Ira Rifkin explains how the incident “illustrates the deepening fog in which journalists now work.”

Bottom line: When terror groups offer competing claims of responsibility and editors sacrifice nuance for speed, where does that leave news consumers?

• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Alex Ryvchin: So it’s all about the, er, settlements then?
– Prof. Hillel Frisch: Gaza’s humanitarian crisis is fake news
– Avi Issacharoff: Turning Gaza’s lights back on, Abbas’s rival Dahlan makes dramatic return to center stage
– Alon Ben-Meir: After 50 years of occupation, what’s next: An open letter to President Mahmoud Abbas
– Amos Harel: Israel and Jordan grow closer as Iranian foothold in southern Syria grows stronger
– Amb. Mark Regev: Clarity in fighting terrorism
– Alex Fishman: A miserable failure for Iran’s military industry

Featured image: CC0 Pexels; money CC BY Images Money; Irish Times CC BY-SA Wikimedia Commons; CC BY Elisa; with modifications CC BY-SA by HonestReporting;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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Students Sue SFSU Over Campus Anti-Semitism
Today’s Top Stories
1. San Francisco State University is facing a lawsuit filed by a group of students who say the administration is allowing a climate of anti-Semitism to fester. The suit says Jewish students are physically afraid, unable to speak up, and that the SFSU admin doesn’t take their complaints seriously. The Washington Post writes:

Mandel’s perception was that he didn’t have the same rights as any other students on campus simply because he was Jewish. He said he was often stared down, verbally harassed and confronted by people because of his religion and that the administration was dismissive of his formal complaints . . .
“Without this lawsuit, Jewish students will remain marginalized on San Francisco State’s campus,” he said. “Without it, nothing will be done.”
The suit alleges that the school has violated the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights to free speech and equal protection, as well as a provision of the Civil Rights Act.
More on the story at KCBS News and the Jerusalem Post.

San Francisco
2. Israel broke ground on the first new West Bank settlement in 25 years.

The new settlement, to be known as Amichai, is to accommodate residents of the illegal Amona outpost, which was evacuated in February in line with court orders because it was built on private Palestinian land . . .
The new settlement — which will be located near the settlements of Shiloh and Eli, north of Ramallah — will be the first of its kind to be constructed since the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo peace accords were signed in 1993.
Israel Radio said the works stated Tuesday involved laying the infrastructure for the settlement. However, the actual building plans still need several stages of planning approval.

3. Egypt to furnish Gaza with hundreds of tons of diesel fuel to ease the Strip’s electricity crisis.

4. Video: Israel Facilitates Palestinian Prayer on Temple Mount: Jerusalem city councilwoman Fleur Hassan-Nahoum visits the Kalandia checkpoint to see for herself how Israel provides access and transport for Palestinians wishing to pray on the Temple Mount for Ramadan, promoting freedoim of religion for all in Jerusalem.

5. “50 Years of Aggression”: ABC Abandons Objectivity: What should a network do when one of its talking heads gets the facts utterly wrong?
6. HonestReporting is excited to announce a special online screening of Eyeless in Gaza on Wednesday June 21 @ 11:30 a.m. EST. That’s tomorrow!
The documentary exposes media coverage of the 2014 Gaza war. Following the screening, HonestReporting editors Simon Plosker and Daniel Pomerantz will moderate a live Q+A on HR’s Facebook page with filmmaker Robert Magid.
To get your special FREE download, click here on Wed. June 21. To register for our special Q+A afterwards at approximately 1:20 p.m. EST, click here
Israel and the Palestinians
• Once again, over-zealous Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s over-zealous security detail strip-searched a journalist at a media event. It’s a recurring problem, and it makes no difference that Channel 2 photographer Eli Venus is an Arab or that he is from the town of Ghajar (the Israeli-Lebanese border splits the town, creating unusual circumstances for its residents). Venus is an Israeli national and has Government Press Office credentials. Full stop.

If the problem persists, reporters could boycott the prime minister’s media events — with justification.
• The UN Human Rights Council held its regular “Agenda 7” discussion of Israeli human rights issues in the West Bank. Agenda 7 is a special mandate requiring discussions of a country’s human rights record at every UNHRC session. Israel boycotted the debate as it is the only country Agenda 7 is applied to. The Jerusalem Post reports that, notably, all the European countries skipped the session.
• Prof. Eugene Kontorovich appeared at the UN Human Rights Council to blast its blacklist of companies doing business in Israeli settlements.
He was presenting his report (pdf format) on the scope of European and multi-national corporations operating in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Cyprus and Crimea.
• The UN is fretting that reported increasing ties between Israel and Syrian rebels will endanger international monitors, Haaretz reports.
• Jordan now allows cinemas to screen Wonder Woman.
• What they’re saying about Iran’s missile launch . . .

– Yonah Jeremy Bob: Iran missile struck ISIS but is also aimed at US, Saudis, Israel
– Judah Ari Gross: In Iranian strike on IS, the missile is the message
– Oded Granot: Tehran’s true targets

• Einat Wilf (video or transcript) debunks the usefulness of “constructive ambiguity” in the Mideast peace process, calling for negotiators to adopt “constructive specificity.”
• Here’s what else I’m reading today . . .

– Amb. Alan Baker: New Palestinian attempt at UNESCO to claim Hebron and Tomb of the Patriarchs
– Efraim Inbar: Gaza in the dark is not so terrible
– Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror: Hamas: Striking the right balance
– Smadar Perry: Gaza slowly brewing up trouble
– Bassam Tawil: Palestinians praise terror attack
– Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi: Saudis hold key to ending Israeli-Palestinian impasse
– Annette Blum: Israeli innovation and the bigger picture

Featured image: CC BY-NC-ND Michael Scheinost; San Francisco CC BY-ND Andrew;

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Re: HONEST REPORTING Defending Israel from Media Bias plz read REGULAR UPDATES

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